Author's Note: Hello! :D I've decided to write my own "Oh my gash I've been transported into my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time video game and AHH!!!! OMG! Evil moblins of death are everywhere! AHHH!!!!" fanfiction. Yes yes, I know that so many other people have probably written fanfics like this already, but please give this one a try ok? Just know that it will probably be silly and zany, and the game characters/dialogue won't be EXACTLY the same.

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Well There's Gotta Be a Prologue…

Upon entering the newly furnished living room, Lorelei throws her suitcases down on the floor in triumph.

"Hah!"She pumps her fist in the air. "Booh-ya! No more school! That means no more homework! NO MORE HAVING TO GET UP EARLY IN THE MORNING! YAY! :D I have a whole entire free summer in front of me! I can waste countless hours doing absolutely nothing productive on the internet! Hmmm, wait a second, I do that …Hmmm…What can I do?...I know! I can play video games! I can stake out all the hawt guys at the beach! :D I can travel to Egypt! I can…"

Lorelei's mother suddenly walks in and interrupts her daughter. "You can get a summer job." -_-

Lorelei falls down upon the ground. "Ahhhh…." xP She moans, while a sweatdrop forms at the back of her head.

Her mother looks down at her. "What? I'm just telling you what needs to be done."

Lorelei slowly gets up, her face now glum. "Ahhhhh I knowww….But Mooom! I didn't want to think about it YET! AHHHH!!!!! AW MAN!" XP

And so, our hero, erm I mean heroine, is immediately depressed by this rather harsh reminder. She picks up her traveling bags and slumps off to her room.

Lorelei: "Waaaaaaaaaa."

Her room is currently very neat and tidy, yet everyone within the household knows that it is only a matter of time until Hurricane Lorelei hits and completely ransacks it.

Lorelei sighs deeply, drops her suitcases, and plops down onto her cozy bed. She closes her eyes and sighs.

'A summer job…' She thinks in silence. 'Man, this summer isn't going to be fun at all.' She sighs again. 'When did I get so old? Gosh I wish I were still a kid…I'd have no worries at all. My top priority would just be having fun…'

Lorelei lays moaning about the thought for a little while, until…She looks up, and sees one of the most frightening things one could ever see on their ceiling.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" xD She screams. "It's Justin Timberlake! Ahhhh! Must…DESTROY!!!!!!"

She jumps onto the floor and runs out of the room. Before long she comes back in, wielding a kitchen knife. She immediately attacks the picture with the sharp weapon. "Die!Die! I can't believe that I actually liked you a year ago! DIE!"

Quick Author's Note: "By this I do not imply that I want Justin Timberlake to die (hey that rhymes!=D) Just a little joke is all. Sorry to any Justin fans out there! xP It's all in just good fun!"

This continues for a while. Lorelei's mother soon enters, and does not at all think it is unusual to see Lorelei on the ground, panting heavily with a knife in her hand and scraps of shredded paper all around her.

"Okay Lorelei," Her mother says, putting on a pearl earring. "Sorry we'll be leaving on the first night you are back home, but we made a promise to my brother that we would attend his cocktail party. We'll be staying the night at his place, so we won't see you until morning."

Lorelei smiles up at her mother. "Ok Mom! Have fun! You look very pretty!"

Lorelei's mother is very flattered by the compliment. "Why thank-you Lorelei!"

Lorelei beams at her mother. "You're welcome mom!...Hey Dad! Come in here!" She points directly at you. "The audience would like to see you!" :D

Slowly, her father enters the room, scratching his head bashfully. He sheepishly waves towards your direction. "Hey guys," He says, clearly feeling uncomfortable.

Three more heads pop in from the doorway. They wave and smile at you.

"Hi! We're Lorelei's neighbors! We don't think there will be another chance for us to be in the story, so that's why we've come in now! Hi!"

They laugh heartily, and then withdraw their faces from view.

Lorelei's mother shoots a weird look towards their direction. "…..O…..k……" xD She turns back to Lorelei. "Alright Lorelei, we're heading out now. Dinner's in the fridge. Okay? Just be sure to reheat it carefully! Don't set the place on fire!...Again." -_-

Lorelei smiles reassuringly. "Don't worry, I won't! Have fun!" :D

Both of her parents smile back. "We will! Take care!" They both retreat. It isn't long before Lorelei hears the front door close.

Lorelei sighs and begins to think aloud. "Hmmm…What can I do? Hmmm…" She puts her finger to her chin. After a moment of deep contemplation she looks downward and spots her old Nintendo 64 video game system, sitting on the floor all hooked up to the TV for her.

