Child of the wilderness…

The first thing aang remembered was Katara's smiling face.

She freed him an Appa from the iceberg, becoming his first friend.

Born into emptiness…

At first, he was shocked to find that there was a war going on, and as the Avatar, he had to protect people.

Learn to be lonely

But he was glad to protect Katara; she was the light in his life.

Learn to find your way in darkness

There was a time when Aang thought she was dead, and all he could think of was her shining face, and somehow he made it through.

Who will be there for you?


Comfort and care for you?

He loved the sound of her voice.

Learn to be lonely

Aang looked up at the stars.

Learn to be your one companion

As the Avatar, he was likely to die at sometime.

Never dreamed out in the world

But he would savor this moment.

There are arms to hold you

Katara came out of their little house to stand next to him, cradling their newborn son.

You've always known

Your heart was on its own

Aang gently touched his son's head.

So laugh in your loneliness

Katara kissed his lips, and then looked at the stars.

Child of the wilderness

"They are beautiful tonight" it was all she needed to say.

Learn to be lonely

Aang put his arm around Katara's shoulders just as the southern lights exploded above them.

Learn how to love life that is lived alone

Learn to be lonely

Life can be lived…

Life can be loved…


The little family watched the lights for a few minutes more, and then went back inside their house.

It's short, i know; but I didn't realize how short the song was.

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pLeAsE ReAd AnD rEvIeW!!!!!!