I don't own the series or characters of Change 123, they belong to Sakaquchi Iku.


This is a Harem story purely because the character of Motoko Gettou poses dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) and each of the different identities or personalities has feelings for the same guy 'Kosukegawa'.

There will be adult themes due to the nature of the characters and the nature of the manga and story

There will be spoilers present

This chapter exists purely to explain the basics, all chapters after this will either be one-shots or short stories.

The main characters:

Motoko Gettou:


The shy, nervous and peaceful, everyday personality


The karate expert and highly aggressive tomboy personality, represented as red


The weapons expert and fastest runner with a cold, calm and detached personality, represented as blue


The jujutsu expert and very childish personality with a large appetite, represented as yellow


the cold ruthless and rage driven personality that will kill without hesitation and is the most dangerous and uncontrollable personality, represented as black.

Teruharu 'Hideo' Kosukagawa:

A cowardly and perverted otaku with a strong sense of loyalty and justice, who overcomes his fear in order to save or protect the girls from their actions or the actions of others.


A man dressed entirely in black with a black lotus mask and cap strides up to a young teenage girl with cold and emotionless eyes.

"I am Zero, leader of the Black Knights and I demand that you cease and desist calling your self Zero, I am the only Zero.





The black clad and beaten man goes flying and hits the ground with a loud *THUD* before looking up at the unharmed girl staring down at him.

"Ok your zero too"

She then continues to pummel him until there was only one zero.


Lelouch (Zero) Lamperouge / Vi Britannia,

He died fighting for his identity and lost to a girl with five.