Summery: Post New Moon/Pre Eclipse. With Bella under house arrest, Alice brought the shopping to Bella, with Jasper in tow. With Charlie at work and Edward off hunting, a "girls (plus one) movie night" becomes the night of forgiveness, we never got.

AN: There were two things that bugged me the most in the Twilight saga… they may seem silly, but one thing is Edwards view on souls, the other was that there was never really any resolution between Bella and Jasper after her birthday. This one was to make that scene a possibility… though as always it turned out much more than expected… much like "Leaving Your Soulless Thoughts Behind You" this could change how some characters (Bella mainly) would act during the next book, during certain situations. So despite the itty bitty bit of AUishness, I hope you Enjoy. R and R if ya like.

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Forgiveness for the Damned

A Brother's Guilt - Jasper

"Hey Charlie!" I looked away from washing the dinner dishes to see Alice in the doorway. Whenever she greeted Charlie first, it was because she wanted something. She had tried to get him to let me go Shopping, though she knew the answer was no… considering I sliced my finger across my neck eliciting a chuckle from Charlie and a prompt glare from Alice even though she had her back turned at the time, she no doubt saw it… so why she tried I'm not sure. Alice turned to smile at me and I smiled back with amusement. I turned to finish the dishes up.

"Hey Ali…" Charlie was at the TV and normally just threw her a glance, if that. Unlike Edward, Charlie liked Alice, he was putty in her hands. But he had been distracted by something. I finished drying off the last plate and turned to see Jasper in the doorway with ten bags, five in each hand while Charlie was staring at the bags like an idiot. Well… I couldn't say much for that as I was staring at them stunned as well. I raised my eye brows at Jasper, I had hung out with Alice enough to know the names on those bags were clothing companies… she had lost her mind.

"Bella, Chief Swan." Jasper greeted us politely.

"Well Charlie, seeing as You wouldn't let Bella out to go shopping, I brought the shopping to her." Understanding swept through me and an intense fear of what was to come over came me. I was now once again glaring at the offending bags.

"Alice, I…"

"Don't worry, we'll use your bedroom as your dressing room and Jasper will stand outside holding the stuff that I'll be taking back." She smiled brightly and I at once felt amusement and pity for Jasper, who wasn't doing his best at the human façade at the moment. He should set the bags down. Alice poked him giving him a meaningful look to which he promptly dropped the bags. I couldn't help but chuckle at him for that. He managed to look slightly embarrassed at Alice. She picked up some of the bags and walked up the stairs to my room.

"I don't know how you do it kid." Charlie gave him a pitying look and once again turned to the TV.

"Jasper, Bella, come on!" Jasper sighed and picked up the remaining bags as the phone began to ring. I heard a giggle. Stupid pixie! I picked up the phone.

"Swan residence."

"Is the Chief there, It's Mark."

"Yeah, hang on." I put my hand over the mouthpiece,

"Dad, Mark's on the phone!" I heard him get off the couch and I left the phone on the counter and made my way to my coming doom. I was rather surprised that Jasper was here. Not that I'd seen any of the Cullen's besides Alice and Edward at School, it rather seemed that Jasper avoided me. I knew he still found it difficult around humans, So it seemed rather odd that she hadn't brought Edward instead. I entered my bedroom to find Alice and Jasper kissing lightly, sitting on my bed.

"Don't defile my bed!" They broke apart and Alice had the decency to look embarrassed while Jasper threw me a smirk as he got up, I had to resist the urge to stick my tongue out at him as he walked out of my room closing the door behind him. I raised an eye brow at Alice, I'm fairly positive Edward would not be amused… She set about pulling clothing out of bags and arranging them in order for me to try on.

"Don't worry I'll get you a new one if you want… trust me it's not that bad. Emmett and Rose had to get Edward a new couch once, and not from breaking it." I couldn't help the cringe of that mental thought from crossing my features.

"A little too much info Alice." She snickered, finishing the last outfit. A small knock on my door interrupted anything that would be said after that.

"Bells?" I opened the door letting him in some.

"Mark's wife just went into labor, so I'm going to go fill in at the office for him." Charlie narrowed his eye's at Alice, she smiled.

"Don't worry Charlie, Edward is banned from the house for tonight, Bella and I are doing girl stuff. When we're done with the bag holder, he'll go home too." He nodded his head after thinking it over.

