Naruto: Konoha's Shinigami

Chapter 3: A Budding Team, a Show of Skill.

By: Terror of the Azure Flame


I don't own Naruto because Kishimoto does. If I did then Naruto wouldn't have to deal with the king of 'emo' and he would be a god among men.


During Naruto's fight against Mizuki he dies but Kyuubi saves him by unlocking a power not seen since the Yondaime Hokage. What is the secret behind the two blades Naruto now possesses and what other secrets lay behind his new power and abilities? This will be a Naruto/Bleach crossover and a Narutoxharem with character bashing.

"Talking" normal talk

'Thinking' normal people thinking/spirit talking

"Blah!" Bijuu/summon talk or yelling (or Gai and Lee)

'Blah!' Bijuu/summon thinking

The three genin hopefuls entered the classroom to notice that many of the other students had returned. Naruto noted that Sakura was amongst them and she was glaring in his direction while releasing a pathetic excuse for killer intent. He repressed the urge to leak out some of his own killer intent towards the girl to remind her of his earlier threat. He was grateful that the Sandaime hadn't put him on the same team as her. He knew he would have to listen to her day after day harping about how he was trying to upstage the king of brooding when he began to show his true skills.

'I guess my little display earlier didn't really affect her that much. As long as she doesn't try anything anymore I won't worry about her.' Naruto thought.

He followed Hinata and Shino while noting that many of the members of Sasuke's fanclub was looking at him while blushing and felt a shiver run up his spine. Kami help him if they started chasing him the way that chased Sasuke but he was disappointed with how shallow some of these so-called kunoichi were. He wondered when they would realize that with how unstable Sasuke was maybe they would focus more on their own shinobi skills.

'Naruto-kun, you make it sound as if it is such a terrible thing that they have begun to find you desirable. If they had taken interest in you earlier you could've motivated them to improve by saying that you required a strong companion. That way they would've trained in order to show you they were strong in order to gain your attention much like your teammate Hinata does.' Senbonzakura said with a giggle.

'That may be true but I don't think I could handle being chased around the village on a daily basis. Plus, a lot of parents would've been angry with me and claimed that the 'demon child' had enchanted their daughters.' Was Naruto's mental reply.

'That is true but Hinata would be perfect for you if she were to overcome her shy nature. I can tell from your memories that she seeks your approval but I also know why you don't pursue her is also a factor.' Senbonzakura said.

'I need to be patient until the time that I can show the village that I am not the demon that they make me out to be. If I can ever gain there acceptance then my life will be a lot easier. I don't want anything like what happened to Kanae to ever happen again if I can do anything to prevent it.' Naruto replied.

Senbonzakura chose to remain silent as she was aware how much of a painful subject Kanae was for Naruto. However, Kyuubi decided at that moment to enter into the conversation after being silent for so long.

"I don't understand why you chose to grieve over the fate of the female kit so much since you were so powerless at the time. You should just exact your rightful revenge on these pathetic ningen and the civilians that were responsible. With the power you have at your disposal it would be such an easy task." Kyuubi said.

'I chose not to since it would not be what Kanae would want me to do. I would prefer not to pull an Itachi and wipe out the entire village. I want to show them that I am more than you in a human form. Besides, I have others that are precious to me and as long as I have them then, I won't do anything to this village. Besides, how can I reach my dream to become Hokage and surpass Yondaime if I start attacking villagers like that? I want to gain some form of acceptance even if it is just a little bit.' Naruto replied.

"I still believe that you are wasting your time trying to prove yourself to these pathetic fleshbags. Soon you won't even be one of them and do you think that they will accept you once you ascend to a kitsune hanyou. They will scorn you even more and will truly come to see you as my reincarnation. That is why Bijuu like myself and the others have such little respect for humans. To your small minds you believe that you are the ultimate existence of kami and that anything else is demonic in nature. Many don't even realize that creatures such as your summons are demons known as dire beasts yet they are praised with reverence even though they are demons of lower level that we Bijuu." Kyuubi said in irritation.

'I was told once before that a person can understand things to a great level of enlightenment when told something but people are ignorant of the truth that is right before him. Many may scorn demons but I am sure that are some that praise your very existence whether it is for good or evil. I'm not entirely sure that you aren't entirely evil since I don't know the reason why you attacked the village. I don't know if all that you have done to help me is perhaps some sort of way to manipulate me to help you later to finish what you started. According to legends, kitsune are known to be tricksters and I have other manipulate me before when I was younger. That is why I'm not so easily trusting of people.' Naruto retorted.

"You are wise not to be so trusting of me since you don't know my true reasons for helping you. However, if I were to try to manipulate you then your zanpaktou spirits would do everything in their power to stop me. However, if your will is weak then, they would have very little power. Until you prove to me that I won't be disgraced by having you as my vessel then, it wouldn't be wise to fully trust me. I will only tell you my reasons once you prove yourself worthy and you have a long way to go, kit." Kyuubi said with a smirk.

'I don't know how I can really prove myself to you but I will continue to follow my own nindo and protect those that are precious to me. I have been hiding behind my mask for so long and I'm ready to show the world that Naruto Uzumaki isn't the loudmouth idiot that always claimed he would become Hokage. I'm going to become the strongest and prove to everyone that I'm a serious shinobi of Konoha. I owe that much to Kanae and everyone else that is precious to me.' Naruto said.

'Well said, my young friend. You possess the will to endure everything that has been thrown at you and retain your true self. You chose to remain in the light and become a protector and instead of allowing the darkness to swallow you and become the village's self-fulfilling prophecy. This is why myself and Senbonzakura are eternally grateful that we are your partners.' Hyôrinmaru spoke for the first time.

'I agree with Hyôrinmaru when he expresses why we were chosen as your partners as we represent your desire to protect others. Our power will always be at your disposal as long as you stay to the path that you have chosen. You are a protector and that desire will make you as powerful as you strive to become. A person can truly become stronger than their perceived limits when they have those precious that they wish to protect.' Senbonzakura added.

"Enough of this sentimentality from the three of you. I'd rather be roaming your memories than listening to this." Kyuubi said with a growl.

'Well, tough for you since I follow my own path and you're just going to have to enjoy the ride because this is who I am.' Naruto said as he cut the mental link.

