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The Ruination Imperatives Version 2.0

By Albert Green Jr.

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Summary: The Colonial-Federation combine lock horns with a vastly upgraded Cylon Empire whose intent is to eliminate the life forms known as man and anything else that gets in their way.


This is my second installment of this story. The first is called 'Evolutions' and its addendum called 'Evolutions: Gleanings past and future'. This second short story served originally to be considered as a 'side story' not initially designed to be as integrated as it turned out to be.  It contains some very import elements essential to my stories both before and after.  If you can, I strongly suggest that you read it first before beginning this story.  Again, Mr. Louis Miller's story involving the Khe Sahn and its crew fit so well with my ideas that I begged him to let me use a few of his characters, which he graciously consented.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.  If you wish, I would like for you to contact me with comments, critiques, etc.  My typing is getting a touch better and my editing sucks less now.  Thank God for the PC.

Albert Green Jr.

Synopsis: The Battlestar Galactica and Pegasus, along with their charges, the remnants of the twelve Colonies have made it to the Alpha quadrant but in the process they have brought their old enemies with them.  But they're not the same as they were.  Now, vastly improved Cylons are locked in blood feud with the Romulan Empire and are preparing to destroy any vestige of human and humanoid life in the Alpha quadrant.  The Federation still recovering from the Dominion War had no intentions of getting involved in another one.  But they don't have a choice, not if they want to survive.  Those who were involved in this war simply assumed it would be a war for the survival of the Colonials, the Federation and its allies.

They were wrong.

Historical Events in the Colonial-Federation Universe

September 17, 1978: The Colonial Peace Conference culminating with the signing of the non-aggression treaty with the Cylon Empire results in the destruction of the Colonial worlds and its surrounding colonies.  Only the Battlestar Galactica is known at this time to have survived.  It and some two hundred twenty civilian ships make it out of trap.  Other Colonials hear the call but are unable to reach the warship in time and strike out on their own.  Only the Galactica contingent survives after a two-year running battle.  It is the beginning of a series of engagements by the Colonials as they evade constant attempts by the Cylon Empire to exterminate them. 

          Earth- September 17, 1978- President Carter announces the Camp David Peace Conference Peace Accords between Egypt and Israel.  Nuclear war does not break out in the Middle East.

          August 1997- (actual time due to temporal distortion of the Tunnel Shifting drive used in the search for Kobol.  Nineteen years relative temporal distortion passes, although only seven months seem to have actually passed for the Colonials). The Galactica detects, engages and destroys a Cylon Basestar lying in wait for them.

January 1998- the Colonial discovery of Supernova remnants asteroid field in which they take refuge in for two years.

March 1998- the Colonials began building the warship Kinia. The refit and building of the Colonial refugee ships and the Galactica also begins.

April 2001- the discovery of the Aeriana jewels. The warship Kinia is almost completed. Testing is due to begin.

The Aeriana weapons disaster occurs.

May 2001- Pleasure is discovered.

July 2001- The Pleasure wars begin.

August 2001- The Kinia is hijacked with Colonel Tigh onboard.

October 2376- The Kinia, exhausting the fuel of its Tunnel-shift drive units, arrives in the Delta quadrant, with the help of Amanda Rogers of Q, and is rescued by the newly formed Alliance Star Corps.

November 2376- after twenty-two years relative travel time for the Colonials: actual elapsed time three hundred seventy-four years temporal distortion. The Colonials reaches the edge of Romulan space in the Alpha quadrant.   A Cylon imperial Hunter-Killer explores a deserted region of T'kon space. The damaged T'kon automated station 'repair' the Cylon centurions, significantly upgrading them and the H-K warship. Approximately a month later, Baltar's Basestar fleet arrives responding to the confirmation call of the altered Cylons. They are overwhelmed by these new Cylons, altered and upgraded. 

