And There's Something in the Breakdown

Author's Note: Okay there's going to be a lot of angst and madness in this story so hang on for the ride. Lol. I'll try to mix in humor though too.

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed. Do I seriously have to put this for every chapter?

Summary: The hate, anger and mistrust is too much. However, after a strange turn of events the sisters find themselves jumping around in Chris' memories. They learn quickly that he's nothing like he seems.

Chapter 1

Chris sighed seeing as that was pretty much the only thing he could do. Piper's harsh words were echoing through his mind. "Chris you are nothing but a liar and for all we know here for nefarious reasons, we have absolutely no reason to trust you. Get out. Just go. I never want to see your sorry face again." He could hear her saying "Good riddance" as he orbed away. What had he done this time exactly? Oh yeah, warn them that their precious baby boy was going to turn into a cruel, heartless, sadistic mass murderer. Yeah… that was not always something that was taken too kindly… but they hardly even listened to him… He should have done something… Dammit Chris, can't you do anything right? He chastised himself silently in his normal self-depreciating manner. He needed to get back in their good graces somehow. Sure, he could probably take out any demon that was found in the underworld, but without being in the manor, there was no way he could tell if there was a threat to Wyatt, because believe it or not, to find out if a demon was threatening someone you actually had to be in a relatively close vicinity to said person. Unless… of course you could infiltrate their lair… and nip it in the bud before it ever started… but sometimes there was that occasional high level demon that could slip past unnoticed.

Chris groaned softly to himself running a hand through his brown hair. He wanted to scream, to throw a tantrum, something, but he hadn't done anything like that practically since the day he was born. Why couldn't he just take it and move on? Why was this getting in the way of his goal? Why were his emotions getting in the way? This had never happened before. He could take anything. Extreme torture to the point of losing sanity? Sure, been there done that whatever. But this was different. Her words kept echoing and haunting him. They were killing him. He let out a small frustrated noise as the words dug deeper and deeper into his heart.

Suddenly he orbed down into the known lair of some relatively upper level demons while they were having a meeting. There were about 12 or 13 heads that rose at the sound of twinkling orbs. Instantly they were up on their feet. Your powers come from your emotions… he'd heard that mantra so much and now he definitely had some emotions. He threw out his arms releasing all the pain he was feeling. The demons were all thrown backward at once each thick body colliding with the wall and before they could illicit some sort of noise upon impact, a bright white light encircled each of them and vanquished them without another thought. Chris sank to his knees not from exhaustion or anything like that but from the sheer aching of his heart.

"I never want to see your face again." It seemed that no matter what life time he was in… his mother would never love him like she should.

Chris' orbs filled the silent room and Phoebe could swear that the tension was tangible. Piper's words hung in the air even after the young man was gone.

"Good riddance" Piper said unintentionally loud. Paige stood shocked not trusting herself to move. She was shocked at her sister's words but couldn't say that she didn't want to say them herself.

That was when Phoebe fell to the floor screaming bloody murder.

"Oh my god!" Piper yelled rushing to her sister's side. Paige followed suit. "What's happening?"

A steady stream of tears leaked through Phoebe's eyelids even though her eyes were screwed shut in pain. Her heart felt like it was about to burst open. Actually it felt like someone had taken a dagger to her chest, ripped her heart from its bony cage and stabbed it a thousand times while the veins and nerves were still attached.

"Chris…" She moaned when she finally felt the pain begin to subside.

"That bastard! What did he do?" Piper asked. "I'll kill him!"

"No… don't…" Phoebe panted, "His… pain…"

"What?" Paige asked as they waited for their middle sister to regain her fragile composure.

"Chris was so shocked he let his mental barrier down enough for me to feel… for me to feel his emotions… and… guys, I think we made a mistake…"

"You're saying that he let his guard down for a second and it did that to you? Yeah right. He probably did something to you." Piper insisted.

"No, It was his feelings, I'm sure. Oh my god. What have we done?" Phoebe moaned.

"Pheebs, there's no reason to trust him. No reason at all. He wouldn't even submit to your empathy powers to show that he was 'telling the truth.' It's so obvious he was lying…" Paige said rationally.

"Maybe there's a different reason…" Phoebe said softly, not sure that either one of her siblings had heard her.

"Like what?" Piper scoffed her expression was incredulous.

"I don't know. Maybe we should have heard him out…" Phoebe said, she couldn't forget that onslaught of pain that left her still gasping for air. She never, ever wanted to feel anything like that ever again.

"He brought a demon into my house… a demon Phoebe. And he lies to us and sends us on ridiculous missions… and then he comes here and claims that my ray of sunshine is evil... the nerve." Piper fumed anger shining in her deep brown eyes. "He's nothing but a cocky, annoying bastard who doesn't have the power to back it up."

"Damn straight"—Paige.

"Piper! Paige! Isn't that a little harsh?" –Phoebe.

"It is not!" Piper insisted indignantly.

That's when suddenly, a demon shimmered in. All sisters were on their feet the moment they heard the familiar sound of shimmering. He was a very tall, muscular looking demon. He had long black hair and smoldering amber eyes which he flicked left and then right calmly observing his surroundings.

"Who are you?" Piper demanded.

"Calm yourself. It's not you I'm looking for. Where is Christopher?" The demon's voice was deep and hollow and still held that annoying calm that was seen in his countenance.

"Chris? Our whitelighter Chris? What the hell do you want with him?" Paige asked genuinely curious.

"It's none of your concern. Now are you going to hand him over or do I have to search your house? Time consuming, but I will do it if necessary. And of course I'll kill you first."

"What? Chris isn't even here." Phoebe blurted before she could stop herself.

"Not here… are you bluffing little witch? Because if you are I'll rip out your throat and give it to Christopher as a present." He sighed and sensed throughout the house for the young witchlighter's presence. Finding his search negative he paused.

"Well… I guess we'll just have to get him here then won't we?" And suddenly he was next to Paige. He fired a very high voltage fireball straight into her stomach. The blast knocked her over the couch and into the wall. She slid down unconscious.

"Help! Chris the manor's under attack! Paige is down!" The demon shouted into the air, his voice had since changed to sound like Phoebe's. With that he vanished. Phoebe and Piper wasted no time getting to their youngest sister's side. They bent down checking her pulse, relieved to find it was still there.

"CHRIS!" Phoebe shouted for real this time tears streaming down her face.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, Paige no."