"Alright, don't stay up too late Bells."

"No worries dad." He turned leaving and closing the door as he patted Jasper on the shoulder,

"Have fun." Jasper tried to smile but it was more of a grimace, for more than one reason I'm sure. And then the door closed.

"Bag holder?"

"That's what he is." I rolled my eye's at Alice as she handed me outfit number one.

"And clearly he's loosing his touch, either that or my Dad's hanging out with you guys too much." She giggled and the snort from the other side of the door was easily heard.

"A bit of both I think." I heard Charlie leave for the office in his Cruiser. The next few outfits were worn and put into the keep pile by Alice with few words. I had a feeling all of these were going in the keep pile, and I was just trying them on for her amusement. But I let her have her fun… then I realized why Jasper was here. I made sure not to push down any of my irritation.

His laughter… which I don't think I had ever heard before, just raised my irritation as he battled it down. I glared at Alice, she gave me one of her "I didn't do anything" looks. I should be mad that she not only bought me clothes, but I should also be fighting tooth and nail against trying these on when she already knew what it looked like. Instead, there was only compliance, and steadily dwindling irritation.

"Nice." She smiled her perfect smile and I submitted to the wishes of the pixie and the influence of the empath. A few more outfits went without a word, then I had to ask.

"So seeing as Edward isn't allowed in the house, did someone finally drag him hunting?"

"Emmett did. Poor boy's terrified of leaving you alone." She said teasingly, then slipped into a darker tone, "Though he has good reason." The hole in my chest was gone, but the memories brought it's ghost out. Before I could slam it away I felt a flash of guilt that was not my own, and then was comforted in a reassuring warmth. I smiled.

"Thanks Jasper." I heard nothing. Did he still blame himself?

"And I am under strict order to stay with you tonight, so I figured we'd make a sleep over since Charlie's not here." I just shook my head. I tried on the last outfit, and Alice threw it in the only pile on my bed, the keep pile. She was a blur as she put everything away and I was once again stuck with compliance, and a very small amount of annoyance. Nope, that was gone too, just compliance.

"Alright I picked out a few movies for us to choose from, sorry no Romeo and Juliet." I rolled my eye's.

"What are my choices?" She reached into one of her bags and pulled out three movies Glory a civil war movie with Matthew Broderick, Chocolat with Johnny Depp, and Interview with a Vampire with Brad Pitt. I snorted at the last one. I knew that Alice couldn't technically see which one we were going to watch if I was the one that actually chose, but either one, minus the interview, would work… preferably Chocolat.

"Chocolat it is!" I just had to love Alice. "Okay…" She grabbed the same bag and threw a pair of blue and black plaid cotton pants and a loose fitted royal blue basic t-shirt at me. I didn't realize Alice was capable of picking stuff like this out… and it was blue, and non ratty and slightly more… well attractive maybe?

"Your welcome." I just smiled,

"Thanks." She giggled. I looked up and she was already in light pink silk pants and a loose, almost baggy long sleeved night shirt of the same color and material.

"I'll go get the movie ready… Do you mind if the Bag Holder stays, even though I told Charlie I'd kick him out?" I raised an eye brow, what further torture did she have in store for me? And was I the one that was annoyed by the Bag Holder nickname, or was that him? I couldn't really tell. I had figured out how to live with Alice's ability, and I'd learned, to a point, how to live with Edward's ability to read other's minds, and the over protective stance he nearly always held… but I hadn't spent much time with Jasper, other than our trip to Phoenix, so I hadn't really learned how to live with Jasper's ability. Maybe Alice was trying to bridge the gap a little bit, knowing that one day I'd be a part of their family, even though I couldn't get out of the house now… or she could just be using him to get her way with me?

"I was kind of hoping to do your hair while we watched the movie…?" It could be both I guess. Or not.

"If he isn't too uncomfortable and he want's to… sure." She let out an over excited squeal.

"Take your shower, get changed and come down stairs." Regardless of what Alice wanted to get out of this, it was the perfect time to figure out the difference between my emotions and his emotions and his control of my emotions… I'd have to pay attention, while hopefully enjoying Alice's hair torture for me to groan in frustration at later.

