The Castle of Avulange, France

Monique sat behind an old writing desk, balancing a work with Thomas Hobbs, Mirendorla, Pain, Lock, Pizan, Woolscraft, Voltaire, Levian, Jefferson, Aristotle, Plato, Confuses, Ghiberti, and many other philosophers writing a work of her own for immortals to see. These philosophers have inspired humans towards a better government, and now will be inspired by the supernatural. For she had a list going for, from keeping some of the Volturi laws, resolve the crisis in the Americas, repeal the ban on werewolves, along with an apology to their kind, and try to convince them not to take avenge as well as restate a werewolf government, make peace treaties with shapeshifters around the world, bring representation of all vampire groups. The list could go on.

A clutch came to her chest, as a scent came to the air as she took in their writings and how they could affect the vampire world. She wanted the supernatural world to know, that humans strive best without fear and there for must be undisturbed, as Marcus's creator Hades concluded.

Monique wrote down her address "Humans are the most marvelous of beings, they have intellectual capability that is extent beyond any dreams. Their capabilities are endless, we vampires have brought this marvelous gift to our own immortality, that is why we vampire world should be a world ruled by vampires. We will continue in enormity, to be protected. The human mind is capable of figuring us out the best way to keep our pray from defeating us is anonymity. Our old leaders was right with that law, as their creator whom governed his coven in that sacred law."

She quickly crossed those words out. Monique had many topics to discuss, such as why the vampire rule of anonymity shall remain absolute, and why there should be a single ruling government to balance. A government that is represented by all groups of the supernatural, the diversity of vampires, alliance to all supernatural beings, pay tribute to the harsh things done to children of the moon, and equality among the vampire world.

Then a tap came on the door, "enter,"

It was Carrie, she first peaked here head in and shifted her way in the door.

"Marcus is here," She explained. Monique looked at the window, noticing a raven coming to feed its young on the window seal. "I am coming."

The immortal lady rose pulling her shoulders back as her mind became blank and the air came out of her lungs. Monique walked slowly down trudging one stair at a time. She pasted for a minute, as she stood a t the last stair.

Monique reminded herself to remain calm, and prayed to the heavens for the wisdom. Marcus smiled when he saw her enter, signaling the mission was accomplished. They exchange quick kisses on the cheek, he smiled holding up a letter, "I have the most unexpected news, that will bring great favor to you miss."

"Yes," She said shaking a bit, but this was something she wanted to do, she needed to do.

"Caius has resigned," he held up the letter.

"Does Aro know?" Monique said as a grin came on his face.

"No," Marcus said firmly. "That is the beauty of it. Do you still want to follow through?"

"Yes, of course," Monique said, she knew she didn't have much of a choice anyway. Not with so much hope filled inside her.

"Then now is the time to do so," Marcus said.


"Sophia!" Embry chased after her, after she ran out of the camp fire. He chased her across the border and through Forks until she finally retaliated and turned around. His cast has healed quickly to his advance abilities.

"Is that what you do!" Sophia stopped once she had Embry alone. "Is the whole point of your existence to destroy my species?"

"Not at all," Embry said running after her.

"Well, I may not know enough English to understand the Ti Wiki story, but I have common sense enough to see the purpose of your species." Sophia screamed.

"But I imprinted you," Embry continued to go after her. "None can harm you. You are protected."

"But my coven and friends?" Sophia asked. "They are just as important to me. So you are saying, even those I want to destroy everyone in your species, except you because you love me? But if my cousins come over, you may have a problem."

"That's not what he meant at all….well, sort of." Embry spoke nervously.

"I am not alone, you want me. You want my coven. I am not what you Americans would call 'A one piece deal.' I love my coven very much." Sophia continued as they walked towards a strange part of Forks, the kind the vampires seek out in big cities.

"Give this place a chance," Embry begged.

"Give my coven a chance," Sophia said. "You are aware that I was only to be here for a month?"

"But I can't…" Embry explained.

"Why because we are vampires? We are a peaceful human respecting coven that happens to be related to one of the most powerful covens in the world. You should be proud to be related to the great Greek Coven that sprang from those who are known across many civilizations."

"You miss them," Embry realized.

"Very much," Sophia admitted sadly. "You never asked me about my coven. So far you only showed me your life. You claim to love me, and want to be with me. Then shouldn't you want to know about me, about us and where I come from. I come from powerful line too."

"I would like to hear about it." Embry said. "You told me a friend of yours is getting married."

