These Charcters belong to Steph Myers

"What is troubling you, Sulpicia?" Aro asked as I stood across the garden patio. The space was surrounded by a high wall, giving my coven some privacy from both the human and vampire world, which letting us relax and play Bocce ball. I was on the same team as Alec, and we were playingagainst Jane and Heidi. Heidi still chose to wear her high heels, for some reason, even though I'm sure they affected her game. Chelsea and Afton sat above the green garden stairs at an antique table playing Chess. Marcus, as usual, sat off to the side, reading a paper. Across the table his daughter, Corin, washappily making notes of a recently purchased music book.

We all knew what was troubling Sulpica, she'd had that irritated look frozen on her face for the entire month since we came back from that ridiculous international wild goose chase- also known as dealing with the Cullens. Sulpica, being a Volturi wife, would normally have made everywish fulfilled to avoid Aro further trouble. Except for her long-standing request to have children, there was nothing else thatAro was unable to provide for her, andshe only brought it up when she found out Alec and Jane had to face danger without her knowledge.

Sulpicia tended to use Alec, Jane and I as substitutes for children because we were all created by Aro. She knew it was a fact Aro never felt the same way, yet he pretended for her sake. It is a lie the Volturi wives never leave the palace, because if Sulpica was around all the time nothing would get done. Anytime Aro needed to send Alec or Jane somewhere, he would send her away to visit friends. Then one of twinswent on duty, while the other one stayed keeping an alibi when Sulipica called.

It was Jane's idea to go through the Pacificroute. Demetri, Afton, Corin, and I were too afraid to disobey, butshe was in one of her power moods. We didn't know Sulipica was with the Japanese coven, when they invited us to stay for the day. Sulpica was talking with Alec, as he told her Jane went shopping when they lead us to her. Sulpica wanted to make us go back and apologize to the Cullens, making Jane confess instantly that Aro had sent us there. It may sound strange, but the twins are more scared to be in trouble with Sulipica than Aro.

So when Irina came, Sulpica refused to leave, and Aro told her he was taking us to the Grand Canyon, she insisted on coming along. That was what led Caius into wanting to take Anthenodora, and Marcus inviting his friends. Aro onlytold Demetri and I what was really going onwhen he sentus out to get witnesses. We were in Cleveland when the wives found out what was really happening. This was really quite a shame, because we lost half the witnesses. While Aro and Sulpica were having that conversion that changed my life, some of us guards were having some down time when there was no trials or suicide request, or idiots pushing it in daylight.

"You cheated!" Jane yelled. Her brother onlylaughed.

"I did not," Alec said firmly. "You are just a sore loser."

"Then how did the white ball happen to move when I wasn't looking?" Jane asked tossing her red ball up in the air.

"Maybe you where no longer intimidating it?" Demetri shrugged as he stood, giving me a nudge on the arm. While being thereferee, but obviously in my support.

"Anyway, Felix and Alec win, fair and square. Now it's our turn." Demetri said as Santiago came up with a smile.

"Yeah," Santiago committed. "Let Renata and I have a chance to rematch Demetri and …Corin get over here! You're on Demetri's team."

"Are you serious?" Demetri whispered as the least athletic guard member came over.

"You need someone," Santiago pointed out.

"Yeah, you need someone," I joked with him. "You have been acting a bit frustrated; you can borrow my black book if you like."

"Or you can borrow mine." Demetri joked back.

"Like I need it, with the way the chicks come to me," I pointed out to him.

"True," Demetri answered nodding with agreement; we both had a way with the ladies.

"Well, Jane and I will beat you at soccer," Heidi glared trying not to laugh, while I tried not laugh at the thoughts of Heidi being athletic.

"Wait until it's thundering, before you three go off and do that." Marcus reminded not even looking up from 'La Nazione'.

"You mean the four of us," Alec pointed out.

"Do you really think Heidi would risk ruining her shoes?" Marcus asked sarcastically as he pulled out the sports section. "Anyway, speaking of sports, someone needs to tellCaius he owes me money next time you see him."

"He's coming out right now," I pointed seeing him and Anthenodora coming out from the tower. Her faceshowed her usual smile while she held Caius's hand- Caius, who never smiled. I heard Anthenodora laughing, most likely over whatever argument Aro and Sulpica were having, though their argumentsnormally remained between them.

"Don't worry, Caius" Anthendora smiled, she was a lot more easy-going than him. "I considered these my children, and if Sulpicia agrees with Aro on this, then it will be as welcomed just as everyone who wishes to join the guard. Felix!" She then came up and gave me a hug. "Aro wishes to talk to you."