He was unaware of the satisfied chuckles of Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura and the aggravated roar of feminine fury from Kyuubi. He began to idly strum his fingers on his desk as he waited for the lunch break to end before they could meet their Jounin sensei. He was suddenly aware of two chakra signatures on the edge of his awareness but they both felt suppressed. He began to look around the classroom in search of the signatures and noticed a shimmering in the far corner at the back of the classroom. He realized that it was a genjutsu and even though he wasn't proficient at it because of his huge chakra reserves he was still able to detect and dispel them. However, he didn't dispel this one since he wondered who would go through the trouble of using a genjutsu to hide themselves and observe the classroom for whatever the reason.

'Maybe it's one of those that hate me and was hoping for the opportunity to catch me off guard but why in a place like this? Perhaps they were thinking that if they attacked me in front of everyone that I wouldn't try to fight back and make me an easy kill. Do they really think that endangering the lives of the heirs of so many prominent clans just to get at me would be such a great idea? Such foolishness is why I wonder why I want to protect this village at times and become its leader. If I was really an evil demon then, I would kill them and everyone else in this room with little remorse.' Naruto thought.

Naruto was drawn from his thoughts by someone sitting next to him to him and turned his gaze to see Ino sitting next to him, smiling. Chouji and Shikamaru were sitting in the row below them and the pineapple haired genius was quick to note the frown that Hinata was now directing at the platinum blond. Naruto cocked his head to the side for a moment as he gazed at the girl; an act that many of the girls thought was kawaii.

"Can I help you with anything, Yamanaki-san?" Naruto asked. He still wasn't too sure what to make of one of Sasuke's biggest fangirls.

"Don't need to be so formal with me, Naruto-kun. I just wanted to have a talk with you since it's been such a long time since I've seen this side of you." Ino replied, still smiling.

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto asked with his head still tilted.

Ino leaned closer much to Hinata's growing displeasure. "You know exactly what I mean. This reminds me of the way that you used to act when we first became friends when we were younger. You used to be so cool back then, and I really liked that about you. I don't know why you started acting like a hyperactive, loudmouth baka in the first place but I didn't like that at all." Ino whispered with a slight frown.

Naruto cocked his head back straight as he stared into her eyes for a moment. He was surprised what he found in her pale blue orbs. There was concern and unless he was imagining it affection and it was all directed at him. He didn't know what to make of this since the only ones to ever look at him in such away were Hinata and Kanae.

"What are you trying to pull, Yamanaki-san? Is this some sort of plot by you and Sakura to get back at me for what I said earlier because if it is it won't work? I'm not as naïve as I made myself out to be all these years and I have my reasons for why I chose to act the way I have in the past." Naruto said.

Ino jerked her head back to glare at her fellow blond. "Why would I do something like that? Forehead girl deserved exactly what she got and I'm not trying to defend her or anything like that. I'm not as shallow as I seem and I thought you would've at least remembered that since we used to be friends."

"I also seem to recall that you ended our friendship after I started acting differently in order to chase after Sasuke. If you were truly my friend then, something like that wouldn't have affected our friendship in the first place." Naruto retorted as he turned his gaze away from her.

Shikamaru and the others were now being drawn into the conversation and wondered how Ino would respond. They were all aware of the past history between the two blondes since Ino had went from being one of Naruto's friends to another of the many that would tease him when he acted like an idiot.

"I know that I didn't really act like a friend in the past and I'm sorry about that. I was young so I was prone to make mistakes and my biggest mistake was ending our friendship just because I wanted Sasuke to notice me. I made the same mistake with Sakura and I'm still regretting that as well but I want to at least start making amends with you." Ino replied.

"Why would you suddenly have a change of heart after all of this time? Don't tell me that know that I look cool you want me to be the next object of your attention? I'm only interested in people that see me for who I truly am to consider my precious people. I'm tired of hiding behind the mask that I created six years ago to appease others." Naruto said with an edge to his monotone voice.

"What do you mean by that, Naruto?" Chouji asked.

Naruto shifted his gaze to the Akimichi. "I really don't want to talk about that right now, Chouji. It's something that I decided to do when I was younger to gain attention but at the same time it was a stupid idea."

"I don't understand why you would do something so troublesome? If you acted like what I've seen so far all the time then, you would've been getting a lot of attention just like Sasuke." Shikamaru said.

Naruto sighed. "It's not as simple as you make it seem, Shikamaru. There are things about me that many don't know and because of them I'm not seen in a positive light by others."

"What kinda things are you talking about, Naruto-kun?" Ino asked.

Naruto was still unaccustomed to the affectionate way she said his name. "I can't talk about things like that since it's a secret of mine and as a fellow shinobi you know we all have our own secrets."

"What kinda secret a dobe like you have? While you're at it tell me about those swords that you have?" Sasuke's arrogant voice sounded.

Everyone turned their gaze to the Uchiha heir as he stood at the end of the row looking at Naruto with an aloof gaze. The guys and Hinata were constantly sickened by how he seemed to look down on everyone else as if he was superior to everyone. Even Ino began to wonder why she even tried to go after him in the first place. Naruto returned his gaze with a bored one of his own as he tilted his head to the left.

"Why would you want to know anything about me or my swords, Uchiha? You have constantly made it known that I am unworthy of your attention so why the sudden interest." Naruto's eyes widened, slightly. "Don't tell me that you're interested in that way, Sas-gay? If so that would explain why you always turn down all the beautiful girls in the village. I'm going to let you know right now that I don't swing that way so go find someone else." Naruto said still in a monotone.

Sasuke sputtered for a moment as he glared at Naruto. Many snickers were heard from the guys and a few girls gave Sasuke questionable glances while others glared at Naruto for insinuating their precious Sasuke-kun was gay.

"I AM NOT GAY! I was talking about those two swords on your back and waist!" Sasuke snapped.

"I'm merely calling things as I see them. I know for a fact that any other guy would love to have so many girls chasing after them wanting to be their girlfriends. You even have a lot of the older kunoichi chasing after you and you always turn them down saying you're not interested. What else would you expect me to say after seeing you do that?" Naruto replied.

Sasuke glared for a moment longer before a smirk crossed his face. "You're just saying that since none of them would even bother to look at you. You think that just because you changed your look that they will start liking you all of a sudden. Forget it because no one would ever want a dobe like you. Why would any girl in their right mind want a no-talent clanless loser like you? I don't know how you managed to sweet talk the Hokage into passing you but I'm glad you're not on my team since you would be nothing but dead weight."

