Author's note: I really think the manga character of naruto sucks now. He's too freaking soft. So for this fic I decided to model him after Vegeta, and give him the abilities of Natsu from Fairy tale. Not a crossover just stealing the powers and the attitude.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, DBZ, or Fairy Tale.

Summary: The Yondaime left his son more than just the kyuubi. On his training trip with Jiraiya a new Naruto is awakened, one who will blaze his way into the history books.

Prologue: Rebirth of the Prince

1 year into the training trip

"Maybe this was a mistake..." uttered Jiraiya as he stared down the four tailed mini Kyuubi in from of him. They had tweaked the seal to allow Naruto more access to kyuubi chakra. Everything was manageable until the forth tail formed. Naruto lost control and the cloak was now hurting him more than it healed him.

"Common kid! You've got to take control of your body!" screamed Jiraiya.

Suddenly the fox began to grasp his head and roar. Naruto was now fighting back against the fox for control.

"That's it Naruto! Your body your power!"

Inside the seal

"Control..." uttered Naruto covered in the foxes chakra with the foxes claws hovering over him. Suddenly he looked up his eyes now blue instead of red glaring at the fox.

"This is my body! I'm in control! My body my power!" yelled Naruto. He puts his hands in the ram sign and began to summon his own chakra to combat the foxes. The kyuubi's claws were slowing pushed back as a blue pillar of chakra surrounded Naruto.


The fox then began to pump even more chakra out and began to overwhelm Naruto.


'Shit! I need more power!' thought Naruto as he dug even deeper into his reserves. His chakra began grow and suddenly a tendril of his charkra struck the seal on the cage. The seal glowed for a moment before the fourth hokage appeared in front of the cage to witness the battle.

"It's time." declared the fourth as he lifted his hand up over the seal before it glowed momentarily before changing and suddenly Naruto began to absorb the demon chakra into his own. The colors of the chakra changed into a fire red as they blended. Naruto's body began to change as his whisker marks faded. His muscle mass increased while his hair became even spikier with red streaks flowing through it.

"WHAT IS THIS! GIVE ME BACK MY CHAKRA!" roared Kyuubi, who then looked and saw the fourth standing in front of the seal. "YOU! YOU DID THIS! YOU RAT I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!"

"No this is all him. This is why I chose him. My son a fire dragon slayer, holding the great fire demon. He'll be unstoppable." stated the fourth.

"NO! THIS CAN'T BE!" exclaimed Kyuubi. He had now lost 4 tails worth of chakra to the boys reserves it would take him months to get back to full power.Even worse his attempts to control the boy would now meet with a lose power. He now needed to rethink his strategy.

"Haha! Do it Naruto! I'll see you again sometime my son." declared the fourth as he faded out of existence.

Naruto smirked as he heard the man. He then completely absorbed the forth tail of chakra before exploding from his mind scape in a ball of fire.

The Outside world

"What is this the kyuubi chakra it's transforming! What's happening in there! I haven't felt a chakra like this since Minato...could he be one too?" exclaimed a puzzled Jiraiya.

The kyuubi chakra suddenly appeared to become fire as it began to roar as the tails receded. Suddenly it exploded into a pillar of fire and the roars of the beast were replaced with the screams of Naruto. When the pillar receded it revealed the new Naruto that awakened in the seal with his body shrouded by smoke and flame.

"Incredible... a fire dragon slayer. His father's lightning dragon transformation wasn't this cool, but then again he didn't almost kill me in the process either." stated Jiraiya in awe.

"Hey you old pervert! I saw a very interesting man in the seal just now. You know my father, the Yondaime Hokage!" declared Naruto.

Jiraiya gulped before trying to explain, " Well you see you weren't supposed to know until.."

"I know that fool! I would have been a sitting duck being his son would have started the 4th ninja war. But finally I know the reason I was chosen. It is not a burden, but a gift of power passed from father to son! The sleeper has now awakened and the dragon slayer has been reborn! I am the Prince of all Fire Country once again!" yelled Naruto before cackling madly.

'I think we may have created a monster. His ability is now only exceeded by his ego.' thought Jiraiya with a sweat drop.

"Quit sitting around you old fool! This changes everything! I'm not skipping the next chunin exams. I'm going to enter solo and blow away the competition! Hurry up before I decide to burn all your research!" yelled Naruto.

Jiraiya was struck with a look of horror before he began cursing, "Damn you Minato! You've set back my research until I get rid of this brat!"