Three months had passed since his arrival back home from Oz. If Jack said he was pleased, it was a gross understatement. He was still ecstatic to be back in his own world, Wicked Witch or not. Glinda and Lin had stopped by Chase's mountainside place for some tea and to chat when the monks had shown up. They were still staring at the guests in the citadel some twenty minutes later when Glinda cleared her throat.

"Well, I was wondering what Jack was complaining about, but they don't look that dangerous… I'm sure that Linn is worse."

"Oh, I am. Jack just knows better by now than to make me mad. I nearly threw him in an oven once." Lin smiled as her cousin scowled at her across the table. The Xiaolin monks were now forgotten and standing there in a state of shock.

Jack stood up where he was sitting. "Yeah, well, which one of us has the broomstick?"

"That doesn't really prove much. I can out fly you any day of the week." Lin huffed, which caused Jack to stand on the table and lean towards her.

"I HAVE FLYING MONKEYS, AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!!!" He shouted, only to be slapped across the face by Lin.

"Sit down, shut up, and drink your tea." Jack blinked, but knew better than to test Chase's patience. The monks were still standing in front of the table.

"How long are they going to keep standing there?" Glinda whispered to Lin, who gave Jack a 'they are your problem not mine' look. Jack sighed and snapped his fingers.

The monks were soon picked up by several flying monkeys, who dropped the monks outside before returning to their master.

"You were saying Lin?"

"Just shut up and drink your tea, Elphie… When's the baby due?"

"WHAT BABY!?!??!?"