Naruto: Konoha's Shinigami

Chapter 2: Adaptation and Teams

By: Terror of the Azure Flame


I don't own Naruto because Kishimoto does. If I did then Naruto wouldn't have to deal with the king of 'emo' and he would be a god among men.


During Naruto's fight against Mizuki he dies but Kyuubi saves him by unlocking a power not seen since the Yondaime Hokage. What is the secret behind the two blades Naruto now possesses and what other secrets lay behind his new power and abilities? This will be a Naruto/Bleach crossover and a Narutoxharem with character bashing.

"Talking" normal talk

'Thinking' normal people thinking

"Blah!" Bijuu/summon talk or yelling (or Gai and Lee)

'Blah!' Bijuu/summon thinking

Naruto once again found himself in his mindscape or as the spirits of Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura had identified it as his 'inner world'. A place where the soul of a human and the spirits of his or her sword or zanpaktou interact with each other in a spiritual sense. As he made his way across the snow covered ground over to the small forest of Sakura trees he wondered why he was able to keep warm despite what should've been subzero temperatures. He shrugged the thought away as he made his way into the forest of Sakura trees in search of his spirit companions. As he rounded a tree he could see Senbonzakura standing beneath a Sakura tree that stood a few feet taller than the others but couldn't see Hyôrinmaru anywhere at the moment. Senbonzakura smiled, warmly at the blond and Naruto felt his cheeks warm up under the gaze of the beautiful woman.

"Hello again, Naruto-kun. I'm glad that I was able to be of service to you earlier in your fight against that traitor." Senbonzakura said.

Naruto smiled. "I should be thanking you since if it wasn't for you and Hyôrinmaru I would've been dead right now."

The dark-haired spirit shook her head at his statement. "No, the likely chance of you dieing was quite low since Kyuubi would've ensured your survival just as it always had over the years. After all, Kyuubi was able to protect you when neither I nor Hyôrinmaru could use our power to aide you. Despite its fearsome reputation Kyuubi has granted you with the ability to heal from almost any wound thanks to the youki that flows through your chakra pathways."

"What exactly do you mean by that?" The blond asked, tilting his head to the side.

"By being the container of a Bijuu you are granted certain abilities that are unique to each Bijuu. Because of the Shiki Fujin that was used the Kyuubi had to ensure that your body was capable of handling its power or you would've died because of all the youki that flowed through you. The nature of the seals that made up the Shiki Fujin ensured that the power of the Kyuubi no youko would slowly be converted to your own but something was not accounted for during the sealing process." Senbonzakura explained.

"What was the problem? Does it have anything to do with the fact that Kyuubi is supposed to be the strongest of the Bijuu?" Naruto asked.

"That is part of the problem but that is not all." The voice of Hyôrinmaru said as he descended from the sky.

Naruto merely waited for the dragon to explain as he coiled his massive serpentine body around the area where he and Senbonzakura stood. Hyôrinmaru brought head around the Sakura tree to position himself a bit away from Senbonzakura as he gazed at Naruto.

"The problem was that with the fact that you had already had both of us inhabiting your body caused an influx of power when the Kyuubi was added to the equation. When we were sealed along with the Kyuubi your spiritual energy or Reiryoku was sealed away as well. This was why you have such horrible chakra control issues because all you had was the physical aspect of chakra at your disposal and very little spiritual." Hyôrinmaru explained.

"So, now that both of you are here does it mean that my chakra control will be better that it was before, right?" Naruto asked.

His chakra control had been a major issue for a long time despite all of the chakra control exercises that he had learned. His chakra control was about mid-genin level at best and that was only if he had to use jutsu that required a lot of chakra. Even though he possessed a lot of chakra he knew that this caused him to waste a lot of extra whenever he performed any technique.

"The answer to the question would be yes as well as no. Despite the fact that you now have access to your Reiryoku once again that also mean that your chakra reserves have also expanded far more than you previously had. This also means that you will have to work even harder to gain better control over your chakra if you are to reach an optimum level of strength. We will work with you to gain control over your chakra will also showing you techniques that will require use of your Reiryoku only." Hyôrinmaru replied.

Naruto sighed. "Well, I should've expected that I would have to work hard in order to get stronger but that's nothing new to me. I've been working hard for my strength all of my life and that won't stop me now since if I want to reach my dreams then I have to be the strongest there is."

Both spirits smiled at Naruto's determination to earn his own power and were glad that they were bound to the soul of one as unique as him. Sharing a brief glance between each other both decided it was time that Naruto met the Kyuubi since the great kitsune had expressed a desire to meet its container.

"Naruto, I believe that it is time that you met the Kyuubi. There is much that the two of you need to discuss and if you are to get stronger you will need its help as well. After all that was the intention of having the Kyuubi sealed within in the first place. If the two of you can come to a compromise it will be beneficial to all of us in the end." Senbonzakura said.

Naruto cocked his head to the side. "How do I contact the Kyuubi in the first place? I was only able to come here because you told me how by remembering this place but I've never met Kyuubi before."

"This is your mind and all you need to do is think of the Kyuubi and you will be taken there." Hyôrinmaru said.

