Weekend Getaway- Chapter 1

By: Raicheru

Rated: M (Eventually. It might take a while to get there.)

Pairing: Aizen x Ichigo

This is AU, so no soul reapers and such. The characters are still basically themselves, just in a different setting. (There will probably be some ooc behavior from some, but it will fit the setting and the scene.)

Ichigo glared at his beer as he leaned against the bar. He really, really didn't want to be here. The club he was currently losing his sense of hearing in was supposed to be one of the hottest in town. Keigo had dragged him out that night in the hopes of 'getting him some.' Apparently, he didn't think Ichigo was expanding his social horizons enough. Ichigo thought he was doing just fine on his own and wanted nothing more than to go back to the apartment he shared with Keigo and Mizuiro. He could drink at home which would be cheaper and less likely to leave his ears ringing for hours afterward.

The beat pulsed through the whole building and he could feel it thrum against the soles of his sneakers. He'd adamantly refused to dress up to go out. If they didn't want him as he was then too bad. Not that he had any interesting picking someone up here. Or being picked up for that matter. Of course, that seemed to be easier said than done. Several women had been making eyes at him and a couple of guys too. At least none of them had tried to buy him a drink yet.

"Ichigoooooo!" Keigo's voice managed to carry across the music as he shimmied his way between people to get through the crowd on the dance floor. Ichigo pointedly ignored him. He didn't want everyone in hearing range know his name. Keigo came bouncing happily up to the bar. "Any takers yet?"

Ichigo sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Keigo, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested in that."

"Oh, c'mon! You seriously need to get laid."

Ichigo ignored him and took another sip of his beer. He'd been trying to nurse it because he also had no interest in getting drunk in a place like this. He'd have enough to deal with just trying to get Keigo and Mizuiro home in one piece. Speaking of which. "Where's Mizuiro?"

Keigo's look instantly darkened as he nodded over to the far corner. Kojima was currently sandwiched between two rather impressive sets of breasts. Ichigo tried not to smirk at Keigo's obvious irritation and jealousy. No matter where they went, Mizuiro attracted a throng much to Keigo's ire and Ichigo's amusement. He seemed to be fine for the moment.

"Why don't you go ask him to share?" Keigo muttered something under his breath and stalked off. Ichigo laughed. He knew he'd bounce out of his current mood shortly.

There was a soft tap against his shoulder which he ignored. The second tap was more insistent. Turning his head and narrowing his eyes, Ichigo opened his mouth to tell whoever it was to shove off. But when he saw the sparkling sea green eyes watching him, he closed it without saying anything. She had a sweet smile framed by an unruly mass of what appeared to be dark green hair. It was hard to tell in the dim lighting. Her skimpy little dress matched her hair, it's slim strap slipping slightly off one shoulder.

"You look lonely. My boss is having a party in one of the private rooms in back if you'd like to join us." She was awfully polite, her small voice sounding coy in the atmosphere of the club.

Ichigo was immediately suspicious. "No thanks. I'm fine."

She poked out her lower lip in a pout. "You sure?" Ichigo just nodded. "I told him you'd say no." She smiled again. "But don't worry about it. Here." She handed him a small embossed card. "Just in case you change your mind. Show it to the bouncer in the back and he'll let you through." She started to turn and then faced him again, her eyes twinkling a little. "You can bring your friends with you if you're afraid to come alone." With that, she bounced off.

"Oh. My. God." Keigo draped his arm over Ichigo's shoulder and proceeded to drool on his sleeve. "Please don't tell me you just turned her down."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. She'd been pretty and had a nice body. Okay, he'd be honest. She had an incredible body. But there was nothing there for him. No 'spark' for lack of a better, less clich├ęd word. "Not my type."

Keigo nearly choked on his drink as he took his next sip. "If she's not your type, then you don't have one." He grinned. "Unless you like a different set of equipment. I had no idea." He laughed uncontrollably as Ichigo immediately turned his strongest scowl in Keigo's direction. "If looks could kill, man."

"You'd have been nothing but a grease spot on the floor long ago."

Keigo waved away the familiar threat. "Seriously though. What did she want?" Ichigo held up the card she'd given him. He hadn't had a chance to look closer at it yet. All he could make out in the dim light was a small logo imprinted on one side. No number or address.

