She ran her hands down the sides of the rich emerald gown as she breathed a shaky sigh, checking herself in the floor length mirror that had been temporarily set up in Abby's lab. Allowing her less than a couple hours to get changed for an undercover joint operation with the FBI which she; Ziva David, would be joining with FBI agent William Harvey in attending a Directors of the Armed Forces Celebration at the Gilmore Hotel.

It wasn't uncommon for the team to cross paths with their brothering agency, allowing not only the all too familiar presence of Agent Fornell, but also the possibility of the other male agents to hit on Ziva. Harvey however, was different. He did, like the others, present interest in her, but he also noticeably made Anthony DiNozzos skin crawl with jealousy. Unlike the other agents who Tony blew off completely, knowing they couldn't stand a chance against his irresistible charm and brilliant smile.

The sliding glass door behind Ziva slid open; she turned to see Abby entering, and then stopping dead in her tracks at the sight of her friend.

"Whoa," Abby muttered a smile appearing on her face as Ziva stood shyly, crossing her arms. "You look fabulous!" She exclaimed running to give her a quick hug. "What, I left like forty-five minuets ago and you already look ready to go. Where were you during my Prom?" Abby joked.

"Prom?" Ziva asked curiously, what was Prom?

"You know, the big end of the year dace for High School, people get all dressed up, I however totally forgot and only had an hour to get home shower ect…" She continued on but stopped when she noticed Ziva still didn't follow.

"Never mind," She ended shortly. "Here, I stole these from the receptionist on the first floor." She handed her a pair of low-heel shoes to slip on.

Ziva tucked a lose strand of her dark hair behind her ear. "Thank you Abby." She said giving a slight smile. "I have to admit, it's not my style either." She admitted as she studied herself one more.

"Not the usual cargo pants and T-shirt huh?" Abby asked knowingly linking an arm through Ziva's leading her towards the elevator.

"No," She replied. "It's sort of the first time I've worn a dress since…" He voice trailed off thinking back almost two years ago when she went undercover as a singer back with Mossad. Why was it the only times she wore a dress was for her job?

Suddenly the elevator door dinged as they arrived to the level containing the bull pen. As the two made their way around the corner Tony stopped dead at the sight of his partner.

"Whoa!" Tony, McGee, muttered as Harvey (who was currently being wired with a microphone by Ducky) let out a low whistle as Ziva smiled sheepishly. Gibbs nodded at her in acknowledgment.

Ziva caught eye of Tony staring at her. What? She thought. Hasn't he seen a girl in a dress before?


Tony snapped out of his trance. "Yea boss?" He asked, his eyes darting between his boss and his partner who was now toying with the tamed curls in her elegant ponytail.

"Bug her," He threw him a long cord with a tiny microphone attached to the end.

"Um..." He thought out loud looking for a place where he could successfully hide the microphone within the fabricated parts of Ziva.

Ziva locked eyes with him suspiciously as he approached, his elevator eyes running over ever inch of her. She socked him in the arm; he let out a painful and surprised cry. "DiNozzo, what are you doing?" She demanded. He held up the microphone obviously to show her of his intentions. "Oh… I didn't mean to hit you." She apologized.

"Yea, right!" He laughed half heartedly.

She smiled slightly as she loosened one of her shoulder straps so he could place the microphone underneath it. "This is so uncomfortable." She admitted as she glanced over at Harvey who was going through the same situation as she was. He flashed her a brilliant smile, which she kindly returned back.

"Relax," Tony assured her as he successfully pinned the wire to the silk fabric. "You look beautiful."

They both stopped, surprised by his comment. Ziva met his eyes curiously as Tony stumbled for words. "I mean that in the most professional way possible." He added in as Ziva nodded.

"Of course," She breathed; her heart rate had suddenly increased for a moment. "Because when you tell that to someone it is always professional.

He gave her a quick glare before giving her a friendly pat on the shoulder. "Good to go." He acknowledged to Gibbs who nodded and walked over to hand Ziva her coat.

"You're going to have two voices in your ear," Gibbs whispered to Ziva. "You listen to me, and only me, even if it's against Fornell." He narrowed his eyes at her as she nodded in understanding.

Harvey swaggered over her way extending an arm for her to link with. "You ready to go?" He asked politely helping her with her coat.

"Ready when you are." She replied smiling, she waved at the group before exiting the bullpen.

"Has anyone told you that you look extremely beautiful?" He asked flirtatiously as Ziva stole a teasing look over her shoulder at Tony, whose insides churned with jealously as they disappeared into the elevator.

"Thank that should be you with her?" McGee asked casually as he, Fornell, Gibbs, and Tony hurried up to MTAC for live video and audio feed.

Tony gave a disgusted laugh. "Psh, that's Probie work." Tony drawled on. "All they're doing is taking pictures of people at a party, no hard core mission what so ever." He spat, hiding the edge of jealousy in his voice.

"So then why didn't I go with her?" McGee asked. They were now taking their seats in the dimly lit room.

"Because this is a joint operation agent McGee," Fornell cut in. "We couldn't have you guys taking all the credit." Gibbs rolled his eyes as he slid a headpiece on, giving the signal to start the feed.

The image from Harvey's hidden camera appeared on the screen. They were in a car on their way to the destination. Someone had cracked open a small bottle of champagne, for they each held a cheap glass of the sparkling beverage.

"You have really soft hands." Harvey commented as he brushed lightly across the top of Ziva's. Tony licked his lips uncomfortably as the image of his partner appeared on the screen. She really did look beautiful.

"Agent Harvey," Ziva started in a semi-serious voice. "I think it would be best if we tried to keep things as professional as possible." Tony caught the quick knowing look she gave the camera which was directed at him. "Not that you're not a nice man but… I think it would be best if we kept it, what would you call it, Lovey dovey? For the party." She tipped her glass politely in his direction.

Tony smirked, he could almost see Harvey's face fall in disappointment. He wondered when the last time was he had been semi put down, over an undercover mission feed.

"Well," Gibbs smiled over to the direction of Fornell who had raised an eyebrow at Ziva's comment. "I think we all know how this night is going to go."

"Of course," Fornell replied, adjusting his mouthpiece. "As professional as possible."