"Agatha, yes, she is getting married. But to our coven laws, her fiancée must go for a year without human blood before he can marry her. That's the rule among animal drinkers you know."

"I didn't know that," Embry was the first to admit. "You know the Cullens and the Denali coven didn't wait a year."

"The Cullens and the Denali's she is worried, because he isn't very strong." Sophia explained and sat staring at him in the eyes, she could see that he was interested. "He comes from a strong coven too. She wants to connect with them but they don't like the fact that Agatha is an animal drinker. His creator has come around, realizing it won't be that bad to be in-lawed to the mighty Volturi." Embry was about to asked how she became a vampire, but didn't know how. A couple of times he thought of going to Felix asking about the etiquette around ancients. He didn't need win a bloodsucker's favor to get in good with his imprintee. Embry actually needed that more than anything.

"I belong to this land, my blood lines run through here for generations," Embry explained the importance of his tribal responsibility.

"That is Greece to me," Sophia sighed. "My venom lines are older than the mighty Parathion"

"That complicates things." Embry said as Sophia looked back to him.

"Don't American boys always go after what they want?" Sophia laughed and dove from the cliff into the water. Embry sighed and transformed and went in afterwards. She then went and put his two front paws around her shoulders and skilled the cliff, she then felt him coming back to human. She then climbed form limb to limb, as Embry held on tight to her as they tree traveled through the woods.

"Sophia, stopped." Embry picked up a strange stench, there was a werewolf, a new enemy to the tribe.

They came to a strange part of Forks, the part were the humans devoted their lives to making a living. She then came out to the woods, and saw Natalie, the werewolf created by Aysun. Sophia was curse about her, as she watched her wearing a grey wolf. Sophia, being of curiosity followed them. It was then, they came across a trailer in a brown plant less yard with a rundown rusted fence, rusted sides, chairs and debris blown everywhere.

"Stop," Natalie ordered as she got off Seth.

Natalie with her face full of anger approached the trailer. She just stared at it with her face snarled, angry and hurt. As she approached it in a trailer and stood there shifting her wait back and forth. Her bare feet thenstumbled on a smooth stone. Natalie picked it up and flung it at the trailer. She grabbed another rock and did the same thing, breaking a window. She let out a small vent as she let the object go from her arm. She then screamed at the trailer, and put her arm down to get another rock and through it. Seth turned back into a human watching from a short distance. Natalie grabbed a large stone and through it, hitting a window causing her to fall. Seth went to her as Natalie started sobbing in her knees.

"There aren't enough rocks," She cried and went to Seth's arms. Sophia and Embry remained watching from above. Sophia let out a little frown, something about that scene bothered her.

"Let's go," Embry suggested.

Sophia nodded. "I'll tell you my story. I actually didn't live that long ago the province of Macadamia in 1948. My human life was nothing but war, after war, after war. Living a life that revolved around invasion after invasion. Us civilians just had to learn how to deal with it. Greece was damaged by World War Two, then being invaded by Turks, Germans. They all made mess. When we were finally left alone, we had a civil war.

"My father was killed when the Germans invaded, my grandfather was killed by Turks. It was just my mother and I by that time. Any extend family was killed or starved, or abandon their beloved country. Not my mother and I, we stayed in Greece. It was home, and we were going to tough it out." Sophia explained. "There were royalist in our village, and the members of the communist Greeks found out. They attacked; I could hear them at night."

"What could you do?" Embry asked.

"I ran, I didn't grab anything, or any food. I just ran with my mother. We held on tight as we heard the attacks in the village. A man pushed me against the wall just to get ahead of me. Another woman passed me carrying her baby in a wheel barrow. We walked for days endlessly through the mountain side trying to reach a refugee camp. We stopped, and ate for the first time after three days.

"We lived in an apartment in the town, I don't remember the name. The safe for a couple of months, I was in my room sewing a new dress when a large sound came. It was bombs, we were being attacked again. We were on our way out when a large crack came, I looked up and saw bricks were falling before me. Then a cluck happened as I fell with the building.

"I felt it landed on my body with the debris in my face. I couldn't move, the bricks were piled on my stomach and arms, there was a pipe on my legs. I was so buried I couldn't move, I still remember lying there, wanting to eat, wanting to drink, having to use the bathroom but I was so covered and weak I couldn't move. The dust flew in my throat and I hacked it out. I could feel the blood running down my forehead. I was there for three days, at least that what was I was told. I could hear the effort rescue with people going through the pile.