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes as he focused on finding the Kyuubi no Youko that resided within him. He used the knowledge that he had gained from the academy to imagine the image of a crimson nine-tailed fox that stood taller than the Hokage tower and felt a tug at the back of his mind. When the feeling had passed Naruto waited a few moments before he opened his eyes. To say he was disappointed at what he saw would be a serious understatement. The young Uzumaki found himself in a sewer much like the ones that ran underneath Konoha that he had used to escape from mobs of villagers when he was younger. This was before he had learned how to defend himself after some of the Anbu from his security detail had begun training him. Returning to the task at hand, Naruto noticed a red glow coming from one of the many corridors that branched away from the main path and made his way towards it. Once he reached the glow he paused for a moment as he felt a malevolent rage but at the same time he felt an underlying emotion of sadness and surprisingly affection wash over him. He wondered about that as he walked into the glow that caused a soft tingling sensation as if someone was running a feather along his skin. As the glow faded from his vision Naruto found himself in a huge room that led to a massive gate that with a single piece of paper with the kanji for seal. He guessed this had to be the cage that held the Kyuubi contained within him as viewed by his inner world and made his way over to the bars.

'I wonder what exactly I should be expecting when I actually talk to the Kyuubi. From all the stories it should be a giant kitsune that only knows destruction but the feelings I'm getting are confusing to say the least.' Naruto thought.

He was a few feet away from the cage when a pair of crimson slitted eyes snapped open right before a massive claw shot between the bars to impale him. Naruto had not been expecting such a reaction and the claw would've struck him if not for the timely appearance of Sakura petals that blocked the claw. As the claw was repelled, Naruto felt a pair of slender arms encircle his frame as well as an ample set of mounds press into his back causing him to blush. Senbonzakura held Naruto close as a frown marred her otherwise gentle features as she gazed into the darkness of the cage. A moment later, Hyôrinmaru also appeared coiled around Naruto as he hovered in a protective manner of his chosen partner. Naruto was grateful that the two were still here with him while at the same time chastised himself for letting his guard down against the Kyuubi.

"So, my container finally decides to grace me with his presence. What is it that brings you here to see me, Kit?" Kyuubi's deep voiced echoed around the room.

"You stupid fox, what was the big idea trying to attack me just now? Unless you forget if something happens to me then, you're gone as well." Naruto snapped. He really didn't like how Kyuubi seemed to be talking down to him.

"You dare to speak to me in such a manner, ningen! Unless you have forgotten it is only because of me that you are still alive till this day since your so called partners could do nothing till after your near death experience. You should be grateful that I even put forth the effort to keep you alive in the first place. After all, I am the Kyuubi no Youko and you would do well to remember that." Kyuubi's angry growl caused the room to shake, slightly.

Naruto was quickly becoming fed up with those that seemed to think that they were somehow superior to him. It was bad enough that the villagers treated him like he was no better than the dirt they walked on and now Kyuubi was about to be added to the long list.

"I don't really care who are. You seem to forget that because of you attacking the village and being sealed in that all my problems started in the first place. If you never came then, I could've probably had a family instead of being an orphan and grew up with a happier childhood. So, the way that I see it since you're living in my body then, you better start paying rent by helping me get stronger." Naruto said, his anger rising.

Kyuubi was shocked for a moment. "It would seem that there is more to this kit than I originally thought. He has the same type of inner strength that I witnessed in my battle with the Yondaime Hokage. With me being sealed within him it would stain my reputation if my vessel were to be seen as weak by the other demon lords. However, he is already quite strong and with his determination he will only get stronger.'

Kyuubi gazed at the three figures before its cage for a moment longer before finally coming to a decision. Naruto could only watch as Kyuubi began to glow with crimson light before its form began to shrink in upon itself. He was confused by this and watched as the light began to take on a more definite human shape but his greatest shock came as he realized that the shape was that of a woman. When the glow faded he could only gape in wide-eyed shock at what he was seeing from behind the bars of the cage.

"Y-yo-you're a girl!" Naruto exclaimed in shock.

Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura could only chuckle since they had already known this but it was amusing to see Naruto's reaction. Kyuubi stood around the same height as Senbonzakura and in Naruto's opinion just as beautiful. Her crimson hair flowed down to center of her back as she stared at Naruto with crimson, slitted eyes. She was dressed in a crimson kimono with flame-like wisps designs across it and tied with an even darker red obi. Her skin was slightly tanned and he also noticed a pair fox ears atop her head as well as nine crimson tails gently swaying behind her. She flashed him a grin to show a pair of prominent fangs while she folded her arms beneath her sizeable bust.

"Why is that you humans always believe that I'm a male just because I'm considered the strongest of the Bijuu? I should almost feel insulted but I guess it can't be help since you ningen are quite ignorant of the world around you. Besides, I prefer this form much more since my kitsune form is really only meant for battle against others of my stature." Kyuubi spoke in a soft, melodious voice.

Naruto was about to snap off a retort when he was interrupted by Hyôrinmaru's deep voice. "That is quite enough, Kyuubi-sama! We came so that we can come to an agreement and to make Naruto aware of all that you've done to him. After all, I doubt that you would've gone through all this trouble in the first place."

"You are quite correct in your assumptions. I had long since made some adjustments to the kit's body as he has long since gained my respect for his actions up till this point in time. I made several adjustments in preparations of the day that he would regain the ability to use both of you but I wasn't exactly sure if he was worthy until he showed me that he would work hard for his own strength. Despite the teachings of those that protected him he always chose to do things to the hard way so that it would produce better results for him." Kyuubi replied.