"The Cullen kid really upset her?" I asked.

"Yes, we went through centuries thinking our kind can't make children, now she finds out they can." Anthenodora smiled. "So there we go, we learnedsomething new. Most of us would be moving on by now, if it wasn't for the baby."

"I still think the child is dangerous," Caius said fearfully.

"Oh, Caius," Anthenodora took a deep breath. "Honey, you think everything is dangerous. You'veseen Carlisle before, andI doubt vampires that chase after deer are that much of a threat. So let's move on. Felix, wouldn't most vampires move on? "

"Most of us would," I answered awkwardly; I hated it when the couple drew me into their bickering, I felt like one of those total strangers that happened to pass them who they asked for an opinion in the middle of one oftheir silly debates.

"You see?" Anthenodora said. "Now, there is no reason to worry about those deer hunters, why don't we sit on the patio and talk about something else, andmaybe our creations can come and sit with us." She then looked up to the patio. "Heidi, how many times do I have to tell you, sneakers are very fashionable when kinking a ball around, and thatyou look ridiculous playing soccer in high heels?"

"How is he going to pull this one off?" I heard Chelsea whisper to Afton. I was pretty sure the rest of us were wondering the same thing.

"I don't know," Afton whispered. "Why were they so obsessed with that girl anyway? I didn't really think she was all that special."

"Felix," I heard Aro call me from the tower as I was coming in, the sun was rising. "Come in here, I have a task for you."

I walked up to the tower; I first passed the main floor that was the only room most vampires saw. It had the throne room, and the sectary's office, as well as the old class room that belong to Carlisle when he lived here. I then went to the large painting in the throne room which led to the private quarters, belonging to the few permit guard members. The first floor belong to Marcus and the late Didyme's creations. It had a polar, were they tended to sit in the early morning hours. It had a room for Chelsea, Didyme's eldest, and her husband Afton, who was created by Marcus. It also had Marcus's office, were he normally read the paper and exchanged letters with his friends. It was alsowhere Didyme's ashes were kept. All the rooms werenice and kept clean, except for Renata art studio, which was on that floor as she had beencreated by Didyme. There was normally music coming from one room, due to it beingCorin's music studio. Corin's rooms were kept there; as she wasDidyme's first born. It also had a small storage room, which once belonged to Eleazar, another one of Didyme's creations. That was the only room, however, thatwas kept closed.

Caius and his creations had the next floor. It also had a living room with a couch, and even a TV that hasn't worked in decades. The room also housed a sewing table that Anthenodora used to make all the guard uniforms. I normally wentthere to gamble with Demetri, however, not to sew. Caius hadcreated Anthenodora in the first century and they have a room for them near the end. Heidi had a room on this floor that she host all her boyfriends in, which is also were she kept her gifts and love letters from her mate-less male admires. She was created by Anthenodora. Demetri, who was also created by Caius, had a room where he kept a bunch of different things, including a collection of car magazines. He hada TV which we used to watch the latest Italian sports, andsometimes check the news. Santiago also had a room, which he used for his obsession with rocks and study of them. He was a miner, before Caius accidentally changed him, so it made sense I guess. Anything flammable was prohibited by Caius. Despite Caius's strict rules, Anthenodora was able to make the place look homey. It was redecorated often, and normally resembled a typical household, and always had a homey feeling with the exception of the plastic wrap on the sofa and the smell of lemons all through the place.

I lived on Aro's floor, as I was created by him back in the thirteen-hundreds. I lived their along with Alec and Jane, who were my brother and sister. Aro made us call him master, but Sulpicia said at the beginning she preferred we did not. Eleazar use to visit here frequently, for some unknown reason. He then left with Carmen, which was when I stopped wondering. I had one room, where I kept my radio, a card table, and a world map which I hadupdated every decade since the discovery of Columbus. Alec's room was right beside mine, were he kept books and chick magazines under a stone cabinet- two thingsI didn't need thanks to my numerous of female immortal friends that I used for pleasure. Jane had a room too, filled with records and clothes Sulpicia made or bought for her.

I walked into my room, to see Aro and Sulpicia waiting for me. His arm was around Sulpicia as they put on the couple act when I first came in, but Aro then stood up as Sulpica gave him a disapproving glance.

Sometimes on important missions, we gathered members of other covens with powerful gifts to temporally be part of the guard, but they would return to their coven and the main members that stayed were the ones created by the main leaders. Like me for example.

