Naruto: Konoha's Shinigami

Chapter 1: Awakening

By: Terror of the Azure Flame


I don't own Naruto because Kishimoto does. If I did then Naruto wouldn't have to deal with the king of 'emo' and he would be a god among men.


During Naruto's fight against Mizuki he dies but Kyuubi saves him by unlocking a power not seen since the Yondaime Hokage. What is the secret behind the two blades Naruto now possesses and what other secrets lay behind his new power and abilities? This will be a Naruto/Bleach crossover and a Narutoxharem with character bashing.

"Talking" normal talk

'Thinking' normal people thinking

"Blah!" Bijuu/summon talk or yelling or Gai and Lee youth speeches.

'Blah!' Bijuu/summon thinking

The Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, stood gazing over the village of Konohagakure no Sato with a trouble expression. Just a few hours ago his favorite surrogate grandson, Naruto Uzumaki, had stolen the forbidden of sealing for reasons unknown. He knew the young Uzumaki was pretty upset after failing the graduation exam. With this being his third failing he would have to drop out of the ninja academy and go through the regular schooling systems. However, he could not understand how Naruto had gained knowledge of the forbidden scroll in the first place. It was a little known fact that the forbidden scroll of sealing was actually a Namikaze clan scroll as it had been created by Minato Namikaze himself upon his ascension to the title of Hokage. Also, with the fact that Naruto was son of both Konoha's yellow flash and Kushina Uzumaki, the crimson death it was actually his clan inheritance when he became of age. The death of Minato had taken a heavy toll on his heart but he had no idea of the whereabouts of Kushina. It had been reported that she had died in battle after giving birth to Naruto but her body was never discovered amongst the corpses in the aftermath of Kyuubi's attack.

'If Kushina had remained alive to take care of Naruto things may have turned out differently. However, I still believe there were other factors in her untimely disappearance but I can't prove anything even after all this time.' Hiruzen thought.

His thoughts quickly returned to Naruto as a small smile graced his features. He was one of a select few that was aware of the tremendous amount of untapped potential that Naruto possessed. It became apparent to him that Naruto was far more intelligent than he let but chose to hide behind a mask of false happiness and fake smiles. He knew this because some of his most trusted Anbu had taken it upon themselves to train the boy when he was younger in the shinobi arts while he was in their care. Naruto's mask was a direct result of all the hate and anger that had been directed at him at a young age by the arrogant and ignorant villagers at a young age. The boy used his mask to deceive the civilians as well as many shinobi that he was no threat to them by playing the role of a hyperactive, loudmouth idiot which had even fooled him at one point. It pained his being that the villagers could not respect his successor, the Yondaime Hokage's wish that the boy be seen as a hero for his burden of being the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no youko by keeping the beast sealed away inside his own body. He understood that the villagers suffered a great loss of their loved ones but their desire to kill the boy because of his burden was something he could never condone. He tried to protect the boy as best he could but he could only do so much for one individual. When he had returned to office the council had already strip him of some his power but luckily he had not delayed any longer to retain his former position. If he had then he would've been nothing more than a glorified figurehead. He could not undo the damage that had been done so what remained of his power was used to protect Naruto. He was grateful to those amongst the clan heads such as the Aburame, Akimichi, Hyuga, Inuzuka, and Yamanaki as well his loyal Anbu that recognized the boy for who he was even if they had no knowledge of his true legacy as the son of the fourth. However, there were many that infuriated him such as Minato's student and son the white fang, Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi Hatake. The former Anbu captain could only see Naruto as the Kyuubi in human skin that took away his sensei and father figure. He was disappointed that Kakashi was no different than the villagers and kept him away from Naruto as much as possible. He had hoped that Kakashi would've supported Naruto and when time for him to become a Genin came would be able to advance his shinobi training but his hopes were in vain.

Hiruzen turned away from the window to return to his desk to where his viewing orb lay to check in on Naruto. He couldn't repress the shudder that passed through his frame as he recalled how Naruto had managed to escape with the forbidden scroll. If he hadn't returned to collect his pipe who knows how long it would've been before he had learn of the absence of the scroll. He was ashamed to think that he, Hiruzen Sarutobi, god of Shinobi was taken down by Naruto's Oiroke no jutsu (Sexy technique). He was keeping in mind that what normal male wouldn't be knocked out by a major nosebleed after viewing a beautiful, curvy, and naked blond standing before them. He was lucky he had only been out for only a few minutes but Naruto had managed to create the ultimate anti-pervert ninjutsu.

'If we can recover the forbidden of sealing then I will have to label that jutsu down as an S-rank kinjutsu.' Hiruzen thought, tilting his hat to shade his eyes. 'Such a terrible jutsu that can bring any man to his knees no matter how powerful that individual may be will be devastating in the wrongs hand that wish bring a man to his knees in an instant.'

