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Chapter Three

Helen woke late the next day when a ray of sun ell through the canopy of her bed. She rolled over, keeping her eyes closed. When she opened them she started, not sure of where she was. Her bed in England didn't have a canopy and it wasn't so soft.

She slowly pulled the canopy open and looked around. Helen was in a luxurious room, alone. Suddenly she remembered. She had thought the whole Narnia thing had been a dream.

The floor was warm to her feet as she swung her legs out from under the warm blankets. She walked around the room beaming. It had all been so wonderful and it was all real!

Helen stopped in front of the tiny, overstuffed armchair and picked up the exquisite purple dress that someone had left for her. She went behind the changing screen and slipped it on. Unfortunately she didn't know how to do her hair like Lucy had the previous evening, so she just brushed out the mass of auburn curls.

The smell of food wafted into her room and she followed the scent to the massive dining room. Apparently she had missed breakfast, but woken just in time for lunch.

Lucy and Peter brightened when she entered and all the men rose. King Peter rose and pulled out a chair for her next to Lucy.

"That purple is very becoming on you," Peter whispered. As he pushed her seat in his warm fingers brushed her shoulder and sent tingles all over her.

"Thank you, Peter," Helen whispered back.

Lucy turned to her and smiled. "You look absolutely stunning."

"Why thank you. I didn't know what to do with my hair however." Helen laughed easily.

"Oh no it looks fine," Lucy reassured her.

The two women fell into cheerful chatter, consisting of Lucy telling Helen things about the creatures and her siblings, and they laughed like long lost best friends.

Peter would occasionally glance over and smile. Lucy was so kind and she was doing a wonderful job of making Helen feel welcome and comfortable.

And there was something Helen. He hadn't been around her long enough to put his finger on it, but he had felt something run through him when he had accidentally brushed her.

The lunch ended and everyone went their separate ways. Helen and Lucy were leaving the Hall when Peter caught up to them.

"Ladies, would you for a ride through the forest?" He asked politely. He gave Lucy a look that said she was clearly not invited.

"Oh no. I actually have some things I need to do," Lucy said cheerfully. She nudged Helen towards Peter. "But you two go anyways." She grinned at Helen, who imperceptibly shook her head.

"Have a good time." Lucy gave Helen a huge grin.

"Now you know I'm not good at this." Helen put her hands on her hips.

"All the more reason to do it," Peter insisted. "Practice makes perfect."

"Oh alright." She sighed and took offered arm. Helen loved the chivalry thing, being escorted everywhere and having all men rise in her presence. It made any woman feel like royalty. It was refreshing.

They arrived at the stables a few moments later.

"I'm sure Lucy wouldn't mind if you rode her mare today. You'll have to ride sidesaddle today since you have skirt, instead of those strange things you came in."

Helen raised an eyebrow. "I can't even ride astride."

"We'll go slowly." Peter walked the brown mare out and then placed his hands on Helen's small waist. She felt feather light as he easily hoisted her onto the horse.

"Don't worry you'll be fine. I promise." It wasn't Peter that spoke, but the horse. Helen wasn't nearly as shocked as the first time.

Peter mounted his white stallion and led the way out. They went slowly, as he had promised, to a trail in the woods.

The young pair rode in silence for a long while. Helen was preoccupied with trying to stay on the horse in the awkward position.

"You're doing well," Peter finally said.

"Thank you. I'm just trying not to make a fool out of myself," Helen admitted. Peter laughed out loud.

"Is that possible? I believe you're too beautiful to be a fool."

Helen's cheeks colored. "Well I don't know about that."

"I do."

Helen lapsed into silence once more. She had only known him for a day, but she had very strong feelings for him. They had cropped up when she first saw him.

"So how long do you plan on staying here in Narnia?" Peter broke the silence once more.

"I'm not sure, really," Helen admitted. She really had no idea, because it was all so surreal. She never wanted to leave, but she didn't have a place in this outlandish land.

"You can stay as long as you like. You're not a burden to anyone and everyone likes you." Peter reigned in his horse and slid off. He came over to Helen and helped her slide down.

They were very far from the palace now and on the farthest part of the beach.

"Do they?" Helen had been worried that the mystical court would find her an intruder.

"Yes they do, but even if they didn't it wouldn't matter because I do and I am the High King." Peter laughed softly.

Helen turned to him and smiled. He was standing very close. He put a hand on her lower back and turned her toward the sun.

"The moon and sun meet at a certain time of day. They pass each other." He pointed out.

"They follow each other where I'm from." Helen stared in amazement. In the sky the sun and moon were very close. It was so strange. "That's amazing."

Peter turned her back towards him. He placed both hands on her waist and pulled her closer. He leaned in slowly and kissed her full lips

Helen's eyes opened in shock and then closed blissfully and she melted into him.

Peter was very respectful, keeping his hands on her waist. He was also very good, not sloppy.

He pulled away first and released her. "That was very sorry of me. I've know you for only a day. Please forgive me." Peter hung his head.

"Why?" Helen was confused. Had had not enjoyed it as she had?

Peter looked up. "We've barely met each other. We don't know each other and I don't do things like that," Peter said bluntly.

Helen nodded; she didn't know what else to do.

"Let's go back to the palace." Peter helped her back onto the horse and they went back in complete silence.

The silence continued as they walked up the palace steps.

"My favorite color is blue," Helen said quietly.

"What?" Peter turned and looked at her from the hallway he was entering.

"Now you know something about me." She smiled softly and turned to go to Lucy's room.

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