"Do you mind telling me exactly what you did to me? If you have so much faith in me then, I want to at least give you the benefit of the doubt." Naruto said.

Kyuubi was once again shocked by Naruto's behavior as she was still getting used to him not hiding behind that idiotic mask of his. A vulpine grin appeared on her features that caused a shiver to run up Naruto's spine.

"You truly due interest me, Naruto Uzumaki. I will tell you of what I've done to your body to truly make you a vessel worthy of my power. Since youki is not meant to be handled by humans since its demonic nature is far more potent than your human chakra I had to make sure that you could handle my power. Whenever I healed your injuries I made sure to adjust your to make it stronger than before. Your bone structure is three times as dense making them harder to break while I've increased the elasticity of your muscles to endow you with more physical strength without the aid of chakra. You may have noticed these changes already as well as your heightened senses although not quite the level of a full demon. I've widened your chakra pathways to allow more of my chakra to mix with your own. By doing this I've forced the purification seals to work over time to convert my youki into chakra. As it stands now you have drained the equivalent of two tails of my chakra from me." Kyuubi said.

"Hold on a minute! If I've drained that much from you then, why do you still have nine tails instead of seven? I thought the seal was designed to drain your power away and make it mine until you had no more and died." Naruto exclaimed.

"Kit, I am considered an immortal being for a reason. Despite the fact that you have my power I will always retain my tails while in your mindscape. Once you have drained my power I will simply be returned to Makai where I will be reborn again. This was the pact that was made between myself and Shinigami-sama when I was sealed. If I were to simply cease to exist then, it would cause as sort of imbalance in the world. However, don't bother to question me on that since I won't tell you anymore. I may respect you but there are things that you will never understand about this world." Kyuubi paused for a moment to allow to him digest what she said. "Since you will be gaining my power you with have to constantly work to keep a decent amount of control over your chakra. Because of the mixture of my youki into your pathways your chakra shall become more potent but not as potent as pure youki. You will eventually possess chakra similar to that of a kitsune hanyou."

"So, does this mean that I will one day gain tails and such that would make me look like you or more fox than human?" Naruto inquired.

"You will gain tails but not until you perform a certain ritual which I won't perform until you have gain about four tails worth of my youki. I must admit you are taking all of this better than I would've expected. I sometimes forget that you are much more intelligent than you let on since I had to bear witness to that insufferable false persona of yours for so many years now." Kyuubi said which caused Naruto to frown. "Lastly, I've given you a sort of bloodline when it comes down to your healing so I wouldn't have to use so much of my own chakra to heal you. That is only one part of the bloodline and I will reveal the rest to you when I deem that you are ready to now. I would tell you more but I time grows short and I've grown weary of this little conversation of ours. If you need to reach me simply return here and I may answer your questions if I feel like. However, don't get the wrong idea that I suddenly like you. I just prefer to make our current arrangement more bearable by trying to co-exist with you. You are still merely a human and while you have gained my respect you still have a long way to go to prove that you are worthy of being my vessel. If such a time comes I may even allow you to call me by true name." Kyuubi finished.

"I thought your name was Kyuubi but the way you say I'm guess that it's more of a title to your position as the queen of the Bijuu." Kyuubi nodded. "Well, I hope that one day we can truly come to the point where we can get along and I will do everything that I can to prove myself worthy of being your vessel, Kyuubi-hime." Naruto said with a grin.

Kyuubi glared at him. "Don't push your luck with me, kit. If I so choose I can use my youki to harm as well as heal you. Now, leave me be so that I may get so rest and I hope you can provide me with some ample entertainment in the near future."

Naruto continued to grin as he was aware that he managed to get past the seemingly regal persona of Kyuubi which he wasn't surprised since she was the queen of the Bijuu after all. He didn't have much more time to think about as with a simple wave of her hand he was removed from his mindscape. After being quiet for so long, both spirits focused their full attention onto Kyuubi.

"I am quite suspicious of your willingness to assist, Naruto-kun. I hope you don't have any ideas of trying to free yourself from the seal by using him." Senbonzakura said with a frown.

"If that becomes the case then, we will use our own power to subdue if need be." Hyôrinmaru added.

"I am willing to assist the kit since I have had firsthand view of his life since the time of my sealing. The way that has been treated is something that we demons would never do to one of our own. Humans call all demons evil but they possess a taint that would rival even the foulest of demons. I have lived amongst the humans for quite some time to have seen the evil acts that humans can perform. It may also be because that in a way I've come to see Naruto as my own kit. If that is the reason then, it would only be natural for a mother to make sure that her young can truly survive on his own when I'm no longer around. I may be a demon lord but I am not as malevolent as the humans have come to make me out to be." Kyuubi replied.

"Will you ever tell Naruto the true reason as to why you attacked Konoha?" Hyôrinmaru asked.

"Maybe when I feel that he can handle the truth and only then shall I tell my kit what truly happened that day." Was Kyuubi's only reply.

With no more to say the three spirits once more returned to their own little corner of Naruto's mindscape until he needed them.

