Title: Melt

By: Metamorcy

Rating: T

Pairing: HibariXTsuna 1827

Summary: Two-shot. Tsuna has had many things happen to him over his life, mafia, dangerous babies, etc, etc, but getting stuck in a room with Hibari? That's new…

Disclaimer: don't own and if I did then the whole world would be filled with yaoi

N/A: Well this is my first try on this pairing and it probably won't be the last. I hope I got the personalities right…I think Hibari is a little off though…

This has been beta'd by tokyomewmewlvr.

Tsuna hated violence, he hated blood. He hated a lot of things actually.

But he wasn't stupid.

Well…only in math, science…actually a lot of academic things.

But he knew there were times fighting couldn't be avoided, he knew that. He also had to protect those dear to him, whether they wanted it or not. That's why he fought and that the only reason. It wasn't for power, money, or anything else.

Most people that knew him would know that. It was obvious.

But there were a few people that knew how to get under his skin and make him do things he usually wouldn't.

Rokudo Mukuro was one of them.

Byakuran was included.

And then there was Hibari Kyoya.

Though they were on the same side, Tsuna got irritated at the older teen most often. He never showed it to anyone but he did. For once, he would like nothing more than to knock the perfect down a few pegs, however, it was too dangerous.

He'd rather not risk getting bitten to death afterwards. Too much trouble and probably wouldn't be worth it in the end. He knew for a fact that Hibari would hunt him down if he tried anything and then kill him. This happened too often when he saw other people get on the perfect's nerves and he rather not be one of them.

So in the end, Tsuna couldn't do anything. He just had to take it as it came. What else could he do…

"Yeah, what else could I do…" Tsuna sighed, talking to himself as he gathered his school materials into his bag. Reborn was currently sleeping, the familiar bubble blowing. The hitman had only woken up to hit him then went back to sleep immediately after. The brunet, once finished, left his bedroom, already unhappy about going to school. He just hoped that he wouldn't get picked on today. He knew that Gokuderu and Yamamoto would protect him and he appreciated it but the moment they left him alone, the bullies would come out until his friends returned. Sometimes they didn't come back at all, leaving him to fend off his bullies.

Of course, Tsuna wouldn't tell on those that bullied him and could forget it over time. He didn't want to get his friends in trouble for defending him. But sometimes he wished that someone would be able to protect him continuously whether or not they were there. It'd be nice for once. However, he knew he was hoping too much and would probably happen.

He opened the front door after saying goodbye to his mom and meet up with Gokuderu and Yamamoto, who were both waiting outside with a smile though it was evident that they had been previously arguing with each other before he arrived. Well Gokuderu was while Yamamoto just took the whole thing with a smile.

"Ready, Jyuudaime?" Gokuderu grinned, looking too cheery in the early morning. Yamamoto just laughed whole heartedly as usual.

Tsuna gave a small smile in return, this was normal for him, always the same in the morning. He was the first to head off, the others following right behind.

The walk to school wasn't that long and as they got closer, Tsuna could already feel the eyes on him. The bullies were watching him, waiting for the moment the protection left. The day passed as it usually did, him getting bad grades and getting called on by the teacher then beaten up later on.

'I know I can defend myself but I don't want to hurt anyone…' He sighed mentally, tired of the threat that haunted him. His friends were never picked on, only him, probably because he was such an easy target. And there were time when someone asked for his help, he just couldn't refuse them.

Like now…

"Sawada-san, could you help me for a moment?" A girl from class asked with a sweet smile. He had been packing up his school materials since the day had ended just a few moments ago when she caught him. It was just after he had said farewell to Yamamoto, who had to go for baseball practice, and Gokuderu, who had to go get something. This left him all by himself. He didn't recognize the girl from class but he had spotted her a few times in the hallway.

"Sure, what is it?" He replied with a nervous smile and tilted his head.

"I need to head down to the basement to grab some frozen pantries for the cafeteria ladies but some of the boxes are a little heavy and someone needs to hold the door open. It locks automatically when it closes." She said sweetly, folding her arms behind her back. "Honestly I would have asked someone else but strangely they all refused. So in the end, I had no choice but to go to you."