"This is a very rare task," Aro explained, taking me by the shoulder. "That is why I must speak to you in privateabout it. This is asking a lot, so I want you to know if you choose not to do this task, then we will not hold it against you in anyway."

I had a choice? This was something strange for the Volturi, especially from Aro. It had to be some mission, if I was given a choice.

"That girl was interesting, wasn't she?" Aro started.

"Yes," I answered. "What girl?"

"The half-vampire, half-human girl," Aro answered.

"Oh, her," I nodded, now knowing who he was talking about, the Cullen girl, Raisin Mint. "I guess," I informed him. I truly thought she was nothing special.

"Well, I do think her type is one we should study, which is why we should have one here." Aro explained. "I've convinced Sulpicia thatthis is the best solution."

"Yes," I answered respectfully, unsure where this was leading. "And that solution would be?"

"The best solution is to have a vampire loyal to the Volturi father a child for us to study." Aro started. "And I believe you would be the best choice."

I was stunned by that, me, being one of two members who do not have any special powers. I couldn't cut off senses, break down ties, I wasn't a tractor, I was just a regular vampire who can fight their way out of anything that dares take them down.

"I changed you, and you have very strong genes, you would be the best choice. You would have to find an appropriate healthy human mother, though." Aro explained.

"How will I control myself?" I asked, unsure.

"We will send you to live with Carlisle, and his coven for awhile." Aro explained.

"That was my request," Sulpicia interrupted, she had a brought her ability of hope, no matter how things seemed she always knew things would get better, she had that hoped placed in me, being her adopted son. I could tell by her eyes, she knew I could complete this task, but something about it remained unsure. "I would rather have him over the other vampires."

"Once you have control over yourself, you will find a healthy human female with promising abilities." Aro explained. "Now, keep in mind once you make this deal, you will not be allowed drink human blood until this task is finished."

"I will have to leave?" I asked still unsure.

"Only until you find a human for a mate," Aro answered.

"Fine," I shook Aro's hand. The Cullen's seemed to be completely controlled around humans, this should be easy.

"Good. now, go out and learn how to hunt animals,. I will ask the sectary to arrange what you need in the human world. When you come back, start packing." Aro informed me as I saw the sun start to rise. I obeyed, leaving for the Tuscan wilderness.

I roof-hopped out of Volterraout to the fields of Tuscany, were I passed the amber grains, escaping before the workingmen could see me. AsI passed the vineyards, I heard the sounds of woman singing in the early morning. It was a Sunday, so itmade it easy not to give up too easily. I went to the village of Cavriglia, oneof the smallest towns in Tuscany. There wasa stone brick farm house, and with the farmyard orchard a little girl played around with a horse.

"Perfect," I said to myself. The girl played with it for about an hour, in a beautiful dress with a cross necklace. She then brushed it andbraided its mane,and nuzzled with the horse. Her mother called her, andthe girl kissed the horse before leaving it to go inside. After the girl's parents give her a long lecture about giving the stallion way too much attention, aboy, presumably her brother, came out to give the horse carrots. They then left for church.

The horse was my first animalmeal. It was awful, but no humans were harmed. AsI finished itI heard loud church bells in the distance, and I went to relax under the trees in the field. It was always amazing to watch the sunrise. I use to watch them with my human father centuries ago, when he would take me out to the Baltic shores. It was strange, I was thinking about him then. Thinking of his bulked body, and long ruffled beard.

"Thinking of me again, aren't you, Felix." I heard a joking sigh as I turned to see Demetri.

"Yes, you are in my mind constantly, only because the sound of your voice is so hard to remove." I joked back as he let out a laugh.

"I tend to leave good impressions," Demetri said, smiling. "What brings you at here anyway?"

"Thinking of my task." I answered, turning quickly. "I take it you heard?"

"No, but you got some brownish amber thing in your eyes." He said staring at me. "What is it?"

"Creating a hybridforAro to study," I answered.

"Oh," he gave me a strange look. "And how are you to complete this task?"

"Go to Cullens for a year or so, find a human." I answered. Demetri gave me an even stranger look as we sat with our feet dangling under a tree. We were seated bythe Stada Statale di Montevarchi road, which had beautiful view overlooking the mountains.

"Leave here?" Demetri question shaking his head. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?" I asked.

"The Cullens hate us," Demetri answered plan and simple.

"Carlisle and hate should not be in the same sentence." I spoke instantly. Well, unless the wordsEsme and harm were involved.

