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Chapter 12; Houses:

Vampires shouldn't exist...

They're not real... Right?...

Roxas tossed and turned all that night. He wasn't sure what was real anymore. He woke up and looked at his clock;

"2:28 a.m... Great..." Roxas said. looking at his blankets, the memories of earlier still haunted him. He wanted to believe it didn't happen, but it did. Because when Roxas was running home, he tripped and made a cut on his knee. Why would Roxas be running so frantically through the city if what happened didn't happen...

Roxas stared at his ceiling. The thought of mythical creatures being real scared him, because their suppose mythical!

Roxas felt himself fall asleep again until he woke up again; he stayed up until the sun rose.

"Roxas? Honey? Is something wrong?" Roxas' Aunt asked

Roxas laid in his bed, "No, Everything's fine..." He lied

"Do you want me to make you breakfast?" She asked, still concerned

"No thanks..." Roxas said, covering his face with his blankets; he felt like crying.


Axel also was having sleeping problems.

Oh Ventus... I used to think of taking my life often... But now that I have Roxas... I can't bring myself to wish that I had taken my life... I love Roxas now... And if things don't work out... I don't think I could ever love again.

Axel sat up, tired, sad and he missed Roxas most of all. It wasn't easy to for anyone to truly admit their feelings when they're afraid of them. He finally realized that Roxas was perfect for him, even more than Ventus wasn't until the years leading to his death, Axel began seeing how being a vampire made Ventus unnaturally cruel.

"He has you under something, like a spell or something." Aerith dared to say while her and Axel were talking at a restaurant in England.

Axel stood up; "I don't like you talking about him like that!" Axel yelled, causing the humans around them to stare.

"But Axel!" Aerith said trying whisper so the humans wouldn't hear; "You don't see it because you're in love with Ven! But Ventus has some sort of power... To make people love him! To make people become obsessed with him! Even fight for him."

"Shut up." Axel uttered

"No! I looked into his past! He's had lovers kill each other for him" Aerith said standing up

"I can't believe you. I love him!" Axel said walking outside

Aerith followed, picking up her Victorian dress to run after him. "Axel! You're my friend! Why would I lie?"

"I don't know..." Axel said; "Ventus isn't like that! Okay? He loves me and me only!"

"I don't know Axel... I don't want you getting hurt." She said

Because of what she said... Axel started wondering about him and Ventus, he loved him; they were suppose to be soul mates...

"Axel. I don't like you spending time with that slut Aerith." Ventus said coldly

"Slut? Ven... She's my friend."

"No she's not! I don't wanting you talking to her anymore! Okay?" Ventus said angrily

"Ventus! Why are you saying these things!"

"Why are you defending that whore? Can't you see she's trying to take you away? You're mine! And no one else's!" Ventus yelled

"She's not trying to take me away! And I'm not yours!" Axel yelled back

Ventus stared at Axel suddenly acting innocent; "Can't you see how much this bothers me?"

Axel felt pity; "I'm sorry... But nothings going on..."

"I need some air..." Ventus said walking out the door

Axel felt them drifting away for a long time, he was just in denial. But Axel was practically drowning in an ocean of depression and Roxas pulled him out.

God, I miss him... Axel thought; I must be pathetic since only been less than a day since I've seen him...

Axel thought, for the first time in awhile. Axel truly felt loneliness, true; he was already lonely. But now he really needed to be with someone but no one was there. Riku being at Sora's house and all.


Sora moaned while waking up.

"You okay?" Riku immediately said, waiting all night for Sora to naturally wake up

"Riku? Did my parents see you?" Sora asked trying to look around, but everything was burly

"Yeah. But I compelled so they don't remember a thing." Riku said smirking

"Did you carry me here?" Sora asked, trying to sit up

"No! Stay lying down, you need your rest." Riku said, sitting on the floor beside Sora's bed

Sora smiled; "Fine... Hey, what happened?"

Riku just sat there for a moment; "Well... we found out your little friend Zexion is dhampir. Half vampire and half human, you and I left when Axel did. I figured I should have brought you to your house."

"And this cut?" Sora asked, feeling his forehead

The one Zexion caused. Riku leaned over to kiss Sora's forehead; "Yeah... Sorry about that..."

Sora blushed, "I'm just glad you're okay." he said before Riku kissed his lips. "Mmm... Riku?"