"Oh, sure, yeah, I'll help you. Just lead the way." He left his stuff on his desk, planning on coming back to grab it and followed the girl out the door. He noticed how empty the hallways were, voided of people. As they walk around the school, he couldn't help but notice that someone was following them but didn't mention it. The person made it obvious since their shadow would reveal his or her location. He hoped nothing bad would happen at the end of this. She led the way down the stairs and through a couple of doors until they came up to a large one. The door was made of thick metal and was cold to the touch. He could feel a flow of cold air coming from underneath the door and shivered at it. Reaching forward, Tsuna tapped the door with his knuckles and heard the sound echo across the hallway. "I've never been down here before."

"Only certain people are allowed down here so they are the only ones that know. I usually help the cafeteria ladies so that's the only reason for me." The girl turned to his direction but wasn't looking at him but behind. There had been a soft noise at that moment that was sounded familiarly like a footstep. Tsuna noticed it as well but kept quiet on the matter. He had a bad feeling on this, as much as he wanted to run away at this moment, he couldn't bring his legs to do so. After all, he had said he would help and he wasn't the type to back out of anything. Taking a deep breath, he nudged the girl before him to continue. The classmate stepped towards the door and slid a card into the security box, yanking it open once the red light turned green. A burst of cold air hit them instantly and Tsuna shivered once more from it. Rubbing his arms to keep himself warm, he was luckily wearing his long sleeve uniform or else he might have started sneezing. His eyes went to the little light that had the temperature readings, 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

"That's not very cold. Shouldn't it be around 0 degrees to keep things frozen?" Tsuna asked, looking at the girl cautiously.

"That would be the freezer, this is the refrigerator. They put stuff in here to thaw or for instant use. It's easier this way for them." She pointed into the distance to a couple of boxes were located. They were all stacked on top of each other, duck tape sealing them shut. "Those are what I need, could you get them for me? About six of them. I'll hold the door open for you and please hurry, it's really cold in here."

"Okay." He really didn't need to be told twice on that one, it was cold. Tsuna stepped in cautiously, still feeling the sense of dread in his stomach. Sometimes he really was too nice.

"What are you doing here?"

A sharp voice cut the air, freezing the two teens into place, more than the icy air. Tsuna instantly recognized the voice and turned to his cloud guardian, the only person that would have that much venom in his tone. The girl squeaked loudly and jumped back, pressing against the door. She held onto the door in fear, shaking.

"H-Hibari-san…W-What are you doing here?" She stuttered, gripping the metal tightly.

The black-haired teen glared and reached behind to grab his metal tonfas. Both students stepped back in fright and swallowed thickly.

"H-Hibari-san! Please stop!" Tsuna raised up his hands, getting the other's attention. "We weren't doing anything wrong. We were just getting some boxes for the cafeteria. We were asked to do this."

The cloud guardian halted at that and relaxed his structure, looking somewhat satisfied with that answer. He glared at both Tsuna and the girl before heading inside into the cold. He went to the side against a gray wall and leaned against it. His arms were folded and the tonfas were hidden behind his jacket. The two students didn't move at first, staring at the perfect questionably, scared of what to do. Weren't they going to get bitten? Hibari noticed the stares. "Well? Aren't you supposed to working? I'm going to watch you just in case you're lying."

This snapped the two out of their daze and Tsuna rushed forward to get the boxes. Hibari stood to the side, watching with a firm glare. Strangely, Hibird wasn't with the perfect, it was kinda odd not to see the yellow fluff ball for once, singing and flying around. The brunet stepped up to a box and tried to lift it up but he only managed to do so slightly by a couple of inches. He couldn't help but think of how pathetic he looked since he couldn't even lift up one of the boxes with ease.

Then a cry came, bringing the two males to the door. Tsuna dropped the box he had been holding, landing close to his feet, while Hibari narrowed his eyes at the scene. A figure was standing behind the girl with a wide grin and then three more appeared. The female instantly ran away but the others remained where they were at, holding the door before closing it. Tsuna made a squeak at realizing his position and raced forward, hoping and praying that he would be able to stop the shutting door but it was too late. "Hey! Wait!" He called out, pounding on the metal.

Did he really have such bad luck?

He looked at the door then to Hibari.

Apparently so.

