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We're In a TREE! =D

"Wow…." Says Lorelei, as she gapes at the new setting around her.

The inside of the Deku Tree is immensely large, with many upper levels consisted of platforms and bridges. In a way, the peculiar set-up reminds Lorelei of a large building under construction.

"Yeah,"says Link, his face mirroring her fascination.

Lorelei then takes a few steps forward to the center of the main floor. "Who knew that the inside of a tree would look like this?! " =O She asks in bewilderment.

Link is about to agree with her, when he suddenly notices a Deku Baba rise from behind Lorelei. "Lorelei look out!" He shouts at her.

"Huh?..."Lorelei turns around in confusion, and then notices the Deku Baba preparing to lunge at her. "WHOA!" =O She jumps away from its snapping jaw just in time. She stares at it in complete shock for a moment, and then turns to Navi. "Navi!" She whines to the fairy. "I thought that he would only attack me if I touched him! I didn't even lay a finger on him! Why did he try to eat me?" =(

"Those are only with the withered Deku Babas," Navi tells her. "That one is not withered."

"Oh," Lorelei says, not knowing what else to say. She turns back to the Deku Baba, who is now growling at her maliciously. "Well…"She says slowly, withdrawing her sword from its cocoon. "Whatever you are….DIE!" She swings her weapon, and slices the creature cleanly in two.

It releases a pained cry before perishing and dissolving into the ground. A pair of two very small brown objects are left in place of its corpse.

"What are these?" Lorelei asks, picking them up and studying them with intrigued eyes.

"Oh those?" Asks Navi, hardly interested in the objects. "Those are the Deku Tree's nuts."

Lorelei looks down at them in astonished horror. "His WHAT?!" =O She asks, in complete shock.

"His nuts," Navi repeats, in a very nonchalant matter-of-fact tone.

"OH MY GAWD!" Lorelei screams in disgust, immediately dropping the two items. She begins to wildly rub her hands against her shirt. "EWWWW!!!!! EWWW!!!!!" xO

Link immediately bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

Navi looks at them both, clearly confused. "What?" She asks. "What's wrong? Did I miss something?"

Neither one of them answer her. Lorelei continues to retch and rigorously scrub her hands while Link convulses from fits of powerful laughter. Finally, after a few moments, Link ceases laughing, and speaks to Lorelei, tears streaming from his eyes. "Oh Lorelei…She meant NUTS. Like the ones that grow from the branches on trees? The ones you can eat?"

Lorelei THEN understands. "Ohh…" She says, completely relieved. "Ok… THOSE nuts…Ok, good good." =D She relaxes her hands.

Link smiles at her in amused disbelief. "Honestly, Lorelei?" He asks her bemusedly. "If those WERE what you thought they were, then don't you think they'd be a heck of a lot bigger?"

Lorelei cowers back from the awkward question. "Ahhhhh!….Uhhhh…." xD She stammers, obviously feeling uncomfortable. This only causes Link to resume laughing.

Navi shakes her head at Link's immaturity, and watches Lorelei as she retrieves the nuts. "Yes, so as I was saying… SO basically, do give you a little description, those nuts are small, hard objects that can be used to flash and stun enemies."

These words intensify Link's laughter, and causing Lorelei to drop the nuts again in complete shock. "Aghhhh…." xP She moans in disgust.

Navi sighs deeply in embarrassed shame and flitters away from them. "Yeah.. I'm just not going to talk…ever again…"She moans in mortification.

Link and Lorelei immediately look up, their faces happy upon the announcement. 'REALLY?!' =D They both think to themselves in delight.

Lorelei recollects the nuts, and Link recovers from his laughter. 'Hey, maybe this won't be so bad after all!' They both think secretly within. They begin to proceed forward, stepping on a very flimsy and pliable surface. Upon the contact of their feet, it sinks down a foot.

"Hey! What the-" Says Link from the sudden movement. He looks down, and sees that they are standing on top of a large cobweb.

"EEEK!" Lorelei immediately jumps off of it. "EW!!! EWW!!!! " She shrieks. "SO GROSS!!!!! NO WONDER WHY THE DEKU TREE DOESN'T FEEL WELL! EWWW!!!!!" xO

Link ignores her, stooping to his knees and closely inspecting the web. "Hmmm…" He thinks pensively, trying to see through the holes. After a few seconds, he makes a deduction. "There's another floor down there," he announces. "But…"He jumps on the web. Its thick strands do not yield from his weight. He then looks up. "Ah," he says triumphantly, smiling upon his discovery. "We have to jump onto it from all the way up there."