The buzzing of his alarm clock drew Naruto to the world of consciousness as his hand lashed out to silence the infernal noise. Mentally reminding himself to purchase a new clock, the blond slowly opened his eyes as the haze of sleep was blinked away before rising from his bed. He made his way to the bathroom to go through his normal morning ritual. He was halfway through brushing his teeth when he noted a few peculiarities about his appearance. The most notable was that he seemed to be taller by several inches as well as more muscular judging from the tightness of his shirt. His blond hair seemed to a bit darker as well as long enough that bangs framed his face. He had lost a lot of the baby fat giving him a more rugged as well as feral look since his pupils appeared to be slitted much like Kyuubi's while his whisker marks were darker.

'What the hell?' Naruto thought in surprise.

'These are some of the changes that I've made to you, Kit. While you were asleep I had surrounded you in a cocoon of my youki while your two partners used your Reiryoku to mask its presence. This allowed me to make the necessary adjustments to your body while you were asleep. These changes were necessary to account for your increase in chakra otherwise your body would've exploded from the sudden influx caused by the restoration of your Reiryoku.' Kyuubi replied.

'Well, I guess that I have something else to thank you for, Kyuubi-hime.' Naruto responded, mentally.

'If you continue with this hime business then, I will do something most unpleasant to your being.' Kyuubi snapped.

Naruto resisted the urge to laugh as he finished up before heading back to his room to put on some clothes. He took a brief glance at his orange jumpsuit before dismissing it as he headed over to his closet. Despite what many thought he possessed more clothing that his trademark jumpsuit which he had worn as a part of his mask. Luckily, he had an outfit that had been given to him by the Sandaime for his tenth birthday that had been too big for him at the time. He guessed that with his recent increase in height it should properly fit him now. His new outfit consisted of a pair of dark blue Anbu-style pants with multiple pockets for carry scrolls as well as a dark blue short-sleeve shirt with the same spiral design as the ones on his jumpsuit. A pair of ankle bands that acting as chakra weights were placed underneath his pants to replace his old ones. Underneath the shirt he wore fishnet armor that came down to about mid forearm. Over his forearms was a pair of lightweight guards that were actually chakra weights. Black shinobi sandals replaced his original blue with white bandages that wrapped his heels and extended into his pants. His kunai holder was strapped to his right leg while his shuriken pouch was attached to the back of his waist along his left side. Smiling, he put on the hitai-ate that Iruka had given him and secured around his forehead to keep his bangs out of his eyes. Lastly, his gaze shifted over to a simple red box on his dresser which contained a special gift from a dear friend. Slowly, opening the box he gazed that at the necklace with a simple pendant of an angel with a sorrowful expression.

'Kanae-chan, I'm sorry for what happened to you and hope to see you again one day. Until that day I will keep my promise and grow strong.' Naruto thought.

Placing the necklace around his neck Naruto walked over to his swords and grasped them before securing them. He had acquired a strap to attach to Hyôrinmaru's sheath so that he could place it on his back within easy reach of his right hand while Senbonzakura was placed in his belt along his left side. Making sure that he had everything before the young blond left his apartment while locking it via the security seals that had been installed by the Sandaime. Bounding across the roofs of building he made his way to his own personal training grounds. He had an entire week to train to work on his skills as much as he could and he wasn't about to waste a single minute. It would be during this time Naruto would learn just how beneficial kage bunshins will become to his training.

One week later…..

Naruto stood before the gates of the academy with a slight frown on his face he contemplated what he was about to do. Today would be the day the he dropped his mask to everyone for the first time in seven years and show them what kind of shinobi he truly was. He was dressed in the same outfit that the Sandaime had given him after the aged kage had given him several more copies of the outfit after complimenting him on how good he looked.

'Well, might as well get this over with and learn who my teammates and sensei is going to be.' Naruto thought as he made his way inside.

Upon arriving in the classroom, he noticed that only a few other students were there ahead him. Looking up towards the upper rows he noticed the pineapple-shaped hairstyle of Shikamaru Nara and his best friend Chouji Akimichi. Shikamaru had his head down on the desk in an attempt to gain some extra sleeps while Chouji was munching on a bag of chips. This was normal for the two friends so he dismissed them as he made his way up the rows to sit himself near the window at mid-level. He closed his eyes as he waited for the other graduates and entered a meditative state that both Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura had taught him. This allowed him to focus and get more in tune with his Reiryoku as well as gain a better grasp of the flow of his chakra. He had only been meditating for a few minutes when a loud voice broke his focus.

"Hey dobe, what do you think you're doing here? Today is for those that actually passed the graduation exam and you failed, remember?" The loud voice of Kiba Inuzuka drew everyone's attention to Naruto. Akamaru gave a bark of agreement.

At first, Kiba didn't recognize Naruto due his change in wardrobe but once he caught his sent he knew that it was the dead-last of their class. He, like the rest of the class once they recognized Naruto, was wondering why the blond was here when he knew that he had failed the exam. Naruto slowly opened his eyes to stare at Kiba before lifting his hand to indicate his hitai-ate on his forehead.

"Unless you forgot how to use your eyes I have a hitai-ate so that means that I passed. I was given a make-up exam by Iruka-sensei so that's why I'm a shinobi now." Naruto said in a monotone.

Shikamaru had raised his head during Kiba's shout and was gazing at the blond with a calculating gaze. He was wondering why the blond was dressed and acting differently than normal. The Naruto that he knew would've yelled at Kiba or try to start a fight but now he was calm and relaxed. It reminded the young Nara of how he had seen his father as well as many of the elder shinobi acted.

