McGee shifted his snoring partner off of his shoulder and pushed him back into his seat. Tony shot up in his seat blinking. It was already three hours into the party, and no luck what so ever with recovering the target they were supposed to be protecting.

Tony had watched as Harvey introduced Ziva to almost every commanding officer in the building. This guy was surprisingly popular on the hill with only being an agent.

"Harvey you've landed yourself a beauty," One of the men dressed in a uniform commented as he grasped Ziva's hand lightly. "It's about time you got your priorities straight!"

Harvey laughed lightly as he grasped Ziva around the waist, pulling her halfway into him. "Thank you commander," He said gratefully giving a quick glance at Ziva who reluctantly didn't object. "I just got lucky."

Tony rolled his eyes; this guy was a sad disgrace to Anthony DiNozzos rules of dating.

"Harvey!" Fornell barked impatiently. "We need shots, now."

Harvey quickly ended the conversation with the commander and made his way into the center of the great hall. Ziva followed a few paces behind him.

"How much longer do you think this should take Gibbs?" She asked into her shoulder as frozen images from Harvey's camera appeared one after another on the screen in MTAC. "We've almost got everyone."

The photos were scanned through the database, searching for a match. "Not that much longer." Gibbs promised as Fornell shot him a sideways glance.

"Agent David," He cleared his throat. "Go find Harvey; we're heading back to base."

They could here her breath a sigh of relief as she pushed her way through the crowd.

"Well," Tony stood up and stretched. "Glad that's over." He smiled as McGee stood up disappointed.

"What a waste…" McGee started, but he was interrupted but a notifying ding on the side of the screen. They had found a match.

"Ziva, man with glasses and a brown suit over by the bar, that's our guy." Gibbs said in a semi excited voice.

Before either agent's could comply there were sounds of gunshots. There was a sound of pain, then the screen in front of the horror struck crowd.

"Ziva!" Gibbs yelled into the headpiece. There was no reply, only snow. He threw the headset on the ground as Fornell tried to regain contact with his agent. Tony and McGee shot up from their seats hurrying after there boss out of the room.

Tony's heart pounded in his chest. What happened? How could they lose full out contact? Was she dead? His stomach dropped. No. He thought.

"Boss?" Tony asked Gibbs as they each threw backpacks over their shoulders and hurried to the elevator. A panicked looking Fornell followed closely by two accompanying agents slid between the doors joining them.

"What the hell?" Gibbs mumbled to the head FBI agent. "This was supposed to be a low-profile mission Fornell." He spat angrily. The tension was high in the little space. Tony and McGee shifted uncomfortably glancing at one another. They knew this was bad. No, this was terrible; the friend they had just risked their lives rescuing from terrorist could possibly be lying dead on the floor, helpless.

"We weren't given any information or leads that there would be a hit tonight." Fornell shot back. "This was an accident."

The elevator doors couldn't have opened faster, they all hurried out to the parking lot. "I wouldn't have been if it was a one agency op." Gibbs called across the room as he pushed his way through the door before he could get a reply.

Back at the Gilmore Hotel Ziva had pulled her weapon from the hold under her skirt. She had seen Harvey get hit in the leg as he tried to take the target into custody, two men immediately rushed to his side, carrying him out. Ziva however was stuck to search for the unknown man, pushing the opposite way through the panicking crowd.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw two men in black running across the upper balcony. She ducked into a nearby corridor and hurried down the hall to the woman's restroom. She couldn't do this alone; even with her training she knew she'd need backup.

The restroom wasn't like the usual public restrooms she'd been in. This one had a living room, with elegant furniture, and carpet. Americans. She thought in her head. Then she stopped. She technically was an American now.

She spilled the contents of her purse out onto the counter before her. She snatched her cell phone and pressed her number one speed dial. She would be safe, for now. If the assassins did search the premise for hostages or hideaways she knew for men the last place they'd look was the woman's restroom.

Gibbs cell phone pocket vibrated as he swerved through traffic with McGee and Tony gripping to their seats for their lives. "What?" He said crossly into the phone.

"Gibbs," Ziva answered back.

"Ziva!" Gibbs sighed in relief as Tony relaxed back in his seat, looking to the sky in thanks. "What the hell happened…?"

"Listen, my battery is almost out," She cut him off. "For short, Harvey got shot in the leg, he escaped. I'm in the woman's bathroom on the first floor. There are two men, maybe more, heavily armed. I need backup Gibbs, hurry." She rushed the words out of her mouth as fast as possible. There was a warning beep that her phone was about to die.

"Hang on Ziva, we're almost there." Gibbs reassured her as there was a click from the other end. He threw the phone in the backseat at McGee. "Call Fornell, tell him Harvey's fine." Gibbs ordered as he stepped harder on the gas, they were less than a few blocks away and there already were ambulances and Local Leos present.

"And?" McGee asked expecting more. Gibbs glared at him through the rearview mirror. "Right." McGee said quickly as he dialed the number.

