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Chapter Seven: Of Bite Marks and Unwelcome Presences

Okay, so the plan was, apparently, to act as if nothing had happened.

Inuyasha had stuffed himself with ramen to the point of bursting, intent on completely forgetting the flushed expression on Sesshomaru's face, attempting to focus solely on eating. Miroku seemed to sense something was wrong, but he kept his mouth close, seeming content to stare at the hanyou with a mildly suspicious expression. For that, Inuyasha was grateful. Kagome didn't appear to notice anything, babbling happily away about things that the hanyou couldn't even begin to be bothered with. His amber eyes flickered up to the worryingly thin moon, and he swallowed another mouthful of ramen, cursing his bad luck. Of course, his only vulnerable time of the month would come just as they'd begun to pick up the pace. It would only have taken them two more days he thought, to reach the mountain. But seeing as it looked like the new moon was likely going to be tomorrow night…

"Kagome," Inuyasha said abruptly, cutting the young girl off from saying something about dog breeding (which Inuyasha was actually rather glad he hadn't been paying attention to, as that could have gotten awkward). The raven-haired teen blinked twice in shock, as if she just couldn't believe that he'd done such a thing, before pouting slightly as she turned. "Oh look at me like that," He snapped, surprised at his brusqueness. He just didn't seem to have any patience for Kagome, anymore… "This is important. We're going to have to find shelter for tomorrow, it's the new moon. Monk, you better be listening too!"

Miroku carefully scraped up the rest of his noodles nodding too slowly for the hanyou's liking.

"Of course, Inuyasha," He replied in a tone that made the half-demon think he hadn't heard anything at all. "But… er— where is Sesshomaru?"

A pause.

'Dammit Miroku! And I was doing so well too… I probably could have gone the whole rest of the night without thinking about—'

"How the hell should I know! I'm not his keeper. He does what he wants." Inuyasha finished this reply with a swift turn of his head as he thrust his nose up into the air, and Kagome giggled as if he was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

Miroku merely rolled his eyes— he could take a fairly good guess at what had happened— and set his ramen cup aside. Though he couldn't resist mumbling, "Of course you're not" under his breath when he thought Inuyasha wasn't quite paying attention. Unfortunately for the monk, he was.

"Hey! What do you—"

Inuyasha cut off suddenly, and his two human companions exchanged glances. Whenever the theatrics came, that meant something was terribly wrong. Or Inuyasha had just been thinking too hard again.

"What is it Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, taking this moment to scoot closer to him, until their knees were pressed together. The intimacy of the contact made her blush, though the hanyou hardly noticed. His nostrils were twitching as he inhaled in that way that only dogs could, ears twitching as though he was listening to something far away. "…Inu…yasha?"

Then the hanyou jumped up, bounding away faster than the humans could ever comprehend going shouting over his shoulder, "Sesshomaru's in trouble!"

Inuyasha could smell his blood.

At first, he hadn't quite recognized it, not used to his brother's presence yet. But it was clear as day, the scent of a powerful daiyoukai mixed with Sesshomaru's own unique smell— decidedly cold. And for some reason, Inuyasha had all but panicked. He could feel adrenaline rushing through his system and it somehow managed to propel his legs to move, even though he had not given them any commands. As he darted across the field with speed he hadn't even known he possessed, he wondered why on earth he was so concerned about the bastard.

But as he grew closer to the scent, he noticed another one, one that had been overpowered by Sesshomaru's before.

It was Kikyo. This made Inuyasha run even faster, until he reached a forest with tall trees and hard dirt that broke under his feet, hair streaming away from his face until he could almost see their figures in the distance. It made him uneasy— what business did she have with Sesshomaru? There was no way the demon lord would have sought her out on his own. And why had Sesshomaru gone so far away from the camp in the first place? Perhaps… he was more bothered by what happened than he had let on? Inuyasha growled, mentally punching himself in the face. Of course Sesshomaru was probably furious. Hell, he would be incensed if Miroku had suddenly pulling him into his lap and started molesting him. He wished he could remember more, but everything got really fuzzy in his head… Kami what had he gotten himself into! It was… probably just a youkai thing. Yes, that had to be it! His inner demon had reacted in a really fucking weird way for some reason— it wouldn't be the first time— and convinced itself that he was attracted to Sesshomaru. Temporary insanity. That had to be it.