Shaking away such irrelevant thoughts, he searched the village for Naruto's unique chakra signature and was pleased that he was only just outside the perimeter of the village at the moment. Focusing on the orb, he brought up an image of Naruto in a clearing and from the looks of it he had been looking over the forbidden scroll for quite some time. It was at that moment, Iruka Umino came across Naruto and Hiruzen watched the following proceedings.

Moments earlier…

Naruto arrived in a small clearing just outside of the walls of Konoha with the forbidden scroll strapped to his back. The young Uzumaki had been devastated earlier when he failed the Genin exams for the third and final time. He had trained so hard to perfect the three basic techniques but couldn't perform the Bunshin jutsu because he always managed to overload his clones with too much chakra which resulted in half dead Bunshins. He had thought his dream to become Hokage was over when Mizuki-sensei had come to inform of a makeup exam. He had been suspicious at first since he knew that Mizuki had hated him because of the fox but he had seemed to genuinely want to help him so he gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, now that he thought about it seemed rather strange that the old man had been shocked by his appearance in his office. However, the chance at finally becoming a genin had pushed all doubts aside and he charged straight ahead in order to reach his dreams. Upon arriving in the clearing, he immediately began looking over the scroll.

"Okay, Mizuki-sensei, said I only had to learn one jutsu from the scroll and I will have passed the make-up test." Naruto said, aloud.

Upon seeing the first jutsu, Naruto had to resist cursing kami for conspiring against him since the first jutsu was the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow clone Technique). Bunshins were his absolute worst skill and it seemed he could never escape that horrid jutsu. He began reading over the description of the jutsu and quickly realized the difference in the Bunshin and Kage Bunshin.

'The Kage Bunshin no jutsu is forbidden kinjutsu that creates solid clones that are capable of direct contact. Kage Bunshins are exact copies of the user and are capable of performing jutsu unlike the normal Bunshin jutsu. They are capable of independent actions based on the personality of the caster of the jutsu. Kage Bunshins require massive amounts of chakra which is then divided evenly amongst the user and number of clones generated. An interesting side effect of Kage Bunshins is that whatever the clones learned during their lifetime is transferred back to the user themselves. This Jutsu is recommended for only Jounin and above due to the high risk of chakra exhaustion that may result in death.' Naruto read, mentally.

Naruto cocked his head to the side as he contemplated the use of such an advanced technique before deciding to give it a shot. Besides, it only required a single hand seal and lots of chakra which he had plenty of. With that thought in mind, Naruto set out to conquer his most troublesome jutsu ever.

30 minutes later…

Naruto stood in the middle of the clearing panting, heavily after finally managing to complete the Kage Bunshin no jutsu. He was about to store away the scroll when an idea came to him. Why should he just learn one scroll when he could learn as many as he needed while he had the scroll? He knew that his repertoire of jutsu was seriously lacking so why not learn more. Pulling out a blank scroll that he normally used for planning out his pranks and began to copy as many interesting Justus that he could before Mizuki arrived to grade him. It didn't take long to fill the scroll as he had picked up quite a few offense as well as defensive jutsu such as Katon: Karyuu Endan and Suiton: Suijinheki.

He had just finished copying the last jutsu and placing his scroll back into his pouch when a chakra signature drew his attention. He quickly rolled up the scroll and secured just as Iruka emerged from the trees and landed in the clearing.


Naruto blinked as he cocked his head to the side to analyze Iruka before slapping on his mask. The chuunin instructor was surprised that Naruto didn't seem to show any signs of regret for his actions and this worried him.

"Hey, Iruka-sensei, since I managed to learn a jutsu from the scroll that means that I can become a genin, right?" Naruto exclaimed, excitedly.

Iruka was taken aback by Naruto's statement. 'What gave Naruto the idea that this was some sort of make-up exam?' Iruka took a quick once over of Naruto. 'It does look like he has been training this entire time but what's really going on? I better just ask him and find out what he knows.'

"Naruto, who told you could become a genin by learning a jutsu from the forbidden scroll?" Iruka inquired.

"Mizuki-sensei told me that if I learned at least one jutsu from the scroll then, you would let me graduate and become a genin. I already learned this really cool jutsu so doesn't that mean that I pass the test?" Naruto replied with a foxy grin.

'Why would Mizuki tell Naruto something like that and I don't sense that Naruto is lying so why-' Iuka's thoughts were cut short by the sound of objects coming towards them.