Baltar is killed and Lucifer convinces the majority of the Cylon Warships to rendezvous with him for a strike in the Alpha quadrant and the so-called thirteenth colony called Earth. The Cylon Star base constructions begins, using T'kon replication technology, located in the Katasi star system. All earlier grade Cylons are converted as they enter into range.

April 2377- The Cylon Romulan blood feud begins.

May 2377-The Colonial fleet is attacked by an upgraded Cylon Hellion-class Basestar. The Pegasus is mortally wounded. The USS Okada and USS Khe Sahn along with the Colonial fleet are attacked. The Hellion is repelled by Federation and Klingon forces making its retreats back into the Romulan neutral zone.

The USS Voyager returns from the alpha quadrant.

The Colonials are given sanctuary by both the Klingon and Federation Governments.

August 2377- The Ruination Protocols are effected by Count Iblis.

September 2377- a state of war is declared between the Klingon and Federation governments against the Cylon Empire.

November 2377- The Cylon Empire broker a deal with the Borg.

                            The Ruination Imperatives: 

Book II of the Ruinations War Version 2.0

Original date: Feb. 2002

PROLOGUE A fast note:  As most people who know this story and have read it before- This will tie into 'A Universe of Change', as well as the 'V'Ger discovery' arc, directly.  This story is re-edited and contains ton of corrections and a few 'tiny' additions that will give a hint of what is to come, including a touch on 'Nemesis'  (which I am proud to say has a few elements that match my story.)   The temporal war is not mentioned much here, but it is touched on and will slam home on both upcoming stories in Nov. of 2003 and the 3rd one which I am holding for as a surprise.   For you new people-if any-I say 'enjoy and critique accordingly.   One more thing… Anika (Seven of nine) IS MARRIED TO CHAKOTAY and her name has been changed accordingly.    AlbertG

Q, son of Q, materialized within the very heart of the Katasi nebula next to his father. The deadly, fast moving, super-heated, high-energy plasma vortices that would cook unprotected flesh in an instant meant nothing to either of them.  In many ways the two entities were closer in nature to those rampaging energies than to any mere flesh. The blasting solar winds, traveling at speeds up to eighteen thousand miles per hour and devastatingly beautiful ultraviolet radiation swirled around the two of them, highlighting their true images for any one who would dare to look.

          They were power personified and right now one of them was very, very angry.

          "Iblis is indeed a maddened animal to try to pull off something like this," Q snapped at no one in particular. To the ordinary mortal he seemed to be talking to his son or perhaps himself.  But in truth, Q was in direct communication with the members of Q continuum.

          "I should have terminated him when I had the chance…No, I don't want another extra-dimensional war, but this will be almost as bad…No, I have thought of something but it may not work…Yes, Picard, Adama, and Janeway…They can protect themselves, they always do…The Cylons will not be allowed get to the Machine Consignment Intelligum…The Federation is mature enough to understand that they are not ready to initiate first contact with the Intelligum…The Borg will not be allowed to get their clutches on the children.  Janeway has been apprised of the danger…I have just the sort of idea to, as the humans say, muck up his plans…I understand the implications."

          A moment later he turned his attention towards his son.

          "There," he said jovially. "You see. Everything will turn out fine."

His son looked dubious.  "This looks bad."

          Actually, it was a lot worse than his son could imagine at his age, Q surmised. However, Iblis in his arrogance set off a series of events that even he failed to anticipate. Activation of the 'ruination protocols' in this part of the galaxy, in the Cylons now enhanced with T'kon technology, was the worse thing he could have done.  Not only was the potential for mass annihilation possible, even probable, but also this war was destined to determine the fate of the galaxy, and more.

          "Look, they've started," Q's son, whispered.

          Q had already noticed the launching of four Extreme-class Basestars along with seven of the Hellions, on a bearing that would take them directly to the Romulan neutral zone. These were dark times coming.

          "They're making them faster now.  A long time ago," he mused, "I warned Picard about the dangers in this universe, but even I didn't expect one of those dangers would be the Cylons.  Goes to show you, we can learn something every day."

