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Chapter One: Of Bloodsuckers and Hidden Jealousy

"There it is!"

"God that's hideous."

"Feh. Let's just get this over with."

"The shard is in its neck, Inuyasha!"

"This will be no great ordeal. It is only a lower level demon."

"But... but it's huge! Sesshomaru, even you can't deny that it's pretty intimidating!"

"Inuyasha, your miko has quite a simple mind, doesn't she?"


"Shut up! Let's just finish this."

She wasn't quite sure what upset her the most.

Perhaps it was the careless way he walked beside the hanyou; the way Inuyasha would almost unconsciously gravitate towards him as they moved forward. The way he looked at the demon lord, when he thought Sesshomaru wasn't looking— and the looks Inuyasha received In return. It had her entire body itching with the feeling of jealousy, like she was stuck inside a thick skin that wasn't her own. No matter how she tried, she just couldn't bring herself to get used to it, to move on with her life.

She couldn't stop loving Inuyasha.

A sigh breathed past her lips at this thought and she began twirling a finger in her hair, watching the fight unfold around her.

Yes, things sure had gotten easier with the demon lord around... especially now that he was back up to his normal strength. Hunting for the jewel shards had become such a trivial matter, and everyone's spirits seemed to be lifted.

Except for Jaken.

But nobody really cared about him.


Inuyasha swung his sword in a lazy arch, hardly even trying. He wasn't really trying to kill the demon, no. Just make it lower its guard. It worked of course— and the massive, puce-colored creature took a step back, only to fall directly in line with Sesshomaru's blade. It stood still for only a moment, before falling into two humongous pieces, which gushed a crimson liquid and let out a horrified yell. The small group ignored it all, moving to grab the Shikon Jewel shard that rested within the demons remains, before continuing on their way.

The grass was stained a sticky red, and Sesshomaru was sure to keep his distance, watching with slight disinterest as his newest companions placed the piece of the jewel they had received with the precious few others they held in their possession. His amber-colored eyes left the sight after a moment, and he took notice of the trees that had fallen from the demons outrage, the debris and destruction left over from its senseless violence. Granted it had been fairly powerful— nothing that he himself couldn't handle of course, but strong nonetheless.

They had been traveling together for a while now, at least a few months had passed, and for the most part, things were the same between the pack. Miroku was just as touchy-feely as ever, and Sango still had the hardest slap of any girl he'd ever met. Shippo could usually be found running around with Rin and Kirara, and the cat found herself extremely happy that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had finally gotten together. She wasn't quite sure what had caused it, but all that mattered was that her ultimate goal had been achieved in the end. Jaken still shot a few glares at the humans— every once in a while— but for the most part he had come to accept the whole ordeal.

Only Kagome seemed to be unable to dispose of the last bit of irritation she still felt at Sesshomaru's presence.

The demon lord, for his part, didn't let it faze him.

Then again, he tended to just outwardly ignore anything and everything that had to do with the young miko.

Sesshomaru sheathed his sword after carefully wiping the blood off on the ground, not even sparing a passing glance at the demon they'd just disposed of. After the seconds of cleaning, he took his customary place next to Inuyasha, walking gracefully on long legs in a way that usually had more than a few people jealous. Inuyasha had learned not to stare, though.

He had plenty of time for that, later.

"How are we doin' on shards, Kagome?"

The miko looked over to the hanyou who was speaking, before looking down to the glass bottle hanging around her neck.

"Ugh... not so good, Naraku still has most of the jewel. At this rate the only thing we can do is try to prevent him from getting any more..."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and Sesshomaru glanced over, pursing his lips the slightest bit.

He really could care less about the jewel.

Quite honestly, he would rather be off doing... something else. Actually, he really had nothing better to do at the moment. He'd gotten his arm back, Amatsu was no longer a concern, and Tensaisga wasn't getting any stronger... erm, perhaps looking for the shards wasn't such a bad idea.

Kagome sighed, glancing over the tops of the trees.

Their previous fight while simple, had also taken some time, and everyone was conscious of the sun beginning to set in the distance.

"Inuyasha, perhaps we should settle down for the night," Miroku suggested, smoothing his hands down his staff. The hanyou glanced over, crossing his arms.

"Feh. Whatever..."

He accepted it though, looking up until he spotted a tree suitable enough for his tastes.