"Kiba, why don't you stop being so troublesome? If you want you can ask Iruka-sensei when he gets here if Naruto is telling the truth. If he's lying then, he'll have to leave so be quiet all of your shouting is ruining my nap time." Shikamaru drawled out.

Kiba huffed as he pulled Akamaru from his perch atop his head as he found a seat while throwing glares at Naruto. The blond gave a brief nod towards Shikamaru before going back into his meditative trance to pass the time away. Shikamaru saw this and once again wondered what brought on these changes in the normally loud and hyperactive blond. He pushed the thought aside to figure out later as his head once again dropped down to rest atop his folded arms.

One by one student continued to pile into the classroom with some taking note of the blond while others dismissed him. Eventually one Hinata Hyuga entered the room with a saddened expression. The reason for this was because she knew that her precious Naruto-kun would not be a part of this year's graduation exam. She had desperately wanted for him to pass so that she may gain the chance to be on the same team with her crush. His failure was a major blow to her confidence since she had always used Naruto as her pillar of strength. With his final failure he would lose the chance to become a shinobi and have to remain a civilian which wouldn't allow her many opportunities to see him anymore.

As she neared her chosen seat a flash of blond hair drew her attention and as she shifted her gaze she couldn't help but gasp as she saw Naruto sitting there. A bright crimson blush appeared on her face as she gazed at her crush sitting on the opposite side of the room. He was dressed differently than before she could swear that he appeared to be a bit taller but he seemed to be even more handsome in her opinion. She continued to gaze at him for quite some time as she took in more of his features and committed them to memory.

'If Naruto-kun is here then, doesn't that mean that he passed the exam but I thought he failed? If this is a dream then, I don't want to be woken up right now.' Hinata thought, still blushing.

Maybe this would give her another chance to get closer to the one that she admires most but she wondered if she could ever work up the courage to speak to him. A few whispers reached her ears and she realized that many of the girls in the classroom where making comparisons to Naruto and Sasuke. This immediately angered the Hyuga heiress as they only now began to notice Naruto for the handsome person that he was and had the nerve to compare her Naruto-kun to Sasuke.

'They better not get any ideas of trying to go after my Naruto-kun.' Hinata thought, angrily.

Her blush increased to a new level as she realized that she had thought of Naruto as hers and with great effort resisted the urge to faint. Quickly taking a seat, she tried to focus her thoughts away from the handsome blond but it was all futile as her thoughts quickly became perverted. If anyone had been looking at the pale-eyed girl they would've noticed her wiping away a minor nosebleed. She was saved any other form of embarrassment as she heard a low rumble coming down the halls and knew of only two people that could be the cause. Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno, co-founders of the Sasuke Uchiha fan club and best friends turned rivals for said boy's attention. A moment later, both girls were both trying to force their way into the classroom at the same time.

"Ha, I made it first Ino-pig so I get to sit by Sasuke-kun." Sakura proclaimed.

"Get real, billboard-brow. My toe beat you by a whole centimeter so I'm the one that's going to set next to Sasuke-kun." Ino snapped back.

"What did you say, Ino-pig?" Sakura hollered.

"You heard me, billboard-brow!" Ino replied.





The class groaned as the two girls continued to argue as the made there way over to where the Uchiha was sitting. Still in his meditative trance was unaware that Sasuke had taken the seat to his left the placed him directly by the window. The raven-haired youth had used Naruto's position to block off any attempts by his fangirls to sit next to him. The problem was that he knew that when it came down to Sakura the blond would instantly do whatever she said. He had noted Naruto's change in appearance and already knew why he was here after overhearing some of the other students talking about him. Despite, the changes the blond seemed to have made in his wardrobe Sasuke still disregarded him as mere annoyance in his presence. At one point in time he had wanted to consider Naruto a rival but after having witnessing his pathetic skills he decided against that. If he were to consider Naruto a rival then, he would only get weaker by competing against such an unworthy opponent and never get strong enough to defeat Itachi in order avenge his clan and regain their honor. Noticed the arrival of his most annoying fangirls, Sasuke schooled his features into his trademark mask of indifference as he stared straight ahead at the blackboard.

Ino and Sakura made their way up the steps and stopped at the row that Sasuke was sitting at. Upon noticing that Naruto was sitting between them and her goal, Sakura grew angry at the blond as she completely disregarded Naruto's change in attire as an attempt to be cool like her Sasuke-kun. Ino, on the other hand, took note of Naruto's appearance and a memory came to her of a younger Naruto before he began wearing that hideous orange jumpsuit and became a loudmouth idiot. The Naruto from then was one that didn't back down from anyone and had befriended both her and Sakura before the two had begun their rivalry over Sasuke. It was this Naruto that she had gained a crush on because of his bad boy behavior but it ended when he changed. This was also the reason why she tried for Sasuke since he reminded of that Naruto only with a lot of angst.

"Naruto, move out of the way so that I can sit next to Sasuke-kun!" Sakura demanded.

When Naruto made no reaction that he had heard her caused everyone to be shocked by his actions. They were all aware of the major crush that he had on the pink-haired Haruno and would do anything that she said as if he were her little puppy. If they only knew how much that had been a part of his mask that he had chosen to get rid of they wouldn't have been surprised by his next actions. Since Naruto made no move to get out of her way Sakura decided to handle Naruto in the same way that she always did when he tended to annoy by using violence.

Rearing back her fist. "I SAID MOVE OUT OF MY WAY, NARUTO-BAKA!"

