"Ugh Alice, are you serious?" I said.

"Yes Bella, We are going to Port Angeles whether you like it or not. I won't take no for an answer." Alice replied while putting a hand on each hip and giving me that look that says 'agree or die'.

"Fine but I won't like it,That Alice you can not make me do." I replied while trying to sound irritated while she stuck her tongue out at me.

Edward, who was standing next to me grabbed my hand and gently squeezed while he bent down and whispered " I'm sorry" In my ear. He knew how much I hated shopping. In that instant when I felt his breath on my ear, my breath was taken away and my mind went blurry. I stumbled around in my head trying to find words but all I could muster up was a small smile as my face flooded red. ugh why does that always have to happen! I quickly turned to look away before he could see it and I could become incredibly more embarrassed, If that were even possible.

The last bell had just rang a few minutes ago and well all met in the parking lot Per usually. Emmett and Rosalie were there making out like always. While Alice was forcing me to go shopping and telling me we would have so much fun ( I highly doubted that one) Jasper and Edward were talking about some party they were hitting up that night. While the little pixie (that's what we all call Alice) was going on about how her,Rose,and I were going to find our "oh so perfect" prom dresses and talking about how she will make me so stunning when she's done with me, I was busy staring at Edward and wishing I was good enough for him.

"Bella...Bella....HELLO!!" I heard Alice say.

"OH sorry, I zoned out for a second there."

"yeah probably day dreaming of Edward" I head Emmet say.

I shot him a 'if looks could kill you would be dead' stare and yelled "SHUT UP EMMETT!"

I heard a few snickers out of every ones mouth besides Edwards.I shot him and apologetic look and he half way smiled. But it wasn't that perfect half grin of his...I haven't seen that in awhile.

I looked back at Alice and tired to tell her I didn't have a date, therefor I really didn't want to go to the dance. Needless to say that didn't go over well and in the end I opted to go. In the past I always went to the dances and stuff with Edward. He is my very best friend. He always has been for as long as I can remember. We grew up together. He lives next door and our bedrooms face each other. We always sneak out of our bedroom windows and go to the other ones bedroom to sit and talk, listen to music, or an occasional sleep over. Talking has always been easy for us, and I confide in him about most everything.

Technically I can't say we would "sneak" out. Our parents caught on to us doing that a very long time ago. They have always said, along with our small group of friends, that we are meant to be together. But we have learned to ignore them and their comments about us. They don't mind us "sneaking" to each others rooms they know we are strictly best friends and they trust us. I think they have always had an agenda of getting us together since the day we were born, but it will never happen.

I have always been in love with Edward, but I will never tell him. If I told him it would only complicate things or worse, end our friendship! If that happened I couldn't live. Edward is like my air, My sun, The center of my world. I can deal with the heartache of watching him with his girlfriend ( who he is now going to prom with) but I can't live without him.

I promised Alice I would be ready in an hour so when I got home I quickly got in the shower. I took a little longer than I intended to but as I stood under the water I just couldn't get the picture of Edward and Tanya kissing at lunch out of my head. I know I would never be good enough for Edward but I just wanted to stand up and scream "YOU BELONG WITH ME!" but I wasn't about to embarrass myself or worse lose our friendship.

Edward and I have everything in common. From the music we listen to, the food we eat, to our favorite color. Which is blue just for the record. The only major difference besides our gender is he is gorgeous. Like a greek god. He has longish brown hair that has natural red and blond highlights. It naturally stood on end for that 'fresh out of bed' look but OH MY was it gorgeous! He has the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen. While talking to him his eyes draw you in. I could get lost for hours looking into his eyes. He is much taller than my 5 food 3 figure. He is a good 6 foot 2. The shape of his face was all too perfect. Very defined, very symmetrical. Not one imperfection on his body. well what I have seen of it. His very perfect crooked grin can always take my breathe away. Everything about him is just down right perfect! I could talk about him for hours but i will spare you the drooling mess.

I on the other hand am so average it's pathetic.I have long brown hair that hits me mid back with slight curls. Very deep ( common) brown eyes. I personally thing I have next to no curves. My smile is a little...weird for lack of a better word. I'm pretty short and very shy. My body has a very annoying habit of blushing at all the worst times. I have no coordination skills. I am VERY clumsy! Thinking of that made me smile. Edward always tells me he feels like he has to protect me, not only from the world but from myself.

OH, speaking of Edward...I climbed out of the shower and ran to my room taking a quick second to look out the window. I was expecting to see Edward in his room,sitting at his desk,doing homework but he was nowhere to be seen. He must be out with the "lovely" Tanya. They looked totally perfect together. She had long blond hair and pale blue eyes. She was about 5 foot 8 and had plenty of curves. She is captain of the cheer leading squad, need I say more? That should tell you enough since 90% of cheerleaders alone are pretty. The captain is almost always gorgeous. But I really don't see what he sees in her. Yeah she has good looks but her personality is shitty to say the least. To say ditz was and understatement. I usually don't think about people like that but I really don't like the girl.

Every since they got together I hardly ever see a real smile from Edward. She brings him down but he doesn't see it. I have also noticed she has been trying to come in between Edward and I's friendship. If she knows i'm around him she thinks of something they can do together so he will leave me. But again he doesn't see it.

After I got dressed in my skinny jeans, blue tank top, and hoodie (it's hardly ever nice enough in Forks, Washington to not have to wear at least a sweater) I slipped on my favorite pair of converse and tied my hair up in a bun. I quickly left Charlie and Renee a note that explained I was with Alice and Rose shopping (as i wrote that i rolled my eyes and shuddered a bit) before I ran out the door and locked it. I made a mad dash across the yard to Alice's house. If I haven't said before Alice and Edward are brother and sister so of course they both live there. I still don't get how they are brother and sister. They are nothing alike.

Alice has short black spiky hair to Edwards brown,red,blond mix hair. Alice has a sing song voice while Edwards is very loving,caring, some what shy.I could listen to his voice all day. Alice loves everything fashion. While Edward loves music. Alice is always hyper and on the go while Edward is laid back (most of the time) and enjoys all the small things. They are like night and day. Complete opposites. But yet they are so close to each other.

Ugh I hated thinking about him like this. It always makes my blush appear full force. I tried to hide it away and think of something else while I started to run up the stairs to their house. I missed a step and lost my balance. As I started to fall I closed my eyes and braced for impact..as if the full on blush wasn't embarrassing enough I felt my body flip over and strong familiar arms around my waist breaking my fall. I looked straight into the all to familiar eyes before I quickly looked away to hide the blush that was getting worse if that were possible. I heard the all to dreamy chuckle of the voice I hear in my dreams all the time say " Falling up the stairs...Now that takes talent!"

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