Once that was done he jumped, landing among the branches. His ears twitched as he heard the limb shake slightly, and then it was still. He cracked an eye open, spotting a flurry of silver and white. He huffed, before allowing his arms to open.

There was a pause, and then he felt a slight weight settle comfortably in the grip, instantly filling his nose with the smell of something slightly sweet, something a tad bit cold. Inuyasha sighed, breathing in the scent of his mate, of his Sesshomaru.

And, as usual, he felt quite content.


"Kanna, show me Inuyasha."

The small white haired girl lifted her head at the silken voice, lifeless eyes lowering to fix upon the mirror that she held. Soon an image appeared, revealing two figures. The half-demon eyed the scene critically, muddy red eyes watching the scene with disdain. Inky black hair pooled around him as he sat, his lips turning down the slightest bit.

Quite a conundrum, indeed.

This hadn't been foreseen... nor even considered, as a possibility. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru working together— and closer than that, as well, if they way they were curled around each other was any indication.

"Now now..." Naraku murmured, his eyes looking away from the scene, "This won't do at all..."

He was quite aware that if the hanyou and his brother together would be much harder to kill than when they had been separated. Usually he was able to rely on them stopping in their fights to go and fight each other, which always gave him a considerable advantage. This new camaraderie between them was going to be a problem, one that he couldn't simply overlook any longer. He'd waited, for a few months, attempting to see if perhaps they would each go there individual paths eventually, but nothing of the sort happened. The development was... regrettable, but nothing that he couldn't handle. In fact, he'd prepared a little treat, just for such an occasion...

Inuyasha would never see it coming.

He flicked his eyes over to one side of the room he was in, noting Kagura's broken form lying splayed about on the floor.

The wind sorceress was getting to be quite an annoyance, and he simply couldn't trust her at the moment, lest she go and tell the hanyou all about his plans. Her breathing was steady, but shallow, and she had remained in such a state ever since he'd found her incompetence a bit too much to handle.

No matter, he'd dispose of her soon enough, if he could find no other use for her.

He stood, walking carelessly over to the sliding door that led to the next room, stopping just outside, his eyes looking straight through the thin material of the entrance. He could see the silhouette of his latest creation, pulsating, growing, almost ready to breath its first breath of life. A slow, lazy smirk graced his lips, and a chuckle slipped past his lips as he looked back over to Kanna's mirror, his eyes narrowing at the two entwined forms still showing on the shimmering surface.

"...Enjoy your rest while you can, Inuyasha. Very soon, you will not be dropping your guard around your brother so carelessly..."


Morning came as it usually did— much too early and definitely too bright. Even through the thick canopy of trees the sunlight streamed down upon the inhabitants of the small clearing.

Inuyasha woke to the feeling of someone breathing against his neck, and the warm, hot breath was doing nothing to make him want to get up and start the day, as he should. He shivered, glancing down at Sesshomaru's form. He knew the male probably hadn't slept last night— he hardly ever really did— which was why Inuyasha himself had gotten some well-needed rest. Usually he stayed up to watch the humans and the fox kit, but he didn't really have anything to worry about with Sesshomaru around. Demons knew better than to mess around with people so close to such a powerful demon's scent, and he was oddly grateful for the reprieve. It was rare that the demon lord slept with him like this, as well. Generally he would simply lean himself against the base of whatever tree he deemed good enough for 'This Sesshomaru', and closed his eyes.

Nights like the last were his favorites.

Those, and the ones where he and Sesshomaru would sneak off, frustrated with tension and spend the night writhing and moaning— those were good too.

Better than good.

"You are awake, Inuyasha?" The voice spoke, expelling more of that delicious breath onto his throat. Inuyasha shuddered, scowling and sitting up, pulling away from his mate.

"Keh. You knew I was... and stop that."

Sesshomaru would know precisely what he was talking about— in fact, he was quite certain the demon lord had been doing it on purpose. He received a mock innocent look for his words, before Sesshomaru was moving closer, and Inuyasha grit his teeth as the daiyoukai began pressing kisses along the arch of his neck, his tongue flickering out ever so often.

"Stop what... Otouto?" He spoke in between the brief moments his lips were not against Inuyasha's skin, and the hanyou growled, turning towards his brother.

Really, he couldn't stand it when his brother called him that.

Mostly because of the way he said it, low in his voice and velvety soft... it was like liquid sin, pouring from his mouth.