'I wouldn't mind being Naruto's girlfriend.' Was the collective thought of Hinata, Ino and many other girls but Naruto was unaware of this.

Naruto returned his smirk with a deadpan look. "You have no idea how glad I'm not on your team. I don't think I would be able to concentrate on anything else since I'll always have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure you're not trying anything. I would never be able to live with the shame if you actually managed to succeed and I would be scared for life."

Sasuke glared at Naruto with such intensity that he would've exploded from spontaneous combustion if the Uchiha was capable of it. The class had erupted into laughter at hearing this and realized that this new Naruto was a lot better than the one they had known. Sakura had grown tired of listening to her puppy talk about her Sasuke-kun in such a way and was going to remind him of his place compared to the Uchiha. Sadly, she seemed to suffer from a case of short-term amnesia since she seemed to forget how she had broken down in front of Naruto earlier. Stomping over to where the others stood, she placed her hands on her hips as she glared at Naruto.


Naruto seemed to wince as he shifted his gaze to her. "Will you tone it down, you pink-haired banshee? I don't think they heard you all the way in Iwa and if they did they're probably half deaf right about now."

"Stop trying to act all cool like Sasuke-kun. Nobody is going to like you anymore than before and I know no girl would want a loser like you. Plus, if you think I'm going to start liking you then, you can forget it because you will never be as great as Sasuke-kun so save yourself the embarrassment." Sakura snapped at a much more moderate level.

Naruto clasped his hands in a prayer as if thanking kami as he looked towards the roof. "You have no idea how happy you made me when you said that. I would probably be just as creeped out as if Sasuke was chasing me if I had a flat-chested pink-haired man trying to come on to me."

Sakura seethed with rage as laughter echoed around the classroom. 'How dare Naruto-baka talk to me like that?'

"Chaaa! Put our puppy in his place for being a bad boy!" Inner Sakura exclaimed.

Before Sakura could rain down righteous female fury on Naruto Sasuke decided to speak up again.

"Dobe, I do know where you got the new attitude but if know what's best for you then, you'll knock it off. I wouldn't mind reminding you why I'm the rookie of the year or have you forgotten how easily I used to wipe the floor with you in our spars?" Sasuke smirked with an air of arrogance.

Although Naruto had no intention of following up Sasuke on his challenge both girls beside him grabbed an arm to prevent him from moving. Ino grabbed his chin and pulled his gaze to her while Hinata was blushing crimson from touching Naruto while wishing she was bold enough to do what the blond was doing.

"Naruto-kun, don't fight with Sasuke, okay!" Ino pleaded.

Many were surprised with the change in honorifics on the names of the two boys while wondering about Ino's sudden change of interests in boys. Hinata quickly began to realize that Ino was indeed interested in her Naruto-kun and had to gather up her courage to show her interest in him as well.

"N-Na-Naruto-k-kun, y-you shouldn't fi-fight w-with Sasuke-kun s-sin-since it cou-ld end re-really bad for the two of you. I d-d-don't w-want you to get i-in-to any trouble so please don't." Hinata said while proud she managed to control her stuttering some.

"Sasuke, stop being so troublesome!" Shikamaru drawled. "Just because Naruto embarrassed you doesn't mean you have to fight him."

"Yeah, I agree with the lazy bum since you already proved you're his alpha but neither of you can hold a candle to a specimen like me. I would wipe the floor with both of you without even using Akamaru." Kiba boasted.

Sasuke quickly turned his glare to the Inuzuka and sneered at his teammate. "You're just as bad as the dobe even if you are from a clan but still just another loser. I don't even know why I'm bothering with any of you since none of you are even worth my time."

Sasuke cast a final glare at Naruto before turning away with Sakura following while glaring at Naruto as well before trying to gain Sasuke's attention. She was ignored as usual as Sasuke went into his normal brooding mode. Kiba was undecided on whether to join his teammates or not at first but a look at Naruto, who had removed Ino's hand from his face, told him he was better off with the emo king.

"Man, you really are troublesome, Naruto!" Shikamaru said while scratching his head.

"I have no clue what you are implying, Shikamaru. I wasn't the one that started it so how come I get to be the troublesome one." Naruto retorted.

Shikamaru sighed. "You're such a troublesome blonde!" 'I still wonder where he got those swords from but I'll ask him later.'

Naruto smirked at the boy before turning his attention to the two girls. "I wasn't about to do anything to him but I do appreciate the effort. However, I don't think the two of you need to try and hold me down anymore. It's not like I planning on going after Sas-gay or anything since it wouldn't be good for my sanity if you know what I mean."

Both girls blushed as they realized they both still had a grip on Naruto's arms. Ino only blushed a light pink while averting her gaze but Hinata was blushing a whole new shade of crimson and looked ready to faint once again.

"Don't go fainting on me again, hime. I don't mind carrying you around but it would look rather awkward and give people ideas." Naruto said.

It was a bad move as Hinata promptly fainted as she remembered the feel of Naruto's arms when he carried her earlier. Luckily, Shino was behind her and caught the girl before she hit the floor and placed her in her seat to allow her to recuperate. Naruto had to resist the urge to sigh and decided to make it his personal mission to help the girl overcome her shy nature. Ino found herself feeling jealous of the Hyuga girl when she heard Naruto call her hime and admitted that he had carried her earlier after a fainting spell. She wasn't completely sure where her feelings for her fellow blond stood but she had a feeling that she couldn't approach him while acting like a shallow fangirl. She knew that with Naruto you had to be serious in order to get his attention if her memory of his younger self was to go by. If this was still the same Naruto she had a crush on before then, she wasn't about to let him go to Hinata without a fight. She had a lot to make up for and she could only hope that he would give her a chance.