"I want to see him..."

"What?" Riku asked

"I want to see Zexion, I feel bad for him. And I want him to know that we're still friends."

"You're still his friend? Even after everything he did?"

"Yeah... I mean I'm okay with my boyfriend being a blood sucking monster, I'll be okay with one of my friends being on too!" Sora replied smiling

"Pfft...Fine." Riku said, unhappy


It was now early in the afternoon

"The library?" Riku asked

"Yeah, he loves reading and spends most of his time there." Sora assured him

"Okay. So why do I have to be here?" Riku asked, feeling uncomfortable

"Because! You two were the ones fighting." Sora pointed out

Riku grumbled to himself, annoyed.

Zexion sat in his usual spot, reading. Until he felt Riku's presence.

"Your aura stands out like a sore thumb in a crowd of humans." He said aloud

"I know. Cause I'm awesome." Riku said smirking

"Hi Zexion." Sora said

Zexion looked up; "Hello."

"Listen, Riku told me the story! And I want you to know that I'm totally okay with you being a daphire... thing..."

"Dhampir." Zexion said, hating to admit it

"Yeah. I want us to still be friends..." Sora said sitting down

Zexion looked at Sora then looked up at Riku

"Don't look at me, I was dragged here!" Riku said

"Riku! That's not true! He came to apologize!"

"No I didn't!" Riku snapped back

"It's okay, no apology needed." Zexion said, then out of curiosity asked; "So exactly how did you, Sora then human; meet Riku, the vampire?"


Roxas was still in bed, trying not to cry around his aunt, she was leaving soon so he just had to wait a little longer. Roxas heard his door being knocked on; "Roxas? Can I come in?" his aunt asked

Roxas wanted to say no; "Uh... yeah."

"Roxas? I don't think I should go..." She said coming in

"What? Why?" Roxas asked sitting up

"Because somethings wrong with you, and I rather be here and wait for you to tell me..." She said, sincerely worried about her nephew; who she loved like one of her own

Roxas felt bad, she had been wanting to go on this cruise for months; "No... You should go, I'll tell you what's wrong..."

Her face lit up; "Okay."

"I... I've been a relationship, for kinda a while now..." Roxas said, finally telling his aunt about being with someone

"Oh Roxas! I already knew!" She said smiling

"You did! How!" Roxas asked surprised

"Just the way you acted... I knew that it was probably relationship problems." She replied

"Oh... I recently found out something about them... that really has put a bump in our relationship..."

"Really? What?"

"I found out they're a v... vegetarian!" Roxas accidentally said, realizing how stupid it sounded

His aunt stared at him, as if about to laugh; "Roxy! That's not a big deal!" She said, sort of laughing

Roxas knew that being a vegetarian wasn't a reason to break a relationship, but he couldn't tell her that Axel was vampire; she would think he was crazy. So he had to keep up the 'vegetarian' charade as a code.

"But he didn't tell me sooner! And now everything feels weird... I don't even know if we can love each other..." Roxas said, forgetting his aunt heard vegetarian as his reason why he was having problems

"Love?" His aunt thought, to her; Roxas was too young to be in love. Too bad she didn't know how old Axel was. "Roxas, being a little different from you shouldn't be a reason not to be with them."

Who said I didn't want to be Axel anymore... but what if that's what this lead to? What if Axel and I break up! The thought of this made Roxas want to cry. "But... What if being too different is just too much?..." Roxas asked

"Roxas... If I was a vegetarian, would that really change your opinion about me?" She asked

If you were a vampire? "I guess not... no... it wouldn't"

"Then why would that change your opinion about this person, if you really like them. You should like them for who they are because they like you for being different from them..." She said smiling, knowing that Roxas didn't mean 'vegetarian' but didn't say anything

I should love Axel for being a vampire because he loves me for being a human...

Roxas looked up; "Thanks... I think I feel a lot better..." Roxas said

Roxas' Aunt smiled; "I'll be leaving then." She said.

Roxas waited until an hour after his aunt left before getting out of bed.

He got the courage to leave his apartment and walk down the stairs toward the door that lead to Axel's apartment.


Roxas finally came to the door and took a deep breath before knocking

Axel was surprised that someone was knocking on the door; "Riku? Did you forget your keys?" He asked while opening the door. "...Roxas?..."