A quick flash of steel revealed several kunai on a direct course for an unsuspecting Naruto. Acting purely on instinct, Iruka tackled Naruto to the ground but in the process the kunai lodged themselves into his back drawing a pained gasp from the brown-haired chuunin. Naruto let out a grunt as he landed on his back and turned wide eyes onto Iruka was hanging above him with a pained grimace on his face. The blond found himself confused but a voice quickly drew his voice to a new arrival.

"Iruka, I don't know why you chose to save the brat but it doesn't matter now." Mizuki said, from a tree branch. "Naruto, give me the forbidden scroll!"

Naruto was even more confused. "Hey, Mizuki-sensei, why did you attack Iruka-sensei like that? Is this part of the test as well?"

"No, Naruto this isn't some sort of test. Mizuki tricked you into stealing the forbidden scroll for him." Iruka said in a strained tone.

"What do you mean? So, this means that I don't get to pass and become a genin?" Naruto said in disbelief.

"Why do you think I would want to help you, demon brat?" Mizuki said then, smirked. "Naruto, do you want to know why everyone including Iruka hates you?"

Iruka looked at Mizuki in alarm. "Mizuki, you mustn't tell him …."

"It because you are the Kyuubi no Youko that attacked the village thirteen years ago and that's why everyone hates you." Mizuki sneered.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock. "Why wasn't I ever told any of this?"

"It quite simple because the Hokage knew that if you remembered who you were then you would seek revenge for being turned into a human. However, I'm not going to give you a chance since I'm going to kill you here and everyone shall praise me as a hero." Mizuki said as he gripped one of the Fuuma shurinkens attached to his back.

Iruka struggled to his feet. "Naruto, take the forbidden scroll and get out of here."

Naruto slowly got to his feet but made no attempt to move. Mizuki saw this and immediately threw the giant shuriken at the shell-shocked blond. Iruka quickly pushed Naruto away as he dodged the deadly projectile. Shocked out of his trance, Naruto took one last glance at the two men before picking up the scroll and taking to the trees.

Mizuki glared at Iruka. "I don't know why you helped the demon brat but once I'm done with you then I'm going after him."

"Not if I stop you here and now, Mizuki-teme!" Iruka exclaimed as he drew a kunai.

The brown-haired chuunin dashed towards his former friend in hopes to give Naruto enough time to get away and return with help. The only question was could he hold out long enough with his current injuries.

Meanwhile, Naruto felt confident that he had managed to gain quite a bit a distance stopped and took refuge in a tree. Setting the scroll down in his lap, his thoughts wondered back over to what Mizuki had said and it began to make sense as to why he was hated.

'Now I know why everyone always glares at me and used to beat me when I was younger. It's because I'm the fox that killed everyone but jiji told me that fox was killed by the Yondaime so why would he lie to me. Did he want to become a ninja so that he gives me a mission so that I could get killed but he was always so nice? I don't know who to believe anymore.' Naruto thought as he sank into the depths of despair.

A sudden noise drew his attention to area below him but he didn't dare move for fear of being discovered. He had no way of telling if it was Iruka or Mizuki but he could clearly feel two chakra signatures and feared for his life. His ears suddenly perked up as he clearly heard voices despite the distance from his spot to the ground.

"Iruka, if you had just let me killed the demon brat you wouldn't be in this situation right now. You know that he's the Kyuubi and is merely biding his time until he can take his revenge on the village for what the Yondaime did. That's exactly the type of thing that a demon would do." Mizuki said.

"You're right that's exactly what a demon would do." Naruto breath hitched in his throat as tears sprung forth. "However, that's not something that Naruto would ever do. He loves this village more than anyone and would never harm its people. He has the potential to become the greatest ninja this village has ever known. He might be a hyperactive, loudmouth knucklehead but he is also my best student and I will do everything I can to make sure that he realizes his dream. He has put up with the misguided hatred for so long and I'm proud to know that I've had the chance to be a part of his life even if this is where my road ends."

Mizuki's glare only intensified. "Fine, if you want to die as a 'demon lover' then I'll kill you now then, finish the brat."

He grasped his remaining fuuma shuriken and began spinning it until it resembled a giant buzzsaw. Iruka could only stare helplessly as his former friend prepared to hurl the deadly projectile at him.

'So, this is how it ends for me? I never even got the chance to apologize to Naruto for the way that I used to treat him. Maybe, my death will atone for all the wrongs that I've ever committed against him.' Iruka thought with a final resolution.

He gently closed his eyes and awaited his final moments out with a small smile on his face. However, a sudden grunt of pain caused his eyes to snap open just in time to witness Mizuki flying to the ground after Naruto had driven a knee into the side of silver haired chuunin's head. Mizuki managed to right himself but had lost his grip on his weapon as he landed in a crouched position. He glared up at the orange-clad youth that was glaring at him with icey-blue eyes.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on my sensei or I'll kill you." Naruto growled out.

