-Words- Means thoughts or Talking to each other mentally

-X X X- means Point of View has changed

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Chapter 1; Pilot:

What is Life?

"The general or universal condition of human existence"

What is a Vampire?

"A preternatural being, commonly believed to be a corpse that is said to suck the blood."

What is Love?

Axel stared at the question.

What is Love?

Axel erased the last question, he stopped writing when he realized that this wouldn't due for a college essay, even though the assignment was to write about a mythical creature. He thought it a bit ironic about writing about vampires; especially since most of the human beliefs about vampires were false... Or maybe he was just lazy.

He rubbed his face in frustration; Maybe I should take a walk, he thought.

Axel had always had his mind in the clouds, even as a kid he dreamed of leaving home; but when he did, he wasn't allowed to ever see his family again. Leaving them with no way of knowing what became of him, leaving his mother to worry for the rest of her life, wondering what happened to her only son.

When Axel went on his walk, he walked by a busy bridge, where humans walked by every day. Any vampire would be impressed at how much power Axel had to be around so many of them. Axel always told them they just needed practice.

He smelled the air, at least he tried. The stench human beings overwhelmed all other beautiful scents and it was almost impossible trying to smell things other than their blood.

"AXEL! HEY! Over here!" yelled a familiar voice. Axel turned his head to see who was addressing him, it was his friend and vampire Demyx with a woman named Larxene. The two of them shared something with Axel most vampires didn't, for the three of them had been turned by the same vampire, in a way, that made them his siblings.

Which meant that these vampires who were related to him could speak each other through thoughts, but it felt unnecessary.

"Demyx, what are you doing here?" Axel asked smiling, not looking at Larxene.

"On business, we're gonna be in town a few days…I thought it would be nice to visit!" Demyx was anxious, Larxene wasn't looking at them either; "SO! How's your personal time going? Are you happy you'll be able to finish college!" Demyx asked; acting hyper, like he always did.

"It's going great; I'll be done in a couple years-" Axel said before being cut off.

"I don't see what the point is, who cares about this? It's just a waste of time." Larxene said angrily.

"And!" Axel continued; "I'm actually really enjoying it... I mean... he would have wanted me to finish school…" Axel said sadly, He heard Larxene scoff, normally Axel would have gotten mad that Larxene would disrespect his wishes just because she was jealous. But that's not who he was anymore.

It was certain, Larxene loved him too, but when he chose Axel over her. She then filled herself up with loathing, resentment and unhappiness.

"Whatever, it's not like he's gonna congratulate you anytime soon" She said

It took all of Axel to hold his anger back; "Jealously is an ugly look for you Larxene, it's pathetic"

"How dare you! You think WE like going on missions, while you live here! Pretending to be human!" She yelled. Larxene hated Axel and him, she promised she always would. And never forgive either one.

Uh…Guys? Demyx said, mentally pointing out that the humans around them were now staring.

It's Larxene fault. Axel said mentally to Demyx.

Larxene just stood there, looking at the ground; as if she wanted it to fade away. The fact that humans were surrounding only her made her more annoyed. She hated humans, wishing she could kill every last one of them.

"Demyx. We're leaving" she said dryly. She started walking away, without even caring if Demyx followed or not.

"Uh, bye Axel! I'll tell master you're fine!" Demyx said trying to grin, as if nothing had happened.

Axel hated when that Larxene came by, always bringing trouble with her. But they all had the same master, so they could not do anything about it. If truth were told, Axel wished they would get along and tried to be kind to Larxene, not like it changed anything.

Axel looked at the sun; He hated the sun. If it wasn't for his ring he would be dust, he was a vampire after all.

True, Axel was a vampire, but he was considered young. He was only 182, which isn't a lot in vampire standards. He was turned at age 21; he was going to college at the time and didn't get to finish, which is why he wanted to finish in this era.

