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Sublimation: 01

"You know, you aren't doing yourself any favors, acting like this," Kabuto said and pinched her clit hard.

Hinata didn't answer, but he never thought she would: she swallowed instead, her legs trembling a little as his hand continued to move. He glanced at the clock, then added another finger to the two already inside her.

She whimpered and her hips bucked against his hand, once before she managed to get herself back under control. It was a visible struggle and not a very lovely one.

Kabuto's eyes narrowed and he bit back a sigh. "Arching into my hand? One would almost think that you want to come," he said, and twisted his wrist just so to reach a certain spot inside that almost always sent her over the edge. He brushed it as lightly as he could and Hinata yelped.

He cut into her cry with a sharp "Not until I say so! Or you'll be quite sorry otherwise," then removed his fingers, folded his arms and stared at her. "You're just not very good at holding out, are you? If I were torturing you for information, I'd have all of Konoha's secrets in less than fifteen minutes. I thought all kunoichi were trained in this, but you come far, far too easily, Hinata-chan."

"I-I'm sorry," she whispered, eyes clenched shut. Her breasts rose and fell with each deep, heavy breath and Kabuto watched them with appreciation until he reminded himself that this was training, not pleasure. As nice as it was to overwhelm Hinata with orgasms until she could barely think or stand, her lack of control in this area was a glaring weakness that he simply could not abide: the fact that it also cut out several pleasant games that Kabuto wanted very much to play with her was simply added motivation for helping her correct it. She'd probably conditioned herself into it, given the limited privacy of the Hyuuga estates, but he was reasonably certain she could be retrained to overcome it.

She had shown limited progress from their previous sessions: this was the third so far, and while she was getting better, she was simply not doing it quickly enough. The cornerstone of their agreement was that she would strive to please him in all ways and she mostly succeeded, but even though she seemed to be more than willing to learn in this, her practical application was lacking.

Enough: the clock was ticking.

He knelt and blew lightly over her clit, then lapped teasingly at her folds, running his fingers between them. Hinata moaned and the cot creaked as she thrashed.

"You're soaking wet," he whispered against her clit, then licked it gently. "You just can't hold out, can you? Do you like me that much?"


"No, you don't like me?"

"NO! N-no." Her breaths were hitching in a way that sounded less like orgasm and more like tears. "I-I c-can't...Y-you're t-too g-good and I-I'm j-just n-not...I-I'm s-sorry," she whispered and covered her face with her hands. Through the wall of her fingers, a sob slipped out.

Oh, not good. This is much too soon.

While he certainly enjoyed pushing and tormenting and twisting his cute little doll's boundaries, the last thing he wanted or needed was for her to reawaken her formerly crippling fears of failure and humiliation and start binding them to the idea of sex with him: it would not only undo everything he had managed to accomplish so far, but blight all his future efforts as well. Pain was a nothing to her, but not being up to the task, not being skilled enough, not pleasing him--that way danger lies.

And how it must burn for her, being only quite good in a lair full of geniuses.

He sighed and used his dry hand to push his glasses back up on his nose. "Well. Barely twenty minutes, but it's the longest you've managed to go so far. It's disappointing, but you are right. In a way."

Hinata's fingers slipped apart, just slightly.

"If someone had been crippled all their life and only just had their legs restored to them, you'd hardly expect them to be able to run a marathon right away, correct? And, well, you weren't really trained intensively for this like the other kunoichi: no seduction missions allowed for the heir of the Hyuuga. So, it's not surprising that you're having trouble. " He nuzzled against her inner thigh, the skin warm and soft against his cheek and gave that soft, pretty skin a cheerful nip. "But you get better every time and that's what counts, isn't it? I'll have you resisting me for hours on end yet."

She lowered her hands so that they no longer covered her eyes; the newly revealed skin was swollen and blotchy. "But--"

"For now," he continued, cutting her off "we'll put training aside and just enjoy ourselves while Lord Orochimaru is, relax and let niisan spoil you for a bit."

Her hands came down completely but she folded them over her breasts instead of winding her fingers into his hair as she usually did. "I d-don't deserve it."

This is getting out of hand. "Hinata," he snapped, "did you or did you not give yourself to me to do with as I please? Yes? Right now, it pleases me to have you come as hard as you possibly can from my tongue and fingers: be silent, be screaming, I don't care. And after that, it's my turn, where you can repent as much as you want however you want: hands, lips, breasts, a combination; again, I don't care. I'm trying to be nice to you: don't make me turn you over my knee."

Hinata's eyes went very wide and her entire body flushed. "Oh!"

