Videl finds out his secret. Gohan seems not to notice. Bit of adorable Goten for good measure.

Disclaimer: If I owned DBZ I would be a middle aged japanese man, which unless i'm very much mistaken i'm not.

I would like to apologise for mutilating Gohans personality, but he really is too well adjusted for his own good.

"Wait wait wait!!" bounded the ball of hyperactive 7 year old energy "Stop, you cant go in there!" Goten waved his hands in front of him vehemently to make his point.

"Eh, what, why not" said Videl "but isn't Gohan in there? I just want to talk to him."

"No no no you can't." He said too loud and too fast.

Behind him the door opens.

"Hmm what's going on out here?" said Gohan in sleep slurred voice, while rubbing his eyes. He was wearing only the shorts he slept in, his visible chest and arms covered in, very clearly

self-inflicted scars.

"Nothing nothing! Sorry we woke you, we're going now." And with that, he pushed Videl round a conveniently placed corner, out of sight.

Leaving a bleary, confused Gohan behind. Who made an incoherent noise and collapsed into bed.

"You can't mention his lines or he'll get upset." Explained Goten, in his heartfelt childlike way.

"Okay" said Videl wondering if this was the secret Gohan worked so hard to keep.



Again sorry for mutilating Gohan. Feel free to press the little button and bitch about it.