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Chapter Twenty-Seven - Warnings Unheeded

Staring blankly in the direction of those I once deemed comrades, and even family, I wait for them to take my warning to heart and get away. This is the last opportunity that I'm going to give for them to turn back and save themselves. I can feel my pulse pounding in my head and it's like a driving force, all but blinding me to everything else. Ten…nine…eight… I count down in my head as I wait for them to make their decision but it seems that it won't be necessary to go all the way to zero. Both Kanda and Lavi raise their weapons while Lenalee gazes on with a haunted expression in her eyes.

"So this is your choice…" Even I'm somewhat surprised by how little emotion is contained within my voice. These are the people that I had been willing to die for not so long ago and yet here I am threatening to end their lives myself. An abrupt 360 but I guess that's just the way things were always meant to be. Sad truth though it may be this new path that I've embarked upon is so much more liberating than the one that I tread before.

"Allen… Allen please, you don't have to do this. We don't want to fight you." Such a pleading tone should have caused me to want to do absolutely anything for her but… there's nothing. I know for a fact that my gaze is blank as I stare at her, watching as the tears that had been welling up in her eyes began cascading down her face. She's crying… I'm not sure if it's for me, or for them, or maybe a little bit of both.

And the sad truth is it doesn't even matter.

I fought against it for as long as possible and now… now I'm just going to go with it. Deciding to make the first move I rush forward, taking Kanda by surprise and hitting him square in the solar plexus. As expected this knocks the breath out of him but of course it's not enough to bring the pigheaded samurai to his knees. Not that I really expected for it to be.

"ALLEN!" This exclamation of surprise is made simultaneously by Lavi and Lenalee even as Kanda scowls and struggles to draw a decent breath. "You're going to pay for that Moyashi." There's the promise of imminent pain in his gruff and snarling tone but this only causes me to laugh as I quickly step out of his reach before he regains his breath enough to attack. "If you really think that you stand a chance then bring it on BaKanda."

"Whoa… why are you acting this way Moyashi-chan? It isn't like you."

My gaze shifts in the direction of the red haired Junior Bookman and I can feel a cruel grin spreading across my face, no longer sending the shudder down my spine that it had in times past. Now I've simply accepted this as my fate.

"And what do you even know about the me?" My words contain a challenge as I give him a pointed look before shifting my gaze back toward Kanda. He's the one I attacked so he's the one that I expect retaliation from first. "I've hidden behind a mask of happiness the whole time that you've known me so don't say that this isn't like me. You don't know!" And it's true. The mask that I trained myself to wear was the only 'me' that any of them were familiar with. I hid everything from them; my fears, insecurity, everything. For their sake. I didn't want to cause anyone suffering with my actions, at least not anymore than I already had.

But that was then and this is now.

Now I have a goal to accomplish and I don't care who gets in my way. Be they Noah, Akuma, or even members of the Black Order, doesn't matter to me. If they get in my way then I'll deal with the problem.

By this time Kanda has managed to recover from my attack and, growling low in his throat, he rushes toward me with his sword held up high. Laughing like a mad man I seize hold of the powers of the 14th, deciding that these would be better to use against the irritable samurai than my Innocence. "I'm going to beat some fucking sense into you…" Pfff, like I'd let that happen. Maybe in training sessions where I always tried not to hurt anyone but not now. Dodging to one side to avoid his blade, I place my hand squarely in the center of his back and send a pulse wave through his body that actually causes him to scream out in pain as he's knocked forward by the force.

"Oi, Yuu-chan!" Stepping away from Kanda once again my gaze shifts to Lavi as I watch him pull Iron Hammer from the holster that he wears strapped to his hip. Twirling it in front of him the red head invokes his Innocence, signaling the fact that he's ready to join in this little battle.

Meanwhile Lenalee has sank to the ground, covering her face with both hands. I take this to mean that she can't take part in the fight nor does she want to watch it. Tears hit the ground as she sobs quietly but my attention is quickly averted elsewhere as I hear Lavi's exclamation of "Fire Seal!" I only have a split second to berate myself for not having been paying close enough attention to him before I'm struck by the serpent of fire that he sent in my direction. The fire is intense but I can tell that he isn't taking this fight as seriously as he should by the sheer fact that the intensity of the flames isn't enough to kill me.

