Sequel to MINE!

Summary: Yami has kept Yugi chained up in the basement for months and Joey has caught wind of what's going on. Will Joey save his friend or will Yugi be doomed to being Yami's pet for the rest of his life.

Rated M for language and graphic, violent, and multiple rapes.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Broken Innocence

Chapter 10: Towards The Future

Three Years Later…

Yugi Wheeler sat on the couch of he and his husband's large apartment listening to music with a book open on his lap. The day had turned to night and Joey was late getting home, as usual. That didn't bother him though, after all it was still Yugi that he came home to, no matter how late it was.

At half past eight Yugi finally heard Joey slip his key in the knob and open the door.

"Hello." Joey greeted wearily

"Hello, love." Yugi smiled back

The blonde took off his shoes and jacket and collapsed on the couch with his head on the smaller man's lap.

"Rough day?" Yugi asked running his fingers threw the man's hair

"You've no idea." Joey groaned

"We could go to bed."

"It's too early to go to sleep."

"I didn't say sleep, I said go to bed." Yugi smiled suggestively

"Oooohhh, I think I'd like that." Joey said

Yugi bent down and kissed his love passionately on the lips. Joey moaned and took Yugi to the bed, taking off their clothes on the way there. Joey pushed Yugi backwards onto the bed and left a trail of kisses on the way down his chest. He then took Yugi's member into his mouth and sucked hard as he could.

"Oh gods, Joey. Don't stop." Yugi begged

Joey felt Yugi climax in his mouth and swallowed his sweet juices, he then flipped him onto his stomach and pushed inside him. Pumping in and out faster and faster, moaning in ecstasy as he spilled his seed into his lover.

Joey fell next to Yugi on the bed and pulled him in closer.

"I love you." The blonde said between breathes

"Love you too." Yugi smiled

They spent the rest off the night in each others arms.

The Next Day…

Joey awoke to the smell of pancakes and bacon. He pulled on his boxers and went to the kitchen to find his husband cooking in his underwear.

"Damn, you look sexy like that." Joey moaned kissing Yugi's temple

"There's coffee too." Yugi laughed, "You better hurry or you'll be late for work."

Joey looked at the clock for the first time, 7:30am.

"Eh, I've got 45 minutes, I'll be fine." Joey said sitting at the table with his full coffee mug and a plate of breakfast.

"Your sister called last night. She wanted to know if she could stay with as for Summer break. I told her it'd be fine."

"Yeah, I haven't seen her in a while." Joey smiled and bit into his pancakes

"The adoption agency also called, they wanted to know when we could come in."

"Oh? Does that mean?"

"I think it does." Yugi grinned, "We're going to be parents!"

Joey jumped from the table and wrapped his husband in the tightest hug he could manage.

Yugi smiled, he'd finally found his peace, his love and he couldn't be happier.

Across Town…

"Yami Mouto you are being released on parole. If you violate your parole you will be arrested again pending trail. Do you understand?" The judge asked

"I understand your honor." Yami smiled

'Here I come Yugi, don't think I've forgotten where we left off and don't think I won't find you! You're mine!'

The End (?)