Tony's feet were the first to hit the pavement as he leapt from the car, ducking hurriedly under the yellow tape flashing his badge at nearby cops. He could feel Gibbs' presence following on his heals, to his surprise he saw Harvey being loaded into the back of an ambulance. To his disappointment, he was sitting up talking to the female EMT, like he was unaware of his female partner still trapped inside. Only he knew how much he wished he could shoot him himself.

Once inside they laid out a plan to sweep the building. The FBI's main priority was to capture the shooters, or the target, Tony's however was to find his missing partner. He Gibbs and McGee planned their own strategies. Tony volunteered himself to find Ziva, giving her a pair of more workable clothes, while Gibbs and McGee would search the upper levels with the FBI. It only took a few minuets before they all separated, fanning out across the now empty building.

Tony made his way across the great hall. Glasses of wine and plates of food had been dropped and trampled by the panic of partiers. He pressed himself against the outside wall his gun drawn at his side. He still had to keep a close eye out for shooters. He made his way down a few hallways, but there was still no sign of his partner in either bathrooms or corridors, there was only one left.

Ziva paced the tile floor impatiently. Any moment now her enemy could come bursting through the door. It had already been thirty minuets. Where is Gibbs? She thought nervously.

After a few more impatient minuets passed by she decided to try and leave the room. She grabbed her gun, and slid it with her knife back into place along her thigh and opened the door slowly.

Tony was heading down the last hallway, searching every corner and closet he could find. Still nothing.

Ziva heard footsteps approaching quickly. She ducked back behind the wall, plastering herself almost as close to it as the wall paper. The footsteps had stopped. Shoot. She thought. I've been spotted.

Tony had stopped a few paces from the last woman's restroom; he thought he had seen a shadow. He approached more slowly then shot around the corner gun pointed.

Ziva swung her fist into the assailants face as he fell backwards with a painful cry, clutching his nose. She gasped in surprise kneeling down to the ground.

Blood spilled from Tony's nose as his attacker fell quickly to his side. "Tony?!" Ziva cried in surprise. "I didn't mean to…"

"Yea you did," He cut her off wincing in pain as he sat up. Blood spewed from his nose as Ziva hid a smile. "Why don't you look before you swing David?" He asked angrily.

She glared at him, "It was a reflex." She retorted back.

"I've heard that before." Tony replied, his voice muffled by his reddened hand.

Ziva shook her head. "Here," She said pulling him into the bathroom. "Let's get you cleaned up." She sat him down on the couch and swiped a few paper towels from the dispenser, running them over with cold water. She was actually very glad that he found her.

"Geeze, look at this place!" Tony exclaimed looking around the room. "Your bathroom looks like the waiting room into Buckingham Palace!" He toyed with the fake flowers on the table next to him.

She walked back over to him, ignoring his comments. She pressed the towels firmly against his nose as he withdrew quickly. "Ouch! Gently Ziva, gently." He ordered as he stole the balled up towels from her hand. After a while the blood flow had slowed, leaving a streak of red over the bottom of his face. He tossed Ziva his backpack as she shifted through it contents. A pair of kaki pants and a grey t-shit were revealed from the bag. Ziva hurried into a nearby stall were she threw the emerald dress over the top.

Tony caught it, shoving it in the bag. He noticed it was still warm from being in contact with her skin. He smiled as she exited looking the same as she usually did every other day. Her hair was already slicked back into her braided bun, as she slid on her NCIS cap.

"How do I look?" Tony asked displaying his messy face.

Ziva's lips twitched with a smile. "Like I just punched you in the face." She answered truthfully. He laughed and walked over to the sink to join her. The blood was easily removed with warm water.

"We should get back to base." Tony suggested as they packed up there belongings. "Gibbs is probably wondering where we are." He slid the backpack back onto his shoulders. Ziva nodded in agreement.

"Don't you have your cell phone?" She asked curiously.

"I forgot it at the office." He mumbled as they headed cautiously down the hallway.

"You never forget your cell phone." Ziva commented.

"Yea well, I was panicked and we were in a hurry." Tony replied with an edge of annoyance in his voice.

"Panicked?" Ziva asked surprised. "Why?"

Tony stopped in front of her, which made Ziva run into his back. He turned and faced her. "I was a little worried alright?" He admitted.

Ziva locked his eyes as her face went serious. "I'm sorry?" She said quietly not knowing how to reply.

He gave her a confused glance before they heard a familiar voice.

"Tony, Ziva." A voice called from across the great hall. He was standing in front of two handcuffed masked men being held securely in the grasp of McGee and the FBI agent.

"Gibbs," Ziva greeted with a small smile. "I have to see I'm relieved to see you." She glanced over at the two fugitives. She scowled and went over kicking one of them in the groin. He winced in pain falling to the ground. "That's for keeping me locked in a restroom for an hour." She hissed.

Tony laughed as Gibbs gave him a second glance. "What happened to your face DiNozzo?" He ordered as both him and McGee studied his sore nose. Tony stuttered for words.

"I punched him." Ziva answered casually.

McGee let out a snicker before Tony shot him the death stare. "She didn't know it was me Boss." Tony explained.

"Oh that wouldn't have stopped me." She assured him teasingly.

Tony just smiled without retorting back. He didn't care how much she embarrassed him. He was just glad she was okay.