"I felt something lift from me, and I felt coolness come to my face. I saw the moonlight boom at my eyes. It was night, when they didn't have the lights to search for people. I felt cold hands on me, that ran through my thick black hair. Lima quickly uncovered me and gently pulled her out.

'You were right Dragomir' she said. 'Found the one alive," She yelled as she raced down through the ruined pile. Then in an instant, Dragomir poured water down my throat. I was so still, and sick I said nothing. I knew my mother was gone, I saw her go face down in the breed. He poured water on my lips and it drizzled down my cheek.

'She may not make it,' Lama said putting me down on the cobble street road. 'Too many broken bones, and so sick.'

'What can we do?' Dragomir asked.

"Liama bit me then. Three days later, I woke up and I was on the island. That is where I remained. I was depressed for a very long time, anytime it got sad it rained, then the few times I lighten up the sun came out. That is how I knew about my ability."

"Embry was silent for a long moment. It was then he saw Liama form a distance, or at least it seemed like Liama, he couldn't smell her. She was clearly there. Sophia's eyes moved forward.

"Ochi!" Sophia panic. "Come on, we must go back! They are looking for us." She grabbed Embry by the arm, and led him back to Edward Cullens home quickly.

"Where were you?" Dragomir asked coming out.

"I took her out to a campfire." Embry explained.

'Fire?" Lima said calmly. "First you didn't asked permission and then you take my only creation to a fire?"

"Dragomir wasn't there at the time," Embry spoke quickly.. He read it was custom in Greece to ask the father's permission to take out the daughter, Dragomir said it was alright.

"I am the one who created her." Laima said strictly. "Listen, Embry, she is older then you, there for you go with our coven."

"You need to take some steps to be part of our grandcoven," Dragomir explained. Embry never said that, nor did he have any form of need, desire or attentive to join the coven.

"Do you?" Lima asked. "You know what an honor it is to be part of the Greek Coven, a coven from gods. Do you desire to take that challenge."

"No," Embry said instantly. "I do not, I have the honor of being part of the Quileute Pack, the pack of the great Ti Wiki, a great chief and spiritual leader. I have his blood in my veins."

"And Sophia has the venom of Persephone, Queen of the Caves, Mate and Wife of Hades, who created the Volutri." Lima said strictly. "Any wolf would be proud to be part of us. You should consider yourself above the rest of the pack that you are even being considered as a caudate for a member."

"I am proud of my own heritage." Embry said strongly.

"I see that you love my daughter," Lima said. "You, Americans believe in individualism, modern people think that each person can choose their own fate and destiny. Their happiness is what matters and not the wellbeing of the family." Laima said. "That was not the ancient ways, nor the ways our coven is, nor is it the behavior of Sophia's mate. You want to be Sophia's mate, then you want to be part of our coven. Those two factors are not breakable. I understand honor, and the ties you have to this land. Sophia has ties too. I will speak with you tomorrow."

"What?" Embry asked.

"Tomorrow, I will come and speak with you," she said simply, as if she had no choice. : "I will tell you the story of my coven, and my people. My translator, Aysun is leaving early, so I will bring Felix. He was created by a creation of Didyme, not as presages as before, but he will do. I will show you what an honor it is to be part of the oldest coven in the world. Then you will show us the ways of your people."

"I sort of have plans," Embry stuttered.

"Yes, to meet with me." Lima answered coldly.


"If I could choose a moment, any moment in my eight hundred years of existence where I felt the life before my eyes were I felt the life before me was obliterated it would be this moment. I was going to be a father, I had created life and I was responsible for life. Two new lives have come from me, the two tiny heart beats were the scariest sound in the world.

After eight hundred years, I have found the one I love. Now, her life was in danger. It could be cut short, and Heather's life could be ripped from her as the child was taken out of her flesh. She was carrying my children, I made the decision then to marry her.

"Twins?" I glopped, still trying to keep the emotionless movements as a heat raised inside of me.

"Yes, two of them," Carlisle answered, as I went to hold her hand, feeling the warmth of her body touch the edge of my fingers. Heather was waking up. This was something I wanted, I know most men today would disagree. I saw this as nothing but a blessing. I hoped that she would agree with me and have my children.

"Where I am I? She asked, with her eyes blinking as the IV remained attached to her..

"You're at the Cullens place." I answered as notice her eye lashes flutter..

"Felix," She called.

"Why don't we leave them alone?" Demetri suggested. "I am sure Felix has to share a thing, or two." He added on. In a few short seconds, everyone left.

"Yes," I think it will be wise." Esme said. "Felix, tell her everything." I nodded knowing what she meant.