"Hi Axel..." Roxas said looking down; "Can I come in?"

Axel felt uncomfortable; "Okay..." he replied stepping out of the way as Roxas walked in awkwardly. Axel watched Roxas walk over to his couch and sit down. He could hear Roxas make another deep breath before speaking.

"Axel. I want to know. Do you-"

Axel quickly interrupted; "I'm leaving Roxas..."

Roxas stared at him, wide eyed; "Wh-what?"

"I know you didn't like hearing what I truly was... So I decided to move away and never bother you again."

Roxas was in shock; No...


"And then we went to take a walk through the city when we got lost in the woods. And that was yesterday." Sora said smiling

"Wow." Zexion said, only paying attention to a little here and there to what Sora was saying

"Yep. Riku and I are pretty happy together." Sora said making smile toward Riku. Riku rolled his eyes, he didn't want to be here.

"So Sora, you were okay with Riku being a vampire?" Zexion asked

Sora nodded; "Yeah, I'm okay with it."

"I meant, you were okay with it when he told you?"

Sora scratched his head; "When Riku told me... I don't remember when that was. Riku? When did you tell me?"

Shit! Riku looked away; "Awhile ago! I can't believe you don't remember!" Riku said nervously

Zexion took off his necklace; Just as I thought

Riku shot Zexion an angered look when he heard that thought. What?

Zexion just kept staring; Maybe we should talk in private.

Private, He meant without Sora listening. Riku stood up; "Fine."


"Why Axel?!" Roxas yelled jumping up to stand

Axel just sat there, confused; "I'm moving so I don't have to see anymore."

Roxas looked down; "You don't want to see me anymore?"

"It'll hurt me being around you knowing I can't be with you..."

"You said we won't be together!" Roxas snapped

"I thought-"

Axel was about to say before Roxas ran up to him and pressed their lips together, Axel went along with it until Roxas let go; "I don't want you leave..." He said embracing Axel. "I love you..."

"I love you too..." Axel said hugging Roxas back

I can't believe I'm in love with a vampire...


"Okay, what do you want?" Riku hissed

"I want to know how exactly did Sora find out you were a vampire." Zexion said

"Why the hell should I tell you!" Riku said dryly

"You'll tell me now. Or else" Zexion said before Riku pushed him against the wall, holding him by his neck.

"Or else what? What can a dhampir bastard do compare to what I can?" Riku said, his eyes glowing red out of anger

Zexion pushed him back; "I'm perfectly capable of defending myself and I doubt Sora would be happy if you injured me"

"I bit him, okay!"

"You bit him?! Then why does he have no memory of you telling him that you're a vampire!" Zexion yelled

Riku signed; "Because I compelled him to be okay with me... being what I was...He actually freaked kinda like Roxas..." Riku confessed

Zexion stood there, thinking; "You realize... Had you not compelled him... He wouldn't be with you."

Riku turned around; "Why should that matter?"

"It does matter! You're relationship is fake! He doesn't love you! You forced it on him!" Zexion yelled

"So!" Riku snapped back

"So?! You have to break it off with him! You're relationship isn't real! This isn't fair to Sora! In fact! I'm going to erase his memories so he doesn't remember any of this!" Zexion yelled

Riku turned away, Sora wouldn't remember me? "But... I want to be with him..."

"If you really care about him. You'll let him go... Make him forget about you too" Zexion said; "And I'm doing it whether you like it or not."

"No! Let me do it at least..." Riku said sadly

Zexion was unsure; "I don't know... Tomorrow, I'm going check up on him. If he hasn't forgot vampires yet, I'm gonna make him forget myself."

"Fine." Riku said walking away.

"Riku? Did you and Zexy have a nice talk?" Sora asked while reading a book

"Yeah... Hey, can we go back to your place?"

Sora looked up; "Sure."


"Ouch!" Roxas said drawing back his finger; after trying to feel Axel's vampire teeth.

"I told you to be careful." Axel said

"I didn't think your fangs would be so sharp, I'm glad it's not bleeding." Roxas said, examining his finger.

"Me too, your blood drives me crazy." Axel said smiling

"Really? What does my blood taste like?" Roxas asked curiously

"I... I wouldn't know... I've never tried." Axel said

"Oh..." I guess that's a good thing; Roxas scratched his head; "Um... Do you want to try?"

