A/N: So I've been debating on posting my mini-moments from Teacher's Pet and decided what the hell, why not? Some of you may have already received these as replies to reviews. If you haven't read, you might enjoy these little treats.

RPOV - Ch. 6 Mini-Moment

When I pulled up to Cullen's driveway, Bella walked out of the house hand in hand with Mr. Cullen and stopped by my car where they kissed before he opened the door for her. I admit it was odd watching Bella kissing my teacher, but hey, whatever. I suppose I could see what she liked about him. He was good looking I guess, not my type but I knew all the girls at school creamed their panties over 'Mr. Hot Bitch'. Leave it to Bella to snag him.

I honestly thought she'd end up with Edward, lord knows she was all he talked about when we learned she was moving to Forks. He'd been pining after her since we were little and she would visit during the summer. How she didn't see it I would never know but that was Edward's problem, not mine. I always thought he was an ass anyway and I only tolerated him because he was Alice's brother and Emmett's best friend.

Emmett. I hated lying to him tonight when he asked me about spying on him at that stupid party Friday night. Fucking Edward had to go and flap his damn mouth about what I'd told him. I could tell Emmy knew I was lying to him. He knew I wasn't jealous of those bimbo sluts, Jessica and Lauren, they had nothing on me, but thank God he didn't press it any further. All it would have taken was one of his damn cute fucking puppy dog pouts and I would have told him everything and that would not be good. I love Emmy, but my man does not know how to keep a secret even when he's really trying.

Bella got in the car and Mr. Cull.., oops, Carlisle, leaned in and thanked me for helping her out, then kissed her again before shutting the door. Of course I would help her, she's my friend. I could tell she felt relieved to confess everything to me when we were in that dressing room.

As I drove away from Cullen's I looked over at Bella. She had sex hair from hell and she was now wearing sweats and a t-shirt that obviously belonged to him. Her head was resting against the window and her eyes were closed. She let out a contented sigh and a smile spread across her face. Yup, she was falling in love, it was written clearly all over her face and from the looks of the two of them together, it appeared to me that he was falling for her too.

I turned out onto the main road feeling rather proud of myself for giving Bella this night with her new man. Now we just had to come up with a plan and an alibi to get them out of town together next weekend.

I love Rose.