Author's Note: Okay, as I promised, I wrote an epilogue. It is in the format of Matt's journal entries that he wrote throughout this story. Twenty years have passed since the last chapter and Matt will catch you up on what everyone has been up to. Thank you for all the readers who have stayed with this story since "Everything Changes." It's amazing that I have so many people who like my work. I hope you all enjoy the epilogue. Yes, it is sad because that means that there is no more sequals, but hopefully I will start up another story. Thanks you to all.


Dear Journal,

Wow, I haven't really written in you since my freshman year of college. I guess I kind of lost you. I guess one advantage of coming to my father's apartment to help him clean out the place is finding you and reading up on old entries from when I was eighteen. Twenty years have passed since I wrote in you last. So I guess I should catch you up. You will be very happy to know that Tai and I are still together. We dated through the remainder of college and got engaged a couple years later. We got married ten years ago and have two children. One of them is eight and the other is six. We used a surrogate mother and donor eggs. One of our children is biologically mine and one is biologically Tai's but we don't plan on telling them that. Although, it is pretty obvious since one has blonde hair and blue eyes, and the other has brown hair and brown eyes. I have retired from music, and just play my guitar in my spare time or to sing songs to my children and husband. I wanted to become an astronaut after college, but opted to be a museum curator at the air and space museum so I could stay with Tai. Tai finally declared a major during his sophomore year in college and became a diplomat, believe it or not. I always knew he could accomplish anything if he set his mind to it. Tai and I are still close to all of our college friends and we all live fairly close to each other. Sora dated Joe for another year, but decided that they were better off as friends. She ended up marrying the replacement lead singer of my band and she has an eleven-year-old son with him. She became a fashion designer in Tokyo along with Gwen. The two of them are still best friends and design their clothing as a duo. Gwen married a woman she met during her senior year of college seven years ago, but things didn't work out with them. She said she has been happily divorced ever since and doesn't think marriage is for her. She doesn't have any children, but she is perfectly fine with that. She said she is basically a second mom to Sora's son. Izzy is still the biggest computer geek ever and has become a researcher on technology. He publishes articles about his studies that have received critical acclaim from members of that field. He is still married to Clair, and the two of them have three children. Clair opened up a mental health practice with Veronica, who changed her major to psychology during her sophomore year. The two of them went to graduate school together and have stayed best friends over the past twenty years. They specialize in unhealthy relationships, depression, suicidal thoughts, and sexual abuse. The issues really hit home after what happened to Veronica during freshman year. Veronica married a man she met through volunteering at a rape center eight years ago. The two of them have a three-year-old daughter. I have never seen Veronica so happy since I have known her. As for my other life-long friends, TK and Kari dated off and on for over a decade before getting married seven years ago. They had a set of twins two years ago. TK became a writer and Kari teaches kindergarten. Joe stayed off the market after breaking up with Sora until he met a woman in medical school. The two of them got married nine years ago and just had a son a couple months ago, after struggling to conceive for years. Yolei took over her family's business and stopped obsessing over Mimi finally. She married Cody, believe it or not. I kind of feel sorry for that poor, shy boy. Yolei can be quite a handful. The two chose not to have children though, and Cody has become a very successful lawyer. Davis and Ken dated for years, but then went their separate ways. Davis started a noodle cart business. I don't really have any commentary on that one. Ken became a private investigator. Both boys got married and then divorced, so who knows? Maybe they will get back together. Neither of them have children. I guess that just leaves Mimi. What to say about Mimi? She isn't exactly close to any of us, but I do know what she has been up to. Let's see, well, she dropped out of college at the end of freshman year and moved back to New York. She modeled for almost another decade, but she pretty much got kicked out of it due to her age. Twenty-eight is way too old to model, as I have learned from reality television. She has been married to three different men, and all the marriages ended in divorce. Don't feel too sorry for her though, because all of the men were very wealthy and didn't make she sign a pre-nuptial agreement. She is pretty much living off of their money in New York now. She hasn't had any children, but I think that might be a good thing for the world. I thought she would have changed by now, but she is only maturing physically, not emotionally. She bought a spa, and runs it and she uses her money to get plastic surgery as much as she can to retain her youth. It's actually kind of sad. As for another person we all grew to hate in college, Bryan is now currently in prison for assault and battery. Gwen has been keeping us up to date on him since he is her cousin. He has been married twice and has a five year old by the second ex-wife. He apparently got more violent with age and supposedly physically abused both wives, and his second ex-wife pressed charges and both wives testified to his temper. I can't even tell you how badly Veronica wanted to throw a party for him being thrown in jail. I guess I have covered everybody who were a part of my life when I wrote in you last. Things have changed so much since then, but they have all been for the best. Sometimes, change is the best part about life.