"What?" Ichigo blinked in concern when Keigo's jaw nearly dropped to his toes. Ichigo reached out and snapped it shut with a finger and waved his hand in front of his face. "What is it? Did I just let myself get marked for death or something?"

Keigo looked up, startled. "She gave this to you?"

"Yeah, she said it would get me in to the back if I wanted." Keigo immediately grabbed his hand. "What the hell?"

"We're going. Invites like this only come once in a lifetime."

Ichigo stumbled along after him, held by a surprisingly strong grip. "What about Kojima?"

Keigo waved dismissively and nearly spilled what was left of his drink. "He's fine where he is. It's his turn to be jealous for once."

When they reached the alcove that led deeper into the building, two rather large men in dark glasses stepped forward to block their way. Keigo held up the card, his hand only shaking a little. The two bouncers looked them up and down, their gazes settling on Ichigo for a moment before they looked at each other. Something seemed to pass between them and they stepped aside, nodding slightly. Keigo let out the breath he hadn't known he'd been holding and pushed his way past, dragging Ichigo with him.

This just seemed to be more and more like a bad idea. All Ichigo wanted to do was go home. He wasn't interested in private parties or any privileges that might go with them. For all he knew, they were doing drugs back here. They arrived in a smaller room that held several people but managed not to be crowded. In the central seating area, a few people glanced up at their arrival. The girl with the green hair was sitting snuggled in the lap of a tall, lanky man. She noticed them first and her eyes widened a little before she smiled at them. The man watched them out of his single eye, the other covered by a colorful patch.

A few others stood out from the group. There was a pale man with white hair, his equally white suit immaculate as he sipped from a martini glass. He seemed to be perpetually grinning, his eyes nearly closed as he lounged on the couch. It gave his expression an amused look. A leggy blonde with darkly tanned skin sat at a stool by the small private bar, her finger tracing the rim of her wine glass. A quietly smiling man was sitting next to her and shuffling shot glasses like the tumblers hiding the ball in a game of chance. Picking one at random, he knocked it back and laughed to himself. In this light it was hard to tell, but his hair seemed to have a pinkish hue.

But Ichigo wasn't looking at any of them. In the center of the long couch, a single man sat by himself seemingly untouched by those that surrounded him. He had the air of a sovereign on his throne with his courtiers at his side. And he was watching Ichigo intently, his dark brown eyes unblinking. Their gazes locked and held for a moment and everything else faded away into the background. Until Keigo yanked on Ichigo's sleeve and snapped his attention away.

"Dude, do you know who that is?" He was almost shaking with excitement. There was a healthy dose of apprehension too. "Please, please tell me you were really invited back here."

The girl in green bounced up from where she sat and reached out to both of them. "I'm so glad you changed your mind. I'm Nel." She led them to the couch and sat them down.

For the first time, Ichigo noticed how horribly underdressed he was in his current surroundings. There were silks and suits and finely tailored pants. All of them dripping the essence of wealth. Refusing to be intimidated, Ichigo leaned back on the couch and crossed his ankles in front of him, his worn sneakers standing out in the opulence. He kept his beer close in hand, not trusting anything he might be given back here. Keigo was trying to look at everything at once without looking like he was gawking. The man in the center spoke, his voice quiet and slightly amused.

"So nice of you to join me. I was told you turned down my initial invitation." His smile was quiet and indulgent, but managed not to be insulting.

Ichigo shrugged. "Everybody knows you're not supposed to talk to strangers." Ichigo glanced at Nel before turning back to the man. "Even if they're attractive ones." The buzz of conversation around them continued, but the tone seemed to change. It was as if everyone was suddenly trying to listen without being obvious. Ichigo turned to Keigo when he tugged at his sleeve and hissed at him.

"Are you serious?" When Ichigo just blinked at him, Keigo huffed a breath. "You really do stay stuck in those damned books all day. Otherwise, you'd know who you were talking to."

Ichigo gave him a dry look before replying. He turned his head to look at the man on the couch while still speaking to Keigo. "I'm not stupid Keigo. But just because I know who Sosuke Aizen is doesn't mean I know him. Which makes him a stranger in my book."

