Note: This fic probably wins the "fic that did not even remotely match what I originally had in my head" award. Aside from the last two chapters of Muma, I have never had more trouble writing a fic then this one: it would not let itself be written and when it did, it didn't match the plot I had inside my head. For example: originally, Kabuto was supposed to start suspecting that Sasuke is spying on him and Hinata when they're together (spoiler: he is); he was also supposed to brood briefly over the fact that there are large chunks of his past that he can't remember thanks to Sasori's manipulations and therefore he can't really be sure he was a sexually blank slate before Hinata (also, Daddy Issues because his father never noticed anything was wrong while he was under Sasori's control), and finally, Kabuto was supposed to have a serious reflection at the end over whether he's growing too attached to Hinata and what he's going to do about it.

Suffice to say that none of the above happens and will have to be worked into other fic.

Also: wtf, has all the NejiHina fandom dried up and blown away?

Also the second: again, I meant to write the actual intercourse but my inspiration ran dry and it would not write. My apologies.

Sublimation: 02

Hinata took Kabuto's hand with fingers that were covered in sweat and trembled slightly.

" now, I..."

"Punish yourself. Repent to my heart's content," he said, with a smile calculated to increase her discomfort: the tremors in her hand increased and he closed his fingers more firmly around hers, both to steady and to warn. Time to push my pretty doll a little farther. "However, now that I'm thinking about it, I have just one condition..."

"O-Oh. What c-condition?"

He tipped her chin up with his free hand and waited for her eyes to meet his. Her glance darted, settled on his face for a second, was away again in another instant, then finally, slowly, returned, but even then, Hinata looked more at his eyebrows and nose than his eyes. What a job I have before me. You're very, very lucky that you're so much fun. Though, perhaps this enduring timidity was his fault for letting matters proceed as quickly they had: he didn't have to say yes to Hinata's insane proposal right away; he could have waited, left her dangling on the hook to be reeled in slowly, at his pleasure...

Hinata was biting her lip raw as she waited for his reply: that was unacceptable. He leaned forward, catching her mouth with his and flicked his tongue against her abused lip, then sucked it gently, enjoying the faint salt taste of her blood. "Enough of that."

"S-Sorry." Her gaze slid away once more. "I-I'm t-trying...I'll make up for it."

He came closer until they were nose-to-nose, resting his forehead against hers. Her eyes were downcast, thick lashes casting shadows on her cheeks. "You do keep saying that Hinata, and I still haven't seen any real result."

She murmured something incoherently, her heartbeat hammering in his ears. If her blood rushed any faster, she was going to faint. "Do I have to start plying you with aphrodisiacs to get what I want? Remember how beautifully uninhibited you were the last time you had some? But you didn't like the way you felt afterwards, did you."

"No," she whispered. He could tell from her altered breathing and drooping posture that she was trying her best to calm down. Gently, gently. Play your part well, and you'll have such nice things from me, pet. He stroked her hair, enjoying the feel of the strong, silky strands as he ran them between his fingers. One of these days he was going to tie her hair back so she couldn't use it to hid from him during sex, but not right now. Perhaps he'd tie her up as well: she was one of those people who would probably find it oddly comforting after she got over her initial anxiety at being restrained. If she was bound, no worrying about reciprocation, no fear of clumsy foolishness: just simple, mindless obedience to his whims. Oh yes, definitely someday. And then, maybe--if she performed especially well, and once he could be reasonably certain all sharp implements and potential weaponry had been removed from their trysting place--he would allow her the pleasure of using him as well...


"Niisan," he corrected. Somehow his hands had moved to her back without him noticing, his fingers finding and carefully smoothing away all the tense spots. She does need to relax, otherwise we'll be going nowhere very quickly. "And stop with the "sorry"; instead, make an effort to remember next time."

"I w-will. Um, about your 'condition'..?"

"Oh, that," he said with a fine air of nonchalance. "I'd nearly forgotten. Well, my condition is that you do as you please with me--I want a memorable penitence, my Kushinada--but you're not allowed to suck, or even touch, my cock until I say you can. You rely far too much on blow jobs to please me, Hinata-chan: it's time you broadened your repertoire a bit. Oh, and you have twenty minutes to convince me."

Hinata gulped down a breath and her entire body tensed: the muscles he had so recently soothed became like stone. Blow jobs were the one action Hinata was reasonably confident in: her technique still needed refinement, but it undeniably pleased Kabuto and her manner became strangely calm and sure while she was sucking on him. Perhaps she liked the illusion of control or that Kabuto was in the respondent position for once, but whatever the reason, her composure was curious.

And quite arousing.

"I-I d-don't...I-I'll do my b-best, b-but..."

"Hinata," he said with austere gentleness, "the clock is ticking."

She took a deep breath. "Y-Yes. Yes."

He watched her calmly, wondering how and where she would begin. She responded to kisses but never initiated them (unless she was drugged or trying to prove that she was up to the task of sleeping with him: their first clumsy kiss was still a vivid image in his mind) and her only other experience was wrapping her arms around him and holding on for dear life as he fucked her. Perhaps she would adopt some of the things she had done under the aphrodisiac's influence, perhaps she would copy him, perhaps--

Her fingers brushed against his jaw, cutting his train of thought and he willed himself to stay perfectly still. He wasn't fond of having his face touched and surely she would know better than to try and take his glasses off. The hand not tracing his jaw drifted over to his neck and her thumb stroked the hollow of his throat, the movement jerky and inept.