Lorelei looks at him in horror. "We?!" She repeats, in disgust. "What do you mean 'we'? There won't be a 'we' for that one! Let me tell you RIGHT now! I HATE SPIDERS AND I HATE WEBS! I AM DEFINITELY NOT TOUCHING THAT! "

Link rolls his eyes upon her stubbornness. "Whatever," he says, beginning to walk away from her. "And to think I actually believed in you."

These words immediately catch her attention. "What?" She asks him, clearly intrigued. "What did you say?"

"Oh nothing. Just forget it." 0=) Link replies lightheartedly. His goal is obviously to smite her.

He of course, succeeds. Lorelei flounces after him. "What did you say?!" She asks him, clearly growing irritated.

Link's tantalizing persists. "Nothing," he says again. 0=)

By this point, impatience and anger has completely overtaken Lorelei. She leaps in front of Link, grabs onto each of his shoulders, and shakes him violently. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" She shouts at him demandingly.

Despite this abuse, Link's smug expression still does not fade away. She continues to shake him. "TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" She barks at him.

"Ok…" Link finally agrees slowly. Lorelei immediately stops shaking him. "Ok. I'll tell you…"He smiles insidiously at her. "I said: 'and to think I actually believed in you.'"

Lorelei's eyes bulge at him angrily. "And what did you mean by that?!"

"Well…" Says Link, looking up at the ceiling innocently. "I just thought that maybe you could be my partner. Someone I could depend on. Someone who would always be right by my side no matter what, through thick or thin. I thought you were different from most girls, who usually just watch helplessly on the sidelines while the boys do all the work for them. I thought you were different than that. But no, here you are, whining about a mere spider web. Typical girl."

Lorelei is immediately infuriated upon these words. "What? WHAT?!" She snaps at him. "How dare you! I…I…I AM YOUR PARTNER!" She grabs his face and yanks it downward to bring his eyes back towards her. "You hear me?! I AM YOUR PARTNER! AND I PROMISE YOU, THAT I SHALL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE, NO MATTER HOW DANGEROUS OR SCARY OR GROSS THE SITUATION IS! I WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT BY YOU!"

These are the words that Link was anticipating. "Good," he replies, totally satisfied. "Then why don't we begin our quest. Partner." ;)He begins to walk towards a ladder in the distance.

"Yes!" Shouts Lorelei. "Let us BEGIN NOW!" She follows Link. Her eyes then widen in fear. "Partner!" She shouts, pointing to a Deku Baba that has risen from behind Link. "Look out!"

Link immediately rolls away from the demon's clutches, narrowly missing its snapping teeth. Lorelei advances towards the monster, draws out her sword, and in one swing, she acclaims victory over the enemy.

Lorelei looks over at Link, smug and triumphant. "See?" She says to him confidently. "I have already proved myself as a great partner! Haven't I?!" ;D

Link chuckles and rolls his eyes. "Yes you have," he agrees. "Now, let us go."

The two newly appointed partners then resume in pursuing their quest.

Link knows that he has acted like a punk towards Lorelei in order to win her devotion, a mannerism he rarely ever refers to. However, he is very glad that it has helped him in recruiting a comrade, someone who would always keep him company and help him, someone who would help make him feel a little less alone, someone that was not a floating ball with insect wings.

Speaking of the floating ball, Navi lingers next to the ladder that leads towards a higher level. Instead of saying: "Look! A ladder!" or "Climb the ladder!", she merely floats next to it, clearly indicating that both Lorelei and Link should climb up it.

'Wow…'Link thinks to himself, looking up at Navi in amazement. 'I could get used to this!' =D Lorelei's own thoughts are very similar.

Feeling quite elated, Link grabs onto one of the ladder's rungs, and begins to climb up. Lorelei follows suit. They reach a new floor that has a wooden beam protruding outward from the ledge, very much resembling a diving board. Link looks past it and spots a door in the far distance.

"Look!" He says, pointing towards its direction. "A door!"