Which isn't to say that it doesn't hurt like hell. Knocked back by the flames I feel myself rolling head over heels across the ground, which is a very disorienting feeling. Coming to a stop I quickly jump to my feet, in preparation to counter the next attack, shaking my head to rid myself of some of the disorientation.

"That was careless my boy… You're going to have to do better than that or else you're going to die." Such a matter of fact tone from the Noah… it irritates me to no end. And, needless to say, this is only adding on to the irritation that I was already experiencing. Clenching my hands together into fists I find myself wishing that I could strangle him.

"Thanks for that." These words are snarled out vehemently and I can tell that it catches both Lavi and the semi-recovered Kanda by surprise. Of course they don't know that I've taken to talking to my inner demon but it's not going to matter at the end of this so I don't elaborate. Kanda has managed to pull himself to his feet and shockingly enough is now glaring daggers at none other than Lavi. This is somewhat of a surprise; shouldn't I be the object of his anger?

"Stay the hell out of this baka Usagi! I don't need your help to deal with such a weakling." Lavi takes a step back, his Innocence reverting to normal as he holds up his hands. "Alright but I was only trying to help."

Using this momentary shift in their focus to my advantage I once again run forward, having managed to recover from the disorientation caused by Lavi's attack. It would have been better for BaKanda if he'd let the red headed annoyance help him but if he's that eager to die then whatever. It's not like it matters to me.

Humming yet another eerily haunting tune under my breath I once again call upon the powers of the 14th, almost at the exact same instant that Kanda grabbed the scabbard of his sword. It seemed as though both Mugen and the scabbard were surrounded by a strange energy and, in the blink of an eye, Kanda was holding not one but two weapons. This might shift things slightly in his favor, I guess we'll just have to see. He comes charging toward me and I shift my song to the one that summons the barrier, blocking his attack without a second to spare. Kanda snarls as his attack is thwarted and I use this to my advantage, dropping the barrier and once again placing a hand to his skin. This time I send the pulse wave through his body via his shoulder, so it isn't quite as effective as it had been the first time.

But it's effective enough to knock him to the ground once again.

Suddenly I feel someone grabbing my arms from behind and, glancing back over my shoulders, I see that it's Lenalee who's now trying to restrain me. "Stop this Allen… this isn't you. What happened to the gentle soul that couldn't even harm a Noah never mind one of his own comrades?" Tears are still glistening in her eyes but there's also a look of determination held within.

"He's dead." My voice is flat and without hesitation. The Allen that she knew is dead… assuming he ever really lived in the first place. I'm beginning to think that the latter part of this is the more likely of the two. She chokes out a sob as she hears these words and I quickly twist in her grasp, simultaneously pulling my shoulders free and knocking her to the ground at the same time.

"Extend!" This is the only warning that I get before I feel Iron Hammer slam into the side of my body, sending me once more flying through the air while at the same time knocking the breath from me. Landing hard on the ground I struggle to draw air into my now burning lungs, my breaths coming in ragged gasps that can't adequately provide oxygen to my body. Pulling myself to a sitting position I turn my mismatched eyes to glare in the direction of Lavi, who's standing several yards away with a grim expression on his face. "We did try to do this the easy way Allen… but you just wouldn't cooperate."

"And now I think that they're finally going to take this little battle seriously."

These words are probably truer than I want to admit to. Getting to my feet once again, and thinking that I really need to stop ending up in a heap on the ground, I take a moment to regroup. What I need in this situation is strategy but unfortunately that's never really been my strong suit. And, even more unfortunately, I'm facing off against the one person who can use it very well. This is of course going to work against me but there are other things working in my favor.

The powers of the 14th being key among them.

It's a bit irksome that I'm going to have to depend on his powers so much during this fight but using my Innocence isn't really an option so I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. I know this is the sad truth but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with, especially not considering the fact that I can practically see the smug expression that I know he must be wearing at this moment. Growling low in my throat I once again shove the random thoughts to the back of my mind at the same instant that both Lavi and Kanda rush forward, each holding their weapon and looking as though they were fighting just another one of the Earl's henchmen. Which I'm decidedly not but if that's how they have to look at it in order to be able to go through with this fight then whatever works for them.

Me, I don't need such a crutch.

