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As the song 40 Day Dream starts, I start running back toward campus, suddenly feeling exhausted and craving a nice long shower and jerk followed up by a nap.

I continue to run, relishing in the burn of my muscles. I don't stop until I hit the door, breathing heavy once I'm back in the warm building. Stopping at the water fountain, I push my sweaty hair out of my face and drink until I'm no longer thirsty. Walking slowly down the hallway, I relax my breathing and stretch my thighs and calves. Finally feeling loose, I open the dorm to the room, and...

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

This must be a dream, a fucking dirty wet dream.


Edward's cock.

Edward on the bed with his cock completely exposed.

It's all I can see, all I can think.

My mouth waters at the sight. His dick is hard and thick, and he looks fucking perfect.

I want to taste him.

He moans, thrusting into his hand as his other hand ghosts along his torso, pinching his nipples between his fingers. I hold onto the doorway, gripping it tightly, my fingers clawed into the metal of the frame. My own cock is immediately rock hard at the sight before me, and I feel as though I could cum in my pants without even touching myself.

Edward rotates his hips, fucking his own hand, and I gulp frantically, matching my breathing to his. I know I shouldn't be watching this. I should just back away slowly, close the door and give him time to finish up in privacy, but I can't fucking move.


I keep telling myself to walk away, but my feet aren't cooperating with my brain. Neither are my eyes.

"Yes," Edward groans quietly before letting out a begging, "Please!"

That's all I can handle, and the, "fuck," slips out of my mouth without my own realization. In that moment, though, everything turns to shit as he opens his eyes and finds me standing there, mesmerized by his exposed body. God, he's going to think I'm the world's biggest skeeve.

"Shit!" He curses, and he covers his exposed dick with his hands, looking up at me with wide eyes and a red face. "J-Ja-sper," he stutters out. "This is.. um... not what it looks like."

I lick my lips. I can't help it. My eyes continually drift down his body, back to where I know he's hanging free out of his jeans. I don't even care that they're lingering longer than socially acceptable. I hitch my leg slightly, adjusting myself, and Edward's breath catches in a small gasp.


I walk into the room enough to shut the door behind me, and I lean against it, watching Edward the entire time. He makes no moves to put himself back into his pants. "I think it's exactly what it looks like, Edward," I tell him as I run the fingers of one hand slowly over my chest and stomach, dragging the tips gently in circles across the fabric of my t-shirt.

He bites his lip and gulps loudly, watching my fingers move over my body.

Even more interesting.

"You know what I really wanna know, Edward?" I ask, pushing myself off the door and taking a step closer. He stares at me, his mouth hanging open, but he doesn't answer. "I asked you a question, Edward," I tell him. "Do you know what I really wanna know?" I repeat. He shakes his head minutely. "You can do better than that," I encourage, letting my hand drift under my t-shirt to rub along the waist of my jogging pants.

"I can?" he chokes out, never removing his eyes from my hand roaming my body.

"Mm hmm," I tell him, smirking. I take a step closer. "Now, come on, Edwaaard," I continue, pulling out his name. "What were you thinking about?"

"I... I was.... umm... think..." he trails off as I let my hand drift down to grab my cock.

I tug on it, licking my lips. "Is this," I ask, gripping my dick through my pants to emphasize my point, "what you were thinking about?"

His eyes widen in shock, but he never removes them from what I'm doing. He wants me, wants my cock, and I'm more than happy to give him what he wants. "Yes," he finally whispers, and I watch as he surreptitiously tries to move his thumb across the head of his dick.

"I see what you're doing, Edward," I call out, smiling as I take a step closer. "You know what, though?" I ask, pulling off my t-shirt, exposing my torso to his eager eyes. His breathing is loud and shaky when I'm finally close enough to touch him, close enough to run my hands over every inch of his body. "I asked you a question," I remind him.

"Wh-a-t was i-it," he stutters out, shaking his head as if to clear it.