I took a quick shower to wash the grime of the day off and wrung as much water as possible out of my hair. I knew water tended to make a humans scent stronger. I brushed it through hoping Alice would be happy and that Jasper wouldn't have difficulties. I went down stairs and the title screen was playing Chocolate. Lot's of…

"Not that you need chocolate to make you happy with Jasper around but I figured you might want some." She handed me a bag of milk chocolate Chocolate Stars. Acceptance and gratitude. Gratitude check, acceptance… it's chocolate.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"Don't give Edward any ideas about dragging Jasper with us to a car dealership, alright" I gave Jasper a pointed look, he raised his hands up in an appropriately human gesture of surrender. Alice smiled at the exchange… maybe this was for me and Jasper as much as it was for me and her.

She grabbed a pillow off the couch and put it on the floor and opened the bag of stars.

"Sit." She motioned to the pillow on the floor. I sat and she gave me the chocolate. For a moment it made me feel like a dog getting a treat after performing some trick. I quickly squashed it as Jasper covered his laugh with a cough… yeah vampires don't just cough. Jasper hit play and we watched Chocolat.

When I couldn't be annoyed with Alice's "Bella Barbie" time, it was surprisingly soothing. I'm pretty sure that it was Jasper at first, it seemed forced, but as the movie progressed, I think he let go of that and it was me. She was sitting cross legged on the couch behind me with a small bag of supplies. She brushed my hair, and was surprisingly careful to not hurt me or my hair when she got the snarls out. She used a water spray bottle to keep my hair from frizzing from static electricity. It was nice, sort of. I had always been so annoyed when she did this sort of thing I never noticed just how much care she put into it.

This was her way of showing she cared, even though I didn't appreciate it. Edward was always trying to get me material things, but that's never what I wanted, just like I never wanted more clothes, I just wanted to spend time with Him. And whether I liked shopping or the end result of what she got me, Shopping and "Bella Barbie" was my time with Alice.

I slumped further into the front of the couch and relaxed my head against Alice's knee. I'm fairly certain that she was braiding my hair, even though I hardly felt anything. All I did feel was when her cold feather light touch gathered a small amount of my hair, the comb making the partitions look symmetrical and the water spray bottle occasionally giving me a shiver when she used it to tame my hair. After each braid was done I heard a small rubber band snap into place, holding it there.

About half way through I had eaten more chocolate than I should have and was very thirsty, I doubted Alice would let me up, but…

"Jazz, could you get Bella a glass of milk?" I smiled, she may be annoying but she could be extraordinarily useful. I heard his hum of agreement as he got off the couch. He was back a lot sooner than he should have been with a glass full of milk. Then again he was a vampire. I thanked him and he sat back down next to Alice. I drank about half of it in a few gulps then set it aside to watch the rest of the movie. There were tears, and laughs, it wasn't as good as Romeo and Juliet, but it had it's moments. Alice wasn't done when the credits finished and the DVD went back to the start screen, it played over and over while my eye's drifted closed under the watchful eye of Alice and Jasper.

Edward hadn't been away from me at night yet, I still had nightmares on occasion, but not the one I had while they were gone. I thought that dream was forever locked away, never to return. I thought wrong.

I was running, stumbling, searching… I was alone. The panic was increasing, I wasn't finding whatever it was that I was searching for. There was only green and green and a bit of wet brown, so much water, I was drowning in panic, in green, in water, in fear… It had been a while since I had this dream, but I recognized it, there was never any changing it, but I knew now that the end conclusion was wrong; there was something at the end, there was something to find.

It was at the point just before I normally came to the conclusion that there was nothing to find, when I stepped past a few trees into the Cullen's yard. I blinked and I was standing in front of a still picture of my birthday, just after my cut, just before Edward threw me backwards. I saw the possessed look in Jaspers eye, I also saw the fear within them, the regret. Alice stepped out of the frozen picture and moved around to face me.

"You're not good for Jasper." I didn't want to look her in the eye but I couldn't move.

"You're not good for us." I blinked and I was in the one place in the woods were I always came to the conclusion that there was nothing to find, but Alice was in front of me wearing the same dispassionate face that Edward had just before he told me he didn't…

"You're not good for me." Alice spoke, then she disappeared and the panic returned to the appropriate level as I realized there was no one, no one at all left to find. Not Edward, not Alice… And the screaming started.

My name was repeated by two voices through the screaming, I couldn't tell where it was coming from, then the panic and the pain stopped but the screaming did not. My name was repeated until I ran out of breath and opened my eye's.