Lorelei nods excitedly upon seeing it. "Let's go!" The two begin to run towards its direction.

They make admirable progress when suddenly Navi flies directly in front of their faces. "LISTEN!" =D She shouts.

"Wagghhh!" xD Both Lorelei and Link scream as they fall back on the floor in surprise.

Navi; however, ignores their dramatic reaction. "Look!" She says, pointing her wing at the wall next to her. Thick vines cover the wall in a vast layer. "Look at this wall!" She cries in astonishment. "The vines growing on it give it a rough surface…Maybe you guys can climb it!"

Sweatdrops form on both Lorelei and Link.

"Aghhh…."Link groans. "It was nice while it lasted." xD

Lorelei nods in agreement, and rises back up along with Link. She begins to gaze at the vine-coated wall, running her eyes over each curved edges that crawl higher and higher towards the next floor above. She then spots the horrific large spiders that have made their homes upon the plant.

She immediately shrieks upon seeing them.

Link jumps with a start, and looks over at Lorelei with worried eyes. "What?! What is it?! What's wrong?!" =O He asks her.

She points at the creatures, pure terror etched on her face. "There's…There's spiders!" T_T

Link looks up at them, chuckles, and turns back to Lorelei. "Well yeah. When there are spider webs, there are usually spiders," ;) he simply tells her.

Words to live by…

"But…but…" She stammers in shock. "But they're so… MASSIVE!" =O She gasps.

Indeed, Lorelei is correct in saying so. Most spiders on earth are usually only a few centimeters in length and width, however, these ones are as big as Lorelei's own face. She feels so disgusted and frightened upon this realization that she almost cries.

"Hey," Link says to her gently, rubbing her back in a soothing manner. "Relax…It's alright… Just don't look up at them…"

See? Link is a good person. =)

Unfortunately his words hardly comfort Lorelei, who still trembles in fright.

He then notices a large treasure chest situated not too far from their feet. "Look!" He points to it in desperation. "Why don't you open that treasure chest?!"

Lorelei's face brightens, immediately forgetting the frightful spiders. "Treasure chest?!" She asks excitedly. "Where?! WHERE?!" =D She follows the direction towards where Link is pointing, and squeals upon seeing the wooden box. "Oooh! A treasure chest! Can I open it?! Please please?!" =D

Link rolls his eyes and smiles. "Yes Lorelei," he says to her, very much amused.

"YAY!" =D Lorelei cries in delight. She runs over towards the chest. Her eyes glowing with anticipation, she stands before it, trying to catch her breath. She then places her hands upon it and slowly throws open the top. Bright light leaks from within as she leans inward, and grabs the hidden treasure inside…

"It's…"Lorelei dramatically pauses. Link and Navi look at her anxiously. She smiles and pulls out the secret item. "PAPER!" =D Lorelei announces ecstatically. She waves a long sheet of decrepit paper darkened with age.

Link looks at it with grateful eyes. "Not just any paper," he says, a bit of excitement tinted in his voice. "It's a map! To prevent us from getting lost!" :D

Lorelei beams at the statement. "YAY!" She cheers. She then looks down at the paper and studies it carefully. "Hmm…" She says, reading its provided information. "According to this, I think that we must next go to that door over there." She points towards the doorthey were originally heading towards.

"Alright!" Link declares, smiling triumphantly. "Let's go!"

And so, our heroes, with their newly acquired map, head towards the door and enter the new dungeon room.

As soon as the three enter the room, the door immediately slams and iron bars slide down in front of it, preventing escape.

"Ok…"Says Lorelei upon the random moment. "That's just a tad bit creepy." xD

She turns back towards the front of the room and sees a leaf-covered creature emerge from a large flower situated on the ground. The leaves are yellow and orange, and the creature itself has orange eyes and an ant-eater type of mouth.

"Awww!" Lorelei coos upon seeing it. "It's SOOO cute!" =D

"Careful Lorelei," Link warns her. "It might be an enemy."

Lorelei of course, does not listen. She waves at the creature.

"HI! My name is Lorelei! Do you want to be friends?" =D She asks sweetly, beginning to walk towards it.

The creature glares at her maliciously. "EAT THIS!" He shouts at her. "POOF!" Before Lorelei can react, the creature spits a deku nut directly at her. "BAM!" It hits her right in the abdomen.