Axel might have looked older than him, just because he had been turned at age 19, but that didn't mean anything. He was 214 when he met a fifteen year old Axel. Almost two hundred years older than Axel, but that didn't stop the love they felt.

The first time he said "I love you" to Axel. Nothing else mattered at that point; himself, his past life, even his master had all disappeared from his mind. Axel's universe had only one other person in it, him.

Life had meaning when Axel was with him, however it did not last; nothing good ever does.

Axel walked home, he was still tired, he hardly slept the night before. Axel had been dreaming of him again. Him, that creature that was trapped in Axel's heart and mind forever.

Axel turned his attention toward his unfinished homework, deciding to write about werewolf instead.

Maybe this was a mistake, he thought. Trying to be something he's not, destiny told him he would die before college, those vampires allowed him to live a human life just a little longer. Until the day he came to take Axel's human life.

The only way to become a vampire is if you drink the blood of a vampire, and then somehow die. Which was hard, vampire blood healed humans' wounds and could even cure some diseases.

But when someone did become a vampire, they stay true to the ones who gave them their new lives and gave them their vampire blood. It's why vampires have "masters" and why they have "siblings".

When it was Axel's turn, he was killed by being stabbed in the heart with a sword, and awoke as a vampire. He soon forgot his own name, and was given a new name. The name "Axel" was given to him by his master. However it was not his master who killed him. It was one of Axel's Master's servants, him.

He was Axel's lover for over twenty years, but Axel and him did not share the same master. He had been one of the few vampires to have actually turned against their master. Since most vampires show only obedience and devotion toward their masters, it was rare when a vampire opposed the one who gave them life. But He did more than just betray his master, he actually managed to killed him.

Which was even more rare since vampires usually cannot live without their masters. If their master dies; they usually take their own life unless they are "Masters" themselves.

Axel had finished his walk and now was ready to go back to his room and work on his paper. As Axel walked up the steps, he paused when something caught his eye.

"No…" He muttered to himself. "It can't be…"

This thing was not a thing at all…

It was a person, a human being, but why did it catch Axel's attention unlike literally every other human being? Because this human being looked…just…like…him.

The name of him, it had to be said! It burst out lightly from Axel's mouth:



It was normal day; at least it felted like it was.

He had woken up that morning, feeling dizzy. Being home alone on a Saturday; while all his friends were out in the town for the summer; Sora should be coming home soon. Roxas thought, thinking of his best friend who was away.

For a day where nothing happened, it went by quickly. Which surprised Roxas for being both a bad and good thing. He wondered where his youth was going. Roxas had thought about life, and how these were his best years, being sixteen and all. And here he was, spending his Saturday nights taking the trash out like usual, he was so lonely.

Life's become so boring, thought the young and beautiful Roxas.

While on the stairs; he was trying to walk up them, but felt a shiver down his spine. Someone was watching him, he was sure of it.

At first, Roxas wasn't sure what to do. Should I walk away, or confront them? Hmm… he thought, of course he didn't know if it was a stalker, it could just be someone simply glancing at him. That's probably it, Well…I'll just look around before walking away. He thought slowly turning his body to look around.

It's a shame that he couldn't just walk away.

Because when he looked around, he saw Axel standing at the bottom of the stairs.


Eyes meeting. It was true, he looked just like Ventus! Axel knew it!

But…He was human…Axel could smell it… He could even hear... So he could not be Ventus…Well of course, he thought.

He wanted to speak but all that happened was him breathing really hard.


Roxas blushed when he saw this guy…Tall, redheaded, and handsome. Roxas saw him staring at him, he had this really sexy staring look, but Roxas turned his head. He was too nervous to see if this guy was still looking at him.

And what would Roxas do if he was? It's not like Roxas would have the courage to talk to him, Roxas only thought that. He just there, rubbing his face.


Axel had to leave, he couldn't be here. Not with that boy here.

But the boy was standing on the stairs, but his face was in his hands. What is he doing? Axel thought, but remembering it didn't matter.