"Bella?" Alice's concerned wide golden eye's were in front of me, I was in my bed, in my room, with my hair in little small braids.

"Alice?" I asked stupidly, relieved beyond reason.

"Bella, it was just a dream, you're ok."

"Alice?" I asked again. She looked at me confused and I practically attacked her and could not stop the tears that fell nor the painful relief Jasper was fighting.

"You're here, you're not gone, you're not gone, you're not gone, you're not gone, you didn't leave, you didn't leave me." I was close to hyperventilating and I couldn't control it, I couldn't control my breathing, I couldn't control my words, I couldn't control the relief, or the pain, or the fear.

"Jasper!" Alice yelled. She was holding me in a close hug, but I felt another hand on my shoulder and a peace and calm quickly descended over my consciousness leaving me in a black abyss far more comforting than the green sea of pain and loneliness.

I was still holding Alice in a death grip that she was effortlessly moving me out of, before I could panic too much she set me down back in my bed under the covers so that I laid facing the room. She laid down behind me and held me. It was different than Edward… but it still brought an insane amount of comfort. Jasper sat on my bed and placed a hand on my arm. I don't know if he was doing anything or if it was just his presence that soothed me further, regardless, the ghost of the pain quickly disappeared.

"It'll help to talk about it." I was perhaps as surprised that he would offer as much as I was surprised at his vote, though if it's what Alice wanted…

"We're always here to lend an ear if you need it." Alice said in a prodding way, so I decided to tell her. I was a nervous wreck at the moment. She let out a strange, growl, sob, moan… it wasn't anything I could honestly describe. You'd have to hear it. Jasper stiffened.

"It'll help Bella." She whispered into my ear then kissed the top of my head… full of braids.


"We'll keep him in line." And so the dam broke.

"It was different than what it used to be. I didn't have it at all the first week, I was just "catatonic" then. But then Renee came to take me to Jacksonville, I didn't want to go, didn't want to leave what little memory of you I had left. I thought I was crazy sometimes. I knew I was crazy… I had to be, it wasn't normal. After Charlie finally gave me an ultimatum for getting out of the house, I went out with Jessica… figured out I really was crazy… but I chased it, wanted it, my insanity was the only thing that held back the pain that tore me open. When I started hanging out with Jacob, I didn't always have it, unless there was a reminder… but before that, I had it every night.

"It wasn't what most would consider to be scary, but for me it was terrifying. I would always be searching in the woods like I searched, even knowing I wouldn't find him after he left… and after searching in the real world, I came to the realization that he was gone. And in my dream, I just kept searching, until I realized, there was nothing to find… no reason to search. I was completely and utterly alone. I'd wake up screaming in pain every night. Charlie would burst in and hold me… but after a while, he didn't bother anymore, there was no comfort for the dying. I haven't had it since Alice came back though, even with the constant reminder of him, it was gone… because he wasn't the only one who left me." I came out of spilling my worst pain, to my best friend and her husband. I was trembling, I think Alice was too, I looked up to see Jasper, once again I saw fear and regret… only this time they were not covered by hostility, only sorrow.

"This time was different. Everyone was there, like a snap shot just after I got a paper cut, and then I was back in the woods… and she told me I was bad for her and you. And then there was nothing to search for anymore… again."

The embarrassment that followed was quickly denied to me. I was left with a feeling… it wasn't quite… human. It changed, once, twice, three times, four, five, six… the seventh change was human, and stronger than the others, the love for a daughter. I couldn't keep the gasp in. I looked up at Jasper once again.

"That last feeling is how your father feels for you." He let the feeling linger. "No matter what Charlie will always care for you. The reason he hates Edward… it's not just because he left you, it's because he instinctively, somehow knows that he will be the one to take you away." There should have been guilt, there should have been tears, but all I could feel, literally was my father's love. It ebbed away leaving me feeling inhuman once again.

"The rest are how we feel, it's at one fourth the intensity. Full intensity could quite possibly kill you, and when Edward says that he loves you more…" I was about to object, but he raised the his other hand up so that he could continue, "Literally, that is true, but when it comes to what vampires are capable of verses what human's are capable of, You're emotions are more powerful than anything I've felt come off of a human, and other than myself, Edwards love is the most… pronounced feeling in the house when you are with him." I let that sink in. I could deal with that I guess, in comparison to the rest of our species, our love matched. The inhuman feeling took on a different, tenor, so to speak.

