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"Time passes, people move on.

Like a river's flow, it never ends.

A childish mind will turn to noble ambition.

Young love will become deep affection.

The clear water's surface reflects growth"

Chapter 11

1 Year Later.

The moon is bright so there's a luminescent sheen on the lake.

I'm washing dishes in the sink and my Pa is reading the paper at the table behind me. I can tell that he keeps looking at me. It's unnerving.

"You can ride over to town to pick up some wire for me if you wanna," he says carefully.

The clear waters dance and play and beg me to jump in.

"No, Pa," I say simply.

I could feel his eyes burning a hole in the back of my head.

"Well I need somethin' to keep me busy, so I'm gonna go do that are you sure you don't want to come? I suggest you do," he said with concerning swimming in his voice.

"No thanks," I say. He leaves, and I dry my hands on my smock, and walk up the stairs to go to sleep even though there are still traces of daylight outside.

I strip down to my jumper and dive.

I take off my skirt, slip on my nightgown, and sit at my vanity. I put my elbows on the table and my head rested on my hands. I look up around my mirror where there are dried flowers, old posters, letters, and jewelery, then my eyes trail down to my reflection. I look at my eyes, and then I start to really look into them. More like seek. Right now I see a redhead; stubborn, and unhappy. What I don't see but is so baffling is that I'm part Sheikah. A small part, mind you.

My mind goes back to the time Sheik had my chin in his hand and was seeking.

And I wonder what he found.

Before I hit the water I notice an impalpable layer all over my body caked on like dried mud.

I sigh and then crawl into the sheets of my bed, and lay there for a few hours, sleep never comes.

I think it was some feelings.

Suddenly I hear a tick on my window.

More like woes.

A mixture of hope and panic clutches me as I run to the window, open it and hang outside of it.

Oppression and disappointment and fear and boredom.

Sheik is standing down below. I try to see what he is thinking from his body language, but there is nothing readable, nor anything written on his face.

Shock, realization, and relief finally flood through me and my head collapses onto my arms leaning on the windowsill. I let out an audible sob, and begin to heave, sniffle and cry, tears running so freely own my cheeks.

I had not have felt them before covering me like a second skin.

I hear Sheik climb up to the flat part of the roof where my window is. He kneels next to me and I look up at him. He has a hint of that anguish in his eyes. He rubs the tears off of my cheek bones with the palm of his hand.

Anger finally grips me and I climb out of the window.

These emotions were so numbing, that it all had turned to apathy.

"How dare you! Where in Farore's name have you been?" and before I can raise my hand to slap him he throws his arms around me so my arms are pinned in between us, and my face is pressed against his hard chest.

A deadly indifference.

His warmth instantly effects me, and I begin to shake in what after a while has turned into an almost desperate embrace. His head is bent against mine, and after I cry a bit into his chest I snake my arms around his waist and he holds me tighter.

I feel him smile, and his hot breathe on my neck, and his hand on the small of my back, it feels electric, like he's putting his energy into me just by touching me.

He pulls away to my dismay. I talk before he does.

"What took you so long." It looks like he's searching for something to say.

I break the surface.

I hesitate before I reach up and pull his cover down below his mouth, to catch his smirk. He steps toward me so that we are face to face.

And as I swim this filth melts off of me.

He takes both sides of my jaw with his thumbs and as he leans in to kiss me I feel unbelievable empathy, his lips meet mine so softly and not in the care in the world is mine. Warm vibrancy explodes inside of me.

We part and he holds the back of my head with his hands, and puts his forehead to mine.

At the same instant we begin to laugh.

And for once I feel alive.

And I kiss his smiling mouth.


Last night we were giddy, like children. I had a blanket out on the roof and we just laid on out backs and looked at the cloudy night sky. Every time the waning moon came out from hiding he would lean over and kiss me, each time a little more passionately.

When My legs got cold I brought him inside to my room where we slept on my bed. Nothing happened, we were so comfortable we just fell asleep.

I woke up a half hour ago, and he was fast asleep with his head against my stomach and his arms around my hips. My laugh almost woke him up. About ready to get moving, I run my fingers through his hair, and he smiles half asleep. He stretches while holding me tighter and a cackle out loud.

"Sheik!" I shriek.

"No!" he says sluggishly shaking his head. He opens his eyes and moves up next to me after kissing me on the cheek.

"What happened with you and Link?" He asks out of the blue. I blush.

"He got really angry with me and never came back."

"What did you do?"

"I talked about you too much," I say quickly. He laughs.

"You're shitting me!" I turn my head towards him and smile.

"I shit you not."

His attention gets caught by the ceiling. I watch as his eyes flit from one corner to the other.

"I should get those cracks plastered," I say, cringing on the inside.

"No, don't, I like them," he says. Something jumps inside of me. Maybe Sheik sees what I've been trying to see all this time.

"I've been trying to learn a lesson from those cracks all my life," I say rather stupidly. He looks at me as if I'm crazy.

"Malon, they're just a bunch of cracks."