Oh My God!

The Ducklings are in for a surprise, implied slash.

Be nice this is my first ever fanfiction.

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House was 4 hours late for work, hardly remarkable in itself as house was rarely on time. What was worrying was that Wilson was also absent.

In her office Cuddy had rounded up the ducklings, determined to get to the bottom of her two most prominent department heads absence. Usually she wouldn't bother looking for house,

he always turns up sooner or later. but today she had a case for him. Not to mention his seeming corruption of the boy wonder oncologist.

"House isn't answering his phone, I need you to find him. I don't care how high he is, how drunk or whatever hooker he's with. Just get him in here before the patient dies."

The ducklings all nod and begin to shuffle out.

"And find out what he's done with Wilson. The last thing this hospital needs is for its head of oncology to be found bound and gagged in a cupboard somewhere."

"Since when did my job description include baby-sitting house" said Forman, as he employed his amazing breaking and entering skills to Houses front door.

"Come on, it's not like we hadn't heard of his reputation when we applied." said Chase, running his fingers through his hair like he was in some kind of shampoo commercial.

"Seriously, you expected this." said Forman gesturing at the lock he was picking.

"Well maybe not quite this but we all knew he was eccentric."

"Eccentric, the man's insane!"

Cameron was peering worriedly through the windows "Do you think he's ok?" She said imagining him unconscious on the floor somewhere.

"Its Wilson I'm worried about, he's usually the sane one." said Forman with a click as the door opened. "lets get this over with." and strode into the apartment.

The other ducklings followed.

"House are you alright ,Cuddy was worried when you didn't turn up this morning." Cameron called into his silent apartment.

"Has anyone thought what he'll do to us if he finds us in his apartment." said Chase worriedly

"Come on whats the worst he can do." said Forman, Picking up and examining random items.

"Well for a start he make our lives a living hell."

No one noticed Wilson's tie draped over the back of the sofa.

Cameron opened House's bedroom door, thinking that he was probably still asleep and was just hung over or something.

"Oh My God." followed by a fan girl squeal.

she then took out her phone and clicked a photo to sent to Cuddy.

"Huh, what?" said a bemused Chase as he joined her in the doorway. "Crickey"

Forman just rolled his eyes in his usual 'why the hell am I involved in this' way.

Sprawled half naked on his bed was House, but he wasn't alone, currently he was using Wilson as a pillow and had an arm curled about his waist.

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