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Ikuto sat outside his school on the ledge of the fountain. His school was Seiyo High. The lot was rather big. There was a basketball court behind him, a soccer field to his right, and a greenhouse to his left. The school building was large as well, containing three full-sized gyms, a swimming pool, classrooms, science labs (for chemistry, physics, and biology), and various rooms for different clubs.

At the moment Ikuto was eating lunch with his friends Fujisaki Nagihiko, and Sohma Kukai. Nagihiko had long purple hair that went down to his waist and light brown eyes. He was rather slim, almost like a girl. He was part of the basketball club and the Japanese dance club. Kukai had coppery-coloured hair and green eyes. He was very athletic and the captain of the soccer club. All three of them were in the twelfth grade.

"Did you hear? Hinamori Amu just got accepted here," whispered a blonde girl who was sitting on a bench not too far away from Ikuto. This caught his attention. Someone newer than him was transferring here. Ikuto had just gotten here last year.

"No way!" gasped her friend. "Not the Hinamori, the one who-"

"Oi, Ikuto, are you listening?" Kukai asked, waving a hand in front of his face.

"Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?" Ikuto asked. However, his mind was still on the two girls' discussion. Why was that one girl so surprised that some girl was going to be going here soon?

"We decided to go see a movie tonight," Nagihiko answered.

"So, are you coming?" Kukai asked.

"Yeah, sure," Ikuto replied absently. "Do you guys know who Hinamori Amu is?"

"She's a girl from one city over. She's in some gang," said Kukai.

No wonder those girls were surprised she was coming here. Ikuto wondered how she even got accepted into this school. You had to have a pretty high score on the acceptance test to be admitted.

Nagihiko nodded. "There are a lot of rumours about her, like the one where she beat up her school's entire boy's football team singlehandedly," he told them.

"Why would she do that?" Ikuto asked in confusion.

"Apparently they whistled at her as she walked by," answered Nagihiko gravely.

"She may be a cruel girl, but she's supposedly very hot," Kukai grinned. "Shoulder length pink hair, big honey brown eyes, skinny, nice legs."

"Not like it matters, she'd probably beat you up if you looked at her," Ikuto snorted.

Kukai looked like he was going to come up with a comeback, but Nagihiko interrupted him. "Why are you asking anyways?" he asked.

"Those girls over there," Ikuto nodded in their direction, "said she just got accepted here. I guess you can find out who'd win in a fight after all Kukai." Kukai's cocky grin instantly disappeared.

"Amu-chan, could you grab these two boxes? Rito's inside, so you can just ring the doorbell and he'll let you in," said Midori. This woman was Amu's mother. Her short brown hair was tied back into a messy ponytail because she was in a rush to finish getting their stuff together this morning. She looked tired, but also very happy. Her dark brown eyes were sparkling.

Amu, on the other hand, was quite the opposite of happy. She was mad. "Whatever," Amu muttered and grabbed the boxes. She rang the front doorbell of the house. It was quite a bit bigger than her house, and the landscaping was nicer (the front had a nice little field covered with flowers and a curved driveway), but it wasn't her house. She didn't want this house. Not that she had a choice in the matter.

"Ah, Amu-chan, you're both here then, good," Rito greeted her. He was a man in his early forties with dark brown hair and light green eyes. She'd only met Rito once before this, but in Amu's opinion he was annoying, and way too damn happy to see her. She'd have to fix that.

"Here," Amu shoved the boxes into his outstretched arms – arms that were expecting a hug he'd never get. "And don't address me like we're close."

"Then what am I supposed to call you?" he chuckled.

Amu frowned and felt a jolt of anger stir in her. It was like he thought she was joking. "Nothing actually, I'd prefer it if you didn't talk to me at all," she said.

His smile faded into a blank expression. Good. She'd done her job.

"Rito," Midori called warmly as she came into the house. She put her box on the floor, as did Rito and the two of them hugged.

Amu turned away quickly before she could see them do anything else disgusting. She mentally cursed at the two of them.

"Amu-neechan," said a high-pitched girly voice. Amu looked down to see a young girl with curly light brown hair and brown eyes staring up at her. She was wearing a frilly blue dress with a white ribbon around her waist. The girl looked to be about six.

"Ew," Amu mumbled to herself. Not only did she have to deal with her mother's boyfriend, she also had to deal with his daughter? No one had even told her that he had a kid. This sucked.

"Amu-neechan, aren't you going to ask me my name?" the girl asked.