"Hmm..." I smirk, looking him up and down, but letting my eyes linger on his cock. His thumb is still moving across the swollen head, and my mouth salivates at the sight. "I said that I know what you're doing, but do you want to know what?"

He nods his head slowly. "I guarantee I can suck your cock better than you can stroke it."

"Jasper!" he gasps, sitting up and by doing so, exposing himself to me completely. He's rock hard. "I don't know... what..." he stops talking suddenly, his breath heavy.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, and you want it, too," I tell him, sitting on the bed beside him, placing my mouth to his ear. "It's okay, Edward," I whisper. "Let me take care of you."

"Take care of me?" he asks in a small voice.

I nod, my chin hitting his shoulder before I nuzzle the side of my face into his neck. "Yes," I murmur against his skin, leaving a lingering kiss on the underside of his jaw. He subconsciously lifts his head, exposing more skin for my eager lips. "Let me take care of you," I repeat, running my hand up his arm to his shoulder and then down his chest, circling his bellybutton. "Let me," I say once more, moving my hand ever further south to the base of his cock.

He trembles, his body shaking. "Shh," I calm him, bringing my other hand to his face to stroke his cheek. "I won't do anything you don't want," I assure him, pulling my hand off of his cock.

He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes and dropping his chin. I put my fingers along his jaw, lifting his face to mine. He doesn't open his eyes. "Look at me," I whisper. He bites his lip and shakes his head. Smiling softly at him, I cup his cheeks with both my hands. "Please, look at me," I plead, and he finally relents, slowly opening his eyes. "I won't do anything you don't want to do," I tell him again, reassuring him. "I'm sorry if I pushed you too far. The last thing I want to do is mess up our friendship."

"Really?" he asks, blinking rapidly. His bright green eyes flicker across every inch of my face.

"Don't you know how important you are to me?" I question, rubbing my thumbs across his jaw. "I swear, Edward," I continue with a laugh, "it's like you have blinders on or something."

"Whaddya mean?" He furrows his brow, and I move one hand to his forehead, smoothing out the worry wrinkles.

"Can't you see it?" I ask, leaning in closer. I move my hand back to his cheek and rest my forehead against his. "Can't you see how much I want you?"

"You want me?" he asks in a quivering voice.

"I do," I admit, "so fucking much. I understand if you don't..." I trail off.

He closes his eyes again, moving his head off of mine to rest it on my shoulder. He turns his face toward my neck, whispering almost inaudibly. "I think I might."

"What?" I question, staring at the ceiling. I don't dare look at him, or it might all fade away. This could be a dream, and then I will lose him forever. Please, God, don't let this be a dream.

"I think I want you too," he murmurs against the skin of my neck, and I let out a breath of relief, smiling broadly.

"Wow," I blurt out. He chuckles, tickling my skin. Then, his words fully register in my mind. "You think?" I whisper in a small voice. "I need you to be sure, Edward."

He places one of his hands on top of mine which is still cupping his cheek, interlocking our fingers. He slowly guides us down his own body back to his erection, grasping his dick with both of our hands. "This is what I want." I'm shocked by the resolve in his tone, the assuredness, but I like it. There is no doubt about that.

"Are you positive?" I whisper into his ear, pulling the lobe into my mouth. His only response is a light moan. "I need to know, Edward," I remind him, flicking my tongue over the skin of his ear.

"I'm more than positive, Jasper," he groans, shifting his hips up to meet my hand. "Please," he begs. He starts to stroke himself, using my hand. God, I'm about to cum in my pants from just the sight of it.

"I don't want to move too fast," I say with heavy breath, never taking my eyes off of Edward and me stroking his dick together. It's so fucking hot. "I don't want to scare you away."

"I'm not scared, Jasper," he whispers, turning his face to mine. His eyes are heavy with lust. He licks his lips and then smiles lazily. "It's not too fast," he assures me.

