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Margaret was rummaging around in her trunk much too early for Helen's liking. Helen pulled her pillow over her head, but that only proved that humans needed oxygen to live.

Realizing that she wasn't going to get back to sleep anytime soon Helen swung her feet out from under the blankets and placed them on the deep mahogany floor.

Helen was an American college student who was spending the summer in England with her best friend, Margaret Macready. Her aunt had inherited the magnificent house they were staying in from the kindly old man she used to housekeep for, who had had no relatives to give it to.

Helen moved to her trunk and got out blue checkered shorts and a, recently in style, cropped top in a reddish color. She was standing in front of the mirror as Margaret moved to stand behind her, putting her hands in Helen's thick, auburn curls.

"I'm so jealous of your bloody hair," Margaret said in her English accent. She touched her own short, brown hair. Helen smiled at their reflections. Margaret shook her head. "But anyway, my aunt needs my help with something." Here she rolled her eyes, "you should explore this house, and it's amazing." Margaret gave a final smile and left.

Helen gazed at herself a moment longer and then left, unsure of where to start in the large house. She wandered through the halls, looking around the rooms, many of which seemed to be out of commission. They were filled with many beautiful, antique things, and some rooms looked to be inhabited, though she had been told that Margaret's aunt lived by herself. They old man had asked that the things not be bothered.

One room particularly interested Helen. It was bare except for a large wardrobe. The wardrobe itself was exquisite. It was made of a deep, rich wood and had beautiful carvings that covered most of it. Helen ran her fingers over them and the lightly fingered the gold knob to open it. She pulled the door open gently and saw many fur coats. Tentatively, she reached forward and touched one. It was amazingly soft to her hand.

Helen realized that the wardrobe was big enough for her to step into so she did and the sensual feel of fur on skin greeted her legs, arms, and stomach. She wondered if she could sneak one of these into her trunk before she left. It would be all the rage back home.

She stepped farther and farther into the wardrobe, looking at her options. Suddenly something that wasn't soft fur poked her skin.

"Ouch!" Helen exclaimed, reaching out cautiously to touch whatever it was that had poked her. It had become darker as she had progressed to the back of the wardrobe and her eyes slowly began to adjust.

Pine needles were poking her. Helen could only push through the needles in her confusion as to why there were pine needles in the wardrobe at all.

The horses thundered through the forest, Peter in the lead. Edmund fell behind so they all stopped and waited.

Fifteen years of ruling had done them all well. They were a handsome group of Kings and Queens of Narnia.

Lucy looked away from Edmund and caught a glimpse of the strangest thing.

"What is that?" Susan asked, following her sisters eyes.

"I've seen it before." Lucy realized. All four of them got off their horses and walked toward a group of thick pine trees.

Edmund reached forward to move a branch aside, but something rustled from within and Susan put a hand on his arm. Peter pulled his sword out, Edmund followed his lead, Lucy pulled a small dagger out of the sheath on her hip, and Susan strung an arrow. They waited anxiously to see what would show itself.

Helen got tangled terribly in the branches and fell hard onto the soft, moist earth. She heard people gasp and step back quickly. Getting up, she brushed herself off, not looking at the people just yet.

The Pevensies watched her carefully as they put their weapons away. The woman obviously wasn't armed.

"What in God's name is she wearing?" Lucy whispered to Susan.

Helen looked at the two women. "I could ask you the same thing," she said evenly, looking at their strange, olden dresses and the men's tunics and leggings.

"And who are you?" Edmund asked.

"Helen Jones." She looked at the dark head man. He was handsome, but not nearly as handsome as the other man. "And you all are?"

"I am King Edmund the Just." The dark haired man bowed slightly.

"Queen Susan the Gentle." The older woman with extremely long black hair spoke.

"Queen Lucy the Valiant." The younger woman with fair hair smiled.

"And I am King Peter the Magnificent." The handsome man gave a deep bow and looked at her with grey eyes.

Helen suddenly didn't know what to say or do. She hadn't known she was in the presence of royalty.

"And you are in Narnia," Peter continued.

"Will you be here long?" Queen Susan asked.

"I'm really not sure," Helen replied. She had no idea; she didn't even know where she really was or how she had gotten there.

"Then perhaps you would like a place to stay?" Peter asked.

"That would be excellent." Helen smiled at the handsome man.

"Here you ride and I'll walk," he offered. Helen shook her head; she had never been on a horse before. "I insist." Peter gently guided her towards his white horse.

Helen's hands were sweating because she was so nervous. She felt Peter gently place his hand on her back.

"Give me your foot," he said quietly. The others watched quietly as Peter took her sandaled foot and placed it in the stirrup. "Now just pull yourself up and put other foot in the other stirrup."

Helen did that much successfully.

"Nicely done!" Lucy smiled at Helen.

"All set?" The horse turned its head up toward Helen, who promptly screamed.

"It's okay," Peter assured her.

"But your horse just spoke to me!" Helen was still bewildered.

"In Narnia animals have the ability to speak. It takes some getting used to." Peter smiled kindly, his grey eyes sparkling. He held the reigns and the group set off to the palace at a slow pace.

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