* The Brady Bunch is not my own creation. I would have probably made Marsha and Greg the same age if it was…lol. I do own Phoebe (as far as I know)

"Mike," Carol said to her husband, "I don't think it was fair to give Greg the attic"

"Honey he's the oldest"

"Exactly," Carol agreed, "and that's why it's not fair"

"Okay I'm lost," Mike said, "un-lost me"

"Mike, Greg is 14, Marsha's 13, Peter and Jan are both 10 and Bobby and Cindy are both 7," Carol explained

"Yes honey," Mike replied, "I know how old the kids are"

"Marsha was the oldest from the time she was born until the time we got married. All of a sudden Greg was the one with the privileges and all the respect. He gets first choice on everything. He'll even get to drive first."

"I doubt that," Mike said, "Greg told me yesterday he has no interest in driving"

"Mike the point is that Marsha was the only one that was pushed out of her place. Remember when your wife and only daughter were killed and Greg was pushed out of his place as 2nd born."

Mike nodded thoughtfully. He did remember that which was why he often favored Greg.

"I love Marsha just as much as I love Greg," he said, "in many ways she reminds me of Phoebe"


"Look I have a better idea," he told her and raced downstairs. He was downstairs all day.

"Marsha honey," Mike called out, "can you come down to the basement"

Marsha grumblingly went downstairs. She gasped when she saw that the basement had been converted into her own bedroom. It was designed with all her favorite things, painted by Mike her favorite color, rose pink and had the most beautiful peach carpet imaginable.

"Honey your mother and I talked about it," he said, "and we want you to know you'll always have a place in this family. You may not be the oldest anymore but you're just as precious as you always were and you're just as valued as you always were."

Tears filled Marsha's eyes but her father wasn't done yet.

"Marsha you know that my first wife, Greg, Peter and Bobbie's mom died in a car accident. Here's something you didn't know. My first child, Phoebe died in that same accident. In many ways you remind me of her

"Nobody will ever replace Phoebe in the same sense nobody will ever replace your dad and your little brother but you and Jan and Cindy are every bit my daughters and Phoebe was. I love you the same as I love my boys and the same as I loved Phoebe."

"Thank you dad," Marsha said calling him dad for the first time, "you made me feel like I'm not second best again. I love you"