"No," I say with a humorless laugh, letting my eyes flicker from his face to his cock where our hands are still moving together over his flesh. "We haven't even kissed yet, but I'm already jerking you off. I'd say that was fast."

He looks down, watching, biting his lip. He closes his eyes, dropping his chin to his chest as I work my hand faster. "God," he gasps, his body trembling. He looks back up to me. I swear, there is fire behind his green eyes. "Then, kiss me, Jasper."

Smirking, I nod, leaning toward him to let our mouths meet. He's hesitant at first, letting me take control of the kiss, moving our lips together. When I take his bottom lip between my teeth, tugging playfully, he lets out a savage sound, a growl of sorts. I release his lip, smiling at how fucking cute he is, and he forcefully grinds his lips back into mine.

He moans and takes my bottom lip between his, sucking and pulling at it in the most decadent way. I've never been kissed like this before. I've never wanted anyone the way I want Edward. God, I want to give him everything I have.

I want to worship his beautiful body.

With that thought, I open my mouth to him, and he eagerly probes his tongue inside, exploring. I flick my tongue with his, moaning into the kiss. I remove my hand from his cock, and Edward makes a noise of protest.

"Shh," I tell him with a smile. He pouts. I run my finger over his mouth. "None of that." I move my hands to his shoulders. "Lay down on the bed." I stand, watching him scoot back and place his head on the pillows. He makes no move to cover his hard cock, which is resting beautifully across his stomach. Smiling at the image before me, I slide down my jogging pants, leaving me in boxers. Edward's eyes immediately roam my body, taking in every inch of skin, and I let him, gleefully. "Your turn now," I say to him, grabbing the bottom of his jeans. I tug them down his body and discard them on the floor. I fist the fabric of his boxers in my hands, but he stops me.

"You first," he tells me, biting his lip. I smile and nod my head. Slowly, I let my thumbs graze along the top edge of my boxers, slipping under the fabric. I wink, turning around. I slide them down, exposing my ass to Edward.

"More?" I question him, turning my head to watch him. He brings his hand back to his dick, lazily stroking himself.

"More," he whispers his encouragement.

Bending at the waist, I slide my boxers down my legs, simply stepping out of them once they hit the floor. I stand slowly, popping my ass out seductively. "Tur-rn a-a-round," Edward practically stutters out, and I'm more than happy to oblige. "God," he whispers, his eyes locked on my hard cock. "You're so fucking hot, Jasper," he tells me, finally looking up at me with a smile on his face. "I didn't know that anyone could be as perfect as you."

My cheeks burn from his praise and all-consuming stare. "I'm not perfect," I say, shaking my head. He stands quickly, walking to me and grasping my face in his hands. He rests his forehead against mine.

"Trust me, Jasper. You're fucking amazing," he tells me, our noses rubbing together for a moment before our lips reconnect.

"I could say the same for you," I say, breaking the kiss. "Let me do this right, Edward. Let me take care of you," I whisper into his ear. His head drops to my shoulder, his lips leaving tingling kisses along my neck. I feel him nod his head. Smiling, I let my hands roam over his back, down to his ass. Squeezing his cheeks gently, I tease him for a moment before fisting the fabric of his boxers once more. I pull them down, leaving him as naked as the day he was born, as naked as I am, as well.

"Lay back on the bed," I tell him softly. "Get comfortable." He does as I ask, walking backward until the back of his knees and his calves hit the edge of his small twin bed. He lets himself fall back with a laugh, bouncing when he makes contact with the mattress. I smile at his actions, and it quickly turns into a giant, toothy grin when a beautiful, happy laugh escapes his throat. His eyes crinkle in smile as he scoots back to the top center of the bed, propping himself up with both his pillows. He bends one of his arms behind his head, the perfect picture of complete relaxation.