Sesshomaru was always the most playful in the mornings, as the day just begun.

Not that Inuyasha was complaining, mind you, but it was awfully embarrassing to feel himself becoming a little too excited when Kagome and the others were just below them.

"Sesshomaru..." Inuyasha spoke as the demon lord began sucking and nipping at the skin, seeming determined to make his mark on the hanyou. He swallowed back a groan, shaking his head. "C'mon... sto—"

"INUYASHA! Are you up? I've made breakfast!"

Sesshomaru pulled away the instant the female voice was heard, glancing down.

Inuyasha moaned softly in slight annoyance, much as he'd been protesting earlier. He took a breath to calm himself, glancing over as Sesshomaru carelessly stepped off of the branch they'd been sitting on, falling to the ground and landing gracefully, as usual, walking past Kagome with an air of arrogance that had the hanyou rolling his eyes, biting back the urge to smile. He seemed to like teasing Kagome immensely about the fact that they were together, though Inuyasha couldn't understand why. She'd gotten over him, right?


He sighed, all thoughts of what it would be like in a tree dissipating as he jumped down himself, landing in front of the miko with little difficulty. He yawned, throwing Kagome a careless smirk.

"Morning," He stated carelessly, "Ramen?"

She flashed him a smile, nodding and showing him the cup of Instant Noodles in her hands, "Mmhmm! It's all ready so you can eat whenever you..." Her voice trailed off here, her eyes glancing briefly down to a spot somewhere on Inuyasha's throat. The hanyou frowned, wondering what she could be looking at... before he realized that Sesshomaru had probably left a nice little mark there, and his cheeks heated.

"Uh... yeah, thanks," He muttered quickly, clapping a hand over his neck and snatching the cup out of her hand, moving over to the fire where the others were waiting.

Sesshomaru sat next to Rin and the hanyou shot him a glare, grabbing the chopsticks that had been stuck carefully inside the noodles.

The demon lord raised an eyebrow at him, but the amusement in his eyes gave him away.

Inuyasha had gotten much better at reading his older brother, now that he knew what to look for.

The hanyou began eating his noodles, feeling Kagome's presence settle over him as she took her customary seat next to him. That was one thing that hadn't really changed since they'd returned from Amatsu's castle— seating arrangements. After the first couple days of their mating, things had settled back to normal, for the most part. Sesshomaru still really wasn't one for affection— which was fine because Inuyasha wasn't really either. And besides, because of their positions across the fire, he could stare at the daiyoukai as much as he wanted.

As he dug into his food, Kagome watched from the corner of her eye, her eyes unconsciously straying to the mark on his neck. She looked over to Sesshomaru, the corners of her lips turning down slightly. He wasn't eating, of course, she couldn't remember the last time she'd seen him eat recently— which was something she was glad of, as when she'd witnessed it before he'd gotten his strength back, it was a disgusting sight to behold— but she could only assume that he was. Instead he stared idly up at the clouds, switching his gaze to Rin, every so often. Honestly, Kagome lamented with a sigh, Sesshomaru was quite beautiful. It was easy to see why he'd been chosen over her... but he was a guy! Inuyasha had never given off the slightest hint that he was gay, if the way he treated Miroku was any indication. She just couldn't understand how one day the two hated each other, and the next they were smooching! It didn't make any sense... and it really, really wasn't fair.

She ate her noodles silently, contemplating her situation while the others laughed and joked like normal. It wasn't too long before a loud SMACK! resounded throughout the clearing, but she'd learn to ignore that by now. It was a lot harder to concentrate on anything now that Shippo had a playmate, however. He and Rin did everything together, and Sesshomaru didn't look like he minded too much... though he was constantly watching them, ensuring that the human didn't get hurt.

It was odd, she thought, that someone who claimed to be so cold could have such strong feelings for a human child.

"Geez, you'd think Miroku would learn after a while," Shippo commented idly from somewhere behind the miko. She glanced over her shoulder to see him and Rin sitting, the latter twining the stems of flowers together in an attempt to make a crown. Kagome couldn't help but snicker, as she knew that the slightly ridiculous looking accessory would be offered to the demon lord. Really, didn't he find it hard to look intimidating with all those flowers in his hair?

Once breakfast was finished they got everything together and began moving again, and Shippo was forced to walk, as Kagome had left her bicycle at home. He didn't mind it though— and he rarely used it anymore in any case, now that Rin was there.