Mizuki laughed. "You think that a snot-nosed brat like you can go up against me. In your human form you don't stand a chance against me, Kyuubi brat."

Naruto didn't reply as he removed the forbidden scroll from his back and set it down against the tree. Flaring his chakra, the blond container brought his hands up into a cross seal as he prepared to unleash his latest jutsu.

"Taijuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto called out.

A massive cloud of smoke immediately surrounded the clearing for a few moments but when it cleared Iruka and Mizuki could only gape in amazement. Hundreds of Naruto's could be seen everyone creating a veritable wall of orange-clad blonds. Iruka could only stare at his student as he realized that this was not the regular Bunshin jutsu but the Kage Bunshin which was considered a Jounin-level technique. He couldn't help but feel proud of his student at accomplishing such a feat.

"Get ready, Mizuki-teme! We're going to pay you back with interest." The Naruto clones all chorused together.

Mizuki could only stare in fear as all the Naruto's began to descend towards him before his screams of pain echoed throughout the forest as he was pummeled. A few moments later, a completely decimated Mizuki lay twitching on the ground as all of the kage Bunshins vanished in a huge poof of smoke. Naruto turned his gaze over to Iruka and with a foxy grin flashed the injured chuunin a victory sign.

"How was that, Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked, cheekily.

Iruka chuckled. "Come here and close your eyes, Naruto. I have a special gift for you for stopping Mizuki."

Naruto happily bounded over to Iruka and closed his eyes as he waited for Iruka to give him his special gift. He felt his goggles being removed before the feeling of cloth being wrapped around his head. Slowly, he reached up to his forehead and felt the cool metal of a hitai-ate before his eyes shot open in surprise. He saw Iruka holding his goggles in his right hand while his own hitai-ate was strangely absent from his own forehead. He couldn't stop the face-splitting grin that overcame his expression as Iruka smiled back at him.

"Congratulations, Naruto! You've earned the right to become a true shinobi of Konoha." Iruka said his voice thick with pride.

Naruto quickly enveloped the older Nin in a hug as he realized he was one step closer to fulfilling his dream. However, the touching moment was suddenly shattered by an animalistic grunt from behind Naruto. Both Nins shifted their gaze over to sound and where shocked by the site that greeted them. Mizuki was standing once again but this time he was covered by a dome of purple chakra. They could only watch in shock as the silver-haired Nin began to undergo a startling transformation. His muscles bulged as he began to grow in height while fur began to cover his body. His clothes were shredded till on his tattered pants remained. As his transformation was completed, Mizuki had gained the appearance of a hulking man-tiger.

"You thought I was done, Kyuubi brat? With the power that I've gained from Orochimaru-sama I am invincible." Mizuki proclaimed.

With that said, the former Nin dashed forward with his claws prepared to rend his two preys to shreds. Thinking quickly, Naruto pushed Iruka away but couldn't move quickly enough to dodge the transformed Mizuki. Iruka could only watch in horror as Mizuki plunged his arm deep into Naruto's chest just missing his heart. With a sickening squelch, Mizuki pulled Naruto off his arm before tossing towards Iruka where he landed at the injured chuunin's feet. Baring his fangs, Mizuki began to stalk towards the terror-stricken Iruka with the intent end his life. As the life began to slowly leave Naruto's body, a twist of fate made itself known with the intent to grant the young Uzumaki with power beyond his wildest dreams.

Within Naruto's mindscape, the feared Kyuubi no Youko gaze down at the floating form of its container with a steady gaze. The great beast was awakened when Naruto had received the injury and the mindscape that represented its caged being began to crumble at an alarming rate. The crimson kitsune quickly replayed the events that led up to this moment and could only frown at the ignorance of the human known as Mizuki. Despite its terrible reputation, Kyuubi was deeply impressed by its containers willingness to sacrifice his own life for another. Realizing that if the brat died then its existence would end as well decided to give Naruto something that was rightfully his. Because of the sealing performed by the Yondaime a power had been locked away within the seal that bound it to Naruto's soul. However, now was the time to unleash the power upon the world once again. Red chakra slowly seeped from the bars and engulfed Naruto's seemingly lifeless form.

"You had best be grateful of what I'm about to do for you, kit. Now take your rightful power and crush this pathetic ningen that dares to think he can defeat my vessel." Kyuubi growled out.

With a sudden gasp of air, Naruto's mindscape quickly shifted to a frozen wasteland with a few sakura trees. Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see only a red haze that engulfed his vision but at the same time a surge of pain engulfed his entire being. However, the pain only lasted for a brief moment before the red haze vanished as its purpose was done. The young Uzumaki slowly got to his feet as he gazed at his surroundings with awe. So where was he now? The only place that had snow, according to what he'd been taught, was the frigid Yuki no Kuni, the Land of Snow. Even Yuki no Kuni, however, had never been reported to have Sakura trees covered in full bloom. If he wasn't in the Land of Snow, one of the only places that suffered through winter, then where could he be?