"Jasper," he calls out my name, and I watch his mouth form the syllables of my name, ending in a perfect pucker. He smiles again, closing his eyes, turning his face up as though he's basking in the sun. Only then do I let my eyes leave his breathtaking face. They travel down his cheek and jaw, moving lazily along the smooth line of his neck, the defined areas of his shoulders and chest. They circle his bellybutton, dipping in playfully, before jumping to his toes. His feet are squirming, rubbing together at the end of the bed, nervous or in anticipation. I can't be sure, and I don't want to ruin this moment with silly questions.

We have time to learn those things about each other. My eyes skim his ankles and shins, stopping at a prominent scar above his right knee, and I make a note to ask him about how he got it. Without any more patience, my eyes zoom to the apex of his thighs, to what I want most, and it's not disappointing. His cock lies in wait, twitching imperceptibly every now and again. I imagine if I wasn't so focused on him, I wouldn't even notice.

As it is, it's the only thing I can see.

He opens his eyes once more, dropping his chin to his left shoulder, watching me watch him. I can see his face from the corner of my eyes, and he smiles lackadaisically. "Jasper," he says my name again, and I lift my eyes to his. "Please."

I don't need to hear another word, and without another thought, my feet are moving toward the bed. It feels almost like an involuntary action, like if someone threw a baseball at your head, how you would immediately lift your hand to catch it, without question.

Smiling to myself for thinking about baseball at a time like this, I climb onto the end of the bed, straddling his knees without resting my weight on him, but I can feel where every inch of his skin touches mine.

A moment of worry flashes across his face, and he takes a deep breath. I quickly scramble up the bed, taking root next to him on my side, my body flush against him so I don't roll off the tiny bed. We're just too damn big for a twin bed. I cup his cheek in my hand again, and he leans into it, stretching his neck like a cat. I smile, leaning in to kiss his neck. "You have nothing to be scared of," I assure him. "Trust me," I tell him between soft kisses. "Let me know if I go too far."

He nods, and I feel him move his head toward mine. My hand slides past his ear and into his hair. Our lips reconnect, and I can't help but groan a little into his mouth. He smiles, and I smile in return. It's simplicity in its finest form. I move my lips across his cheek to his ear, licking the rim of his lobe. He moans, and I watch as he closes his eyes and bites his lips.

I kiss down to his jaw line, sucking on the sharp, angular edge that has taunted me these past few months. Too greedy to linger any one place too long, I lick a trail down his neck, kissing his collarbone. I place open mouth kisses along the top of his chest. To make sure that each side gets proper attention, I prop myself up on my elbow.

Edward opens his eyes when my movements jostle the bed, and I look up at him from my position between his pecs. He smiles contentedly at me, lifting his hand to my face before settling it in my curls. His fingers scratch gently at my scalp, and I go back to kissing him with a content, lazy smile on my face. His other hand soon joins in, running up and down my back as far as he can reach, tracing random patterns across my skin. It moves to my shoulders and arms when I lick down to his nipple, sucking the tiny peak into my eager mouth.

I move my tongue over it, causing it and Edward to stiffen in surprise. He lets out a groan of pleasure, and I continue, flicking at it, sucking, circling. His hand in my hair tightens, and I moan at the slight twinge. He lets out a quick apology, pulling his hand out of my hair in remorse. Shaking my head, I lift up, looking at him. Holding myself on my one elbow, I reach out for the hand he just discarded from my hair and put it back. "I liked it," I tell him simply, and he blushes, nodding his head.

When I move to his other nipple, he hesitates for only a moment before grasping my hair again. Forcing down a goofy smile, I concentrate on my task at hand. I give his right the same amount of attention as his left, and I only move along once Edward is squirming beneath me. I kiss once between his pecs before I look up at him to find him watching me intently. "You're so sexy," I say with sincerity, and he blushes all the way to the tips of his ears. He shakes his head and opens his mouth to speak, but I bring my finger to his mouth, silencing him. "No, Edward, you are. Every inch of you is unbelievably sexy and hot and motherfuckin' awesome."