"Come on, let's go," Tanya said, encouraging her coven to leave.

"Felix," Eleazar started coming to put his hand on my shoulder.

"Please come later," I said with a wave of fear in me. I couldn't due this alone. I needed Eleazar, if I can't change her. If needed someone to change her for me, I would want it to be the same so we were connected. It may sound ancient values to some vampires, but it was what I was raised to believe. The person who created you mattered. I still couldn't let my pride go enough to show any respect. This was a test.

"Come on," Tanya said, Eleazar left, along with his coven, and my coven. Demetri was the last to leave. It was now just Heather and I.

It is very rare when the father tells a mother she is expecting. This was going to be hard for me; I came from a time when it was a woman's goal to bare children for her husband. It was the reason for the lady of the house to carry the next heir to the lordship of the manner. I knew it wasn't like that now. Women had much more options, and were raised with much more ambition.

"Felix," Heather called as her eyes opened.

"Yes?" I asked coming to her. She didn't say anything, instead she just put out for my hand. "Are you alright?"

"Yes," I stammered. "I play the torturer by small by small, to lengthen out what must be spoken."

"Can you yield me a direct answer to what is going on?" Heather said sitting up. "I know you're not human. You have taken me as your lover, yet you refuse to bare the truth."

"I am a vampire." I gulped.

"Vampire?" Heather said with her eyebrows raised. "You told me this many times, I am now believing it. You have really live eight centuries?"

"There is more, Carlisle has given me great tidings of your condition," I explained. "Fewness and truth, tis this, when we made love those times in your room, life has drawn from it. How do you know?"

"Carlisle found out while you were out, you were rescued by a vampire named Lama, and her husband Dragomir. They brought you here, he found out while he was patching you up."

"The first time we made love." She said as she looked forward to me. She then put her hand along her abdomen, feeling the lives below it.

"You are now with child," I blurted out.

Her head snapped forward with her jaw dropped. "What did you say?"

"It seems, that, I have" I started then stopped to figure out my words. "We conceived one of those nights I came to your room."

"The times I thought I was in a dream." Heather followed along. She then looked down at her feet. "You don't eat, you don't drink, you are very athletic, you don' bleed. The one night my mother tried to kill me, I saw you in the woods, you denied it." Heather stared out me. "You really did rescue me. Like the night that thing attract Charlie, what was that?"

" A werewolf," I said, wondering if I should go into details about her sister, but that was the wrong time.

"I thought you were an angel of some sort, you are ….a vampire." She then looked towards the window. "Did you recently saved me from the crash? I thought that was a women?"

"It was, her name is Lama, she got there before I did." I explained. "She brought you to the Cullen place, where I am now."

"I am caring a vampire baby?" Heather said shocked.

"Two of them," I corrected.

"Did you do this on purpose?" She asked.

"No, Heather, I love you, I would never do anything to intently hurt you." I explained.

She then felt her stomach. "I know I should be mad at you, upset with myself but I'm not." Heather stood up, and sat back down again with a head rush.

"There is no point, it doesn't change that I am going to be a parent." Heather admitted. "You don't seem so scared at all."

"You can abort them if you wish?" I suggested, it seemed to be taboo at my time. I've seen the night women kept at war camps drink certain herbs to rid themselves of the child that came from the solders. In truth is, I don't want her to have an abortion. But at this time of the present day it was her body and her choice.

"My mother never put me before her, you were the first one to show me what real love is." Heather committed. "For there has not been one I love more, nor been most happy around. I don't' want to be my mother's daughter, I promised myself as a child that my children would be first. I am not going to break that promise, I want these children to have a chance. I know for a sure fact it is madness who makes us who we are, that is what I learned from my childhood. "

We were silent for a moment; she stared at the window, touched her abdomen and looked back to me. I spoke, "I have a motion much important good, where to what mine is mine yours, what is yours is mine."

"Is that a proposal?" Heather asked. "I know happiness in life is entirely by chance. "I must inquire one question: Have you killed before?"

"Yes," I answered. "Many times, for one thing I learned in all my centuries the coward has died many death, the brave has yet to lose his life once. Please don't ask me how many, a number can't be counted. For I have lived in war my human life, lived on others my vampire life. I have murdered numbers of times. Don't let that fact be your judge."

"You don't have to talk about it." She said. "I think it is wrong to want a heart, for it makes most unhappy. If you only knew it, then you are lucky to have a heart."