Hinata swallowed twice, her eyes on his mouth, but she went the safer route and kissed his neck, her lips rough and cold. Trembling, she drew a path up to his ear with the tip of her tongue, then timidly sucked at his earlobe. She is copying me. Not terribly surprising, he thought and made an encouraging noise despite her lukewarm efforts. She left his earlobe and he opened his eyes, just in time to watch her visibly steel herself, then lean forward and kiss his mouth. He grinned against her lips, then closed his eyes again. Hinata was a terrible kisser when she was the one leading and this kiss was so very reminiscent of the one she'd given him when he'd demanded that she convince him that she was serious about bargaining away her body to him; a graceless gesture that confused pressure with desire and she was shaking as badly now as she had been then. Kabuto wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer; perhaps that would hearten her. The clock is ticking...

Her tongue slipped between his lips and he sighed, obediently opening his mouth. She was still very frightened but here and there she was starting to discover a rhythm and he did his best to match her, hoping to lead her to the correct way. Ah..and there...good girl. He leaned into her and she deepened the kiss, her hands coming down to rest on his chest.

"Good," he whispered, breaking the kiss: their mouths were very wet. "Keep on. There are other places I want to feel your mouth."

Hinata looked off into the distance after his words, a thoughtful expression wrinkling her face. Her hands stroked his chest absently and he moved back against her fingers, trying to encourage her. Hesitantly, she touched one of his nipples, then progressed to stroking it and he moaned softly in response, nuzzling his face into her neck. Emboldened, she continued for a few minutes, increasing the pressure until she was pinching it gently: then with some further direction from him, she pushed him to lay back against the pillows and brought her mouth to his skin.

She was clearly, obviously copying him as her tongue flicked at his nipple, but he didn't care. Oh yes, more of this. Hinata sucked and licked and grew bolder, leaving his nipples to nuzzle at his belly and rub her face against the line of hair that led to his increasingly painful erection.

"All right, you've convinced me!" he gasped as her mouth returned to his nipples: she was getting audacious enough to nip. "Time limit's off; do entirely as you please."

Hinata was cruel enough to stay at his chest, suckling and stroking for a few more minutes after his declaration, but then she bent down and Kabuto closed his eyes, feeling her warm breath drift against the head of his cock. Her muscles loosened, her heart quieted: Hinata was dropping down into that odd state of calm once more as her soft mouth began to suck and lap at his straining erection.

Her tongue traced the vein on the underside of his cock as her hands brushed over his thighs, her nails digging in lightly. Kisses so soft and insubstantial that he could barely register them were pressed up and down his length and Kabuto blew out a short, mildly frustrated breath. Now that the time limit had been removed, Hinata seemed to be taking a leaf from his book, making her hard-won blow job a long, drawn out tease, her small fingers alternating between stroking his thighs and squeezing his balls delicately. He nibbled the inside of his lip. Revenge?

Her mouth suddenly closed around his cock and for one divine moment she sucked hard, but then she released him and gave the head another of her gentle, careful little licks, collecting his sticky moisture on the tip of her pink tongue. Definitely revenge.

She rose suddenly, startling him a bit and kissed him hard, one hand keeping a firm grip on his cock. He murmured polite surprise and let her control the pace as her tongue pushed rather aggressively against his, tasting pre-come and Hinata. A pure, hot pleasure spiked through him and he moaned into her mouth.

"Y-You like it," she whispered, breaking the kiss. "Cleaning your come off me with your t-tongue, I mean." Her hand squeezed him, more from nervousness than anything else, but it was strong enough to make him groan. "I-I t-try to please you...I know that I don't do as well as I should."

"You're doing quite well right now," he said and was not a little shocked at how much effort it took to keep his voice even and natural. "I know you keep your word."

She bent back to his lap again and Kabuto gripped the sheets as she started her cunning little torture again. Hinata would suck fiercely on him one moment and switch to a truly awful gentleness the next, and Kabuto was being slowly, but surely overcome by the excruciating desire to grab her by the hair and fuck her tormenting mouth until she wept and his come ran down her throat.

Not yet, not yet, she's not ready for that yet, he chanted over and over, trying his utmost to focus. Act like an impetuous idiot and you'll ruin everything...arghh, you're a little fiend.

What was she doing now?

Oh. She's cupping her magnificent breasts and rubbing them against my cock while she sucks me off...that's all...

His mind had gone completely hazy with lust, but he managed to open one eye enough to look down and watch Hinata's black head and her sweet, busy mouth. The sight of his aching cock nestled between the soft, hot skin of her breasts was nearly enough to send him over the edge, but he held on, gritting his teeth even as his hips thrust involuntarily towards her mouth. Just one... just one moment more...

Hinata glanced up and her eyes met his. She slowly leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down the slit of his cock, keeping his gaze all the while.

Fiend, fiend, WITCH!

A high whine somehow escaped his clenched teeth and he was spurting all over her face and breasts, decorating her in sticky white as his entire body shuddered, trying to shake out the pleasure. Before Hinata could pull away, he scooped her up and dropped her on the cot, pinning her down with his body. She squirmed and whimpered as he cleaned her with long swipes of his tongue: first her face, then, slowly and thoroughly, her breasts. Gradually, his body settled and his mind calmed but he continued his ministrations, laving every inch of her breasts with his mouth, pausing every now and then to leave a mark for her to remember this by. He hummed absently as he suckled a nipple: Hinata had recovered enough to wind her hands in his hair and was sighing quietly. Her hips rocked against his and he rubbed against her in turn, then touched her cunt, dabbed the wetness he found on her breast and licked it off.

"Ready for your fuck?" he whispered into her throat and she nodded, eyes heavy-lidded. "Ask me to come inside."

"P-Please, Kabuto-nii...I w-want you to...i-inside me..." She seemed to gain courage and the rest came out on a rush, but steady and coherent all the same. "Please, Kabuto-nii, fuck me. I want you to."

He laughed, unable to help it. "I want to, too," he acknowledged, spread her legs wide, and let himself in.