"No, I'm not going to ask you your name, because I could care less. And I'm not your sister," she told her.

The girl's eyes widened as if Amu had just crushed all her hopes and dreams. Whatever. The kid would get over it.

"I want to go to my room," Amu demanded.

"Up the stairs, third door on the right," said Midori.

Amu slammed her bedroom door closed just as she heard Ami start to cry. As she looked around her room Amu was shocked by what she saw.

Her walls were a light pink.

Her. Walls. Were. Pink.

Why in the world would anyone think it would be a good idea to paint her walls pink? Amu wasn't girly. She had more of a cool, punk style. Pink could be okay in small doses, but having it all over her room made her want to throw up.

Someone had also arranged all the furniture in her room for her. She hated everything. She'd have to re-paint the walls and re-arrange all the furniture. Amu dropped her backpack on the floor and thought about what she was going to do with all of her stuff.

Amu first decided to move the bed from the wall with the balcony to the opposite wall (which would be on the left as you walked through the door). She grunt with effort as she pulled it forwards, turned it one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, and placed it where she wanted. She put her side-table on the right side of the bed. Next she moved her vanity to the same wall as her bed, and her work desk and chair to the wall in front of the door. Beside that she placed a tall lamp. The only things left were her big wavy purple circle carpet, a beanbag chair, and a cork board that she put pictures on. Amu spread the carpet out in the centre of the room, placed the cork board on the wall that contained both her door and closet, and the beanbag chair in the centre of her carpet.

The room was at least decent now. Other than the pink walls. There were a couple of final touches that needed to be made. She unpacked the various boxes of stuff that were scattered around her room. She plugged her alarm clock into the wall and put it on her bedside table, and put her laptop on her desk along with a container full of pens, pencils, and erasers.

From one of the boxes she took out a folder full of pictures. There were various ones of her and her friends from their gang. There were three of them, Amu, Min, and Asura. Min was only 5'1, and she had short curly light blue hair and dark brown eyes. Asura was blonde and her straight hair went half-way down her back. Her eyes were dark blue. The most distinguishing thing about her was the white scar that ran across her right cheek.

The girls had never done anything too bad; mostly just spray painting graffiti, sometimes messing up properties (like smashing mailboxes or throwing rocks through windows), stealing small things from stores, and the occasional fight to defend their "territory." The fights were always pretty easy. The girls were tough, and most other people sucked at fighting. They left baring only a bruise or two and sometimes minor cuts.

In one picture the three of them had rolled up their long sleeves and flexed their arm muscles. They looked just like normal girls who decided to take a silly picture. Another one was of their wrists, where they had all painted a little white dove during art class. The dove had somehow become their symbol. None of them quite remembered how.

Looking at the pictures made her laugh so much that she wanted to cry. She couldn't be friends with them anymore, now that she was no longer part of their gang. She was going to miss them so much. She stuck two pictures to the cork board, and stored the rest in her closet.

The other pictures were of her as a child with her parents, some of just her parents together, and one that was taken when she was thirteen and her dad had made her sit on Santa's lap in a mall for a picture. She hung up a couple of those as well.

There was nothing left to do now other than go to sleep. Amu looked at her clock, hoping it was later than what she thought it was.

Nope. It was only 6:32. That was way too early to even think about going to sleep.

There was a knock on her door. "Amu-chan, can I can come inside?" Midori asked.

"Sure," answered Amu. She didn't really want anyone around right now, but she couldn't exactly tell her mother to go away.

"I brought you some dinner," said Midori as she opened the door and stepped inside. She was carrying a plate full of rice stir fried with vegetables and beef. If she noticed that Amu had re-arranged all the furniture she didn't mention it.

Amu took the plate from her without a word of thanks. Why should she thank her for anything after she dragged Amu all the way out here? She sat down on her beanbag and dug into her food.

"How do you like the room?" she asked.

Amu swallowed a mouth full of food. "Hate it," she said. Midori's expression turned sad. "Why did you let that man paint my walls pink?"

"Amu, he has a name."

"Not like I care," Amu whispered.

"And he was just trying to be nice," she answered. "If you want, we can re-paint the walls."

"I want blue paint," Amu decided. "And I'll do it all myself, to avoid mistakes,"

Midori closed her eyes and her face tensed up. She squeezed her fist into a tight ball before she opened her eyes again. Amu rolled her eyes. It wasn't like she'd said anything worse than she had before. Midori left without saying another word.

Now all Amu had left to do was sit and wait.


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