"OOF!" xO Lorelei moans and staggers back from the blow. She cradles her hands against the slight wound inflicted from the attack, and looks over at Link in bewilderment. "Did…Did you see that?!" She asks him incredulously. "He…He threw a nut at me!" =O

Link tries to suppress a few chuckles but fails quite epically.

"POOF!" The creature fires another direct hit into Lorelei.

"OWWW!" X( Lorelei cries in pain. She looks over at the mean bully angrily. "Stop chucking your nuts at me! They really hurt!" =(

Link immediately burst into laughter AGAIN.

Seriously? Is this REALLY the legendary Hero of Hyrule?

Lorelei sighs and rolls her eyes at Link.

She looks over at the nut spitting creature and notices that it is preparing to fire another one at her. "Oh no no no!" She says defiantly. "Not again!" She pulls out her shield and holds it out in front of her.

"POOF!" The third nut flies toward her, except this time it hits Lorelei's shield and deflects back towards its owner.

Upon being hit by the hard object, the creature releases an injured cry and begins to hop away.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?!" Lorelei bellows. She chases after the retreating creature. "GET BACK HERE!"

She pursues it and traps it in a corner.

The creature looks at her with startled eyes and speaks to her.

"Ow ow ow!" It cries in both pain and fright. "Forgive me master! If I give you a clue, will you let me go?"

"NO!" Lorelei shouts at him.

It reveals the secret to her anyway.

"When you jump off a high cliff and roll a certain way you won't get hurt! Can't guarantee if it will work if the cliff is really really high! Heh heh! Well try it if you are feeling bold!"

Lorelei looks at him in angered disbelief. "What the heck?! THAT is your biggest secret?! I already knew that! Man, you really need to get a life!"

"WAAAAAA!" T_T The creature cries, clearly insulted. He hops away.

"Hey!" Lorelei shouts at him. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?!" The creature seeks refuge inside of his flower. She runs toward it. "HEY!" She shouts again. She looks down at the flower angrily. "Oh so think you will just escape huh?! Well guess what I think of your stupid flower?!" She begins to stomp on it viciously. "Take this! UGH UGH! AND THAT!!!! GRRR!!!! Is that causing dirt to drop on your face?! HUH?! HUH?! I HOPE SO! EAT DIRT! EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RARHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"

Navi looks at the worked up Lorelei in horror.

Link however, isn't nearly as afraid. He places his hand on Lorelei's shoulder. "Lorelei," he says to her, authoritatively. She immediately stops and glares at him, with bulging eyes.

"WHAT?!" She snaps at him.

He sighs deeply and speaks to her calmly. "Just let it go. Look." He points to the door in front of them, which is no longer barred. "It's unlocked now. We can go in. So let's go."

She lets him guide her towards the doorway, and willingly walks into the next room.

Her anger is immediately forgotten when she spots something fascinating. She gasps upon the sight of it. "RANDOM WOODEN PLATFORM MAGICALLY FLOATING IN THE AIR!" =D She cries excitedly, pointing towards a random wooden platform magically floating in the air.

"Interesting," Link says pensively. "Just be careful though Lorelei. Don't jump on it-"

Too late, Lorelei has already hopped onto its surface. "Look at me!" =D She calls to Link happily. "I'm-" The platform begins to shake. "…Uh oh." xD She says apprehensively. KABLAM! The platform collapses upon the floor below. It smashes into pieces upon contact on the floor and Lorelei lands right on her butt. "Owww…." xD She moans in pain. She picks up a fallen wooden beam from the floor. "What…" She stutters in confusion. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THE POINT OF THAT?! OWW!" xD

Link sighs deeply and jumps down towards her.

"I TRIED to warn you." He says to her smugly, offering her his hand.

Lorelei sticks her tongue at him as she accepts his help. "Shut up Link!" xP She shouts teasingly.

Before Link can conjure a witty reply, she speaks again.

"Well, while I was on the evil magic platform for a good two seconds, I happened to notice that there's a treasure chest over THERE!!!!!" =D She points upward onto a platform opposite from the entrance.

Link beams upon the news. "YAY!" He cheers. "I DO LOVE treasure chests!" =D

Lorelei smiles back at him. "Me too!" She agrees. "Let's go!"