'On this plain of never-ending ice and snow,' the Blond thought. 'If this is what death is supposed to be like? I guess now all of my pain will finally end.

"So," a deep voice, like the rolling thunder, spoke. Nearly jumping out of his skin, Naruto turned at near light speed, coming face to face with a huge blue dragon, "you're finally here."

Its scales were smooth and slick and reflected the miniscule light perfectly, which gave them an ice-like shine. Atop its head was a crown of spikes, each of which jutted backwards like shards of broken glass. Its nostrils were thin and narrow, almost serpentine, but its breath did not leave clouds of condensation behind.

"Tell me. Can you hear my name?" The dragon moved closer, its glowing red eyes boring into his own, "Can you call out to me, to Hyôrinmaru?"

Before Naruto could give a reply a soft, feminine voice reached his ears. "So, it is finally time for you to claim what it is yours."

Shifting his gaze once again, Naruto found himself gazing at beautiful woman dressed in an ornate kimono of crimson red with pink sakura petals scattered across it while tied with a pink obi. Her light pink eyes gazed at him with warmth and compassion while her dark hair cascaded uninhibited down across her shoulders to stop midway down her back. Naruto felt the heat rush to his cheeks as he stared at the beautiful woman before him which caused her to giggle.

"Tell me, young one! Can you hear my name?" The woman tilted her head, her pink eyes boring into his. "Can you call out the name of your will to protect others, to Senbonzakura?"

"Is that what I should call the both of you?" Naruto asked as his gaze shifted between the two entities before him. His voice was low and quavering with fear and awe as his eyes were wide and his breathing came out in shaky rasps while his heart thumped loudly. "Can I call you Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura?"

Hyôrinmaru seemed to grin, baring two rows of shiny, carnivorous teeth, "So, you can hear the both of us after so long.?"

"For so long we have waited for the day when can be of service to you. To be your sword and shield to protect you from your enemies." Senbonzakura said as she moved closer to him.

Naruto could only stare as the dragon and woman came to him then, he felt warmth permeate his body as the woman embraced him from behind to rest her chin atop his own head. Hyôrinmaru coiled his massive serpentine body around the two until he hovered in front of Naruto's face as he gazed down at the boy before him.

"I don't understand what's going on? Is this is what death is supposed to be like?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"No, Naruto this is not death as you are still very much alive. The Kyuubi is using his chakra to repair the damage to your body while you are in a state of suspension. Because of the Shiki Fujin that was placed upon you to contain you it sealed away both myself as well as Senbonzakura." Hyôrinmaru replied.

"Wait, Mizuki-sensei said that I was the Kyuubi!" Naruto exclaimed in alarm.

"My dear Naruto you are not the Kyuubi no Youko. When the Kyuubi was defeated the Yondaime utilized the Shiki Fujin to seal the soul of the Kyuubi into you by summoning the Shinigami to sever his soul from his body. You are merely the container of his soul as well as all of his infinite power. However, now that we have been unsealed then, our power is also yours." Senbonzakura replied.

Naruto was about to ask another question but he was quickly cut off by Hyôrinmaru as he knew that there were other matters of great importance to take care of.

"Naruto, we know that you have many questions but you must now use our power to save the one precious to you name Iruka." Hyôrinmaru said.

Naruto's eyes widened as he completely forgotten that he was in his current situation because he had tried to save Iruka from Mizuki-teme. "I have to go back and save Iruka-sensei from that traitor Mizuki-teme. Tell me how I can use your power to save Iruka-sensei?"

"As soon as you leave this place you will know how to use our power to save him. Senbonzakura replied. "Now, it is time that you return to show the world the awakening our true power."

Naruto felt the warmth of Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura vanished as he was thrust from his mindscape and back to the real world. Kyuubi chose that moment to make an appearance as it gazed at the two beings before it before shifting its attention to the outside world through Naruto's senses. The very foundation of the shinobi world was about to be thoroughly shaken up by Naruto's ascension to power.

In the real world, Mizuki was almost to Iruka when a sudden pressure filled the clearing making it hard for him to move. Iruka was also feeling the pressure and had a great difficulty in breathing. However, his eyes were wide with shock as he saw the unbelievable happening right before his very eyes. Naruto had stood back to his feet and was slouched forward with his head hung low. The deadly wound in his chest was rapidly closing until it left only unmarred skin. Both men could only stare in disbelief as the formerly dead blond was standing before them as if he not just been at death's door. Slowly, the blond raised his head to glare at the transformed Mizuki as the pressure was steadily beginning to increase. With a sudden jerk, Naruto threw his head back as a scream was released from his throat and his form was engulfed by white light. When the light died down Naruto stood before the two now holding twin swords in his hands.