Anything further to be said was put on hold as Iruka stepped into the classroom followed by several figures. Naruto was also aware that two of them possessed the same chakra signatures that he felt before and wondered how they had left the room without him noticing. He realized the argument with Sasuke had taken his attention away from them as he focused on the two female Jounin. One had long wavy, black hair that was about shoulder length and exotic crimson orbs that reminded him of Kyuubi's. She was dressed in a battle dress that seemed to be made of large bandage wrappings with stripes of black running along the center of each band. Fishnet armor covered her exposed cleavage area while a red sleeve was on her right arm while her other was missing. Bandage wrappings covered her forearms and much of her hands while he could also see some beneath her battle dress as well. Lastly, she wore black shinobi sandals while her hitai-ate was on her forehead but Naruto could see no visible weapons so he assumed they were hidden on her person. The other had purple hair that was tied in back to resemble a pineapple much like Shikamaru's with hazel colored eyes. She wore a full body fishnet suit that stopped about mid-thigh covered by a dark tan mini-skirt and a tan trenchcoat. She also had a pendant of a fang that hung between her ample breasts with black shinobi sandals which were covered by metal shin guards and her hitai-ate was worn of her forehead as well. He also noticed that she had a predatory smirk on her face as she gazed in his direction which caused an involuntary shudder up his spine. He also took note of one of the male Jounin that he recognized as the Sandaime's son, Asuma Sarutobi. Asuma had short; slightly spiked hair with a neatly trimmed beard with dark brown eyes. He was dressed as a typical Jounin with a green flak jacket over a blue shirt with sleeves rolled up to about mid-forearm with two black metal bands on his wrists. He wore blue shinobi pants with a sash that identified him as one of the guardians of fire with bandages wrapped around his shins and elbows with black shinobi sandals and wore his hitai-ate around his forehead.

'I'm surprised Asuma-san is motivated enough to take on a genin team since I always assumed he was a laid back person.' Naruto thought.

As the other Jounin called out to their new teams he was surprised by the words that escaped the red-eyed beauty.

"Team 8, come with us." The woman said.

Naruto glanced at Shino who nodded to him as he moved to pick up Hinata since she had yet to awaken. He didn't notice the dark-haired beauty narrowing her eyes at him as he lifted the Hyuga heiress into a bridal carry before descending the steps. He also didn't notice the jealous look Ino was directing at the unconscious girl. Chouji and Shikamaru noticed while knowing the blond now had another rivalry with another girl for a boy she was interested in. Two women looked over their three new charges for the purple-haired beauty spoke for the first time.

"Alright, meet us at training ground eight in twenty minutes, gaki's." The woman said before both vanished in a shushin.

"Oh, man! Training ground eight is all the way on the other side of the village. It will take us about twenty-five minutes to get there since I have to carry Hinata." Naruto said.

"We had best hurry since I believe this is probably some sort of test. We must make a good impression if we want to be taken seriously." Shino said.

"Let's take the window then." Naruto said as he made a dash to the open window.

He bounded out the window and began to roof-hop towards their destination with Shino close on his heels. The blond knew that he could make it in less than twenty minutes if he really wanted to but that meant he would leave Shino behind and he wasn't going to do so. It was better that he matched the stoic Aburame's pace so that they arrived as a team even if they end up being late. It came as a surprise to him when the Aburame suddenly passed him and couldn't hide the smirk that came to his face. Maybe he wasn't the only one that hid a lot of his potential in school since he had a feeling that some of his classmates had held back in the academy. Picking up his pace to match Shino's the trio was bounding across the rooftops of Konoha at low chuunin speeds.

A few minutes later, both shinobi landed in the clearing that represented training ground eight to find both women standing their waiting for them. The training ground was mainly a clearing surrounded by forest with a lake set near the far eastern edge that was fed by a waterfall. The two women took note of the appearance of their two males students and noted that Naruto appeared to be perfectly fine while Shino was slightly out of breath. They were not surprised by Naruto since any shinobi of the leaf chuunin and above was aware of the blonde's unnatural stamina. As the two women continued to stare at them Naruto decided it was time to rouse Hinata from her fainting spell.

"Hime, it's time for you to wake up." Naruto said in a gentle tone as he lightly shook the girl in his arms.

Hinata gave a soft groan as she slowly opened her eyes only to blink a few times as she got accustomed with the sudden sunlight. It took a few moments to clear her vision and she blushed when she realized her predicament of once again having Naruto carry her after another one of her fainting spells. She probably would've fainted again if it was not for the red-eyed beauty clearing her throat to draw attention to her.

"Since Hinata-chan is awake how about we get everything started, shall we? First, let's have some introductions so that we can learn a little about each other. I will go first to give you the idea of what I'm expecting to hear. My name is Kurenai Yuhi and I'm a recently promoted Jounin. My likes are tea ceremonies, gardening and teriyaki fish. My dislikes are perverts and those that think kunoichi aren't as capable as males because of our more slender builds. My dream is to make sure that the three of you advance in your shinobi careers and my specialty is genjutsu." Kurenai said.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi and I'm a Jounin specializing in torture and interrogation. My likes are dango, red bean soup, and poisons while I have a strong dislike for a certain hebi pedophile traitor and those that misjudge others for the crimes of others. My dreams are a little mature for you three gaki's and my specialty his assassination and stealth." Anko said. "Okay, you first pale eyes."

Hinata blushed and took a deep breath. "My name is Hinata Hyuga. My likes are my sister, cinnamon buns, and flower pressing. My l-li-likes a-a-re a ce-cert-ain b-boy and my f-family." She paused to take another breath. "I dislike people that are cruel or mean to others and my dream is to one day unite the Hyuga main and branch families when I become clan head. My specialty is Hyuga taijutsu." 'I almost managed to completely control my stuttering. Maybe if I spend more time with Naruto-kun I can gain more confidence to be around him.'

"Sunglasses, you're up next." Anko said.

If Shino was offended by the comment he didn't show it. "My name is Shino Aburame. My likes are our family kikai insects, collecting insects, and breeding new species to integrate new species into our family hive. My dislikes are pesticides, those that harm insects, and people that prejudice of others for reasons beyond their control. My dream is to surpass my father in the amount of hives I can sustain in my body and to become a strong clan head one day. My specialty is my family jutsus." Shino said while pushing up his glasses.

"Blondie, you're last so make it good." Anko said with a smirk.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are training, learning new jutsus, and my precious people. My dislikes are those that judge people for a burden that they had no choice in instead of getting to know them. My dream is to become the strongest that I can possibly become so I can be Hokage and show everyone who I really am. My specialties lie in my use of kenjutsu, ninjutsu, and taijutsu." Naruto replied in his normal monotone.

"I've been wondering since I first saw those swords and I would like to know who gave them to you and who trained you, Naruto-kun?" Kurenai asked.