"This is Rosalie's." I couldn't really put a finger on the emotion because it was so different, I could guess what it was but… "I don't feel entirely comfortable telling you how she feels, as she has no wish for you to know, it has changed from the time we were here last. No matter what she thinks of you or your relationship with Edward, she is happy to see him happy, and she has far more respect for you. Not everyone would go barreling into the lion's den just to try to save their ex." I had to laugh at that. Once again the feeling changed. This one was a bit more understandable, it was lighthearted, and had a sisterly love to it, kind of like what I felt for Alice, but it wasn't like Alice, it was more like…

"Emmett?" He smiled.

"Yes, I have no problem sharing his feelings for the same reason Edward doesn't have as much a problem with hearing his thoughts, even though I'm sure they are far more vulgar than anyone else's in the house." I gave him a questioning look. "Emmett says what he thinks, and expresses what he feels on his face regardless." I nodded my head, smirking. "It's not that complex really, He love you like he loves Alice, only he can take on the role of big brother more effectively… Alice doesn't trip or, really need protecting… by anyone other than me." Alice and I snorted at the same time… it was rather odd. He just gave us a smile. "But as for you, If you asked him to go beat up Mike, he'd do it without a second thought." Edward would do the same, but for a different reason I'm sure. "Yes Edward would do the same, but there's a difference between protecting one's mate, and protecting one's little sister." No doubt. Once again the feeling shifted. I could have melted in the comfort.


"Yes, she already thinks of you as a daughter, you've no idea how much leaving hurt her, it wasn't just Edwards pain she hated. She knew the moment you accepted us for who and what we are, that you were no mere human. She recognized the ability to love the moment she first saw you. When Edward first told her why he thought you seemed so grown up for your age, she was upset that you never had what she thought was a good mother… icon in your life. She had no wish to replace Renee, but she wanted to give you what you seemed to have never had. When you started accepting her gestures of comfort during last summer, It made her so happy that she could at least try and fill in the hole you seemed to have." I smiled, Esme was the mother that everyone wanted. The housewife of every man's dream. The only difference was, she wasn't an actor, she was real. The feeling shifted again. But I couldn't pull anything out.

"Carlisle is yet another person I don't necessarily feel at ease sharing his feelings. He too considers you a daughter, but he… his regret for what happened has led himself to feel… well in human terms I guess you could call it unworthy of your love. I've told him that you do, I hope you don't mind." I shook my head. "Edward is his first son, he treats him as a grown man, even though Edward is still very much a seventeen year old. His decisions are impulsive and he still requires and seeks Carlisle's guidance. But Carlisle let Edward make his decision even though he was loath to leave you, it was Edwards choice, Edwards mate. He blames himself for not putting up a fight, for just agreeing. He doesn't feel worthy to have you as a daughter, when you still love him despite that. That's why it's such a turmoil of feelings." I realized we should talk, set things strait, and probably soon.

"I hadn't really understood, why Carlisle... But you're back and I really just, didn't want to push things. Just wanted to keep everyone here." Alice held me a little tighter and Jasper once again smiled, but it was clearly at Alice. She spoke,

"A talk would be good for both of you." I laughed softly… got to love having a psychic sister. The feelings changed again. It was powerful, It could have sent me crashing… and here I was dreading shopping.

"This is Alice." She squeezed me tighter for a moment then nodded her head. He continued. "You fill I hole that I can not. Rosalie is not exactly the most approachable and Esme is more of a mother, than a sister." I put my hand over Alice's… cool and comforting. Jasper continued "You know, we had a meeting after Edward saved you from Tyler's van." I nodded.

"Yeah, Edward said you did… that it was the worst fight you've had."

"It was, I didn't particularly care about the outcome, regardless, I saw your knowledge as a threat of exposure and thus a danger to Alice." I tried unsuccessfully to not tense up. He laughed humorlessly.

"It would have been quick, no blood involved. I had no wish to disappoint Alice while protecting her… But Edward of course knew, as did Alice," Alice spoke,

"The cut off time when Edward and Jasper would cross paths got further and further from your house, always ending in a fight." She was holding me tightly again,

"It was strange how set against harming you he was, considering how your blood calls to him. I'm not sure how it would have ended if Alice hadn't seen you though." Jasper noted. My eye brows furrowed in confusion. Alice told me, probably what Edward never wanted me to know… What he had meant by keeping her thoughts to herself. Alice explained her first vision of me… finally.