          "But we know everything already," his son retorted. "We're Q."

          "Do you know what I'm about to say next?"

          "No," the young Q admitted.

"I didn't think so," his father smirked.

          "I knew you were going to say that."

Q laughed smartly, somewhat proudly at his son's comeback, which was getting better with each passing day.

          "Putting our amusing little repartee aside for the moment, I want you to always remember that you have a manifest destiny as a Q to uphold, protect and maintain the balance in the universe.  Iblis has upset that balance, and we, I, have to address this."  It was a duty that the Q had been somewhat laced in for the last few millennia and this was the result.  It was time for the Q to get back to work.

Young Q met the entity that called himself Iblis some months ago and was duly intimidated by the creature.  True, he wasn't as powerful as a Q, however his seductive nature had caused young Q to be on guard as he had never been before.  Even young Trelane had almost been pulled into the black abyss of Iblis' soul.  If it hadn't been for Amanda's powerful influence on Trelane, he would have become one of Iblis multitude of followers.  Trelane had explained Iblis incredible affect on him some time ago but Q never fully understood how powerful his influence could be.


          "The lower life forms should deal with this themselves.  Whatever happens, happens," he said coldly. "With the exception of Janeway and her people of course," he hastened to add.  "If the Cylons are stronger, maybe they should take over-survival of the fittest.  It happened before and it will happen again.  You taught me this yourself, Dad."

          "Tsk, tsk," his father chided.  "Where did you get such a callused attitude?  If it were just the Cylons and the Alpha quadrant then I would never interfere."

          "Father," he continued. "If ants have a war between themselves, why should I care about it?  They are nothing.  If I step on them, it means nothing to me."

          "I used to feel the same way," his father answered some seconds later.  "But I've come to realize that these lower life forms have value.  Well," he corrected, "some value.  We have to start doing the job that the Q are supposed to have been doing for so long now.  Iblis actions have convinced me of this.  In a few thousand years, I'm sure you'll come to understand this."

          "Then we should remove Iblis so that we can clear this mess up."  His son's understanding of the situation was simple and to the point.

          It was a kid's point of view, of course.  Nothing was ever black and white.  "We can't," his father responded half-heartedly.  "The rules must be obeyed.  He hasn't broken them, neither will I.  Besides it's far too late.  The genie of information is out of the bottle, so to speak."

          "The Q have so much power and we are so limited," his son mused as he materialized inside the massive Cylon Star base, then taking the shape of a Cylon Gold centurion in order to blend in.  "I hate being limited, father."

          "So do I," agreed his father, appearing as an IL series Cylon, a moment later. "The stakes are way too high.  But for now, we watch.  And learn."

          They were surrounded now by hundreds of thousands of small five-foot drones scurrying about the mega-complex, completely oblivious to their presence. Many were operating and making final adjustments to the vast Cylon warships and weaponry that couldn't be trusted to replication technology.  Two high-ranking ILs and one Gold Leader brushed passed the two intruders without a second thought.

"I see Yuall has returned home from his little trip successfully," Q whispered. There was no need to whisper. The Cylons couldn't detect them, but he just felt the need to keep in character.

          "I'm half surprised the Borg didn't blow him and his ship to bits," his son whispered back.

"It's a shame that they can't be assimilated like everybody else.  Another little gift from Iblis," young Q mumbled.

"I guess the deal they offered was too good to pass up, which punctuates my point. They can't be allowed to obtain V'Ger technology.  They'll truly become pains in the neck."

          "I hope Kathryn and Picard can figure out what to do fast.  If not, then the Federation will have about what?  Six months of life left to them?"

"Never underestimate what those irritating bi-pedal organisms can do, son.  After all, look at Kate and Jean Luc and even Adama's tenaciousness."

His son nodded thoughtfully.

Having seen what they needed to see, both Q's faded away before Iblis detected them.