"You may not like it there," he said again.

"It's only a year, we can still keep in touch." I suggested, as he hopped down and began walkingat a comfortable speed that was still fast for humans,his steps headed towards a shaded patch of trees.

"Yeah, but who will I hang with, Santiago?" Demetri questioned.

"He is your brother," I shrugged.

"And you're my friend. But speaking of brothers, have you told the twins? Theyaren't going to like it ether." Demetri said,as we came to an overlook of the bare hills easing out of winter.

"I don't know, it was sort of a rash decision," I answered, stillthinking about truth, I was unsure why I agreed to this task in the first place.

"And a stupid one," Demetri addedas heput on his sunglasses. "I, for one, couldnever find a human that attractive. Andhey, what if you drink it, and then come back all moral like them. Then you wouldn'twant to be my friend anymore."

"Hey," I stopped his words instantly. "We've been migliori amici for six centuries. I was there when Caius brought you home from your newborn year, remember? He would be really harsh on you, and I would take you out for some fun to relax a bit. You comforted me every time I had to kill someone who convicted no crime, you been the one who told me I wasn't a bad person, because of it. What makes you think one year apart, or a bunch of animal drinkers will change that? Hell, Chelsea couldn't when she tried."

"Alright, but still…" He said as we passed tall pin trees on top of a carved out hill side.

"Still what? It's not like I am going to change, be a different person when I come back. I'll still be Felix, you'll still be Demetri." I pointed out to him. "So let's go pack."

"Race you there," Demetri suggested.

"Yeah, only because you know you can beat me."


"What's your problem?" I finally asked Alec. His laughter was getting on my nerves.

"Oh, nothing," Alec answered. "So when are you going to California?"

"They live in Washington," I pointed out.

"Yes, but if I was assigned for this particular task, I would go to California. Have you seen pictures of those humans there?" He asked. I knew he had seen them, and kept the pictures hidden in parts of his room.

"Then good thingfor them thatyou weren't chosen for this task. This was for trying to cut my hair, again." Jane said coming into the room with a knock, followed by ruffling Alec's hair. She thenhanded me an empty suitcase. "Aro told me to give this to you. It's mine, though, so be sure to change the name tag."

"Thanks, Jane," I said as I open the suitcase to begin packing.

"So what was the California about?" She asked.

"Nothing, Jane." Alec and I answered at the same time.

"Well, say 'hi' to the Cullens for me." Jane smiled softly.

"By that she means say 'hi'to Emmett for her." Alec announced loudly.

"Alec!" Jane gave him a nasty stare. She didn't use her talent on him, though. She could never use thaton Alec.

"What? We all know you have a crush on him." Alec pointed out in an annoying tease.

"I don't even think he's attractive," Jane lied.

"Oh, come on, Jane," Heidi came in without knocking, flipping through a fashion magazine. "I was with you when we were all looking at what's-her-face, Rummy Made. Anyway,it doesn't matter. Felix is supposedto be providing us with a hybrid soon- But back to the main point. I thought he was hot. Oh! I like this dress. So chic." She folded a page and sat down to continue her catalogue shopping.

"What is your point, Heidi, and can I see that?" Jane asked as she took the magazine and started flipping through it. Girls were so easily distracted by fashion, human or otherwise.

"Don't tell me you weren't imagining Emmett Cullen shirtless," Heidi sighed licking her lips as Jane let out a sigh. "Oh, I know I was! You can't ignore those muscles."

"You think of every vampire with their shirt off," Jane pointed out. "And you wouldn't think of Emmett Cullen being justshirtless." They both giggled.

"What are you too talking about?" Anthendora came in with newly folded clothes.

"Shirtless vampires," Demetri answered as he came in, obviously listeningin on the conversion.

"You all need mates," Anthendora turned to see Heidi letting out a smirk. "And when I say mates, I mean a vampire that doesn't already have one already, Heidi."

"What fun would that be?" Heidi asked.

"Well, I don't have a mate, and I am perfectly happy on my own." Alec smiled.

"You're too immature for a mate," Jane said as she handed Heidi's magazine back.

"If you're so high and mighty where's yours?" Alec asked Jane.

"I'm too independent," Jane answered.

"Immature, and independent" Demetri said "What a combination!"

"I heard you mention, an Emmett, whoever he is. Does he have a mate?" Anthenodora asked, looking towards Heidi.

"Oh, yes, he does,." Alec, Demetri, and I said in a deep choir.

