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Sequel to 'Being This Boy'. The blonde Slytherin had thought it was tough being in Ron Weasley's body but now in his 6th year he's about to learn just how hard it really is to be Draco Malfoy.

Some of you were disappointed that 'Being This Boy' ended where it did so I would like to take this time to explain why I chose to end 'Being This Boy' and begin a sequel.

The main plot in 'Being This Boy' was the body swap between Draco and Ron and the main goal of the story was for them to return to their original bodies. As that was achieved in the last chapter the story reached its natural end. If I were to carry on with 'Being This Boy' to get the happy harry/draco ending you all want it would be like two different stories placed together e.g it would be like the philosopher's stone and chamber of secrets put together as one book rather than split into two. I hope some of this ramble makes at least a little bit of sense as to why I've opted to write this story in a two part rather than just one.

And now on with the story:

Chapter 1-Mission

He had been nervous whilst he waited for Harry to arrive for their date, but he never truly thought the Gryffindor boy wouldn't turn up. However, on that chill February morning, Draco Malfoy had waited outside the Three Broomsticks for over an hour but Harry Potter did not show.

Hurt and humiliated, Draco had trudged back up to the castle and cried onto Pansy Parkinson's shoulder. Once he was all cried out he'd grabbed his broomstick and walked down to the quidditch pitch for a quick fly to clear his head and make him feel better. After that he had taken a long relaxing bubble bath in the prefects' bathroom.

Everybody knew what had happened. Stares, whispers and giggles followed Draco and Harry both as they walked down the school corridors. Some found it amusing that Draco Malfoy had been stood up by Harry Potter of all people. Then there were others who thought Harry was a heartless prick for doing such a thing even if it was to Malfoy.

After that day, Draco had made the decision to ignore Harry James Potter. He didn't ask him why he had failed to show up, never insulted him in the halls; he didn't even look at the Gryffindor boy if he could help it.

However, since Theo and Ron were dating, keeping away from Harry proved to be somewhat difficult. So Draco closed off from his friends and started hanging around with Crabbe and Goyle again. If Theo or Blaise tried to talk to him he'd snap at them and send them away. When Pansy tried talking to him Draco acted as though he couldn't hear her. Even the Gryffindors had tried talking to Draco. Hermione was the first to try and she tried time and time again but was never successful. Seamus, Dean, Ginny, Neville and even Ron had all come to Draco individually but he didn't listen to either of them.

Eventually, they had all given up. Hermione had been the most persistent but even she had called it a day when Draco called her a mudblood. After that insult she had struck him across the face and never spoken to him again.

As for Harry, not once had he tried to communicate with Draco in any way and for that the blonde was thankful for it made things much easier. They both continued about their school lives as if the other didn't exist.

Draco was not there for Harry when he suffered with nightmares or when he broke into the Department of Mysteries along with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna. When Harry had lost his godfather, Sirius Black, Draco was not there to comfort him as he would like to have been.

On the last day of his fifth year at Hogwarts, Draco had packed up his things ready to go home. As he did so he came across two letters in the bottom of a drawer. One was from his father, the second from his mother. He assumed Weasley had opened them whilst he was in his body.

Sitting down on his bed, Draco read over both letters:


I hope your school work is going well and that your grades are improving. I'm sure you understand that I will be most displeased if I have to suffer the embarrassment of you being beaten by that mudblood girl yet again.

As you have not come home for the Christmas holidays I expect you home for Easter where we will have a special guest. I've told our guest a great deal about you and he is eager to meet you. If you behave accordingly and show the man proper respect you may even be initiated before the summer.

Don't let me down boy.

Lucius Malfoy.

After finishing the first letter Draco had shivered. It was lucky he hadn't gone home that Easter. He had been tempted to because of how miserable he was at school but he had opted to stay.

Draco then read through the letter from his mother:

Draco my darling,

I do hope you are doing well. I'm sorry you won't be with us this Christmas, but taking into account your father's plans for you it is probably better that you are not home. Of course I would love to have your company my boy but I feel you are safer in the walls of Hogwarts.

I know your father has sent you a letter no doubt requesting that you come home for Easter but you must not return. I'm sure I don't need to spell out what your father and his 'lord' have planned for you.

There is little I can do to prevent what your father wishes to happen. I have tried to say that you are too young to take part in such activities but your father is adamant that you join the service of his master.