Aizen's lips quirked in a small smile. Ichigo returned it with one of his own. Initially, he'd had no idea who had invited him back here. But as soon as he'd stepped into the room, he instantly recognized the man on the couch as one of the wealthiest in the city. Most likely one of richest in the country and quite possibly the world. As to why he'd been invited, he hadn't figured that out yet. The thin man slouched at the other end of the couch glared at Ichigo.

"Most people have the sense to be courteous even if they are strangers."

Ichigo didn't even bother to look at him even though the unspoken threat implied violence of some kind. Aizen would be too smart to let any of his lackeys hurt them. Especially after he'd invited them in.

A thick gold ring flashed on his index finger as he casually waved the other man's comment away. "It's alright Nnoitra. A little common sense and honestly are rather refreshing actually." He smiled at Ichigo. "Your beer must be rather tepid by now. Would you like something to drink. . ?" He let the sentence hang so Ichigo could offer his name.

"Ichigo. And no thanks. I've already hit my limit." Aizen tilted his head to the side.

"One Who Protects. Interesting." Ichigo's eyes widened a little. He was surprised that Aizen had guessed the meaning of his name. It wasn't something that most people considered. He'd been waiting for a cute little fruit comment. "And what are you trying to protect? Ichigo."

Without looking, Ichigo caught Keigo's hand and pulled it down as he tried to flag the waitress. "Right now, I'm just trying to make sure my friend doesn't get alcohol poisoning." His eyes narrowed just a little. "Is there something else I should be guarding against?"

"Not here, no. But there were two rather unseemly characters watching you out in the bar. I'd be careful if I were you."

Ichigo tried to do a mental rewind. He didn't remember anyone paying all that much attention to him. It bothered him that someone might have been watching and he hadn't noticed.

"Is your friend alright?" Aizen nodded at Keigo who kept opening his mouth to say something but nothing would come out. Ichigo sighed. This had been a mistake and he knew it. But he had a feeling that Aizen wouldn't take it personally if they left right now.

"No. He's just selectively allergic to money. Being around people who have more than they could possibly need tends to make him lose the ability to speak for about an hour or so. We should probably be going."

"Terribly sorry to hear that. Before you go, there's something I'd like to ask you." Ichigo paused when he reached his feet after hauling Keigo up with him. Aizen stood and drew him aside. Ichigo could feel the weight of the other man's presence even though he wasn't that much taller. "I'm going away for the weekend and I wouldn't mind some company."

Ichigo raised a brow and tilted his head a little, refusing to be intimidated. "This is sounding more and more like the plot to a bad movie. If you're that lonely, I'm sure you can afford whatever you want."

Aizen's eyes traveled up and down Ichigo's body openly. "You'd be surprised how much of that is not worth the price."

"Really. I guess I'm supposed to be flattered by that. But as a pickup line, it kind of sucks." Ichigo expected to be escorted out, firmly and with a touch of violence. But Aizen just threw his head back and laughed, the sound full of surprise and mirth. Everyone in the room stilled but Aizen ignored them.

"You're sure then."

"Yes, I'm sure."

"A pity. I wish we could have gotten to know each other better. Perhaps I'll see you again sometime."

"Probably not, but thanks anyway." Grabbing Keigo's arm, he pulled him out of the back room. His friend kept gasping for air, his brain temporarily short-circuited by the sight of Ichigo exchanging words with Sosuke Aizen like blows. When they got outside into the main part of the club, he whirled and grabbed Ichigo's arms.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing that leaving won't cure."

"He just. . I mean. . He. . and you. ."

"He practically offered to buy me for the weekend. Trust me. I have no intention of becoming anyone's accessory." And he didn't. There had been a little curiosity that he hadn't been able to get rid of. But ultimately, that's what it came down to. Ichigo was not an object. Steering Keigo toward the door, he gestured to Mizuiro who pried himself away from a group of eager women who were busy scribbling their numbers on anything they could write on. They pressed and assortment of napkins, business cards, and a hastily removed bra into his hands. He just grinned and waved goodbye. Keigo sputtered but Ichigo propelled him toward the exit. The night was officially over and he just wanted to go home.