The sword in his right hand had the hilt was wrapped in azure cloth and the cap at the bottom appeared to be made of some sort of bronze, or perhaps even gold. The hand guard just beneath the blade was made in the design of a four-pointed star, also appearing to be composed of gold. The blade itself was an oddity as well. The metal gleamed with a soft silver glint that belied its true purpose and the steel appeared to be as smooth as glass. Unlike the standard ninja sword, like a kodachi or a ninjato, the blade had majestic curve to it and was quite long. It seemed to be the size of an ordinary katana, which was a big sword for someone of Naruto's stature. The sword in his left hand had the hilt wrapped in a light pink cloth with a cap that also appeared to be made of bronze or gold material. The hand guard was made in the design of a square with four L-shaped holes also appearing to be gold. The blade was also an oddity in the same fashion as the first sword that gleamed in the moonlight with a soft silver glint.

Mizuki quickly got over his fear as he glared at the Blond. "So, you still think that you can stand against me, Kyuubi brat? Even with those swords they are nothing more than toothpicks compared to power I've received from Orochimaru-sama."

Naruto could feel the indignation come from both Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura and their demands to strike Mizuki down for his insults. He gazed upon Mizuki and for a moment the transformed Nin felt a tremendous pressure upon his being that took his breath away. The pressure soon vanished as Naruto his left hand to bring the sword vertically before him as a sudden command came to his mind.

"Chire, Senbonzakura!" Naruto exclaimed. (Scatter, Thousand Cherry Blossoms!)

Iruka and Mizuki could only watch in amazement as the blade began to glow a brilliant pink before the blade slowly dissolved into thousands of slender, petal-like blades. The blades were mostly invisible to the eyes of both Nins so there appeared to be only a few pink petals that swirled around Naruto in a protective manner. Mizuki quickly got over his shock as he once again sneered at Naruto.

"Well, isn't that a pretty little lightshow and here I thought I was going to see some of the power of the great Kyuubi no Youko before I killed you. I guess I'll just hurry and finish the both of you so I can get out of here with scroll before the others arrive." Mizuki said as he charged Naruto.

A smirk appeared on Naruto's face and with a single mental command the deadly blades of Senbonzakura shot towards the charging man-tiger. Mizuki paid them no mind as he completely dismissed the threat that they posed and ensured his imminent death at Naruto's hands. Mizuki's mad charge was quickly halted as the petals began to slash into him before he was engulfed a wall of pink petals. When the wall of petals receded there was nothing that remained of the traitor Mizuki except for a few bloodstains that littered the ground. With its purpose fulfilled the petals reformed into a blade as Naruto dropped his hand to his side. The consequence of Mizuki's death quickly overcame him as he dropped to his knees and deposited his lunch onto the ground.

Having finally gotten over his shock, Iruka painfully shuffled over to Naruto before placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Naruto looked at his brother/father figure with a haunted look in his eyes.

"Iruka-sensei, I killed Mizuki-sensei!" Naruto said in a haunted tone. "I really am the Kyuubi just like everyone thinks I am."

"This is a dilemma that all shinobi face" he started in the kindest, most comforting tone he could gather. "We ask ourselves whether the killing we do was right, should we have taken a life. Know this, there is very little black or white in our world. You are not a monster, you killed a traitor that threatens our very way of life, you didn't just kill, you protected. You didn't kill indiscriminately, for pleasure. You drew no pleasure from the fact that you killed. It never gets any easier but you learn to steel yourself. You are worried about what you felt when you killed Mizuki-teme. Don't the forget the feeling of regret that you feel because you're human. For the day you stop feeling anything for the people you kill, you will stop being human and become a true monster"

Naruto visibly calmed at his words, considering this piece of wisdom, and accepting is as the truth. He was also reassured by the spirits of his blades that he did the right thing which caused a smile to grace his features. This was the path that he chose to follow and to protect those that were precious to him he would embrace the true meaning of being a shinobi of Konohagakure.

"Thanks a lot, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto chirped.

Iruka smiled as he ruffled Naruto's hair. "Think nothing of it, Naruto. Now, let's go take the scroll back to the Hokage so we can explain what happened."

Naruto nodded as he picked up his swords that were both now secured in black sheaths for each blade. For a moment, both wondered where they came from but Naruto shrugged as Iruka went to pick up the scroll of sealing. A sudden noise drew their attention just as two Anbu landed in the clearing. Naruto quickly recognized the two as cat, Yuugao Uzuki, and tiger, Yamato or Tenzo, whom had protected him when he was younger.