"Well, I already knew I was awesome," he teases, and I jut my chin into his stomach playfully, causing him to tense. "What?" he questions with a laugh, cupping my face in his hands. "Everyone knows it," he says with a smile.

"Suuure, they do," I joke, giving him an exaggerated wink.

He tugs my hair. "They do!" he insists, and I shrug, letting my face rest against his stomach.

"If you say so," I respond in a disinterested tone, teasing him. I don't move for a few seconds, and I can feel Edward fidgeting beneath my body.

"Jasper," he whines, pulling on my hair again.

"What?" I ask into the comfortable perch of his stomach. He doesn't say anything. "You're going to have to tell me what you want," I inform him, hiding a devilish smile from him.

"I want... I want... you know," he urges insistently. Sweet Edward. I can't let him struggle for long. I lift up, bringing my face back to his.

"Do you want me to continue what I was doing?" I ask, and he nods. Grinning, I kiss him, pressing our lips together in a chaste yet intimate way. I let my lips travel slowly to his ear. "That would be my pleasure," I whisper, and he shudders beside me. I pull up to my knees, and he watches my movements, his eyes drifting down to my hard cock. He licks his lips, gulping audibly, and it makes me even more excited to know I have that affect on him.

I move to the end of the bed, tapping the inside of his ankles, silently asking for him to spread his legs to let me in. He does minutely, so I hook my fingers around his ankles, pushing them wider. "Is this okay?" I ask as I crawl closer. I hover above his cock, wanting nothing more then to lick straight up the underside of his silky flesh. He nods, his breath heavy. "God, yes," he whispers.

With his quiet and frenzied words, I grasp the base of his cock gently in my hands. He hisses at the contact, arching up for more. Smiling I start to stroke him, twisting my wrist over the head. Licking my lips I lean over him, letting my hot breath wash over his sensitive skin. "Jasper!" he calls out my name frantically.

Considering this is probably his first real sexual experience, I don't want to waste it on merely a hand job. Ducking my head down, I tentatively lick a trail up the underside of his cock, and he makes a gurgling, choking sound. "Are you okay?" I question, lifting my head from his dick to look at him.

He's lying back, eyes closed with his fists clenched into the sheets. He looks up at my words. "Yeah," he huffs out through heavy breath. "Good," he grunts before his head collapses back into the pillow. He covers his forearm over his face. "It's good," he repeats, shaking his head. "Can't watch. Too much."

God, he's so fucking cute.

Without teasing him further, I lick my palm and return it to his shaft. I stroke him, warming him up. Licking my lips, I take the head of his cock into my mouth. His body nearly rises completely off the bed. "OH SHIT!" he yells out.

Smiling, I run my other hand over his chest, trying to calm him. I lift up to speak to him, but his hand that was still fisting the sheets moves into my hair. "Don't stop. Please... please," he begs, never removing his arm off of his face. I want to give him what he wants, so I don't stop, licking around the head without taking my mouth completely off of him.

His moans grow louder and more frenzied, causing my dick to practically ache. I can't wait. Supporting myself on my knees, I bring my hand to my own cock, gathering the precum and slathering it down my cock. I stroke myself at a fast pace as I continue to flick my tongue around Edward's dick.

"Jaaaasper!" he yells my name, and I tighten the hold on my own cock. He doesn't even know what he does to me. His body thrashes around as his legs squeeze around my waist, tensing with each pass of my tongue. "More. More. More!" he chants, and I know just what he needs.

I close my lips around the head, sucking as far down his shaft as I can go. Edward is definitely not a little boy, by any means. Relaxing my throat, I take more until my mouth meets my fist at the base of his dick. "Are you fucking for real?" he screams, and I smile around his cock, repeating my actions."Too much, too much!" I watch as his stomach muscles tense every time he yells.

God, he tastes so fucking good – musky, salty and all Edward. There's not another way to describe it. I continue to fuck my own hand, needing it as much as he needs my mouth at the moment. I feel as though I could cum even faster than Edward.