He stopped pounding on the door to sigh in defeat and glanced over to where Hibari was at. The perfect didn't seem scared at all that they had been trapped in the refrigerator and if he was, he didn't show it. What made Tsuna all more confused was why Hibari had allowed them to get trapped in the first place? It was kinda…odd.

'Maybe Hibari-san got scared? No, that's impossible…' Tsuna sighed, blinking his large caramel eyes. "Hibari-san, how are we going to get out?"

"We wait." The cloud guardian grumbled, folding his arms and glared at the door. It was obvious that he was going to bite to death the people that dared to do such a thing. He was just holding the sensation in so he could savor it later. Tsuna suddenly pitied the culprits, they probably hadn't known that Hibari had followed them in. That was the only reason he could think of. No one was stupid enough to try and attack the perfect, that was suicidal.

"How's anyone going to find us? Did you tell anyone?" The brunet went closer to the other seeing as being near the door wasn't doing him any good. He kept a distance, thinking that he sees some dark aura surrounding the older teen. He shivered slightly from the cold and blew warm air into his fingers to keep them warm.


Tsuna groaned and looked around the place, hoping to find an exit elsewhere but there wasn't another door. Just one and it was locked. He really did have shitty luck. He looked at Hibari and noticed that he wasn't shivering at all. "Aren't you cold?"


'Of all people to get stuck with it had to be the most violent person in the world…Even Mukuro would make better company…No, wait, I take that back. Hibari-san is better than him…No…I think they are on the same level…' Tsuna grumbled mentally and went to the wall that Hibari was leaning against and slid down it, folding his body together to keep warm. He was cold, no, freezing. Even though he had his uniform on, it wasn't enough to keep him from shivering.

He didn't notice the movement beside him until he felt something brush against his side and shoulder. The brunet blinked curiously, looking over to the perfect beside him. Hibari still had his arms folded and a puff of steam escaped his lips.

"Hibari-san?" Tsuna's warm fingers touched the fabric of the black jacket suddenly concerned about the safety of his cloud guardian.

"It's getting colder…"

Tsuna blinked and looked at the temperature gauge. It was now 38 degrees, 2 less than when they had come in. He rubbed his legs to keep them warm.

Before he realized it, an arm draped behind his back and gripped his shoulders, pulling him in closer. Tsuna blinked in confusion, startled by the sudden action and looked up at Hibari. The gray eyes were staring back and his expression was as it normally was, cold and aloof. But the sudden warmth from the action made him stop shivering, that he was grateful for. His head was touching Hibari's left shoulder and his fingers were resting on his own legs, still wondering what was going on.

"H-Hibari-san?" Tsuna, though appreciative for the extra warmth, was finding it strange. It wasn't going to come back to haunt him was it?

"Be quiet, Herbivore." The perfect glared, silencing the brunet and making him flinch at how scary the man was looking. Tsuna stared at the metal floor to avoid the menacing eyes. There was a faint blush on his cheeks but he wasn't sure if it was because of Hibari or the cold that was feeling like it was biting his skin. But he knew what it was getting darker at every passing moment. The temperature had gone down another degree. Suddenly, Hibari broke the silence. "Move."

Tsuna shifted a little and felt a little lost when Hibari pulled away. But he jumped to the side when the perfect began taking off his black jacket. "Ah! What are you doing?! You'll freeze!"

A glare from the other shut him up instantly.

Hibari continued in taking off his jacket and tossed it to the side before reaching over to the brunet. Tsuna gasped as he was shoved over and closed his eyes for a second. He was going to get killed, this was how he was going to die. How horrible…

Pain never came and instead he felt himself getting caught and moved around, feeling warm fingers on his body. It was ticklish and made goose bumps appear beneath his clothes. Then he was pushed back and landed into something soft behind his back. When Tsuna deemed it was safe, he opened his eyes, blinking curiously, and looked back.

His face darkened in color.

He was settled between Hibari's legs with the arms wrapped around his body tightly.

"H-H-Hibari-san!? What are you doing?!" Tsuna tried to get free from the grip but the perfect wouldn't let go. The glare he was getting was enough to make him go still. 'Why is this happening to me?!' Those words repeated in his head continuously and couldn't tear his gaze away from the other.

"Stay still, its warmer this way." Hibari growled, reaching over with one hand to grab his jacket and tossed it over their bodies. It was big enough to cover Tsuna and most of himself except for his back, which was touching the cold wall.

