Howard Bamboo hung up the phone, looking around sadly at the interior of Sheets 'n' Things. Terri was nowhere to be found, so he let out a breath of relief. He didn't like it when she yelled at him for being incompetent. It wasn't his fault he didn't know what a threadcount was or what the difference between a washcloth and a hand towel was or that he couldn't pronounce 'polyester' properly, right?

He frowned at the newspaper that lay on the desk in front of him. Terri had tossed it out earlier, but he had been curious as to just what the article on the Acafellas had said. Even though Will had read it aloud to them, he wanted to read it again.

After stumbling through the beginning of the article, he finally reached something that made him frown. There was his name, but Will had said he wasn't in it, right? His frown deepened when he read what the article really said. He wasn't that bad and he did not have a baby-face!

So he had called Will to quit, completely disheartened.

And he really hadn't been lying when he said it wasn't his dream to be in a band.

Howard looked around the room again, sighing. It had always been his dream to live out in the country, in a little cottage with a wife and maybe a couple kids. He wanted to have a big backyard where his kids could play tag and climb trees and he and his wife could lay down on the soft grass and watch the clouds in the day and stars at night. He would have a simple job at a general store and he would have to drive a beat-up truck to work every day, but he would do it anyway because he loved them and his wife and kids would stop by midday to give him his lunch.

His dream may be a bit out of date, but who doesn't have irrational dreams?