"That I must agree, grief forgives what can't be forgiven. If you knew who you were talking too, you would know I wouldn't judge by one's past. " I agreed with her, for vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand. Blood and revenge are hammering in my head. Sometimes, I feel that I can live no longer by thinking about my past.

"We can have a future." I said

She gave me an insulted look. "I expect you to help me and be there for me afterwards. I don't want to be a single mother that got knocked up or ya baby mama."

"I'll be there." I said, trying not to laugh. "I always wanted children, to bring new life into this world may be the hop e that takes away from my sins. I had forgotten my desire for family life."

"I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you," She said. "I can't live without your presence. I still feel that you are not telling me everything."

It was then the words of Marcus haunted me, when I left the Volturi. I shook my head, often I felt like I would tear my breast and bash my brains at the thought I mean so little to her. The love, the joy and ecstasy shown from her can't be found with anyone else. With a heart filled with joy, I stood helpless and cold. I have so much wealth to offer, but without her I am nothing.

"You could die," I blurted out, wondering if that's what she wanted to know. "They will eat at your flesh. You have to marry me. These are different from human babies, but I will go along.

"What do you mean I can get killed? I don't know much about hybrid pregnancy." I said to be honest. "I do know very little survive. That is why you are going to stay here."

"You made this decision for me?" Heather asked shocked.

"Yes," I answered, she was the mother of my children I held that right. At least I think I did, I know during my time I would have the right to make decisions for her being the mother of my children married or not. "I am the father of the children, and you are the mother. I have decided it is best to stay."

"You know normally I would argue with you," Heather had to add on.

"Yes, I know," I said. "We grew up in different times, if you were around when I was a human. You would have lived with me, no questions asked."

"What of my sisters?" Heather interrupted me. That one stumped me, how does one go about telling the girl he loves that her younger sister is a werewolf, and the other is living with vampires.

"Remember that thing that I saved you form that bit Charlie?" I started.

"Yes, how could I forget that night." Heather said, feeling movement inside her flesh.

It was even harder for me to forget that night. "That was a werewolf, named Alexander" I explained. "When he bit you, he turned Charlie into one. His sister-in-law, Aysun, who is also a werewolf bit Natalie."

"You mean my sister is a werewolf!" Heather shrieked.

"Yes," I breathed, she is being taken to Australia, where she will learn to deal with it. Charlie will go with her.

"What about Kelly?" Heather asked, with her head spinning.

"Jasper and Alice said they would move into Swans and watch her." I ensured

"Are they vampires?" I questioned.

"Yes," I answered, wondering about her reaction. Love is blind with the eyes, but the mind therefor winged cupid painted blind. I knew now, she loved me, she said so many times. Yet, I was aware throughout life I will always wonder if she truly loved me. I wanted her to become immortal, and join her in matrimony.

"Are you going to take in Kelly? Is she alright with them?"

"Yes," I answered. "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. I won't stray from what is important to you. I know where your true loyalties lie."

"May I see them?" Heather asked. I went outside, they were out there waiting, land listing on our conversation. I saw all the couples together, along with Demetri sitting next to Tanya.

"Jasper, Alice, she wishes to speak with you." I explained looking directly at Jasper and Alice. The couple followed me upstairs, most likely preparing for Heather's strict interview.

"Alright, I am saying this once, if something happens to her, Felix will hurt you." I wasn't surprised she said this, it was one of the things I loved about her. It was clear however, Jasper and Alice were surprised by this. She got up, noticing the twins developing.

"I promise, we will make sure Kelly has the best." Alice assured her.

"You have a challenge, she is stubborn." Heather warned. "You won't make her feel lesser, you won't prison her or let her roam freely to her desires?"

"We'll handle her," Jasper promised, calming her emotions.

"Anything you would like?" I asked as Heather stood up. "A cup of tea, or something?"

"No, I am good for now, perhaps some fruit or something. I am still soaking this in." Heather said. "School won't look too kindly on us."

I wasn't really thinking about school at this time, as I considered it useless, but I could see why Heather was concerned for school. For I knew, there were more things on heaven and on earth then what could be found in the pages of a book. "We'll discuss that when the time is right." I said.

"I doubt I will be showing for Color guard." She said. "I do see some swelling. How are you feeling?"

"I never been so scared in my life," I said honestly.

"But you will be there?" She asked scared. "My father wasn't there for me, none of my sisters' fathers were in there lives. I want my children to have a family." It was then I notice her hands wrapped around her body.

