She paused in her passage from laboratory to study at the open sitting room door, the light and the sounds within attracting her attention. Glancing into the room, she found Will and Henry sprawled on the couch, a bowl of popcorn and beers on the table before them, watching the television. On the screen, a small child rode his Big Wheel through the hallways of the house.

Engrossed in the show, neither of her friends noticed her presence until she spoke. "What on earth are you watching?"

Both men turned with a start, looking over the back of the sofa at her. "Classic Horror Movie marathon on TNT," Henry explained.

Around a mouthfull of popcorn, Will added, "Wanna join us?"

On the screen, the boy was still riding. It looked innocent enough; she couldn't quite understand the ominous soundtrack's relevance. Smiling, she shook her head, "No, thank you. I've never really…." She waved vaguely at the screen.

Henry turned to Will. "The Doc thinks it's too much like her day job," he explained.

Will wasn't convinced. "Ah.. Come on Magnus. Join us. It'll be fun… Doncha wanna see Damian try to take over the world?"

"Damian?" she asked.

He pointed at the screen. "The kid. He's the antichrist."

"The antichrist? That kid?"

Will snorted. "Little kid's can be deadly…" he reminded her.

"See? Too much like my day job. Besides," she observed, "If I were to invent some all powerful evil being sowing death and destruction wherever he went, I'd hardly name him Damian…. 'Damian,' bringer of death and darkness… It's patently absurd."

Will shrugged and turned back to the screen. "Suit yourself."

"Well, have a good evening, gentlemen," she said before continuing back down the hall.

Damian the antichrist. The things on TV these days…

Besides, her life was… Her life. She hardly needed to fear there was a fictitious Damian somewhere out to get her.


That was the last thing she needed…