She as well as everyone else was surprised when Naruto's right hand shot up and caught her fist but he even more surprising was the fact that his hand didn't move upon impact or that his eyes had remained closed the entire time. Not seeming to notice the reactions of his fellow classmates of his sudden action against the pink haired kunoichi Naruto addressed Sakura.

"What makes you assume that I should move just because you tell me to, Haruno-san? I was here before Sasuke and it was his decision to sit by me not mine." His eyes slowly opened to regard the girl. "I can see that there are plenty more seats for you to take so I suggest that you leave me alone. I'm not going to move from this seat and if you try to hit me again I will make you regret it for your foolishness." Naruto said in his monotone.

Sakura was totally shocked that her puppy wasn't listening to her and had actually threatened her while nor calling her Sakura-chan like he always did. This was not the way things were supposed to be between her and Naruto Uzumaki. He was supposed to always listen to whatever she said and be there whenever she needed to vent her frustrations of make her feel better about herself with his declarations of love for her. Since so many of her classmates tended to pick on her because of her larger than average forehead it was the attention that Naruto gave her that gave her the confidence to face each day. Her shock slowly faded away to become anger that Naruto would dare do this to her and once again raised her hand to hit the blond. It was act that moment that many came to the realization that this was not the Naruto that they had attended school with them for the last six years.

In the blink of the eye, Naruto had stood and with amazing speed and moved behind Sakura to catch her fist while it was still reared back. Everyone was once again shocked since none of them had even seen the blond move as with a mere blink of an eye he was behind Sakura. Sakura whirled around to hit him with her free hand but this hand was also caught mere inches away from his face.

"Let go of me right now, Naruto-baka before I make you regret it." Sakura said, angrily.

Naruto didn't release her as he moved his hands to bring Sakura's hands closer to her body until he held them in a cross position against her chest as he uncrossed his. He peered down at the girl that was now shorter than him after his growth spurt which a lot of the others noticed and wondered how he had grown so much in just a week's time. Leaning forward until his face was a mere few inches from hers as she began to blush as she got a close up look of his new features and was nervous as she noticed his now slitted pupils.

"I regret very few things in my life and you are no threat to me, Haruno-san. I've warned you already and I'm giving you another chance to move along before I end up doing something to you that I will most definitely enjoy in order show you your place. You may think that I have some sort of crush on you but I can assure you that was never the case. After all, you were the one that cast me aside when we were younger to chase after the emo-king so why would I still care about someone as pathetic as you." Naruto said.

Sakura felt tears begin to build at the corners of her eyes at Naruto's words. She knew that she had threw Naruto's friendship away when they were younger but because of the way he continued to act she thought he had gotten over it. She turned her gaze away from him since she didn't want him to see how much his words had hurt her. Naruto didn't seem to care as he released her arms and pivoted on his heels as he moved to the opposite side of the room to get away from the pink-haired banshee. Noting the empty seat next to Hinata, he made his way over to her before sitting down and closing his eyes. He saw the blush on her face and knew that she had a crush on him. He would've gladly made a pass at her but because of what happened to Kanae he didn't dare do so. Even though she was the heiress of the Hyuga clan he knew that it would've caused problems because of the burden that he carried by being involved with her. She was easily one of the most beautiful girls in his class along with Ino and even Sakura but because of her status it put her out of his reach. That was why he had chosen Sakura to have a crush on when he had donned his mask since she was from a civilian family and no one would make such a big deal if he pursued her. Plus, since he allowed her to hit him so much it made the civilians more smug in the fact that he could be denied something else that would make him appear human in their eyes.

Ino had watched Naruto the entire time and felt the same feeling from before blossom within her chest. If this was her Naruto making his return then, she would let Sakura or any of the other girls have Sasuke. This was the boy that she had first fallen for and she knew that if she was going to get to him before someone else did then, she would have to make up for all the years she had been cruel to him and gain his friendship back as well as maybe more. She barely noticed as Sakura sat down the now vacant seat next to Sasuke with a dejected look on her face as she made her way closer to Naruto and took the vacant seat that was next to him.

"What was that all about, Naruto? I never would've thought that you would pull a Sasuke on Sakura like even if she did deserve it." Ino said.

"Are you trying to get me to apologize to her, Yamanaka-san?" Naruto asked without opening his eyes. "If you chose to act the same way she did then, you will receive the same treatment as her from me. I have no pity for her since like you said she deserved it for all the times she treated me cruelly in the past."

Ino shook her head. "Why would you think I'm trying to get you to apologize to her?"

"Because in the past whenever someone insulted Sakura you would stand up for her to get the other person to leave her alone even if she would turn on you afterwards and the two of you would then, have an argument. So, you can see why I'm expecting you to act that the same as you have in the past since you are just like her in trying to put me down in front of your precious Sasuke-kun." Naruto replied.

"What if I said that I've always been more interested in you than Sasuke?" Ino asked with a sexy smile.

Naruto didn't reply as at that moment Iruka entered the classroom. The brown-haired chuunin was surprised that the class wasn't as rowdy as it normally was but he was glad for the change of pace. He scanned the face of the genin hopefuls and was pleased to see Naruto but was surprised that he was sitting between Hinata and Ino instead of next to Sakura. He took a look at the pink-haired girl and saw the dejected look on her face as well as the glances that she shot towards Naruto and wondered what had happened before he arrived. He mentally shrugged as he addressed the classroom of students on what they should expect now that they had graduated from the academy. Naruto tuned him out since he had been long since made aware of what to expect due to his teachings from the Sandaime and his Anbu instructors. He only wanted to know who his teammates and sensei were so he could move on to the next step of his shinobi career.