"I was given these swords by two very special friends and they are an extension of my soul as I use them. I was trained by a few of the Anbu that used to watch over me when I was younger." Naruto replied. "I was also wondering why the two of you were hiding with a genjutsu during class earlier. I now have a pretty good guess but I want to be sure I'm close."

"Oh, I'm surprised you noticed us since Kurenai-chan is considered the best genjutsu user in all of Hi no Kuni. As to why we were there it was because we want to get first look at our future genin." Anko replied.

"Because of my unique situation I had to be extra aware of my surroundings at all times. I may not be good at using genjutsu but I'm pretty good at detecting and dispelling them. Plus, I kinda figured that was why the two of you were there but I'm also wondering why we were given two senseis instead of the usual one?" Naruto said.

"I guess I can answer you on that one but I want to know if you want Hinata and Shino to know as well." Kurenai replied.

Naruto was confused by what she meant. 'Does she intend to tell them about me being the jinchuuriki for Kyuubi or about my mask that I used to wear?'

Kurenai noticed his confusion. "I'm talking about you hiding you true shinobi skills for so many years."

"I wasn't aware that you knew of my true skill level." Naruto said.

"I used to be a part of your security detail so I used to train you from time to time but you would remember me as the hebi Anbu. I let Kurenai know since she came across your training ground one day and told me about what she saw so I told her everything that I knew about you. Actually, you would be quite surprised by how many Jounin really wanted to be your sensei over all the other genin hopefuls." Anko said.

"Kurenai-sensei, what do you mean by Naruto-san's true skill? He is a genin like Hinata and myself so he shouldn't be that skilled since I saw that much of his academy instruction was sabotaged by the staff." Shino inquired.

"What I mean to say that since Naruto was five years old he has been trained by members of Anbu because of his special situation hear in the village. It was also because of this situation that he chose to hide his skill while he was attending academy for the past six years. I wouldn't say that Naruto is as strong as a Jounin but he is a lot stronger than most genin and I would put him around mid-chuunin level in skills after witnessing his training from time to time." Kurenai replied with a small smile.

"A-no, w-w-what kind of s-sp-special situation was N-N-Naru-to-kun in?" Hinata asked, shyly while glancing at her crush.

"I'm afraid I can't tell the two of you about that just yet, hime. I would like to say I could trust you with my secret but I have to be real careful when I tell people that don't already know about it. Hopefully, I will be able to tell the both of you but I have to be sure that I can completely trust you since this secret could easily change your opinion of me." Naruto replied.

Hinata and Shino nodded since Naruto had already told them the same thing earlier and hadn't change their goal to one day learn his big secret. Anko and Kurenai shared a brief glance with each other before deciding to tell their potential students why they were here in the first place.

"Okay, we'll talk about that more later but for now we have a genin exam to the three of you to prove if you have what it takes to be true genin." Anko said.

"What do you mean, Anko-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"What I mean that out of the total twenty-seven genin that graduated from the academy that only nine can be selected to become official Konoha genin. The academy exam was only a preliminary test to weed out those that lack the abilities to become genin. It is up to the Jounin instructors to administer the final test of their own choice. This test has a 66.6% chance of failure so you'd best bring your best if you want to prove to us that you can make it in the real world." Anko said then, smirked. "At first, we were going to just merely assess your skills with a little survival exam. However, a certain Cyclops was bragging earlier that his team is a lot better than this one because he had the Uchiha on his team and was sure we would fail you three."

Naruto narrowed his eyes since he remembered that the Jounin for team 7 was Kakashi Hatake and was aware that the former Anbu captain saw him just like the rest of the ignorant shinobi and villagers. He had been part of his security detail when he was younger and it was during those times that mobs always managed to get past the Anbu assigned to protect him and attack him. His slowly rising fury was felt by both Hyôrinmaru and Senbonzakura as the two swords began to vibrate in their sheaths as a sign of their anger towards the man that would cause harm to their partner.

Both women saw the look in his eyes as well as the frowns on the faces of both the Aburame heir and the normally timid Hyuga heiress. They had the perfect plan to go after Kakashi since his being a major pervert with his constant reading of Icha Icha paradise was a major peeve for the two since they both hated perverts. They were planning to have their team gain a little bit of revenge on Kakashi for his blatant hatred of Naruto and his disrespecting of their skills as kunoichi.

"Okay, I'm going to give you the mock mission that we thought up before you are given the option to accept it or not. If you choose not to then, we will go with our original plan but if you accept it you three will be judged by your performance." Kurenai said.

"Give me the mission, Kurenai-sensei! I've had an issue with Hatake for quite some time and I want to take out a little of my frustration on him if you know what I mean. If I know Anko-sensei the way that I think I do then, this is going to be fun for me." Naruto said which made Anko grin at his enthusiasm.

Kurenai smiled. "I already knew you would agree and we made this mission with you in mind but I want to let Hinata and Shino know before they make a decision. As you know Kakashi is supposed to be given team 7 his own exam to see if they pass. However, Kakashi has a habit of being at least three hours late for just about everything so he won't be giving his test for about another hour and a half which would make it about eleven before he begins. The mission that we have for you is Kakashi has a certain little orange book in his possession that he highly values. The mission is for the three of you to wait until he begins his test to attack him and retrieve the book from him which his normally kept in his rear pouch and return it to us. However, since he will also be testing team 7 you are to attack while at the same time not interfere with their own attacks on him."

"Now, do you three gaki's think you can handle this mission?" Anko asked with a sadistic grin. "If you don't accept this then, I will just take my time testing you in my own special way."

"I think I speak for both Hinata and myself when we agree with Naruto-san in taking the mission." Shino replied while Hinata nodded not trusting herself to speak.

Anko rubbed her hands in glee. "I just I was going to love the three of you. Now the three of you get together and plan on how you're going to take Kakashi's book. Don't forget that he isn't a Jounin for nothing so plan carefully and we wish you luck."

The three genin hopefuls nodded to their sensei's before gathering to make out plans on how to deal with Kakashi. Anko and Kurenai overheard a few of their plans and had to admit that some had the potential to bring Kakashi or any other Jounin down and were proud of the three. If they actually managed to accomplish their mission then, they would be more than qualified to become genin. Plus, it would be a bonus to see the great Kakashi Hatake taken down by three genin fresh out of the academy. It was awhile longer before the three decided on an initial plan as well as several backups. Surprisingly, it was Hinata that suggested their most effective plans and the praise she received from Naruto had the girl blushing as she swelled with pride at impressing her crush. With their mission and plans ready to be set in motion the three made their way over to training ground 7 seven where team 7 was to be waiting for Kakashi to show. Anko and Kurenai maintained a reasonable distance to watch the proceeding and see how well the three could work together.

