Oh My God Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Seriously?

I really must apologise for this, I couldn't sleep and wrote it at 4am, so yeah sorry for inflicting this drivel on you.

House strode through the lobby in characteristic, I have just had an epiphany and left in the middle of a conversation, manner. Well as much as he can stride what with being limpy an all.

Wilson stared after him adoringly for a moment before remembering he had cute little balding cancer kids to attend too. He strode off slightly more successfully than house, but the background sniggering of nurses detracted from the effect somewhat.

Several hours later having successfully diagnosed and cured a case of *insert incredibly rare disease here*itus, House was bored and as we all know a bored House is a House you should stay the hell away from, if you wish to leave with sanity/self respect/eyebrows intact. Today he was unnerving passers by, flailing arms randomly and yelling nonsense. That is until Wilson told him to stop or rather until Wilson had told him Cuddy had threatened him with an eternity of clinic duty if she saw one more crying ten year old wailing about the nasty old man.

House pouted "I'm Bored"

Wilson ignored him despite being the one to have sought out the others company.

"Entertain me" House wined in his most purposefully annoying voice.

"Yes master, anything you say master." Said Wilson in poor imitation of Igor.

"Was that it?"


---Long silence---

"Wanna make out in the broom cupboard?" House asked hopefully.

Wilson made a show of considering this, followed by "No"

"Aww please" House wined with the same puppy dog eyes that Wilson had successfully avoided succumbing to that very morning.

"What the hell" with that the two strode off (kinda) into the sunset (well broom cupboard really).

Again sorry, I have no excuse for this shameful mutilation of character, I hang my head in shame.