"I didn't want children to my mid-thirties, I know life will change dramatically for us," Heather said as she lean against me with head against my chest. My arms wrapped around her shoulders, as I kissed her against her cheeks. "But now that they are here at the time that I will miss them. I have already fallen in love with them. Felix, I have a question."

"Yes?" I answered.

"What is your last name?"


Demetri sat off to the Cullen's tree, a distance where he could hear the conversation of his best friend and his mate. He has been here only a few hours to find out his best friend is going to be a father. He wanted to meet Heather, out of curiosity. He would have to accept his best friend had someone above him. He knew that Felix was one of his own wit, and therefor would go on his own way.

"I thought we weren't allowed to listen in," He heard a voice behind him. He looked up to see Tanya. She clamed form her tree and jumped to him.

"I want to make sure she's right."

"You are a good friend, Demetri, I will give you credit for that." Tanya said. "I do have a question for you those.

"What?" Demetri asked.

"Did you really leave the Voluri?" Tanya asked setting next to him on a branch.

"Yes," Demetri said.

"Why?" She pondered.

"That's two questions." Demetri pointed out.

"Alright, think of it as an answer to the first." Tanya quizzed him.

Demetri closed his eyes and shook his head. "I don't know, I needed a change, I got tired of being the fuel for Aro."

"So you wanted to live your own life? Why didn't you come when I asked you?" Tanya asked.

"A couple of reasons, I needed to figure it out on my own." Demetri said as her eyes nodded.

"Have you yet?" She asked.

"No," Demetri said. "Haven't you ever wondered what are you doing here?"

"All the time, who doesn't?" Tanya said. "Even when I was a human I did, and at the time, a woman knew their purpose was to serve men, I still wondered."

"Perhaps that is why you are the few chosen," Demetri said. "All life has meaning; it is finding that meaning we set on our journeys unknowing where it will take us.

"Do you want to come live with us?" Tanya asked. Demetri was silent for the longest moment, before he answered. "I'll think about it."

"Think about it," Tanya felt a wave of heat against her face, as she left.


"So what's going on with you and Tanya?" I asked, after I overheard the conversation between the two of them last night. We were both in stressful situations, so we did the relaxing thing by fencing in the meadow. I was of course winning, but we rarely kept score. "She invited me to live with her, but I think she is still unsure if I'd be good for her," Demetri explained.

"If that is the case, then her wit must not be so firm," I said as he shrugged.

"What do you plan to do?" Demetri asked. "Now that you will be mate and father?"

"I am going to purchase land, perhaps off the east coast of Canada. Where the woods are rich with animals? I will build Heather a find house were are children will grow." I explained. It seemed strange, how long I have served the Volturi, this is the first time I have plans that I looked forward too. Perhaps living in honesty would be a nice change. One thing I have always respected Heather for was that she never lied to me.

"If Tanya won't have me by then, I will join you." Demetri said as we felt a smell, we turned to see Liama, most likely making her rounds where she drives each member of the Cullen family bonkers, between informing Carlisle he doesn't have enough control, or Esme the proper ways to be a lady of an animal drinking coven.

"Felix, I want you to come with me." Lama said the next morning, while Heather was still asleep.

"What!" I asked.

"Aro said he sent you here as a translator." Lamia pointed out.

"That's what Aysun is here for," Demetri pointed out, I was surprised he was being rude to an ancient. "He holds no debt to you he wasn't created by your brother."

"He is still a creation of our sister's creation," Lama said. "He comes with me."

"But Heather?"

"Surely she will await for your return?" Lima said with one eye towards me.

"I'll take care of her," Demetri said.

"Fine, I'll go with you," I agreed. "Demetri, if there is a matter of weight in chances, call me." I reminded him, slipping my number under the Cullen's plan.

"We are going to Embry, and tell him our stories. We need a translator." Dragomir said. I traveled with him and Lima.

"What exactly are we doing?" I asked, annoyed.

"We are going to share Embry our story." Lima explained. "In hopes he understands the pride and sacrifices it means to be with the Greek Coven."

"I am not for this anymore," I said sternly. "I am getting ready to start my own coven. Direct the boy not, his way himself will choose."

"You can't lead a coven without a pass, which you have through us. For if Sophia is his true love, few truth then this. No much more honor then we." Lima said directly to me as we went pass the border, and to a small red house not far from the beach."

"I sense only him, his mother is gone." I explained, hoping that would be an excuse to leave. We really weren't supposed to be around here, but Lima has been above the law for thousands of years.

"Perhaps it be wise to offer her immortality." Dragomir said.

