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APOV - Ch. 11 Mini-Moment

I don't know what was going on between my brother and Bella in the kitchen, but by the look on Bella's face when I walked in, it wasn't good. Edward had her pinned up against the door and was leaning toward her lazily. Drunken idiot! When I told him to take a chance with Bella, I meant talk to her, not molest her in the kitchen! I quickly intervened before things got worse, whisking Bella off to dance with me. She seemed a little agitated and preoccupied, but when I asked her what was wrong she insisted she was fine.

I decided early on, after my talk with Edward in the car, that I was going to help my brother with Bella. He obviously needed it, and personally, despite my brother's inane ability to make a fool of himself, I thought they were perfect for each other. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather see my brother and best friend with then each other.

After dancing to a couple of songs I dragged her over to the bar; Bella was entirely too sober. Besides, I wanted to talk to her about Edward. Rose was standing at the bar and poured us all a round of shots as we approached. Bella tried to protest when I handed her a shot, exchanging a pleading look with Rose who just looked at her apologetically.

"Rose isn't going to help you." I shoved the shot glass in her hand, "Now, bottoms up!"

We all threw back our shots and looked at Bella expectantly. She hesitated ay first, but then said, "Ah, fuck it, I need it tonight," and threw hers back as well.

Rose went and got us all beers and came back laughing. "Edward's sulking by the keg and Lauren is trying to jump him."

We all made faces and looked over to where Edward was by the keg. Sure enough, Lauren was flaunting herself like a two cent whore. Edward looked irritated and was all but ignoring her, so I wasn't worried; I was pretty sure Edward wouldn't go there.

I decided that now was as good a time as any to talk to Bella about Edward, especially now that she was relaxing a little. "So Bella, you've been here in Forks for a while now, are there any guys at school you're interested in?"

Rose started choked and began coughing, spraying a mouthful of beer everywhere. Bella shot her fierce glare, I'm assuming because she narrowly avoided being showered in Corona.

"Sorry," Rose covered her mouth, trying to catch her breath, "I swallowed the beer wrong."

"Okaaay. Anyway, Bella, I know it's not my place, and Edward would kill me if he knew that I was butting in, but he's such an idiot around you and I really think he needs someone to intervene on his behalf before he totally…"

Bella cut me off, "Alice! Just cut to the chase, please?"

"Right, sorry. Well, you see Bella, my brother acts like an idiot around you because that's what stupid boys sometimes do when they have crush."

This time it was Bella's turn to choke on her beer, only when hers sprayed out everywhere it actually got all over me.

"Well that wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting." I mumbled while wiping the beer off my arms with a napkin.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Bella wiped her mouth and looked at me wide eyed, "You think Edward likes me? Like, likes me, likes me?"

"Yes Bella, that's exactly what I'm…"

"No fucking way! Ewww." Rose blurted out staring over my shoulder with wide-eyes.

We all turned to see what she was looking at just in time for me to witness Lauren following my brother up the stairs? What. The. Fuck!? Why is she following my brother up the stairs? No, no, no, no!

"Uhhh, Alice? I don't think Edward likes me the way you think he does." Bella tried not to giggle, but failed miserably.

I'm SO going to kill Edward; he's ruining everything, that dumb idiot!

Poor Alice.