One hour later…

Hinata, Naruto, and Shino were all in position as they waited for Kakashi to make his appearance. Since he was a Jounin they made sure to suppress their chakra as far as possible in order mask their presence. Hopefully, Kakashi wouldn't be alert enough to pay them any notice since he would most likely just be expecting Kiba, Sakura, and Sasuke to be waiting for him. They had set up several traps to aid them while positioning themselves in a triangular formation around the training ground. Shino had released his kikai insects in order to scout the area to give him a better overview of all the angles to attack from while Hinata used her Byakugan to look over the entire area. Naruto used his Kage Bunshins to henge into various wildlife as well as rocks so he could prepare a better ambush against Kakashi if he had to. It was only a moment later when Kakashi appeared in the clearing via a leaf shushin and both Kiba and Naruto had to covered their ears when Sakura berated Kakashi about being late. They listened as he explained to the three about their objective of their test which was to acquire a bell from him. However, the catch was that he only possessed two bells and whoever didn't gain a bell when the alarm sounded at noon would be sent back to the academy.

'I don't understand why he would give them a test like this. I was taught that a genin teams is always a Jounin sensei and three genin under their command unless he said it to cause dissention among them so they wouldn't work together. I have to admit that is one way to strike at their egos Kiba and Sasuke will refuse to work together while Sakura will only try to assist Sasuke to get a bell. Sasuke most likely believes that his teammates will only slow him down and Kiba prefers to charge in recklessly while Sakura's pathetic skills won't even get her close to gaining a bell.' Naruto thought.

As he saw the members of team 7 go into hiding it was time for his team to put their plan into motion. Keeping his chakra suppressed he made his way to the edge of the clearing closest to Kakashi before charging at the unsuspecting Jounin. Kakashi had pulled out his copy of Icha Icha and was enjoying his time spent when he suddenly detected a presence very close to him. It was not the chakra signature of one of his genin but at the same time it seemed familiar and yet so different at the same time. With the presence coming from his rear he spun around face his attacker and his eyes widened when he saw the blade of a sword coming horizontally at his head. Reacting on trained instincts, he leaned his head back so that the blade past harmlessly mere inches above his head but had to quickly block a kick that had been added at the end of his attacker's spin. In his off-balance state, the blow caused him to stumble back several steps before he could regain his balance. With a bit of distance between the two he was now able to see his attacker and his eyes narrowed in anger upon seeing Naruto. Naruto returned the gesture as he held Hyôrinmaru in right hand at a forty-five degree angle with his left leg back slightly with both legs bent slightly to allow him a quick spring for acceleration. His left hand was bent across his stomach in case he need to use Senbonzakura since he now wore her on his right side as well.

"I don't know why you chose to attack me like this but I will take great pleasure in humiliating you for all my pain you caused." Kakashi snarled.

Naruto tilted his head to the right. "I can't be accounted for your foolishness that you can't tell the difference between the two of us especially since she's a girl and I'm a guy but you probably don't know that since I only just found out myself thanks to Mizuki-teme. I'm just burdened with a fate that I didn't choose but I will continue on the path that I have chosen for myself to follow. That doesn't matter right now since I've been wanting to test myself against a strong opponent for quite some time and this also gives me a chance to test out Hyôrinmaru against someone other than my kage bunshins."

Kakashi was confused by Naruto's behavior since he could clearly remember that the blond was basically a hyperactive, loudmouth idiot. The Naruto Uzumaki that stood before him seemed calm with a bit of an attitude and his monotone way of speaking was kinda creeping him out. Plus, he wondered who or what was this 'Hyôrinmaru' that he was referring to. He was about to question the blond when he felt a slight sensation of fatigue and brought his hand up to forehead. He was shocked to see kikai insects crawling onto him and was sudden aware of another presence not too far away from him. He quickly began to brush them off before focusing back on Naruto.

"If you're wondering how the kikai got on you then, it was when you blocked my kick. Shino had instructed a few to remain on me along my leg and in the brief moment I kicked you they had swarmed my foot and were placed on you upon contact. I hope I didn't harm any of them since the kick had more power than I had intended but they seem to be enough to do the job." Naruto replied to Kakashi's unasked question.

"What is going on here?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto didn't reply as he suddenly charged the silver-haired Jounin and thrust forward with Hyôrinmaru in an attempt to stab him in the shoulder. Kakashi easily avoided the blow and moved into Naruto's guard to land a blow to his opposite shoulder. Naruto was prepared as he absorbed the momentum of the blow and slid into as he extended his left leg into a sweep that Kakashi easily jumped over while rising with an another attempt to stab him as he completed his spin. Kakashi was ready this time as he drew two kunai to brush the sword strike to the side and had to jump back to avoid a punch as Naruto once again flowed with the momentum of Kakashi's counter. Deciding that he would need to take the blond a bit more seriously as picked up the pace and stop playing with the Kyuubi container. Flipping both kunai into a reverse grip, he charged the blond and began to slash at him but was surprise Naruto was able to keep up and block him although he could see that he was struggling. Kakashi once again slipped into Naruto's guard after having to block a quick high low slash combo and he capitalized on the opening with a roundhouse kick to the side of Naruto's head. However, he was surprise when Naruto burst into smoke and was even more surprised that he had been fighting against a Kage Bushing in the last few minutes. Although, he was barely putting forth an effort in the fight so far to believe a mere Kage Bushing could've taken his earlier blows without dispelling.

'I knew it was a bad idea for the Sandaime to let the Kyuubi be trained as a shinobi. With how strong he was before he was sealed by Minato-sensei he's only going to get stronger if the seal on his power breaks. I can't take him out now since I have the other genin looking and would look bad if I went all out on a genin since the Sandaime would know I attacked with the intent to kill. I'll just have to bide my time until I can get the opportunity to finish what sensei started but for now I'm just going to humiliate him.' Kakashi thought with a grin beneath his mask.