Kagome moved quickly so that she could stand beside Inuyasha as they walked, wanting to speak with him while Sesshomaru was distracted with Rin— "Please, Lord Sesshomaru?" "No, Rin." "Pleeeeeaaaassssee?" "...Maybe later."— as she'd thought of a detail that the hanyou hadn't seem to be worried about.

"Inuyasha..." She began, twirling a finger through her wavy locks, "So.... what are you going to say to Kikyo?"

The hanyou appeared to freeze for a moment, his eyes widening almost imperceptibly before quickly going back to normal.

Inside, the hanyou was feeling a bit idiotic.

'Shit,' He thought to himself, shaking his head. In all honestly, he really hadn't spared a thought towards the priestess since Sesshomaru had begun traveling with them. It was odd, considering how obsessed he'd been with her at one time but then again, Sesshomaru did tend to keep him rather... 'occupied'.

"Eh..." He began, crossing his arms into the sleeves of his kimono, "...I guess I'll just tell her when the time comes," He answered, understanding full well exactly what she was asking. Kagome frowned, watching him intensely.

"And just when will that 'time' be?" She asked, furrowing her brow in an annoyed way.

"I dunno... next time I see her? Why are you asking?"

The miko paused, a slight flush blooming on her cheeks.

Quite honestly, she'd only wanted to trip the hanyou up.

"Uh— just curious..." Was the half mumbled response she gave, as she turned her head to stare at the floor. Inuyasha looked at her curiously, his lips parting as his brain began to formulate an idea of what was going on with the miko.

"Kagome... you're not—"


The teenager glanced over to the hanyou, finding him sniffing the air curiously, his gaze turning steely as his eyes narrowed.

"Do you smell it as well, Inuyasha?"

Kagome turned, frowning slightly upon seeing Sesshomaru looking at the hanyou with his normal cold gaze.

"Yeah..." Inuyasha answered distractedly, stopping slightly in his steps.

"What? What is it?" Shippo asked, bouncing as he furiously attempted to sniff the air, his nose not quite strong enough.

Inuyasha looked down at him, grimacing.

"Human blood."

Inuyasha and the others raced towards the scent, Kagome clutching tightly onto the folds of his kimono from her perch on his back.

"Is there a village up ahead Inuyasha?" Miroku shouted over all the commotion, and the hanyou nodded the affirmative, his eyebrows lowered in concentration.

"Yeah... and there's a lot of blood, but it doesn't seem to be completely fresh..."

"Hn. About five corpses, the scent is only a few minutes old..."

The demon lord trailed off here, as if slightly unsure of something.

Miroku and Sango nodded at Sesshomaru's observation, and Kagome rolled her eyes.

Gods, he was so dramatic.

Rin held onto Ah-Un's saddle, her eyes wide with fear as they raced towards the village.

It wasn't long before it began to appear in front of them, and the group slowed upon seeing the destruction. They could hear the shouts of the villagers as they grew closer, and could see the distraught faces of everyone, crying over the casualties. They all moved into the village carefully, glancing around in an attempt to see if whatever had caused this was still around.

"More demons!" A high-strung woman yelled, pointing at Sesshomaru in fear. The daiyoukai raised an eyebrow, slightly bored with the outcry. It had become increasingly difficult for them to go anywhere, as Sesshomaru looked the deadliest out of all of them. And Jaken's tendency to outwardly badmouth the humans didn't help, either.

"Good villagers, we come in peace," Miroku said, raising her arms in a effort to calm everyone. A crowd began to gather now, all surrounding the little group of humans and demons, watching them with fearful—but curious eyes. Now that they had gotten a bit farther in, Inuyasha and the others could see the desecration brought to the village.

A few houses had been smashes in, they noted, and lying strew about the ground were the five bodies that Sesshomaru had mentioned earlier. However, there was something rather odd about them.

Sesshomaru glanced over at two of the bodies, confirming what he had suspected earlier.

Yes... they did not bleed.

There wasn't any blood left in their bodies.

"What happened here?" Sango asked as Kirara took that moment to change back into her more compact form, moving to hop onto the demon slayer's shoulder.

There was a slight pause as they all debated, before one person, who seemed to be the village elder stepped forward. He was built sturdily though his hair was a shining gray color, and his large eyebrows were down turned in an almost disapproving manner.