Axel looked at him, tempted. "No... Not now... It's not safe Roxas" Axel said, his eyes turning red at the thought

Roxas just sat there on his bed; "Wow. That's gonna need take time to get to get used to it." Roxas said smiling

Axel chuckled to himself.

"So, is there anything else about vampires I don't know that you want to share with me?" Roxas asked

"Well, that necklace has vervain in it, a herb flower that hurts vampires and keeps humans for falling under their compulsion."

"Com- what?"

"It's a power all vampires have to make humans do whatever they want." Axel said

Roxas thought about it;"Interesting... Have you ever-"

"Used it on you? Yes? But for nothing big. I promise, it was to make you sleep." Axel said, sitting on his bed

"Sleep? That's kinda silly." Roxas said, laughing a little

"I guess..." Axel said leaning over to give Roxas a kiss. As Roxas closed his eyes, their kisses became quickly more fierce; Axel and Roxas leaned over and stayed lying down on Axel's bed. As Axel began kissing Roxas' neck, Roxas started rolling Axel's shirt up, both shirts were thrown to the other side of the room. Axel started licking Roxas' chest. He kissed his way to one of Roxas' nipples.

Roxas yelped and Axel stopped.

"... Roxas? Are you sure want this?" Axel asked, he was so turned on but Roxas needed to be okay

"Yes. More than anything... I'm just a little nervous..." Roxas moaned as he felt Axel taking Roxas pants and underwear off. This is it...

Roxas was now naked, already blushing. How cute, Axel thought; Roxas could already feel himself heating up. Roxas watched as Axel sat up and undid his own pants, revealing his own erection.

"I'm going to prep you so it doesn't hurt so much, okay?"

"Sure." Roxas said turning over, holding one of Axel's pillows. Roxas quickly felt sharp pain and squeezed the pillow when Axel started putting his fingers in his entrance, but it still felt good; so good.

Roxas moaned out loud because of the pain, then they became more pleasureful. After a while of listening to Roxas adorable mewls, Axel couldn't help but want Roxas now, he decided they were ready.

He sat on top of Roxas, spreading Roxas' legs and placed him in front of Roxas' entrance and entered, Roxas arched up and held on to Axel's back. Roxas yelled louder when he felt pain in it's truest form, but it didn't matter to him; because he was with Axel. He just wanted to be with Axel.

Roxas kept panting and moaning, this pain was new to him. The bed creaked back and forth, Roxas hoped no one could hear him or the bed, his whole face was red.

"Axel!" Roxas moaned, as Axel continued thrusting, with each one feeling better than the last. After Roxas and Axel felt their climax, he collapsed on top of Roxas; the two of them still holding on to each other.

Roxas was exhausted; "I love you Axel..." he breathed before falling asleep

"I'll always love you..." Axel said, watching Roxas fall asleep before him

"No more secrets, right?"



"Riku... Wait!" Sora said, Riku was on top of him

"What!" Riku asked, annoyed

"Can we not today? I'm really tired.."

Riku looked down, with such longing; "But..."

"Please?" Sora asked

"Fine." Riku said lying next to him, Sora rolled over toward him and Riku held him in his arms.

Riku couldn't sleep; Zexion was gonna erase Sora's memories if Riku didn't. I have to be the one to do it...

Sora woke up in his bed the next morning; "Riku? You're already awake?"

"Yeah... Sora... we need to talk..." Riku said coldly

"What?" Sora asked, sitting up

Riku's eyes turned red, "Sora... I want you to forget..."

"Forget what?" Sora asked

"Forget all about vampires, they don't exist; okay?"

"Okay..." Sora obeyed

"And... I don't want you to remember me either... You... don't know me..." Riku said sadly

"Okay..." Sora said

"You're going to sleep now... and not remember any of this..."

Sora closed his eyes and laid down. Riku looked at him and felt a horrible a pain in a place where his heart used to be.

"I love you Sora..."


Sora opened his eyes and noticed his window open, and got up to close it.

Riku stood outside and watch Sora disappear behind the window

"You did the right thing. It wasn't real." Zexion said, walking up to Riku but recoiled when Riku punched him across the face.

"It was real to me!" Riku yelled.

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