"It was just a picture, well two pictures. Both pictures had me holding my arm around you, both of us were smiling. One was with you as a human, the other was with you as a vampire. That's why he tried to stay away from you after that, he didn't want to subject you to our way of life." Jasper continued from there.

"The moment Alice saw that picture, I already began to feel a change, in both her and Edward. Alice said you were going to her sister one day, I trust her… probably more than I should." She giggled at that. "So things progressed, Alice grew ever impatient, because she was already best friends with you, the change had already occurred before she ever said a word to you. I'll be forever thankful for that." The feelings swirled again and when it hit, it hit hard.

"This is Edward before he met you. Dull, boring, lonely, nearly to the point of pain." I was gasping… "This is one fourth of what kind of existence he had. Then the feeling changed again, once again I was left breathless.

"This is what he felt when he came home to change after your first day in the meadow. The difference was so astounding, it made it that much more powerful. It was a constant struggle as he made his way up, steps forward, steps back, until finally he reached that happiness. It lasted until Alice saw James and his coven in the baseball field. Ever since then the happiness has been marred by self hate, by the need to protect. The need to protect you from himself, from what we are, eventually overcame that happiness and sent him spiraling." As Jasper walked me through, the feelings changed with it, but he did not give me the last one. "I won't make you feel that, I know from what Alice has told me how you held yourself, from flashes here and there, to how it changed when she came back… I've caused you enough…" I opened my mouth to protest, but his look pleaded with me not to. "You've felt enough pain. I felt it linger even though I wasn't honestly paying that much attention to anyone besides Alice when you came back." I chuckled.

"Yeah, you and Alice were having a serious staring match."

"You noticed?" Alice asked.


"You were dead on your feet." I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Regardless, he's still torn by self hate for leaving, for hurting you, for putting you in danger in the first place. He truly does hate himself for that."

"I know." And I hated it that he did. I really wished that he wouldn't.

"He was so set on you staying human, as he would believe making sure you keep your soul, the way you phrased your question to the family caught him off guard. But you understood, you understand what he refuses to see. That they are one in the same. I don't think Edward will ever be able to reach that level of happiness he felt for nearly a day until you are one of us, when he's not Always terrified of something happening to you." My next words slipped out carelessly.

"Is that why you said yes?" His smile was grim, his eye's tightened.

"It was one of many reasons. Like I said before, Alice, is lonely without you, even when I'm with her. The Cullen's without Bella doesn't work, not any more, we tried. With you we are a family, without you we are merely a coven, if that. If I hadn't…" I knew what his next words would be.

"Jasper you…" He cut me off.

"Please, Edward heard it in my head, and Alice heard it in advance, and no one else needed or wanted it. Please let me say it." It was probably not on purpose, but I felt his desperation. So I let him. If this is what he needed. Alice put her hand on Jaspers which still rested on my arm.

"I'm sorry. I should have held better control than that. You can say it's just my nature, or that I'm still having difficulties because of my background, I was caught off guard, but it's not good enough. I almost killed my brothers mate, I almost killed my wife's best friend, I almost killed the glue that holds the Cullen's together, I almost killed my sister. I've worked on my control, but I'm still worried that it's not enough. I had every precaution down in my head to make sure I wouldn't slip.

"When you got a paper cut, it was all shoved to the side while the monster broke loose. I can't promise it won't happen again, but I'm trying. The trust you feel around me, it doesn't make sense to me, even though I know you aren't the type to hold grudges, there should at least be some semblance of fear, but there's not, and I don't understand that, I don't deserve it. All I can do is beg forgiveness for my lack of control and promise to try, to try to keep the bloodthirsty monster in chains." He wasn't looking at me, and I could feel yet another tenor of emotion. It matched what he had been saying. This was Jasper, he didn't need me to tell him it wasn't his fault, he needed me to tell him that he was forgiven.

"Jasper. I forgive you." His head shot back to look at me, his eye's confused. The feelings I was grasping at were changing, they weren't so dark. I felt Alice smile, or… Jasper did?

"Thank you." I smiled and nodded my head.

"You're trying, and that's what counts." He returned the smile.

"Sleep Bella." Alice whispered, and I let my brother lull me into a state of oblivion as I laid in my sisters cool comforting arms.

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