"...And how do we know you all aren't demons as well?" He asked suspiciously.

"We only want to help," Kagome spoke up, her hands fidgeting slightly.

"Yeah. And maybe whatever did this, has a sacred jewel shard," Inuyasha said nonchalantly, shrinking slightly at the glare Kagome sent him. "What?"

They hardly ever found any shards anymore. It seemed that Naraku really had collected almost all of the jewel, save for the few shards that they held in their possession.

The miko shook her head, before turning back to the villagers.

"So, a demon did this to you?"

There was a slight hesitation, before the elderly man answered, "...Yes. It has been coming to our village recently every night— and occasionally very early in the morning. Usually it only takes one victim, but this time..."

He turned, glancing over to the dead villagers with sadness in his eyes.

"Are they usually drained of their blood?" The monk asked, a rare, serious expression on his face.

The village elder turned, the corners of his lips pulled down into a frown.


Kagome turned to Inuyasha, her eyes slightly fearful.

"Inuyasha... you don't think it's one of the bat demons, from Shiori's tribe, do you?" (1)

The hanyou glanced over to her, his ears twitching. "I don't know... but we're going to stop it, either way."


Sesshomaru was growing bored. A bat demon would be easy to take down, probably wouldn't require any effort at all— and yet, it was keeping them waiting. He wouldn't admit to being impatient because he wasn't, but honestly, two hours of hiding downwind in a slightly cramped tree with his mate and the miko on the branch opposite him was more than he could stand. Inuyasha wasn't the problem— it was that stupid girl. The child was constantly babbling in a voice that she obviously thought quiet enough, and was repeatedly pressing herself against the hanyou in a way that he was absolutely positive wasn't meant to be innocent, and the only thing that brought him solace was that Inuyasha didn't seem to be paying much attention to her. He rolled his eyes skyward, before shifting slightly, into a position that was only a tad bit more comfortable. He allowed one of his hands to hang over the edge of the branch, and using his thumb he lightly traced circles on each of his fingers, just to pass the time.

Honestly, when was that stupid demon going to appear?

They were using Sango as bait, as she was human, and could handle herself in case the demon managed to sneak up on all of them. She was sitting on the ground in her normal outfit, a blade concealed within one of the wraps covering her arms. Miroku held her hairaikotsu with a bit of difficulty from his hiding spot behind the tree Inuyasha and the others rested in, and Shippo and Rin were taking hiding in one of the villagers huts, so they could stay safe.

They'd all begun their little watch as soon as the sun had set, and since then, they'd been waiting.

And absolutely nothing had happened yet.

Inuyasha resisted the urge to roll his eyes as Kagome once again asked him in a hushed whisper if he could smell anything yet.


When he did smell something, he'd tell her, dammit! And her shifting around was really beginning to annoy him.

He glanced over to his mate, watching his idle staring at the sky, before taking notice of the graceful motions he was performing with his fingers. He resisted the urge to smile, turning his head to the side slightly.

Sesshomaru was bored.

"Inuyasha? Is it coming?"

The hanyou growled in irritation, turning to the miko to tell her that no, the damn demon was not coming, and she should keep her mouth shut for the moment when it actually did— when he heard something.

His ears twitched slightly as the faint noise grew louder— and upon glancing over to Sesshomaru he noted that the daiyoukai had heard it as well.


"Yeah," He answered, watching the areas around Sango carefully, "It's here."

Suddenly there was an even louder noise— the powerful beating of wings— and the demon appeared. Its skin was a dark red color, and it appeared to be just a bit taller and larger than Sesshomaru was. A long tail with a deadly spike on the end jutted from its tailbeone— and it appeared to be diving for Sango with a hungry look in its eyes. The demon slayer herself stood from her sitting position, flipping backwards just before it reached her. The others took that as their time to appear, and Inuyasha jumped down from his post, taking Kagome with him with Sesshomaru following silently after. With a fervent shout of 'Sango!' Miroku urged Kirara forward, and soon the demon slayer was reunited with her weapon.

Kagome aimed an arrow at the demon and it snarled, glaring over at her and batting it away from him as if it were no more than an annoying fly. She glanced down at the bow in confusion and Inuyasha set her down, drawing his sword.

Suddenly the bat demon laughed, shaking its head in mirth.

The group watched it carefully, their eyes narrowed and weapons at the ready.

