Sequel to MINE!

Summary: Yami has kept Yugi chained up in the basement for months and Joey has caught wind of what's going on. Will Joey save his friend or will Yugi be doomed to being Yami's pet for the rest of his life.

Rated M for language and graphic, violent, and multiple rapes.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Broken Innocence

Chapter One: No Way Out

Yugi screamed out as Yami pushed his erection into the younger man. Blood dripped from Yugi's small entrance as he screamed out.

"Stop…" Yugi whispered, his voice was horse from the screaming he'd done in the past few days.

Yami grabbed the back of Yugi's hair with one hand and ran his nails down the young teens back with the other.

"Yami, oh god, please stop!" Yugi begged as tears rolled down his face

Yami pumped in and out of the shorter man causing Yugi to scream out in agony as the former pharaoh spilled his seed into the young teen.

Yami pulled out of his former half and pushed his naked body to the dirty basement floor. As Yami redressed himself Yugi curled up into a little balls and tried to shield himself from his boyfriend.

"Not so fast, little one!" Yami said grabbing Yugi and dragging him out of the basement by his ankle

"No, Yami, please not again!" Yugi cried and tried to kick his way out of Yami's grasp

Yami grabbed Yugi's other ankle tightly, "Don't even try it Yugi! You won't win this battle!"

"Where are you taking me?" Yugi asked threw sobs

"Relax, young one, just know that if you don't try to run you won't get hurt." Yami said calmly

Yami hoisted Yugi up and led him up the stairs. Once Yugi and Yami were up the stairs and in what used to be the Kame Game Shop, Yugi noticed that Yami had put shades on all the windows and taken the bells off the door. Yami grabbed Yugi's wrist and led him up the second set of stairs and to the bathroom where he turned on the water in the shower.

"Get in!" Yami ordered

Yugi did as he was told.

"Clean yourself off and don't try anything funny!" Yami said and left the room

Yugi cleaned him self off, taking his time, he was in no rush to get back to the basement.

Joey looked around the classroom.

Where's Yuge? He asked himself, This isn't like him, he's always early for school, but this is the fifth week he's missed! I wonder if he's sick, I'll stop by his place today and see if he's okay.

The day went by slower than normal, a few people came up and asked Joey if they knew where Yugi was, Joey lied and told them he was sick. He also told Yugi's teacher's that he was stopping by Yugi's house on his way home, and if they had any work for Yugi he'd get it to him.

Joey finished up his detention duties and began his walk to the Kame Game Shop. Once there he tried the door. Locked? Yugi never locked the door. He knocked a few times. After a moment or two the door swung open.

"Hi, Joe." Yami greeted with a wide smile

"Oh, hi, Yami, is Yugi here?"

"No, he went to the store to get food, but I'll tell him you stopped by, he's been real sick lately and he'll be glad that you cared enough to check up on him."

"Ok. Oh, and can you give him this too?" Joey held out a stack of books and papers, "It's all the work he's missed."

"Yeah, no problem, thanks Joey." Yami took the books from him.

"Nice to see you, Yami. Later, man."

"Bye Joe." Yami smiled and closed the door as Joey walked away

Yami leaned down and picked up the books, he brought them down to the basement.

"Well, well, well. Joey stopped by."

Yugi lifted his head and looked at his captor.

"I told him you were very sick. He brought you the school work you've missed. You'll finish all this work by Monday!" Yami undid his belt, "But after I've finished with you!"

"No, no, no! Yami, please, not again!" Yugi begged as Yami unchain him

"Oh, shut up." Yami ordered and smack the smaller man across his face

Yami then bent his captive over forcefully and placed his large erection to the small man's entrance.

"Yami, no please, no!" Yugi begged to no avail

Yami pushed inside Yugi with great force and Yugi screamed in agony. Yami wasted no time, he started pounding into the younger man with impossible speed.

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