And so, our heroes venture towards the treasure chest. Link opens it, and pulls out…TWO SLINGSHOTS! =D

"YAY!" Lorelei cries happily. "We can kill things that are far away! WHOO-HOO!" =D

"YEAH!" =D Link shouts enthusiastically.

Both he and Lorelei turn around to head towards the next room, when they suddenly spot a wooden ladder hanging from the ceiling far away.

"HEY!" Navi cries aloud upon seeing it.

Link and Lorelei groan. Navi continues speaking.

"Look! Something is hanging up there! It looks like an old ladder!"

"No REALLY Navi?" /=/ Lorelei says to her sarcastically.

Navi hangs her head in silence.

What? SHE IS ANNOYING! Don't feel bad for her!...Ok maybe you can…but just a LITTLE.

Anyways, meanwhile, Link has been staring intently at the faraway ladder. "Hmm…" He thinks deeply, putting his finger against his chin. After a few seconds, his eyes light up. "I got it!" He cries excitedly.

"What?!" =O Lorelei asks him.

Rather than replying, Link whips out his new slingshot, and looks over at Lorelei.

"Watch this." ;) He says to her, in a braggart voice tone.

He places a small Deku seed against the slingshot's elastic band, and while simultaneously taking a deep breath, he stretches the band slowly towards him. He aligns the weapon closer towards the direction of the ladder. "Alright…"He whispers. "Here we go." He then releases the band, and in a swift movement, the seed catapults forward. It misses the ladder completely.

"Uhh…."xD Link stutters upon his epic failure. Lorelei has to try so hard to prevent herself from laughing. "Let's…uh…try that again."

Again, Link arranges his weapon for the perfect shot, and as he releases the seed, he shouts: "GO!" The seed misses its mark at an even further distance.

Lorelei then has to release a few suppressed chuckles.

"Stop!" Link shouts at her angrily. "I WILL get it this time!" He tries again, and is rewarded with another miss.

Lorelei resumes laughing.

"GRRRR!!!!!" Link growls in exasperation. "Come on! Get it! COME….ON!" He fires another seed at the ladder. YET another failure.

At this point even Navi has begun laughing.

"ARGHHHHH!!!!!" Link shouts angrily. He lines up another seed. "This…time…"He growls, gritting his teeth. "HIT IT!" He barks, viciously shooting the seed.

THWACK! It smacks straight into Navi. "OWW!" She cries aloud angrily, falling on the ground. She rubs her slight injury with her wing. "Watch where you're shooting that stupid thing!" She yells at Link.

Link scoffs. "Sorry." He says, clearly not caring or meaning it. He reaches into his pocket. "I…" He looks down, looking immensely disappointed and lost. He closes his eyes and sighs a slow deep sigh. "I am out of Deku seeds…"=(

Lorelei looks at him, her eyes alight with smug happiness. "Oh really?!" =D She asks him. She lifts her eyebrow at him. "Do you need MY help?" ;)

Link sighs again, and bites his lip. After a few seconds, he is able to muster up the words. "YES Lorelei."

"Yes what?!" =) She asks him with false curiosity.

Link growls and throws up his arms in frustration. "YES I NEED YOUR HELP OKAY?!"

Lorelei giggles. "Okay, that's all you had to say. No need to shout." ;) She fishes through her pocket, and pulls out her slingshot and a seed.

She prepares to fire. "Watch and learn." ;) She says confidently.

Link rolls his eyes, but says nothing.

Lorelei, delved into total seriousness, slowly releases the seed. THWACK! It hits the ladder in a perfect shot.

The ladder shakes, and immediately drops down to the ground.

Lorelei lowers her weapon and smiles at Link triumphantly.

Link glares at her. "Shut up Lorelei." -_- He says to her. "It was just a lucky shot."

"Yeah yeah…" Lorelei says, raising her eyes towards the ceiling. =)

Why can't boys just admit it when they've been owned by a girl?

And so, our heroes then retreat from the room, and walk back outside towards the vine covered wall. This time however, they have what is needed to vanquish the spiders.

It is Lorelei who must kill them with her new slingshot. "Take this!" She screams, shooting at the spiders with perfect aim. "DIE YOU GROSS SPIDERS! DIE!" The spiders listen to her, wailing in pain and dropping to the ground upon being hit. After a few seconds they all disintegrate into the ground.