(Skipping teams 1 through 6 since they are not important to the storyline.)

"Team 7 will be Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kiba Inuzuka. Your Jounin sensei will be Kakashi Hatake." Sasuke and Kiba groaned at being paired up with Sakura while the girl made no reaction to being on the same team as her crush.

"Team 8 will be Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, and Naruto Uzumaki. Your Jounin senseis will be Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yuhi." Iruka said before he was interrupted.

"Hey, how come the dead-last gets two sensei's but not Sasuke-kun?" a random fangirl asked.

"This was a decision made by Hokage-sama." Iruka replied. 'I hate that they allowed so many fangirls to enter the academy just for the chance to be next the last Uchiha.'

"I bet he was given an extra sensei so they could train him to be a better shinobi. Doesn't matter how training he gets since he won't be a good a Sasuke-kun." Another random fangirl remarked.

Sasuke puffed out his chest upon hearing this while many of the boys groaned as they heard another 'Sasuke is the greatest' rant. Iruka expected Naruto to snap after hearing this but was surprised when he was met with silence. Glancing at his favorite student, he was surprised to see Naruto had his eyes closed as if meditating. He was even more surprised to see Hinata and even Ino as well as a few other girls glaring at the two girls that berated Naruto.

'I guess Naruto's change in looks have given him a small fanclub. I'm not surprised to see Hinata glaring but Ino and the rest are a surprise. I wonder how this will all turn out if they all start going after Naruto like they do Sasuke.' Iruka thought with a chuckle.

"As I was saying, there will be no team 9 since they are still in circulation from last year and finally, team 10 will be Chouji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara, and Ino Yamanaki. Your Jounin sensei will be Asuma Sarutobi." Iruka said. "I wish all of you good luck and I am proud to have been able to teach each one of you. Take a one our lunch and return here to meet your new senseis."

Students began to file out as many made their way to the roof to converse with their new teammates. Naruto got up and shifted his gaze over to Hinata who was blushing while poking her index fingers together before looking over towards Shino. The silent boy was facing away from them and was waiting for everyone else to leave before he made his own exit.

"Come on, Hinata-chan! I want to invite you and Shino to join me for lunch at Ichiraku ramen." Naruto said as he flashed her a foxy grin.

Hinata could only nod since she was still blushing over the fact that she was going to be on the same team as her crush. With all the chances that they would have to work together she could only hope that she would be able to work up the courage to confess her feelings to him. However, all thoughts of her future with Naruto came to a screeching halt when he suddenly grabbed her hand. With that simple contact all of the blood rushed to her head and she began to sway on her feet. Luckily, Naruto knew of her fainting spells and now without his mask he could act normally around her. Before Hinata could fall he had managed to scoop her up into his arms and held her bridal style. Unfortunately, that was the final stimuli needed to push Hinata into the blissful realm of unconsciousness. Naruto could only chuckle at the grin that Hyuga heiress was now sporting and could only imagine what the girl was thinking about at the moment. He could hear the melodious giggle of both Kyuubi and Senbonzakura echoing in his head and could only help but think of how cute all of her shyness made her. He was glad for all the lessons about relationships he received from the female Anbu that had taken time to help with his training over the years.

Lifting his gaze away from the girl in his arms, he found Shino staring at him with his hands jammed into the pockets of his oversize coat. Making his way over to where his teammate was standing with a grin plastered on his face.

"Since we're teammates how about you join me and Hinata for some ramen at Ichiraku so we can get to know each other better?" Naruto said.

Shino nodded. "I agree with your logic and would like to get to know both of you better so that we may establish a bond of trust. Since we will most likely having to place our lives in the hands of each other in the near future it would be best. I am also very curious in your change in behavior and my kikai say that your chakra is different as well."

"I'll tell you about it over lunch so let's hurry so that we can get back in time." Naruto replied as he began to walk away still carrying Hinata.

The Aburame followed his new teammates and it only took them a few minutes to roof hop to Ichiraku. Hinata was finally awakening when they arrived and blushed once again when she realized that Naruto was carrying her. She could easily feel the tone muscles of his arms and chest as they held her lithe body against him.

'I can't believe that Naruto-kun is holding me like this. Come on don't faint again, Hinata. If you keep fainting then, Naruto-kun will think that you're some kind of pervert.' Hinata thought as she managed to calm herself with several deep breaths.

"Glad to see that you're awake, Hinata-chan." Naruto said with a smile

"T-Thank y-you, N-Na-Naruto-kun, I-I'm f-fine n-now." Hinata replied still blushing.

"Well, I glad that you're alright and hope you still want to join me and Shino for lunch, hime." Naruto said.

Hinata's blush deepened by several shades as she took several deep breaths in order to remain conscious. 'Naruto-kun called me hime. If I was brave enough I would hug him and kiss him right now but I would probably die of embarrassment if I were to do that now.'

"Hey Naruto, who's your little girlfriend?" The loud boisterous voice of Teuchi called from the ramen stand.