"Stop that, all of you." Anthendora ordered. "Now, Felix, I washed your jeans for you, and if that doctor's mate, Isma, doesn't take care of you, don't worry. Sulpicia and I will come right over and…"

"I think it's Esme, and I am sure I can take care of myself." I interrupted as I packed my clothes; I was eight hundred and eight years old,for crying out loud! "Thanks, anyway."

"I always hate letting go," Anthendora sighed.

"I'm coming back" I ensured her. Demetri nodded.

"You better," Alec said as I zipped up my suitcase. "This whole placewould be very boring without you here."

"I will," I promised.

"Good. Promise me you'll write?" Jane asked.

"Of course!" I smiled, surprisedJane would suggest that.

"He said he'll keep in touch," Demetri said, not saying too much.

"Aro and Sulpicia are giving you a ride to the airport," Anthendora explained. "I don't know much about the details, but when you get there they'll explain it to you."

"You mean no one else is in on this one?" I asked.

"Caius said it is all Aro and Sulpicia's arrangements." Anthendora explained. "And if he is staying out of it, so am I, andso are our creations. Ask them the questions."

"What if the Cullen don't know I'm coming?" I asked. "I can't just show up at the door with a suitcase like some idiot."

"That short one, with the nice clothes... Oh, what's her name...Alice! She can see the future, she might see you coming." Heidi pointed out.

"Even if she doesn't they seemed like nice vampires," Demetri said trying to comfort me. "Personally, if I was chosen for this mission, then I would go to the Denali clan to learn their lifestyle."

"Because they are hotter?" Alec pointed

"Yes, they are." Demetri smiled brilliantly, agreeing with him.

"Exactly why I am heading to the Cullens," I said as I zipped up my secondsuitcase. I didn't think the Denali sisters werethat attractive anyway, not compared to some of the nomadic women roaming North America.

"And you are supposedto find a human for a mate..." Heidi seemed sympathetic.

"The Cullens, theyhave that blonde one, right?" Jane asked. "Rosalie?"

"You mean the one with the two nice-" Demetri started, but quickly changed his words whenAnthendora glared at him. "Eyes- the great eyes."

"I wasn't looking at her eyes." Alec mumbled. "I was thinking of her back lower porch."

"She's a ten." Demetri stated.

"A ten?" Jane asked,confused.

"Yes, I'd give her a ten, andspeaking of theCullen women, Alice would be an eight point five, Bella was a seven on the human scale, but nowthat she's a vampire, she'd be an eight." We never put human women and vampire women on the same scale.

"We didn't rateEsme, on account of her age." Demetri added as a comfort toAnthenodora as Esme was physically older than Anthendora.

"Oh, I have her as seven, Alice a six, Bella a five, and Rosalie's still ten." Alec said quickly as Jane's eyes grew wide. "The Denali Coven is a little different, Carmen's a five point nine, Kate and Tanya are both eight."

"Alec…." Jane started.

"Does it matter; the Denali's are still more open." Demetri brought up.

"That is the third time you mentioned the Denali clan. Do you want to go there?" Anthendora asked Demetri, slightly worried. "Personally, I think that Tanya is a sweetheart, somaybe I could convince Caius to send you there."

"I think we all pretty much ruined any of our chances with them when he killed their sister." Demetri said,sadly. "Besides, Tanya seemedway too high and mighty with her awakening beauty, standing there, letting down her golden curls like grains of wheat or something." he sighed mournfully, like he was annoyed. "Staring at us with her amber eyes, shining like the sun or... her sisters speaking in her soft dove-like voice, with her skin blending into the sky. Not to mention that heart wrenching crywhenCaius killed her sister, trying to make me feel guilty that he was my creator. What gives?"

"Didn't Irinalie to us?" Anthendora pointed out. "Anyway, she wanted to die, poor dear."

"Do the Cullens know why I'm coming?" I asked getting back to the subject.

"Who cares if theyknow," Heidi looked over. "Either way, you still have to become ahuman-lover."

"It's none of their business anyway." Jane pointed out.

"If they don't know your coming, just ditch them and go to California." Alec suggested.

"Or come back here," Demetri suggested.

"Felix has his orders." Anthendora saidasshe turned to me. "Anyhow, I knit you a new pair of socks, and I believe Aro and Sulpicia are waiting to take you to the airport. I suggest you get going." Anthendora tagged each of my suitcases. "Good luck with the humans." She thankissed my head.

"Yeah, considering getting lucky with one of them is your main mission." Alec laughed again, Anthendora then slapped him on the back of the head.