"Ah," It spoke after a moment, eyeing the hanyou exclusively, "You must be Inuyasha. Naraku said that if I attacked the village you would come."

Realization struck everyone at the same moment and Inuyasha snarled, swinging the Tetsaisga in frustration.

"This was a trap!" Kagome exclaimed, her eyes narrowing into a glare.

The demon leered closer; it's tremendous nostrils flaring as it scented the human's blood.

Kagome's eyes widened and she docked another arrow, her lips pressed into a thin line.

"Inuyasha, it's got a sacred jewel shard in its neck!"

The hanyou nodded at the information, taking a battle ready stance.

The demon sent a bemused glance towards Kagome, taking a step forward before beginning to flap its wings powerfully, lifting its body into the air.

"He also said that if I defeated you, I could keep this new power he's granted me!"

It wasted no time then, surging towards Inuyasha with its claws extended and fangs bared. Inuyasha executed a quick wind scar, and it quickly moved to the side in midair, with speed that was obviously not its own power. As it moved, it spotted Sesshomaru, and swung its tail in his general direction in case he got any ideas of attempting to join in the fight. The daiyoukai was ready however, and leaped over the appendage, getting close enough to the demon to swipe at it with his claws, poison dripping from their tips. The bat demon howled as it was struck in its face, blinding it, and he lashed about wildly, almost hitting Kagome who was pulled from danger by Inuyasha.

"Hairaikotsu!" Sango shouted, hurling her weapon towards the demon from her perch on Kirara. The bat demon snarled, using its hearing to pinpoint the direction the weapon was coming from, and with a might swing of it's arm it sent the weapon hurling back towards Sango. The demon slayer calculated its trajectory, but noted with widening eyes that it was coming towards her much to fast for her to catch. Kirara growled and Sango reached for the weapon, missing slightly and wincing as it hit her arm with a sickening crunch.

"Wind Tunnel!"

Inuyasha took that moment to jump towards the demon, managing to land a hit on its back as it turned towards the monk. The bat demon snarled as the force of Miroku's curse pulled it forward, but the outraged noise was drowned out by the sound of an irritating buzzing noise. Miroku immediately closed his hand as the saimyosho loomed closer, grimacing.

"Hit the mark!" Kagome shouted, letting another arrow fly. This time she aimed for the jewel shard, her eyes fierce and determined. The demon moved away from the arrow, and Kagome let out a noise of irritation, docking another arrow. Inuyasha ran towards the bat demon, avoiding its blindly swiping claws and swinging the Tetsaisga, in a sideways motion, catching it off guard and beheading it with a growl. The miko let her arrow fly then, successfully hitting the jewel shard in its neck and cringing at its howl of frustration.

The demons body fell down then, hitting the ground with a loud 'thump' as the blood flowed freely from its wound.

Kagome moved forward cautiously, picking up the discarded shard and grinning with triumph.

"We did it!" She exclaimed, and Sesshomaru rolled his eyes, scoffing lightly.

"Hey!" Kagome said, catching the motions, "I didn't see you doing anything useful in that battle!"

The daiyoukai turned, beginning to walk towards where he knew Rin and Shippo were.

"I simply thought you might need the practice."

Kagome let out a 'hmph' of irritation, and was about to shout after the annoying bastard when Kirara landed, mewing worriedly. Miroku hurried over to the demon, noting Sango's slightly battered state. Inuyasha walked over as well, sheathing the Tetsaisga carefully and looking over the demon slayer for wounds.

"Sango? Are you all right?" Miroku asked, gently touching her shoulder.

She let out a distressed cry, pulling her arm closer to herself as hairaikotsu fell uselessly to the ground.

"We need to get her to a healer," Miroku assessed, picking up her weapon and placing it neatly on Kirara behind the demon slayer. Kirara mewed in worry as Sango doubled over on her back, gritting her teeth in pain.

"Sango..." Kagome said gently, rubbing smoothing circles onto the other girls back.

"We should take her to Lady Kaede," Inuyasha said, hiding his worry with the ever present scowl on his face, "That way she'll be able to rest for a few days."

As everyone began agreeing, the villagers came swarming out of their huts, intent on thanking the small group. Miroku answered questions for the rest of them while they all prepared to leave, Kagome moving to fetch Shippo and Rin.

Yes, they were happy to have helped.

Yes, it was quite easy.

No, they didn't want anything in return. ...Well... could they spare some food?

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