He searched the area for his blond opponent but was surprised he couldn't sense neither him or his Aburame partner. The sound of sudden footsteps drew his attention to his left to find Hinata charging him with her Byakugan blazing and her left arm drawn back in preparation for a Jyuuken strike. Kakashi dodged the barrage of strikes that the Hyuga heiress was launching at him as he realized that the entire team 8 genin cell was attacking him but he wanted to know why. He was also wondering why his own genin were only watching as he was attacked and didn't bother to help but realized they may have just been waiting for team 8 to wear him down before they attacked. Unfortunately, he wasn't going to make it that easy as he prepared to counter Hinata after dodging another series of Jyuuken strikes. His planned counter was stopped as Naruto suddenly appeared at Hinata's side and the two began to work in tandem as they struck at the silver-haired Jounin. Kakashi had to admit that he was impressed by the teamwork of the two as they seemed to cover any openings that the other left so he couldn't capitalize on them. If not for his blind hatred of Naruto he realized the blond had more skill than he gave him credit for but also thought if the dead-last was this good then, Sasuke was several levels higher in skill compared to Naruto. If only he knew how much of an overestimate of Sasuke's skill in comparison to Naruto.

From their hiding places, the three genin of team 7 could only gape in amazement at the skill on display by both Hinata and Naruto as they took on their sensei. Sasuke was glaring at Naruto as he saw that there was a lot more to the dobe than even he had realized and the blond would actually make a decent rival if this was even a fraction of his skill. He had to admit that while he knew was skilled in taijutsu Naruto's style seemed to flow as he absorbed the power behind his opponent's strike and turned them into spinning counters from their momentum and always seemed to attack in an unexpected manner. He also realized that the blond also seemed to be able to handle the sword even though he had only used for a few moments in his initial rush but he seemed to handle like some of the kenjutsu users he had seen in the past. If only he had already awakened his Sharingan he would copy Naruto's styles and added them to his repertoire to make himself stronger. It didn't matter that he was a comrade since compared to an Uchiha elite like himself everyone else was inferior. Even the Hokage would be nothing to him once he gain the power of his Sharingan and any techniques would be his for the taking.

Kiba was also glaring at Naruto since he was so close to Hinata who the Inuzuka had long since claim as his future mate. He watched Naruto's show of skill but in his mind he was still an alpha and his skills were far greater than Naruto's. He rationalized that since Hinata was from the prestigious Hyuga clan she would never associate with a clanless dobe such as Naruto. He actually seemed to think that Hinata's fainting spells around the blond was her way of displaying her disgust for Naruto but as a blond he was too stupid to take the hint and leave his woman alone. Soon he would take the opportunity and show Naruto that he was not in his league and once he defeated the Uzumaki Hinata would be eternally grateful ridding her of his presence and shower him with her love.

Lastly, Sakura was also glaring at Naruto but hers was out of jealousy rather than awe of his skills which she reasoned were nothing compared to her Sasuke-kun. In her mind she was angry that with Naruto's change in appearance as his lack of interest of her was an unforgivable sin. It didn't help that her number one rival for Sasuke's affection now seemed to be interested in him along with Hinata who had always had a major crush on the blond for years. She hadn't really known Naruto back before he had adopted his idiot mask since her parents had always told her to stay away from him since he was dangerous and would hurt her. It was only when she had become friends with Ino that their friendship had lasted for only a month before her and Ino split when they began chasing Sasuke. She hadn't really realized that this was also around the same time that Naruto's personality took a complete one-eighty. She just couldn't see why so many girls would start taking a sudden interest in Naruto after his change but she knew that one way or another she was going to make Naruto fall for her again. She was going to remind him that his place was at her side making her feel good about herself and she wasn't going to let another girl take her puppy away.

Meanwhile, Shino had also joined in on the attack but he chose to keep a mid-range attack pattern since as an Aburame taijutsu wasn't his strong point. He was constantly sending his kikai in random intervals in order to catch Kakashi off guard and drain his chakra making it easier for Hinata and Naruto to get the book from Kakashi. Naruto had once again Hyôrinmaru and Kakashi learned a quick lesson that by drawing a stalemate against the sword caused his weapons to begin to freeze. He figured that Naruto was channeling chakra through the blade which seemed to combine Suiton and Fuuton elemental chakra in order to create a Hyoton affect. This once again made him wonder where Naruto got his swords and who created them for him or if this was merely a part of his abilities as Kyuubi that he had regained over the years. He knew that engaging them only in taijutsu was a waste since they seemed to have solid teamwork between the three so decided it was time for a little ninjutsu in order to even the odds. Parrying another Jyuuken strike from Hinata and leaping away to gain some distance before Naruto could lash out him with his sword. Flashing through a series of handseals before the three could attack him again he brought his thumb and pointer finger up to his masked lips.

"Katon: Gokakyouu no jutsu!" Kakashi exclaimed, as he released a huge fireball at Hinata and Naruto. (Fire release: Grand Fireball Technique!)

Naruto realized that because of the amount chakra in the attack the jutsu was rather large but he knew he could easily avoid it. However, he wasn't sure that Hinata would be able to avoid it and he wouldn't allow any harm to come to his hime. He received a mental nod from Hyôrinmaru as he prepared to unleash his second zanpaktou for the first time other than in training.

"Sôten ni zase, Hyôrinmaru!" Naruto intoned as he swung his sword forward as if to slash the jutsu despite the distance between the them. (Sit upon the Frozen Heavens, Ice Ring!)

Everyone that witnessed the move was shocked when a large icy blue dragon sprung forth from the tip of his sword with gleaming red eyes and a gaping maw. The dragon was actually larger than the fireball and completely engulfed the jutsu as it continued forward towards a still shocked Kakashi. The silver-haired Jounin got over his shock and rolled to the side but unfortunately his left leg was caught in the blast and was encased in a solid block of ice. The dragon continued past Kakashi and slammed into the ground creating a solid spike of ice as the attack ended. With his leg frozen, Kakashi once again turned his gaze to Naruto or more specifically the sword in his hand. He noticed that sword appeared the same with the exception of the icey vapor that surrounded the blade and the chain that connected to a small dagger that was held in Naruto's opposite hand.

"What was that?" Kakashi asked with shock evident in his voice.

"Sorry but any good Shinobi doesn't just reveal their techniques to others even if they are comrades. Besides, I don't trust you in the slightest so you definitely won't get an answer out of me." Naruto replied.