"Why?…Why are you doing this?" The sky guardian asked curiously, looking up to meet the gray eyes. Sure, it was a lot warmer this way but it left him confused and frightened all at once. This was definitely out of character for Hibari, really. The perfect hated crowding so why was he allowing Tsuna to get so close? It didn't make any sense to the smaller teen. Though the gesture was nice and he couldn't help but snuggle closer to the warmth, it left him scared.

Hibari just growled as an answer.

The other flinched, turning away to stared at the ground before him. He waited for a few moments for the teen behind him to cool off before trying again with a smile. "Thanks…"

The gray eyes widened slightly and twisted away, refusing to look at the other in the eye. For a moment, Tsuna thought he had seen a tint of red on Hibari's cheeks from the reflection of the metal.

'No…impossible. It's just the cold getting to him.'

They remained in their position for an hour. The temperature didn't drop as fast and it took a while for it to go down. Tsuna was glad for that. It was warm being next to the perfect and he was tempted to fall asleep. 'It'd be nice if he could act like this more often than beating me up…' He shifted slightly, bringing himself so his shoulders were against the other and leaned in closer, his head resting on the shoulder blades. His eyelids felt heavy and slowly drifted off without realizing it. He could hear the faint sound of Hibari's heart beating ad it lulled him in deeper.

"Herbivore…" The cloud guardian looked down, noticing that Tsuna had stilled and that the breathing had lightened up. He blinked curiously, examining over the sleeping figure on his legs. Sighing, he pulled his jacket closer. He wasn't really sure what made him do this in the first place. Hibari knew he was being too nice but even if it hurt his pride, it was too warm to move away. It was…nice. He held the body closer to his own and leaned against the head, feeling the gently touches of the spiky hair. It tickled him softly along his neck.

'They're late…' Hibari growled to himself, wondering when the Disciplinary Committee was going to notice his absent. He wouldn't be amazed if the herbivore's group wasn't making a mess already since Tsuna had been missing for a while.

There was a faint sound, muffled out, coming from behind the door. Hibari blinked and tried to listen into it. It was the sound of the school song. He smirked.

Looks like Hibird had found the others.

He looked down at Tsuna and grumbled. He'd have to get up eventually and he actually didn't want to. It was strange and brand new to him. The sleeping figure looked almost…angelic to his eyes, the way the lips were slightly parted and how the eyelashes curled upward. Sighing at the reluctance of what he had to do, he slowly pulled Tsuna away, putting his jacket back on, and lifted the still sleeping teen into his arms, carrying him in the bridal style. Hibari felt the brunet shiver in his arms and took note of the temperature, 36 degrees. His shoes clicked against the metal ground as he went over to the door and waited for it to open. Hibari didn't have to wait long as he heard a short beep sound, meaning the door was now open, just as he reached it. The song was louder than before and then Hibird came fluttering out at the opening, flapping in the cold air, and landed onto his hair. It squeaked his name a few times and sang a little longer before going silent, peering down at Tsuna with his black eyes.

"Boss?!" Kusakabe came running out into view. "You okay?"

"Fine." Hibari passed by his second in command and the rest of the Committee, who were all staring at him and Tsuna. He gave a glare at them and they turned away soon after. He wandered away from the group and when he was certain no one was nearby, he stopped. Hibari shook his head at the warmth of the hallway and the sun that was coming through the glass windows. It was good to get out of the cold, though he would have enjoyed being in it a little longer. His gray eyes looked down at the sleeping bundle in his arms and continued walking, heading towards the reference room. There was a couch there where he could leave the teen before he went out and get back at those people that would dare go against him. Oh, he was going to have fun today.

As he marched, Hibird flew down and landed into Tsuna's hair, nestling into the soft brown locks. It made a comfortable squeak. The cloud guardian raised an eyebrow, glancing down at the two before looking back up. The place was empty since it was long after school.

Hibari opened the door to the room and gently placed the sky guardian on the couch. He hesitated but finally gave in by draping his jacket over the other. Hibird fluttered a little at the drop before shifting slightly and nuzzled back into the locks.

Now he had to wait for him to wake up…

Or he could beat up those…assholes first then head back before Tsuna can wake up. Hibari smirked. He could do that.

Hope you have enjoyed!