"That will break the treaty with the coven,"

"We don't want to ruin relations with our allies," Lima corrected as she knocked on the door. Embry came out, sleepy eyed, with his hair ruffled wearing boxers and no shirt.

"We came to share our stories with you, since you are now a part of our coven." Lima said as I translated.

"First, let him prepare himself." I suggested in their native tong.

"If he wants to be with us, he must always be prepared." Dragomir committed. "Go on boy, get dress."

It was in that Embry left for a short moment.

"Shall we go in?" Lima asked. "He knew we were coming."

"Americans don't like it when you go into their house without asking." I pointed out.

"Strange people," Dragomir uttered.

"We are his superiors now," Lima reminded as she strolled into the tiny house, it had a dim lighten kitchen with old tiles and unfinished cabaret, along with a loud refrigerator running.

"Is his brother , Quial here?" Dragomir asked in a broken English . "We must form a connection to him."

"Quial isn't my brother," Embry explained coming out. We all looked at each other confused. I keep forgetting that Quial isn't his brother, it was something I assumed when I first met them.

"Sit," Lima said in Geek, Embry understood enough of the language to know what the word sit meant.

"Before you join Sophia, Dragomir and I, you must know some secrets among us." Lima spoke. "have you read my story on what humans today call the internet?"

"Yes, Hera killed two of your children." Embry explained.

"Hare didn't kill them, humans did. I was marred to an abusive husband. He tried to dominate me in every way. The first infant I had was a girl, he didn't want her. So he put her out in the cold, left her to freeze. I tried to get to my sweet daughter, but I was blocked by the slaves. I had to listen to her dye.

"The second child I had was a son, who he considered his pride. Despite how weak e was, one day, he beat me so bad I couldn't pay attention, as I walked away. I accidently tripped the cradle over and he died. It was Zeus who offered to help me, when he brought his mate she accidently killed my husband. They wanted me to wait, but I ran away.

"Persephone and Hades ran into me, Persephone changed me and brought me back to what they call the Underworld." Lama said as I translated for him. "My coven thinks I had miscarriages. I swear it is madness that makes us who we are. I was human made of flesh and blood. Vulnerable to manipulation , fear of being ignored and destroyed. I have lived with this guilt, causing a thousand deaths with vengeance in my heart, death in my head, along with blood and revenge in my head. We all obey the weight of sad times."

"Embry I tell you this because Sophia means everything to us." Dragomir spoke for her. "You can't have her without us, you must understand."

"We have decided the choice is hers, I just want your word that you won't pressure her into staying with you. We understand that you have ancients ties to this land, we have ancient ties to hers as well." Lama spoke with such confidence as she waited for Embry to respond after I finished translating.

"I promise," Embry answered. "She loves you very much, I wouldn't do anything to disturbed that bond."

"Good," Lama stood up.

"What is your story Dragomir?" Embry asked, wrong move.

"I was twisted into being a soulless doll until I met Lima." Dragomir answered. "I will save my tale for another day."

"Just keep in mind, we have rules and you must obey them. After all, we are not savages. We are Greek, and everything comes from us. I will pass this to Sophia, remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You've got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense."

"We brought you a gift for our new son," Dragomir said holding up a box with a blue ribbon. "Do not open it until we leave," I continued translating.



Heather was lying on her trailer floor watching an rerun of 'Boy Meets World' with Natalie, who was five, Kelly who was three was in her play pen, even those she was way too old for one it kept her out of trouble. The children watched it instead of doing their homework, Cassie hasn't even been to school for three days, the girls were making fun of the fact she wore the same dress every day. Heather was at the age were children didn't notice those things, and teachers thought of it as a phase. She always got made fun of her smell, she didn't know at that time that she was to clean herself, or even brush her teeth.

In the kitchen, she could hear the mother searching frantically through the cupboards. The kids looked over, and tried to pay attention to the television. They didn't know where their mother's needles went, or anything else. They were just children trying to survived this mess called home.

Cassie made the mistake of turning the volume up in an attempt to block out their scurrying mother.

"What the f- did you do that for!" the woman strolled into the door. "Did you do something with my pills!"

"No, Mommy" Heather said, pointing her big eyes to her.

"Oh, you lying piece of shit," the woman kicked her to the ground.

"Stay away from her!" Cassie yelled as the woman turned.

"Are you pickin' a fight with me you little bitch." Her mother grabbed her by her arm. "I should teach you all a lesson you ungrateful little f****. " She said as she held the two girls by the hair pulling so tight it caused headaches. She then pushed them to the ground, and grabbed a belt and started hitting them in the back with the buckled end.