I fear it may not be safe for you to return home at all, at least not until a certain wizard is vanquished. You must speak to Severus; he'll know what to do.

It may be a while before we see one another again but do not worry my child. In the end, good will always triumph over evil just as it did in the story books I used to read to you.

I love you my son, be strong and be brave, for me.

All my love, mum xxx

It had angered Draco slightly that Weasley had dared to read his mail. It infuriated him even further that the redhead hadn't said anything about it but he supposed he had simply forgotten.

Taking out his wand, Draco had destroyed the letters. He would soon be back home and it was highly likely that he would be forced to become a death eater. He knew he should have confided in someone, Dumbledore, Snape or even one of his former friends. But Draco Malfoy said nothing.

That summer, he hadn't even had time to unpack before his father was dragging him off to meet Voldemort. Upon meeting the snake-faced monster, Draco had felt incredibly sick but somehow he managed to remain calm.

Before he knew it, he was back in his bedroom staring down at the ugly black tattoo that spoiled his ivory skin. There were times when Draco thought death would have been better but then he thought about Harry. He didn't want to leave Harry. Even though they weren't together Draco did not want to die and leave Harry in this world alone. He would return to Hogwarts and though he wouldn't make any attempt to convince Harry to give their relationship a chance, he would secretly watch his Gryffindor from afar.

His mother was worried about something, Draco could tell. When the summer holidays were nearing an end Draco learned what his mother was so anxious about. He was given a mission by Voldemort, a seemingly impossible mission that even the dark lord could not achieve. Draco Malfoy had to kill Albus Dumbledore.

The sixteen year old did not want to do it, of course he didn't. But what choice did he have? If he refused the mission he would be killed but not before Voldemort killed his parents in front of him.

So Draco had gone to a shop called Borgin and Burkes that housed a variety of dark artifacts including a cursed necklace, the Hand of Glory that would give light to only the holder as well as two vanishing cabinets. One of them was broken but Draco ordered the cabinet anyway and insisted that it be delivered to Hogwarts so that he could try and repair it. The purpose of the cabinets was to act as a passageway so that the death eaters could break into Hogwarts. However, the likelihood of Draco being able to repair it was slim but the chances of Draco being able to murder Dumbledore were even slimmer.

It was more than likely that Draco would be dead and buried before he even became of age.

On September the first, Draco returned to Hogwarts for his sixth year. He felt a little better to be back inside the safety of the castle but he could not relax completely. His mother was still at the manor and Draco knew that if he failed his mission, she would die at Voldemort's hand.

During the welcoming feast, Draco kept his head down. He could not bring himself to look at Dumbledore as he gave his speech. He didn't want to kill the sparkly eyed headmaster. He didn't want to kill anyone but he didn't want to die either.

Looking up from his plate of untouched food, Draco gazed over at the back of Harry's head. They really were on two different sides of the war now.

There's no chance for us Draco thought sadly. At least not in this lifetime. But he loves me too, he said so himself. That's something.

When the feast was over and Dumbledore told them to retire to their rooms, Draco walked to the Slytherin common room alone. He passed by Pansy, Blaise and Theo but neither of them looked in his direction or tried to speak to him.

It's for the best Draco told himself. This way, they won't get put in danger because of me, they won't get hurt.

He made his way up to his dorm room and changed into his pajamas. He lay down in his bed and pulled the covers over himself but he could not find sleep. Draco tossed and turned the whole night feeling like he was about to crumble.

Why does life have to be so hard? He asked himself. I didn't ask for any of this. I don't want to be a killer. But if I don't kill Dumbledore, I'll be killed as will my parents. I can't let that monster kill my mother.

Eventually, in the early hours of the morning, Draco fell into a fitful slumber but all too soon it was time to get up and face the day.

Maybe I should just jump off the Astronomy tower Draco contemplated as he sat down in the hall for breakfast. As soon as the thought had entered his head it left for Harry had just walked in laughing at something Ron had said. I'd give anything to be the one to make him laugh like that.

Draco managed to nibble down a single slice of toast before gulping down a glass of pumpkin juice. As he stood up preparing to head early to his first lesson he spied Hermione sharing a secret smile with Snape.

So there's still something going on between them Draco realised. I wonder if anyone else knows yet. They should be careful, if the dark lord finds out there will be hell to pay.

To Be Continued

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