Roxas finally lifted his head, then noticing the guy wasn't there anymore. He was passing Roxas on the stairs; it had to be now! Or never!

"Um! Hey!" Roxas yelled, not knowing what to say. His face redder than Axel's hair.

Axel stopped walking, the boy's voice, his smell, even slight pieces of his appearance were different from Ventus'. So then why was Axel still drawn to the boy?

The redhead finally replied "Yes? Do you need something?"

Roxas couldn't believe it!

"Hi…ah…I already said that…" Roxas felt like a moron. The redhead couldn't help but smirk. "I'm Roxas, I live on the fourth floor. Have you lived here long?" Roxas said looking down.

Axel rolled his eyes; "I'm…Axel. I've lived here less than a year" He said calmly.

"Axel" Roxas loved the way it sounded. What a cool name...

Roxas was blushing and stuck in La la land.

Axel rubbed the back of his neck, he felt forced to say something back; "So... Are you a student?" Axel asked him.

"UM! Yeah! I'm in high school!" Roxas said leaving his short fantasy.

Why am I talking to him? Axel thought, even he could tell he was wasting his time. "That's nice, I should-"

"Wait!" Roxas yelled, running up the stairs to catch up to Axel.

Axel watched speechlessly.

"So, are you a student too?" He said still inhaling and exhaling. His hands on his knees, head looking at the ground.

"Yeah, College." Axel said, observing this 'Roxas'. True, he wasn't Ventus. He didn't need to be, he was still beautiful, but now Axel could see that Roxas' personality also was different. How could Axel be so naïve to think this boy was Ventus? His love, Ventus was a one of kind vampire, a one of kind person. A genuine free spirit, Ventus was wise, sweet, and most times very amusingly. Roxas was just a kid, a hyper, dumb kid...

"Listen I have to go." Axel said, feeling the melancholy that thinking about Ventus caused. He wished that his love didn't bring this pain, it shouldn't be this way.

He's leaving! He's getting away! Roxas thought, no, he couldn't lose him now!

"Uh… Wait!" he said trying to grab Axel's arm, "I was wondering-"Before Roxas could finish…

…Axel turned his head; the two for moment were both in the air.

Roxas had now fallen toward Axel, still standing. Axel kept him from falling on the floor by holding him up.

Now the two were standing very close, Axel's hands on Roxas' shoulders. Roxas' hands on the chest part of Axel's shirt. The two looking into each other's eyes. Axel just stared at the captivated Roxas. Roxas' big blue eyes piecing into Axel's soul.

Roxas, not knowing what to do; just stood there in a daze. No longer paying attention to reality.

Axel also just stood there, looking at the boy who resembled his dead lover. Axel shook his head; Ventus was nineteen, he had a mature face. This boy is in high school, probably a virgin.

Then out of nowhere, Axel's senses interrupted their daze.


It was the smell of blood, not a lot, a cut. It was coming from Roxas.

Roxas still was dazed, like he just wanted to be next to Axel and nothing more. He didn't understand what was going, why was he feeling like this? With someone he didn't even know!

Little did Roxas know; vampires have this effect on all human beings; so this wasn't unnatural.

He was so embarrassed being held by Axel. Then Axel put his hands on Roxas' face.

Roxas blushed up; his eyes looked a different direction. He was nervous about Axel would do next; he wasn't going to kiss him, right?

Of course a human would THINK that, but Axel had his eyes on Roxas' neck. Axel could imagine how delicious his blood would be. Why is it so appealing? He wondered, then feeling his vampire eyes changing color. Now he was hungry.

"I have to go!" Axel yelled. He couldn't attack someone here!

As Axel ran away, Roxas just grinned.

"Wow..." He was aware of the feelings being born for Axel. This was only the beginning.

Axel ran into his apartment; slamming the door shut. He fell back against the door.

"I'm so screwed."

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