They then climb the vacant vines up towards the upper floor. This level consists of a long wooden bridge that stretches all the way out and conjoins in a wide circle. They take a few steps until they notice a big electronic box attached to the wall of the tree. Hanging from the box on a coiled string is a device similar to a walkie talkie.

Lorelei points to it. "What's…"She stammers in utter confusion. "What's that?"

They walk closer towards it. They then notice a sign situated to the box. "The Deku Tree's voice box." Lorelei reads it aloud. "DO NOT TOUCH!"

Lorelei raises her eyebrows mischievously. "Hmm…" She says, reaching her hand out towards the attached walkie talkie.

"NO!" Navi cries. "The sign says DON'T TOUCH!" Lorelei of coarse does not listen.

She wraps her hand around the small device. She looks up at Link excitedly. "So, you think if I say ANYTHING into this, the Deku Tree shall repeat it?"

Link shrugs and smiles. He knows that the idea is so wrong, yet he, like Lorelei, simply cannot resist the temptation.

"Okay. I'm going to try it.":D Lorelei announces.

"NO! DON'T!" Navi cries again. Lorelei ignores her, and brings the little square to her lips. She presses a button and speaks into it. "Hello." She tries to think of something to say. "Uhh..I am the Great Deku Tree. 'S up?"

They hear the deep bellowing of the Great Deku Tree as he repeats her words. "Hello." He says in his gruff voice. "Uhh…I am the Great Deku Tree. 'S up?"

Lorelei releases her grip upon the button and looks over at Link and gasps in amused delight. "DID YOU HEAR THAT?!" =D She asks him giddily.

Link mirrors her expression and chuckles excitedly. "Do it again! Do it again!" =D He begs her.

"Ok ok!" =D Lorelei replies. She thinks for a moment, laughs, pushes the button, and speaks again. "Yo. Yeah I am the Great Deku Tree. The master of all the Kokiri. You know it. So you must do what I say. And this is my command." She pauses dramatically and smiles at Link maliciously. He holds his breath in anticipation. She then resumes speaking. "That Mido is a big jerkbag. Everyone chuck rocks at him!" :D She withdraws her finger from the button, and jumps up and down in delight as she listens to the Deku Tree repeat her words.

Outside, the Kokiri boy standing in front of Mido's house picks up a stone. "Well, you heard him!" He shouts towards the other Kokiri. He looks towards Mido's direction. "GET HIM!"

Mido gulps nervously. "Oh…CRAP." xD He says apprehensively.

Back inside the Great Deku Tree, Link and Lorelei are both hopping up and down, clapping their hands gleefully. "Lemme try lemme try!" =D Link pleads, holding out his hands towards Lorelei.

"OKAY!" =D Lorelei cries excitedly, slowly handing the walkie-talkie towards Link.

Navi shakes her head in disbelief. 'Am I the only one who is intent on saving the Deku Tree here?" xD She thinks to herself.

Apparently Navi. Apparently.

Link then presses the button and speaks into the small device. "Hey girls," he says, in a flirtatious voice. "That Link is a pretty hawt stud! All of you take turns making out with him when he comes back out!" ;D

Lorelei's smile immediately disappears, as she shakes her head at Link, disbelief and disgust etched upon her face. "Really Link?" She asks him in disapproval. "You are supposed to be the legendary hero of Hyrule, and you say THAT?" She shakes her head again. "Despicable. I am very disappointed in you Link."

Link sighs. More in annoyance than in shame. "Alright." He says, rolling his eyes. He speaks into the mike again. "Alright ladies," he begins, his voice clearly expressing disappointment. "I was just joking. You don't have to do that…for now." ;)

Lorelei scoffs and rolls her eyes at Link again.

Link places the walkie-talkie in its former position against the electronic box.

An awkward silence between the two ensues…

Navi finally breaks it. "Well!" She says, clapping her wings together. "Let's go break the curse of the Great Deku Tree!" =D

Both Link and Lorelei simultaneously snap out of their trances. "Yeah. Let's do that." Says Link in agreement. Both he and Lorelei turn away from each other and walk eagerly towards a distant doorway…

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