"Umino-san and Uzumaki-san, we are to escort the two of you as well as the forbidden scroll back to the Hokage." Yuugao said.

Both nodded and followed the two Anbu back to Konoha where Iruka hoped that Naruto wouldn't get into too much trouble after they explained the situation to the Sandaime. It didn't take them long to reach the walls of Konoha where all four stopped before Tenzo placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and the four shushin'ed to the Hokage's office. The four appeared in a puff of smoke before Tenzo and Yuugao retreated into the shadows to watch the proceedings. Iruka and Naruto had expected the Sandaime to be angered at Naruto but the age kage had a proud smile as he gazed at his surrogate grandson. He had watched the entire event from when Naruto had first arrived in the clearing so he knew the full story of what took place. He was proud of Naruto but at the same time he was curious of the two blades that Naruto possessed. It reminded him the sword that Minato had used before but at the same time it's abilities where vastly different. However, he would worry about that later because now he had to resolve the current situation.

"Tiger, inform all members of the search party that the forbidden scroll of sealing has been recovered." Sarutobi ordered.

A quick "hai" was his response as Tenzo shushin'ed away to carry out his assigned task before things got even more out of hand.

Hiruzen focused back on Naruto. "Naruto-kun, please explain to me why you chose to steal the forbidden scroll of sealing."

Naruto as he began explaining the events from Mizuki approaching him after the academy up until his defeat of the traitor with Iruka supplying his own input. (I'm too lazy to write out all the details but you know the story from canon.) Hiruzen nodded even though he was aware that Naruto had neglected to mention the fact that he had copied a few jutsu but they we're anything dangerous so he would allow him to keep them. He knew the boy would exercise caution when it came down to learning the jutsu so he wasn't to particularly worried about him hurting himself.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun and I would like to congratulate on your first A-rank mission by stopping Mizuki from escaping with the forbidden scroll." Sarutobi said with pride.

Naruto flashed him a foxy grin which caused Iruka to ruffle his hair, affectionately causing the Blond to pout. Hiruzen couldn't help feeling proud of those that had come to accept his surrogate grandson but he had other matters to speak to the Blond at the moment. He cleared his throat to gain the full attention of the two nins before him and once he had their attention he shifted his focus to Iruka.

"Iruka, I'm grateful of all of your assistance tonight but you should hurry to the hospital to get treated for your injuries. I'm surprised you haven't passed out from blood loss but I can't have one of my shinobi neglecting to get properly treated. I have some things to discuss with Naruto-kun so get yourself patched up immediately." Sarutobi ordered.

Iruka nodded and with a quick shushin he was gone leaving only Naruto, Sarutobi, and Yuugao in the office. The aged kage sent a meaningful glance to Yuugao who quickly performed a privacy jutsu. Sarutobi returned his gaze back to Naruto, who seemed to understand the seriousness of the situation as he had dropped his cheerful mask. His blue eyes stared at the Hokage in a calculating manner and Hiruzen knew this was the true Naruto that he had come to know.

"I take it that now that I'm a genin of Konoha that you have some things to discuss with me, jiji?" Naruto asked in a monotone.

Sarutobi nodded. "Naruto-kun, don't you think that it's about time that you dropped your mask? I know that you feel that you need it in order for you to be accepted by the citizens of the village but you are now a fully instated ninja of the village. You no longer needed to hide your skills as much as you used to."

"I'm not so sure that's a good idea, jiji. If everyone thinks that I'm getting stronger then, they will have more reason to hate me. Now that I know about the Kyuubi I'm even more afraid to let others see the real me. It was bad enough I had to hide my skills during the academy so that the instructors would stop trying so hard to sabotage me. Now that I'm a ninja I don't want my teammates to get involved should the council try to send me on a mission that may get me killed." Naruto replied.

'He's probably still thinking of what happened to Kanae all of those years ago and still blames himself for what happened. However, I will no longer allow that bigotry of this village to stunt Naruto from being the shinobi that Minato wanted him to be.' Hiruzen thought.

"You won't have to worry about that Naruto-kun since I will personally being handing out such missions and I will override any attempts by the council. However, I believe you continue to hide your skills then, it will make it harder for you to gain the acceptance of others. It will come a time when you will have to reveal all of the skills that you have been taught and others will need to know how you operate in order for you to form an effective team. After all, we base our principals on teamwork in order to successfully complete a mission or have you forgotten all of your lessons." Hiruzen said then, smirked. "Don't forget that if you want to take my job then, you have to show that you possess wisdom as well as strength to handle the title of Hokage."