Heather woke up instantly from her nightmare, or memory. She looked over to see two vampires, one with reddish brown hair and pale skin. It was Bella, Charlie's daughter who gave birth to a hybrid before. Besides that, they had nothing in common. Her sister was going to Australia with her father today, Heather needed to get dress to say good bye.

"Have nightmares," Bella asked noticing the disturbance in her peaceful sleep. "I did when I was pregnant."

'What could she have possibly had a nightmare about' Heather thought as the vampire that was with Felix came in as Heather stood up.

"You shouldn't stand," Bella warned.

"I want excursive." Heather demanded, she knew she was with twins, but Heather wasn't the kind to set around and do nothing. She needed to go out and make sure her sisters were fed.

"Do you need anything?" The one asked. Heather saw that he was a handsome fellow with an olive complexion with a chalky pallor, a skin tone that reminded Heather of a picture she had seen of the Parthenon. He had sleek black hair that reached his shoulders, he stood over her tall and lean, with burglary eyes staring at her. He was strangely over protective her, but seem to view her as a threat.

"No, I can take care of myself, thank you," Heather said standing up. She then noticed that her abdomen started swelling despite being only a few weeks pregnant. There was something about carrying new life that swelled in her.

"Are you hungry?" He asked, in a cold manner.

"Yes, does this house have peanut butter?" Heather asked. "I am having a craving for peanut butter toast." She said as she poured a pitcher of cold water, she was desperately thirsty.

"Peanut butter?" Demetri questioned, as he took the empty pitcher. Heather was surprised, she drank the entire pitcher of water and this painful thirst was still with her. "I don't know what that is, but I will gladly get it for you, miss."

"Why are ya bein' so formal?" Heather asked, it was strange the way he spoke to her. In such an elegant manner, with a swift solitude like a desert solider, it was almost insulting.

"That is just how I am, please speak proper English around me." The vampire spoke to her as he open the door for her at the same time and made a strange grin.

"Okay," Heather said as he cringed a bit and opened the door for her, and he let her enter. That was when Heather noticed him observing her.

"It is alright." Demetri corrected.

"What?" Heather asked.

"Nothing," He said. "Don't get me wrong, I don't think your all that attractive, you have way to many scars, and you don't act or speak like a lady."

"Who are you?" Heather asked offended.

"Demetri," he introduced himself. "Felix has been my best friend for six centuries, I will do anything to protect what is important to him. That is you."

"Thank you," Heather said unsure what to say. "Do you have to be so rude to me? I don't like it!"

"No, I don't" Demetri said. "I am sorry, for the last few months, I have been very jealous of you."

"Why?" Heather asked, as she put a shirt on and found it toughing around her torso.

"At least he's here with me," Heather said. "Where is Felix?"

"He went to translate," Demetri answered.

"I don't have any expectations do I?" Heather asked worried, Felix loved her, why was this man putting her to the test if Felix already loved her.

"No," Demetri answered as he gave her peanut butter toast.

"Thank you," Heather said as she ate. "It looks like it's going to storm today."


The call came, as the wolves raced to the beach to take down the two invaders of La Push. The two wolves stormed through the beach, on the rocky beach as the white figures rose from the stormy waters with the rain hitting heavenly against them.

"Look fresh and merrily, let not our look be our purposes." She reminded her mate as they came to the shore.

"I fed upon this woo already," He said hearing this for the tenth time. "Excess will only make me surfeit." They kissed again; he could become addicted to kissing her. He felt his lips fringed in hers. The envious streaks laced the severing clouds in the yonder east they ran towards the dogs.

In an instant, the male swiped his mate behind her, it was less then moment the two hit, a mist met them as they became blinded, deaf and all sensory was erased form them. Away to heaven his respective gently, fire was his conduct now as he prepared to attack.

She then nudged on his arm and step out in front of her mate as she saw the alpha approved. He recognized her, and her mate. He wasn't who he thought she would be. However, a barging is a barging. Pricilla held up the symbol as Jacob's pack came and halted with her carrying the symbol of the Quilate wolves.

It was then, the alpha came from down from the cliff. The moment the girl saw the alpha she raised a symbol high above her.

"Halt," Sam ordered. 'She's mine,' he sent to Jacob. 'I am the one who freed her, she will serve my pack.' Sam turned back to human approaching Pricilla and her Volturi mate with his ruby eyes. He knew then, accommodations had to be made to keep his word.