"This is serious! Now,be nice- allof you- andhelp Felix with his suitcases. I can see why you weren't chosen." Alec just kept chuckling to himself as they all grabbed suitcases and we went downstairs.

On the way out, thenew secretary-Gina had had an untimely paper cut about five months back-gave me my plane ticket, my newly fakedpassport and a large brown envelope that appeared to be addressed to Carlisle. "He told me to make sure that goes in your suitcase." She explained as I took it. I didn't know her name, it didn't really matter. Anyway, I went down stairs where Sulpicia and Aro where both waiting for me. They dressed in their more...modern... clothes. I've seen Aro dress as a modern day human, but never Sulpicia. It was obvious Chelsea dressed her up. She had a bright orange tang top that was on backwards, a yellow jacket that looked like something from the seventies. Herlong, waist lengthhair was tucked inside the jacket, and a pair of white bell pants topped off the whole retro mess. Why she went to Chelsea was beyond me. Wouldn'tHeidihave been a better choice? No- Jane would be wouldn't want every male human in the next one-hundred Kilometer radius to be eyeing her up. A few others followed me into the streets- I suppose because of the oddity of someone leaving on such a mission.

"Sulpicia," Marcus came out. "Can I have a word with Felix alone beforehe leaves?" Sulpicia nodded, andMarcus took me to the side.

"Yes, Marcus?" I asked him.

"Remember when the other hybrid came out to witness?" Marcus then asked me. "What did he say about the mothers of these beings?"

"They die in child birth most of the time." I answered.

"Yes…" He said slowly. "You might fall for a human, if you go searching for one." He explained, when I didn't seem to understand his point.

"You mean fall in love with her?" I asked, wondering what would give him the idea that I would fall in love with a human. After all, I had so many immortal women adoring me.

"Yes, and if she dies, you never get another one. You'realone from then on, which brings me to this task you have been given. You are to finda human, and create a child. Felix, only one mother has survived birthing these hybrids, andthat's not a good statistic. You don't have the control like the Cullens, what if you kill her? This is why Iinsisted you have a choice. No one should end up in my state. That is why that Irina girldeservedto die, she was too sweet to end up like me. You don't deserve to end up like me, which iswhy you should stay here."

"What are you getting at?" I asked him.

"This is your last chance. Do you want to risk falling in love with a human, and watch her die?" Marcus asked me. "If I were you, I would go up and unpack right now. But the choice is still yours."

"Sulpicia," I stated slowly.

"Sulpicia needs to learn that she can't have everything she wants." Marcus pointed out. "This is your life, and this task is crossing the line. I will talk to Aro. Shecan just create a newborn."

"I'll be fine," I assured him. He gave me a doubtful look. "I am protective, that is what I brought with me. If I want to save the mother, I will find a way to do it."

"Guess you'll learn from your own mistakes," Marcus sighed as Demetri came in.

"We have a parade leading to Aro's car waiting to say good bye." Demetri said. "You better get going."

"I guessI should." I said, leavingMarcus.

"Don't get too attached to them- the humans or the vampires. Remember, you are Volturi." Demetri said strongly.

"I will," I responded.

"I had the sectary set up an email account," Demetri whispered. "Here it is," He gave me a piece of paper. "You have the top, and the entire Volturi have the bottom. Remember, you'll always be my best friend."

"I will," I said as I gave him a hug.

"Have fun with the humans?" Renata hugged meas Santiago let out a little chuckle.

"What?" Renata asked.

"I was going to say the same thing, I just need to add- don't come back until you do."Santiago answered. I couldn't help but let out a little laugh.

Chelsea told me to be on my best behavior, Afton told me to make life interesting. They are both way too well behaved. It was only after about a thousand more goodbyes that I finally got to the car where Aro and Sulpicia waited for me.

"Ready to go?" Aro asked.

"Yes" Ianswered.

"Aro, help him with the bags, he is doing this for you too." Sulpicia ordered, butI went ahead and placed my suitcases in the trunk of the car anyway. You do not make your creator carry your suitcases.

We were silent the whole way to the airport.

"You have the three am flight," Aro explained when we parked the car letting me out. "Most humans will sleep on the plane, sojust take a magazine and read it. If that gets boring, just act tired. Keep safe, and don't make a scene."

"Goodbye, Felix, I'll miss you," Sulpicia said, softly.

"Goodbye," I answered as Aro drove off. I took one last look at the starsof the Tuscan night sky, and went into the airport.