Chapter 1: The kidnapper

Once upon a time there was a girl called Amy Rose. She loved to go out with her friend Cream. But one day someone have kidnapped her and token her to a big dark spooky house, so when they went inside the house a boy jumped out of the shadows and grabbed Amy from her kidnappers. He took her outside and put her down. Amy was scared "who are you"!? she said in a scared voice.

"I' am Shadow" said the boy in a terrible voice.

"Your name is Shadow" said the girl.

"Yes and I' am going to KILL YOU!" he shouted. Amy was terrified she tried to run away, but Shadow stopped her and took his knife out. Amy knew she was going to die so she shut her eyes and starting crying, waiting for the knife to stab her in the stomach. But NOTHING happened, she opened her eyes and looked down. Shadow was on the floor and was laughing his head of. He got up and trying to clam himself down.

"It was a JOKE!" he was still laughing.

"Th-Then tha- that knife of yours" she pointed to his knife with a scared voice.

"Oh you mean this" He showed her the knife. "It's fake". He started to laugh again."I can't believe that you fooled for that" he said while he rubbed his eyes from the tears.

"That's not funny" she said with a blush in her face.

"You nearly given me a heart attack" she said while she put her hand in her chest".

"And well I didn't believed it because I don't know you, you now" she said.

It's ok Rose, I'm not going to hurt you and of coures you know me". He said.

Amy was shocked 'how did he know my last name'. She thought.

"What" he said.

"How did you know my last name and I do not know you". She said to him.

"It's obvious, don't you know me Rose". She shocks her head.

"It's me Shadow". He said to her. While he toke of his costume. (I imagined the costume like this .com/scream_movie_ but ignore the mask and the sword please just imagine Shadow in the costume without the mask and sword).

Amy is now shocked "Sh-Shadow, is-is that really you". She said.

"Like who do think I' am Rose" He said. He came closer to her. She back further away from him until she hit a tree behind her. He lint to her until he reached her ear and whispered to her.

"I'll walk you home, if you want me to". He then turned around waiting for her answer.

" Su-Sure Sh-Shadow, I don't want to stay here along anyway, because of that kidnapper." She said.

"Is that so" he said and turned around to face her.

"Then hold my hand." He said to her.

"Why" she replied.

"Don't you want to get out of here" he replied back to her.

"Yes" she said.

"Then hold my hand" he replied to her.

"Okay" she said while she give her hand to him.

"Hold tight" he said.

Amy nodded.

"CHAOS CONTROL" he shouted and before she knew it she was back to her house.

"Thank you Shadow" she said gratefully to him.

"Your welcome" he said back to her with a light blush in his cheek, but he turned around before she can see it.

"What's wrong Shadow" she said.

"N-Nothing is wrong with me" he replied back.

"Okay… Bye Shadow" she said to him before he leave.

"Bye Rose" he replied back to her. Walking away while waving his hand to her and the other one in his pocket without turning around.

Amy walked inside her house and closed her door house behind her back thinking what happened to her today. And went inside her room changed into her PJ's and went to sleep.