This is... a depressing thing... -takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly- I've had Sentinel on my mind recently, along with Hauler. I gave Hauler his one-shot, so Sentinel deserves his own.

I was listening to Breaking Inside by Shinedown. I recommend listening to it as you read. Put it on repeat if you must.

WARNING: Hints at Slash of the Optimus PrimexSentinel Prime kind. Plus the JazzxProwl kind, and the PerceptorxWheeljack kind. It's mostly just mentions of the other two, and OPxSP is primarily the pairing. Plus:


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Sentinel shuddered. He could hear the screaming, the begging, the crying. He felt his nephews shrieking and bawling as they collapsed next to him, begging him to stay online. He looked at them weakly.

"'Fire... 'Storm..." He murmured. The twins each held one of his hands, both nuzzling them with their olfactory sensor units.

"Uncle do not be leaving us!" Jetfire sobbed.

"Do not be joining Mother and Father! Do not be joining them!" Jetstorm bawled, his visor cracked. A piece was missing, and Sentinel could see the brilliant orange optics underneath. Sentinel smiled weakly as his small frame shuddered again.

"Don' worry SP. Red's comin'." Jazz said soothingly, letting Sentinel's helm rest in his lap. Sentinel murmured something inaudible as the sirens were heard. He heard the transformations. The two medics didn't bother yelling at the twins and Jazz. It was then that he felt it.

His Energon Pump shattered from the cold air that hit it when Red Alert opened his armor. She screamed in shock.

"Ratchet! Ratchet what do we do!? I-I've never had t-to-!" Ratchet's look said it all.

"NO! Mr. Ratchet sir you must be fixing Uncle!" Jetfire screamed. Jetstorm just bawled. Sentinel could feel Jazz shaking, tears falling from his uncovered optics. It was all Sentinel could do to not make any promises that he would be fine.

"H-He's gunna okay... Isn't he Ratchet...?" The techno-org... Sari said.

"With this weather... And his shattered Fuel Pump... It won't be long..." Ratchet said softly.

"NO! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!" Jetfire shrieked, "FIX HIM! FIX UNCLE!"

"'Fire..." Sentinel weakly squeezed his nephew's servo.

"NO! Don't be leaving us!" Jetfire screamed at him. Sentinel smiled weakly.

"You know... Y-your parents a-and I... a-are pr-proud of you g-guys... S-so are... Night... An-an' Speed..." Sentinel shivered. He felt Ratchet close his armor. Jazz immediately pulled him into a hug.

"It ain't fair..." Jazz whispered into his audios. "First 'Magnus... Then Prowl..." The ninja's face crumpled into anguish. "A-An' Perc' an' 'J-Jack... N-now my best bud..." Sentinel curled up into his older friend's frame for warmth.

"J-Jazz... Wh-Where's Optimus...?" He asked weakly.

"He... He ain't here SP..." Jazz whispered.

"Tell... Tell him... I-I r-regret nev-ver... T-tellin' h-him... I love h-him..." His optics flickered off. His frame turned to gray as the twins cried. The last thing he heard, was his best friend's Spark-wrenching scream of his real Designation.



It's shit. I know it. But I wanted it down. -shrugs- This is mainly because I kinda enjoyed it, and I thought you all might like to read it as well.