Naruto placed Hinata onto her feet much to the displeasure of the lavender-eyed girl as he turned to meet one of his precious people. Hinata and Shino joined him as he took his regular stool with Shino on his left and Hinata on his right.

"How's it going, jiji and where's Ayame-chan?" Naruto inquired.

"Everything's just fine now that my number one customer is here and Ayame should be in the back at the moment." Teuchi was about to call out to her when a blur came from around the corner of the stand.

Naruto barely had a chance to prepare himself before he was engulfed in a hug by Ayame much to the growing displeasure of Hinata. Shino's hive was buzzing as the telltale sign of anger could be felt rolling of the Hyuga heiress and shifted a bit uncomfortably. If she suddenly decided to attack the ramen waitress then, he was going to make sure that he was well out of her way.

"Naruto-kun, where have you been for the past week? I was worried that something might have happened to you." Ayame asked as she released him.

"Sorry about that, nee-chan. After I passed my genin exams I decided to use the week off to get in some extra training before team assignments. I went to my private training ground and didn't usually come home until late." Naruto replied.

"Well since you're here how what can I get for you and your friends?" Ayame asked as she made her way back into the stand.

"I'll have five beef ramen, five miso ramen, and two teriyaki ramen." Naruto replied.

"I'll have one bowl of miso ramen." Shino replied.

"Ano, I-I'll have a b-bowl of chicken ramen, please." Hinata added.

Teuchi nodded as he began preparing their orders. Ayame leaned over the counter as she gaze at the three before and gave a smirk when she noticed the blushing Hinata throwing glances at her surrogate little brother.

"So, are you going to introduce me to your friends, Naruto-kun?" Ayame inquired.

"These are my new teammates, Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuga and these are two of my precious people, Ayame nee-chan and jiji Teuchi." Naruto replied as the four greeted each other.

"I'm glad that you finally managed to graduate, Naruto-kun. If I had known I would've gotten together with tousan and gotten you a graduation gift. When you didn't show up all last week I thought something had happened and you were never home when I checked by your apartment." Ayame said.

"I'm sorry to have worried you but I really needed the training since it seemed that I somehow managed to gain a bloodline ability. When I talked to Sarutobi-jiji he suggested that I take some time to train with a sensei he had set up for me." Naruto lied.

"So, this new Kekkai Genkai is the reason for your increase in height as well as your increased chakra levels?" Shino inquired.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, I've had it for a while but never had anyone that I could train with so that I could learn what it didn't but it basically deals with the body but I'm not sure if that's all. I've noticed that my stamina has increased as well and I was already a stamina freak to begin with."

'Sugoii, Naruto-kun is even more amazing than ever. Now that he has his own kekkai genkai he will be even stronger than before. I just hope that I don't become a burden on him or Shino in the future. I would hate for Naruto-kun to treat me the same way he treated Sakura-san.' Hinata thought.

"N-Naruto-kun, I-I've noticed that y-you are acting differently t-th-than before. Is that because of your k-kekkai genkai as well?" Hinata asked, struggling to control her stuttering habit.

"No, that's not the reason why I'm acting this way. The way that I used to act during the academy was merely a mask that I created. For a long time I was treated rather badly and I don't know why. I wondered if it was because I was an orphan from the Kyuubi attack or it was because of my parents. I learned that if I acted like an idiot then, people tended to ignore me so that was why I acted the way I did all of the time. When I became a genin I had a talk with Sarutobi-jiji and he told me to drop my mask since if I was going to have teammates then they should get to know the real me." Naruto replied.

Ayame and Teuchi didn't say anything since this was the first time they had heard this story but they knew why Naruto chose to act this way. It wasn't his fault that the Yondaime chose Naruto to seal the Kyuubi into him but instead of treating him like the hero that he was they treated him like the worst criminal. Luckily, they were able to see that Naruto was just a lonely boy that yearned for some form of attention. That was why they treated Naruto the way that he should be treated and did whatever they could to make his suffering more tolerable. Hinata was aware of the way that the civilians and many of the shinobi treated Naruto from the many times she had followed to watch her crush train. She didn't see why they would treat someone as nice and caring as Naruto to with hateful glare and spiteful words. Shino was also aware of the way the civilians and some shinobi treated Naruto because his entire clan treated with prejudice because they shared their bodies with their kikai bugs. However, the looks that Naruto received were far worse than any that had ever been directed at him or his clansmen. Both made the decision that they would discover why Naruto to was treated the way he was and would remain by his side as his friends for as long as he would allow them.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that everything is alright with you. I don't know what I would do if I suddenly lost my number one customer. I would probably be out of business if you don't show up every so often." Teuchi said as he placed their orders before them.

The three thanked them and began to dig into their meals. Hinata and Shino could only gape in awe at how rapidly Naruto dug into his food while Ayame could only giggle while Teuchi laughed at their expressions. As Naruto sat their surrounded by the four he realized that his life was no longer as miserable as it once was. Ever since the night he gained Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura it was as if a path was set before that would lead him to happiness. He now had two more that he hoped that he could count as his precious people and he would do everything in his power to protect them all. As the three left the ramen stand he once again realized that it was a good thing that he had let down his mask. Maybe when he got to meet his new Jounin-sensei's his future in Konoha would continue to look all the more brighter. He could only hope that they didn't share the same views as the rest of the villagers but if they did he would have Hinata and Shino to support him and that was all he needed at the moment.

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