She claps her hands in excitement. "I know! I can play an old video game!" =D She crawls toward the game system, and sees that its slot is empty. "Hmm…" She says upon realizing it. "What game should I play?" She begins to dig through a cardboard box filled with old Nintendo 64 games. "Hmmm…" She grabs one at random. "Diddy Kong Racing? Hmmm nah. Um…."*Dig dig dig.* She grabs another one at random. "DONKEY Kong?!" :D "Hmmm no." She grabs another one and reads its label. "Turock?! AH! NO! AH! That one wasn't even mine! Ah! Get away creepy game! AH!" xD She tosses it back into the box, and desperately grabs another one. "Hmm… OH! It's Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time!" :D

Lorelei smiles, as she reminisces happy times (who ISIN'T flooded by great memories whenever they hear about Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?). "Ah what a great game…" She sighs dreamily. "Legend of Zelda it is!" =D

She sticks the game into the system's mouth, flicks the "let's play the game! Whee! =D" switch, and turns on the television. The screen flickers for a moment, and then the beginning credits roll. Lorelei smiles and closes her eyes, listening to the beautiful melody pulsating as the screen shows adult Link riding his horse Epona. Lorelei sighs, feeling as if the musical notes weave a magical spell over her heart…

When the tune ends, she snaps out of her trance and presses a button on her controller. "Okay!" She cries excitedly. "Let's begin playing!" The screen brings her to the main menu. "Hmm…I'll begin a new game!" She smiles, as she begins the process of doing so. "I'll just use my own name!" She enters her name into the system. "L…O…R…E…L…E…I… Lorelei! Alright! Let's begin!" She beams with anxious anticipation. The main menu cuts to a blank screen. "HEY!" :O She screams. "What happened?" ' ;0

She is about to lean forward and restart the system when a voice suddenly speaks, causing her to jump. "Very well, Lorelei." The person's voice is very deep and husky. "Let us begin."

Lorelei looks around her room, immensely startled. "What?! Who said that?!" ;0 She looks back at the television screen and notices that a strange object has appeared amidst the darkness. She leans forward to get a closer look. "What…is that?" xD The mysterious object eases closer to the front of the screen. Lorelei now sees that it is something that looks very similar to a cyclone. The observation startles her. "What is that?!" She cries again, backing away from the television. "Why is that on there?"

As if it to answer her question, a small trail of wind begins to leak out of the screen. It gently caresses her skin.

"…What?!" She asks upon feeling its touch. "Where is that coming from?"

Suddenly, the cyclone circle completely takes over the screen, and begins to emit a roaring sound.

"Ahhh…" Lorelei begins to scream upon the sudden noise. Her fear intensifies as the wind strengthens and begins to pull her towards the screen. She tries to fight against it, but to no avail. The force becomes so powerful that she is suddenly thrown forward. "WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" xO She wails, shielding her eyes as she flies toward the screen.

Darkness envelops her, as she feels herself beginning to plummet downward…

Lorelei slowly opens her eyes, and sees that she is tumbling down an expansive blue sky. "What the?!" xD She says in surprise. "WAGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Gonna Die! WAGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" xD

Down below, Link stands next to the small stream in the middle of Kokiri Forest. His blue fairy lingers in the air next to his head. She looks up and spots something strange dropping from the sky.

"Link!" She cries. "Waz that?!" Using one of her wings, she points to the mysterious object.

Link looks up, and immediately spots what has caught Navi's attention.

"It's a bird!" He declares. "It's a goddess! It's a meat-ball grinder! It's…" The objects come closer towards his range of clear vision. "It's…A girl?!" 0_o

"WAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" xD Lorelei screams as she flies towards the ground as fast as a speeding bullet.

KASPLAT!She slams facedown into the ground. Link and Navi wince from the impact. "Oooohhh." They groan upon the sight. "That's gotta hurt."

"Ughhhhhh….." xO Lorelei moans, as she slowly gets up. "Ahhhh…" She hugs herself, grimacing in immense pain. "Ohohooooo…."

Link walks towards Lorelei and looks down at her with worried eyes. "Are you alright?!"

Lorelei continues moaning in pain for a while until she can finally muster the words to answer. 'Yeah…Aghhhh….NO." xD "Ahhh…"

*Ahem.* And so, here are our three heroes, who shall soon begin their journey to save-

"Owww!" Lorelei groans. "Owhoho!" x(

Erm…Ok…Anyways, again, so here are our three heroes who shall soon begin their journey to save-


Grr! AGAIN, so here are our three heroes who shall SOON BEGIN THEIR JOURNEY TO SAVE-


:( Alright you know what? Hyrule's fate lies within the hands of an annoying fairy, a boy in a dress-

"It's a TUNIC!" :O Link shouts angrily.

Whatever, AND a girl who cannot tolerate pain…Yeah… So, basically Hyrule's scewed. xP This'll be fun to watch…

Okay! That's it for the Prologue! I hope that was ok…I feel as if I am crazy for beginning this fic, as I have another one that I have just begun, and that I shall have to work on. And I'm going to be returning to school on the 18th! xO But I don't know… I began thinking of ideas for this story, and they just wouldn't go away, even when I tried to ignore them, they only began to multiply…So I decided to give in and let them pour out.

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