I can feel the power swelling up inside me and, with a maniacal grin plastered all over my face, I run to meet them. The air is almost crackling as I meet them halfway between where they started and where I did and the same haunting music that always seems to accompany his powers fill the air. Both Lavi and Kanda come to a screeching halt, which is almost laughable, and it's in this moment that the ground beneath their feet practically explodes. Dirt and bits of rock are sent flying everywhere, as are Lavi and BaKanda since they're caught completely off guard. Not surprising since they've never seen this attack before… for that matter, neither have I but I must admit that it's useful. Both land in a heap on the ground several feet away, with the red head landing on top of the perpetually irate samurai and no doubt only further fueling his anger over the situation.

"Get the fuck off!" Kanda's scathing words actually cause me to laugh out loud as Lavi returns with, "I'm trying Yuu. Try to have a little more patience." His tone sounds much the same as it always does save for the faintest note of frustration and is that fear that I hear? I can't tell for certain but it seems likely, given the circumstances.

"I warned you to leave and pretend that you never saw me. Why couldn't you just do that? Then none of this would be happening right now." I gave them more than fair warning so why couldn't they heed it?

Now they're going to have to die.

Both of them get to their feet but I can tell, just by the way that they're moving, that my attack injured them. I can't really tell the extent of said injuries but it's enough to slow them down, which is going to even the odds a little bit. Stepping to the forefront Lavi once again swings his hammer in a rapid circular motion in front of him while Kanda holds up his dual blades. Seems like they're going to attack me simultaneously this time around. Tensing I wait for their attack instead of running forward like I did the time before. It's time to try a bit of strategy and see how well that works out for me.

As they neared me Kanda and Lavi suddenly dodged in opposite directions. Shifting my gaze about rapidly I focus it on Lavi, who's the one who is closest to me. Once more I summon the barrier, which does block the attack from Iron Hammer, but leaves me woefully unprotected from the dual slash of Mugen. The first blade is only partially repelled by the barrier and causes it to shatter, allowing the second blade to slice the skin of my right shoulder. Hissing in pain I quickly jump back, my left hand going to the wound. Feeling the warmth of the blood that is now cascading from the wound I feel my pulse pounding in my head. The blood that is pulsing through my veins is calling out for more blood to be shed… their blood this time instead of my own.

Striding forward with purpose and deliberation I once again begin to hum a low melody, different this time. Golden threads circle around the pair before either has the chance to react, constricting so that they're pulled together face to face. Watching as the two of them struggle and simultaneously glare at one another brings me a tremendous amount of pleasure and I can feel the sadistic grin that I'm already wearing growing even wider as I saunter toward them with the deadly lope of a predator. My eyes narrow ever so slightly as I increase the tempo of my humming, causing the strings to grow even tighter around them.

"Innocence Activate! Waltz Misty Wind!" I hear this exclamation just in time to dodge the brunt of this attack, the force of the wind knocking my back several feet but not doing any real damage. There's a resigned look on Lenalee's face as she turns toward me. I guess she finally won the battle with herself and decided that fighting was her only option.

My attention effectively shifts to her and I leave BaKanda and Lavi to struggle with the binds that are holding them together. The residual effect will last for a couple of minutes after the melody stops so I'll have to take care of Lenalee before they manage to break free or the threads fade. Humming once again I flick my wrist and use another of the strange threads like a whip, lashing out at her with such ferocity that it's all she can do to dodge even with the speed and agility given to her by the dark boots. Knowing that her stamina can't last forever I increase the ferocity of my attacks, laughing darkly as little trails of blood appear on her arms and legs where she's struck by the attack. This gives me a sick sort of pleasure that I know I should be repulsed by.

But I'm not… I'm exhilarated by it.

"Allen…what are you doing? This isn't right." Gasping I slide to a halt as this new, and eerily familiar voice, echoes inside my mind. I've grown accustomed to hearing the voice of the 14th but this… this isn't him. There's no denying that there is some similarity between the two of them but this is a voice that I could never forget, not if I lived a thousand years.


This isn't the first time that I've heard his voice since his death… his presence has pretty much always been there with me. But this was the first time that I'd ever heard such sadness and… disappointment held in it. I stagger slightly as this voice shakes my resolve somewhat.

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