He gave her a small, sweet smile. Physical chastisement was an area he hadn't meant to move into for a while yet, not until she stopped over-thinking her every move towards him and actually starting initiating sexual contact on her own. She was still too hesitant and fumbling, still unable (or unwilling) to do more than wrap her arms around him and press shy kisses against his throat while they fucked. Once she was more comfortable, things would move very differently...

"Kabuto-nii," she whispered and he looked up.

For just a moment he could see her studying him, her eyes heavy with some expression that he couldn't place. Not for the first time did the thought that she might be faking all or some of her reactions float through his head but he usually dismissed it: his spies had watched her back in Konoha and there was no great difference in her behavior then or here; her reactions to various situations all fell within the parameters of his calculations. But the Hyuuga, more than anyone, knew how to carry themselves in the midst of scrutiny and he hadn't even begun to touch the depths of her. Years and years--

"P-please," she added and raised her hips slightly.

That earned her a kiss and his pulse stuttered a bit at the heat and taste of her mouth: close to his physical ideal she might be, but that wasn't what made him crave her kisses or her small hands or lately, even the sound of her voice. Just pheromones, he thought, sexual chemistry, as obnoxious as it is thrilling. I really don't want to be thinking of your breasts in the middle of a dissection, but you're here now, might as well make the best of it...

Her eyes had closed: he kissed the lids and licked drops of sweat off her cheek, tangling his fingers in the silky mess of her hair. Hinata's breasts moved against his chest with each breath she took and he cupped the right one: he truly hated being so predictable but he simply couldn't pass them up. Kabuto gave the nipple a quick pinch, then licked it, sucked at the tip, bit: while she whimpered, he slipped away and scraped his fingers down her belly, his short nails leaving faint marks that reddened quickly. The girl was covered in sweat by the time he came to rest between her thighs, the air in the tiny room thick with her scent. His fingers found her still damp from their earlier exertions and it only took a few minutes of slow probing before she was openly squirming and his palm glistened with her fluids.

"Such a good girl," he told her, smiling. "You really do aim to please."

Spreading her legs as wide as they would go, he leaned in until his lips brushed her clitoris, then abruptly moved away again. A tiny mewl was the result of this action, but he ignored it and stroked the wetness on the inside of her thighs, massaging them gently. When his hands started to slip closer, she tensed and he promptly disappointed her.

"A-Ah! K-Kabuto-nii!"

"What's wrong?" he asked, feigning confusion, and pressed down a little harder. "You've enjoyed this in the past...If you don't like anal sex, just say so." A short moan was his only reply and he eased his finger in, grinning. Perhaps he had been a little hasty involving it in their play, but he'd gone to great lengths to make their first time one that Hinata would never be able to forget without brainwashing, as well as one that satisfied him in every way he wanted, since he'd had no way of knowing whether or not there would be a second time at that point. Besides, it wasn't as quite as bad as that: while Hinata was clearly aroused by anal sex after he was actually inside her, she became flushed and twitchy at the preparation points and she'd nearly screamed the one time he'd rimmed her. It had, he thought as he idly inserted a second finger and Hinata bit down on her hand, probably something to do with delicacy about cleanliness issues, though she was always as clean as a little cat.

He was thrusting harder now, and Hinata had clapped both hands over her mouth, a sure sign she was having trouble stifling her cries. Well, he'd teased her long enough and his erection was progressing past the point where he could easily keep his arousal at a comfortable level. He caught up her right thigh with his free hand and buried his face in her cunt.

Mmmm. Strange that he, someone who became uncontrollably agitated when even the smallest, slightest thing was out of place could so thoroughly enjoy something so messy. His glasses were smeared, his hands would need immediate washing and he was dirtying his pants but none of it mattered as long as Hinata cried out so beautifully while her sweet fluids flooded his mouth. His hands shook. She needed to come, right now, or he was going to die from arousal or at the very least faint.

God, he was going to have a very stern talk with himself after this.

He caught her clit between his teeth and that did it: she was twisting, crying, and going to pull his hair out by the roots if she gripped any harder. He continued to lick while she rode the spasms out (she kicked him in the side of the head and he was almost sure it was entirely accidental): when she finally quieted, he gave her a last kiss and left for the bathroom to wash his hands.

Returning, he found her flushed and silent, watching for him. He undressed as she looked on, carefully folding his clothing and putting them aside on the room's desk, taking his time. Once finished, he moved towards the bed; she shifted her legs aside so he could sit, and he held out a hand, smiling at her.

"Your turn."