Hey! My names Esme Platt. I have 10 kids. And my boyfriend, Carlisle, has 8. Put that together and that's 18 kids! I know that's a lot, but hey! It's love! So what happened is that Carlisle asked me to marry him; I said yes. So what could happen?

Your daughter could call in love with his son.

His son could fall in love with your daughter.

Our kids could love each other.

They could put a tornado through our house.

They could get arrested.

They could start a fight in a fountain in an indoor mall.

Oh, and it could take forever to make your answering machine perfectly.

My kids are








Brianna-12(pronounced Bree-ah-na)


And James-13

My kids like to live life to the fullest. They're very creative and like getting into trouble. Emmett usually is the one that starts it, with the help of Alice and Edward of course. The other's join in. I live in a big house and work 2 jobs. The older kids help out with money by working too. My 15 year old applied for a job at a frozen yogurt shop. She's too young, but wants to help out. They help with money, but other than that they don't listen, act like they were raised by wolves, and love getting into trouble.

Carlisle's are







Frankie (she's a girl)-14

And Victoria-13

Carlisle's kids are the complete opposite they have manners! Boy they could be an influence on my family that's for sure! Hell, his kids could run their house for months if they could! They are clean cut, get great grades, never get in trouble, and they don't watch TV just play games. How I wish mine were that great!

So that's us and now I want to tell you our tale.

"Mom! Justin and Caitlin keep making out!" James yelled out to me.

"Ignore them or something!" I called out. My life is stressful.