Kakashi began to struggle to his right foot while trying to think of a way that would quickly thaw out his frozen leg. He wasn't allowed much time to relax as Naruto suddenly vanished from his sight as he heard a sudden swoosh sound behind him before the tip of Hyôrinmaru was pressed against his lower spine. He looked over his shoulder to see that Naruto was standing behind him with the same bored expression of his face he had the entire time.

"Sorry but this game is over, Hatake-san. With your leg frozen and my sword aimed for a disabling blow you don't have many options. Especially, now that Shino has managed to cover you with his kikai and hime is ready to disable you with a few Jyuuken strikes." Naruto said.

Kakashi realized that Naruto was right as he realized the situation that he was now in. if he made a move he could either be struck by Hinata or Naruto and drained of his chakra by Shino which would leave him completely helpless either way. He was still trying to figure out he, Kakashi Hatake the copy ninja, had been taken down by three genin fresh out of the academy. Although, he also rationalized that he was also up against the now human form of Kyuubi whom had also cost the life of his sensei/father figure. With a heavy sigh, Kakashi knew that he had to swallow his wounded pride and accept defeat this time.

"Okay, the three of you got me even if I only guess this was part of your genin test made by Anko and Kurenai even if I don't know why." Kakashi said.

Naruto nodded and with a mental command the ice around Kakashi's leg shattered as he was left with a sensation of numbness. It would take him a few minutes to get enough chakra flow through his leg in order to restore proper movement. The three genin moved out of their finishing positions and stepped back a few feet from Kakashi.

Naruto grinned. "The mock mission of team 8 is completed and we will take our leave now."

Kakashi didn't get chance to ask them what their mission was as the three fled from the clearing with Hinata and Shino following Naruto to where he detected Anko and Kurenai to have been hiding. The silver-haired Jounin could only scratch his head in confusion before turning his attention to his own genin. Since they hadn't bothered to help him during his fight with team 8 he was going to take out some of his pent-up frustration on them as he taught them his own version of a lesson on teamwork. It wouldn't be long before he realized the true purpose of team 8's mission and would pass his team out of episode of extreme depression.

Meanwhile, team 8 once again found themselves in training ground 8 as they stood before Anko and Kurenai whom sported proud grins. The reason why was because Naruto held Kakashi's copy of Icha Icha paradise in his left hand before presenting it to Anko for her to inspect. After making sure that it was the real deal before nodding to Kurenai as they congratulated their new genin cell.

"That was excellent work, gaki's. We were impressed by how easily the three of you seemed to work together on your first mission together against someone that was a superior opponent. I can already see that you three having the potential to go far if you continue at this rate." Anko said.

"The only plausible reason we seemed to be able to defeat Hatake-san was because he underestimated us due to our status as new genin. If he were to treat us as normal enemy shinobi we would've had a much tougher time defeating him." Shino said.

"You're absolutely right even if he started to take you three seriously towards the end but it was a little late. One aspect of being a shinobi is to deceive your enemy and draw them into a false sense of security which will cause them to lower their guard and make it easier for you to take them down. However, Hatake has always been overconfident of his skills because of his sharingan eye hidden beneath his headband. If he had used it to take on the three of you I doubt you would've succeeded despite your teamwork." Anko said.

"An-o A-Anko-sensei, how c-can H-Hatake-s-san have a sh-sharingan if he is not a U-Uchiha like Sasuke-san?" Hinata asked, the adrenaline in her system allowed her to stutter a lot less.

"Back when Kakashi was on Yondaime-sama's genin team he was teamed with an Uchiha named Obito and a girl named Rin. During the last war, Kakashi lost his lost his left eye in battle while Obito had been caught in a rockslide made by the enemy. Rin was a capable med-nin and at Obito's request replaced Kakashi's missing eye with Obito's recently awakened Sharingan eye. This was the day Kakashi began his legacy to be known as the Sharingan Kakashi, the man who has copied a thousand jutsus." Kurenai replied.

Naruto scoffed. "That is one of the reasons I never really liked the Uchiha and their belief they were superior to everyone else. They stole the hard earned success of other shinobi even if it was an ally and made it seem like the skill was theirs to begin with. Their kekkai genkai allows them to learn things so much easier than others since all they have to do is copy someone else's techniques."

"It's not a simple as it seems because even Kakashi has admitted that certain jutsus are next to impossible for him to have used more than once. I don't really know what he meant by that but back when the Uchiha clan was still in Konoha they kept the secrets of their kekkai genkai closely guarded. To this day many still believe that there is more to the abilities of the sharingan than they told the council of Konoha." Anko said.

"I feel sorry for the day Sasuke tries to copy a technique from me since he'll learn the hard way that some of my techniques come with a price that only I can pay. I already know that he was most likely trying to copy what I was doing in my fight with Hatake and is probably going to demand I give him my sword or show him some of my techniques but won't get anything from me. He may get pampered by the civilians and some of the shinobi since he's the last Uchiha but to me he's nothing more than a spoiled gaki and I have my own special way of dealing with those type of people." Naruto said with a smirk.

Kurenai had to resist the urge to shudder as she realized how much Anko had trained Naruto when he was younger since the grin was reminiscent of hers whenever she was about to torture some unlucky soul in her own special way. She glanced at her close friend and saw an almost identical smirk on her face and could only mentally groan while hoping she didn't have to deal with a male and female Anko on a regular basis. She didn't need Shino and especially Hinata being traumatized by them or Hinata learning Anko's seduction techniques to use on Naruto. Although, she would be the first to admit that this new Naruto seemed a lot more attentive than he was during the academy and had to remind herself that it was merely because of his mask that he created. She clapped her hands to draw the full attention to herself before she addressed the three genin on their next activity for the day.

"Well that's enough of that for today since we would like to officially announce the three of you as the new team 8 under our command. As a reward for such a complete success we will take you three out to eat. While we're at it you can explain your plan to us and we will give you some advice on ways you could've improved even if it wasn't by much since your teamwork was spectacular." Kurenai said.

The three nodded and followed the two women as they made their way back towards Konoha's business district. They all laughed with how excited Anko became when she decided for everyone they were going to the dango shop and was walking at a rushed pace since they chose not to roof hop so they could talk more along the way. As Naruto walked alongside his larger group of comrades he realized that his list of precious people were growing and wondered what other surprises should he expect in the near future. He knew that as long as he had his team to back him he would face any enemy that stood before him as he continued on his path to greatness and show everyone that ever tried to put him down their mist

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