Naruto sighed. "Being Hokage is still my dream but I'm scared of what others think of me, jiji. I've tried so hard to be accepted for something I never knew of but now that I know why everyone hated me for so long I'm even more terrified to show the real me. I know that fear and hatred came make people do irrational things that was why I created my mask to make people realize I wasn't a threat to them. If it wasn't for you and the others that helped me when I was younger then, I don't know where I would be right now."

"I understand what you mean but I want you to have faith in others, Naruto-kun. After all you can't go through life by yourself if you truly want to survive long enough to reach your dreams." Sarutobi said.

Naruto paused to consider the words of the elderly kage. He knew that his surrogate grandfather was right and he was really tired of hiding behind his mask. He had been hiding behind it for so long that sometimes it was hard to distinguish the true Naruto Uzumaki from the happy go lucky persona that he had created. Maybe if he let his mask slip just a little a bit then, he could see if others would accept him for who he truly was. Taking a deep breath, Naruto focused his gaze on the Sandaime as he came to a decision that would ultimately affect his future in Konoha.

"Okay, jiji, I'll do it and show others who I truly am but only a little at first until I feel that I've come to truly trust my comrades." Naruto said with his foxy grin. "Besides, it will be fun to show everyone that they can't just push me around anymore."

Sarutobi smiled. "That's all that I ask that you do Naruto-kun. Now, you've had a pretty long night so I suggest that you go home and get some rest. Team selection will be in one week so use that time as you see fit to prepare yourself for your new lifestyle."

Naruto nodded and once more smiled at his surrogate grandfather before turning to exit the office to get some much needed rest. Once the blond was gone, Yuugao released the jutsu before appearing from the shadows to stand before the Sandaime. Hiruzen released a heavy sigh as he thought of all the events that forced Naruto to adopt that mask in the first place. Turning his gaze to the cat masked Anbu as he knew that she had her own views to contribute about Naruto's situation and wanted to hear what she had to say.

"So, what do you think about all of this?" Sarutobi asked.

"It's hard to say, Hokage-sama. Naruto has become quite strong over the years both mentally as well as physically. I still greatly respect him for being able to put up with all the abuse over the years and remain loyal to the village. I'm not sure I could've gone through the same as him and not use the power of the Kyuubi to destroy this entire village. His character is what has gained the respect of myself as well as much of the Anbu and other shinobi of Konoha." Yuugao replied.

Sarutobi nodded. "The civilians just don't realize how many close calls they had to having the Yondaime's seal break when Naruto was younger. It was only by his sheer will to live that kept the beast contained for as long as he has been. The power of a jinchuuriki is all upon the mental state of the container to hold but the beast that it sealed within them. It doesn't help that Naruto is possession of the most powerful Bijuu to ever walk across the elemental nations."

"You are correct, Hokage-sama. It is because of Naruto-kun's determination that I believe that one day he will become a great shinobi. I just hope the day never comes that he ever decided to turn on the village." Yuugao said.

Sarutobi sighed. "If such an event were to ever happen then, I don't believe that even I would be able to stop Naruto-kun if he continues to grow at the rate that he has over the years. However, as long as he has those that are precious to him then I will continue to place my faith in the boy since he is the Yondaime's legacy."

Yuugao nodded her head in agreement and with a wave of his hand, she shushin'ed away to attend to other duties. Hiruzen turned his attention to the paperwork on his desk which happened to be the team placements for the genin that had been given to him by Iruka. He realized that because of Naruto's status as the dead-last that it would require him to be placed with the top rookie and top kunoichi of his class. That meant that he would've been paired with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno and had the unfortunate affect making Kakashi his Jounin sensei since he was the only one capable of training the Uchiha in the use of his sharingan when it awakened. However, Hiruzen decided that if he was going to give Naruto a fair shot at growing as shinobi then he would have to change the setup of the teams.

'Now, who do I believe Naruto-kun can truly benefit having as his teammates and Jounin instructor?' Hiruzen thought.

Sarutobi thought on the matter for a few moments before a sudden idea came to him as a grin similar to Naruto's own foxy grins appeared on his face. He had the perfect team that he hoped would provide Naruto with a stable environment to grow as a shinobi. Plus, sense there were quite a few that had expressed their desire to be his Jounin-sensei then he had an idea to address that matter as well.

'All I have to do now is sit back and wait to see if they will work alongside Naruto as I hope they will since they have never harbored any negative feelings towards him.' Hiruzen thought with a grin as he was quite pleased with his decision.

He could only hope that this generation of shinobi could truly surpass the older generation and keep the will of fire going strong so that the future of Konoha will remain as bright as he envisioned it would be with individuals that made up Naruto's generation to push it forward to a new era.

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