"Shit," he hisses, his hand in my hair tightening to an almost painful degree. Knowing he's close, I move my hand off his dick to his balls, rolling them gently. "Seriously?" he pants, and I hum in response, causing him to thrust deep into my throat. "Oh, lord!" he calls out, and I don't mind the slight gagging if it's causing him so much pleasure.

I bob up and down on his dick three more times, keeping a tight suction, and Edward's cock and balls get even harder. I move my mouth to the head, ready to swallow everything he gives me. I don't think he's even aware he's about to cum.

"Yes, yes, yes," he chants, and I move my hand off his balls and down to his perineum, rubbing along the sensitive skin. "Shit, Jas..." Edward trails off as his cum shoots into my mouth. I swallow it all, taking everything of him I can.

When he's completely spent, I relax my mouth. I take hold of his softening cock and place it on his thigh, giving the head one more kiss. "So good," he pants, pushing my curls out of my eyes. "Jasper," he calls out my name, tugging me toward him by my hair. I quickly reposition myself on the side of him, leaning into his lips and kissing him deeply. He moans when our tongues meet, and the fact that he's tasting himself makes my dick even harder.

I continue to stroke my own cock which is now pressed against Edward's hip. He breaks the kiss, lifting his face, and I move my mouth down to his jaw and neck. "Jasper," he whispers, and I look up, following his eyes to my own dick and hand. "Do you need... help?" he asks in a small voice.

I watch him for a moment, kissing to his ear. "Only if you want to," I tell him softly. He licks his lips and nods, biting his bottom lip between his teeth, and I smile at how eager he seems. "Give me your hand, Edward." He does, and I hold it in my free hand, tracing his life line and the tips of his fingers. He breaks his stare on my cock to look over at me. Holding eye contact with him, I take his pointer finger into my mouth, letting my tongue bathe it completely.

"Shit," he hisses.

Smiling, I release it with one last loud slurp. "I couldn't resist," I inform him with a smirk before I lick the entire surface of his palm. I let go of his hand and turn over onto my back. His eyes lock on my dick once more.

"I don't... I've never," he starts, and I raise my finger to his lips, stopping him.

"Just do what you like to do to yourself... to me," I tell him simply. He looks back at me, doubt still evident on his face. I bring my free hand to cup his cheek. "I trust you."

With those words he smiles at me before lowering his hand to my aching cock. I leave my hand at the base as he trails his pointer finger from tip to base, and my body actually trembles from such a small touch. "So soft," he murmurs when he grasps my shaft fully for the first time, and I let my hand fall down to the bed with a moan.

He starts to stroke my cock with more resolve, twisting his fist over the head, and it feels so fucking good. "Like that," I direct him. "Yeah, Edward, just like that."

He gulps, nodding his head, staring at his task in total concentration. I watch in disbelief as he brings his other hand to my slit, gathering some of the precum that is leaking out of my cock like crazy, and brings it to his mouth, tasting me. "Son of a bitch," I groan at the sight, and he turns to me, giving me a guilty look like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. "That was so fuckin' hot," I grunt out on a down stroke of his hand.

"Yeah?" he asks almost shyly.

I nod. "Fuckin' hot," I repeat with a smile. I'm close, and I know it. I lick my lips, beckoning to me with my pointer finger. "Come here," I whisper, bringing my hand to behind his head, pulling his mouth back to mine. That's how we are when he jacks me off to completion, kissing like our lives depended on it.

Once I've jizzed all over my stomach and I'm so fucking sensitive the air conditioning is almost too much sensation, I still Edward's hand on my cock. He breaks our kiss, looking down at my softening cock. He moves his fingers through the sticky cum covering my dick and lower abs. I watch him absentmindedly play with my release, smiling goofily. "Wow," he whispers.

"Fuckin' right," I add, chuckling happily.

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