The hanyou growled as he heard Kikyo's voice, stopping just at the edge of the clearing his brother and her were standing in. He had never really gotten over the whole 'being-pinned-to-a-tree-for-no-reason-and-then-oh-so-graciously-forgiving-her-and-then-being-stabbed-in-the-back-literally' thing. His former love looked just as cold as ever, expression one to rival Sesshomaru's. The soul catchers floated lazily around her and everywhere around the trees, paying them no attention. Remembering the blood, Inuyasha's eyes darted over to Sesshomaru— but the demon lord had nothing more than a minor cut on his upper arm. That was… strange. He couldn't imagine Kikyo being able to injure Sesshomaru…

And, as said Daiyoukai had proven, she could not. It was really quite an unfortunate circumstance that led him to find Inuyasha's former bitch— he would have avoided her if he could, but he had been rather… er… preoccupied. Regardless, by the time he noticed her scent it was too late, and she seemed to be quite angered by the fact that she could sense the bond he shared with the hanyou. Sesshomaru hadn't wanted to deal with all the drama so he'd simply allowed one of the arrows she'd flung at him— not even charged with spiritual energy— to nick him. He knew Inuyasha would have to come because of the scent of his blood, that was how the bond worked. Even if the hanyou didn't remember, they were still mates. Sesshomaru refused to allow that to be forgotten.

"Kikyo," Inuyasha growled, taking a step forward. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. The half-demon probably didn't even know why he had come. "What are you doing here?"

The miko stood up a bit straighter, bow hanging lifelessly at her sides.

"I sensed Sesshomaru's aura… but it was strangely different than usual. I wanted to see what had made it change so and," She narrowed her eyes, fixing her gaze on Inuyasha carefully. "It seems I have."

The daiyoukai tensed, almost able to sense what would happen if Kikyo spoke of their mating bond. Inuyasha would flip. Out.

"Inuyasha has unfortunately lost a part of his memory," Sesshomaru blurted, glaring at Kikyo with a look he hoped would convey his thoughts. "That is why we are traveling this way, we seek a method to gain back what he's lost."

The hanyou looked over to his brother with a slightly confused expression, not quite understanding why he suddenly brought it up. But Kikyo merely stared at the two thoughtfully, bow hanging idle at her side. There was a moment where no one spoke, and Sesshomaru could taste the silence on his tongue, bitter anticipation causing his fingers to twitch. He knew she was debating, he could only hope that the clay bitch was feeling a bit generous today. Inuyasha's ears twitched as he waited for something to happen, sensing the weight of something important that he didn't quite understand.


"Silence hanyou. I merely came to assuage my curiosity, I have no need nor want to stay here."

Inuyasha growled, her blatant disrespect bothering him in a way he just couldn't describe. But he knew that there would be no stopping her as she turned, continuing back the way he came, so instead he chose to take his anger out on Sesshomaru. "Why the hell are you out here, anyway?" The hanyou asked, stomping angrily over. He was reminded quickly of the daiyoukai's wound when he saw the blood dripping onto the demon lords kimono. This, for some reason, filled him with an unexplainable worry— which only served to make him angrier. Sesshomaru didn't respond to him, choosing to stare off into the direction that the miko had went, and Inuyasha shoved his hands into his sleeves, scowling angrily. How dare his brother ignore him!

"Hey, bastard!" He said a bit louder than necessary, trying to get the others attention.

Sesshomaru turned towards him, expression unreadable.

"Wrap your wound you idiot," Inuyasha stated 'tastefully', crinkling his nose. The daiyoukai's blood was making him queasy- but not because of the smell, rather— for some reason, the sight of the injured daiyoukai was doing all sorts of weird things to his thoughts. A strange pain was running through his head, and all he knew was, Sesshomaru needed to stop bleeding— immediately. "What were you doing out here, anyway?" This seemed to get some reaction out of his brother, though it was more of irritation than anything. After several moments of silence Inuyasha shifted, feeling uncomfortable with the blank stare of the other demon.

"…Come, hanyou. Your humans will be worried."

Inuyasha growled as Sesshomaru started to back in the direction of the camp, jumping in front of the daiyoukai and walking backwards so he could glare in an intimidating manner at him as they moved. "Baka! I asked you a question." Sesshomaru nodded, sending Inuyasha a look.

"Yes, you did. How observant of you."

The hanyou growled louder and stopped directly in front of his brother. How dare the daiyoukai brush him off like he were nothing. He was the alpha dammit! Sesshomaru had no right to take such a flippant tone with him. Sesshomaru stopped his movements as well, as though he couldn't even be bothered to walk around the obstacle, choosing instead to wait until Inuyasha had moved. The hanyou growled again stepping forward and shoving his brother back with two calloused hands. The magenta-striped male seemed to be caught slightly off guard, grunting softly as Inuyasha forced him against the nearest tree, staring down at his brother with an inquisitive look on his face. What irked Inuyasha even more was that the demon lord was putting up absolutely no resistance, as if he didn't even see him as a threat. The air in the clearing seemed to go still around them, and the hanyou snarled, placing his face close to his brothers as his claws dug into the others arms.

"Listen to me," He growled, "I am head of this pack. You are no longer surrounded by your servants, Sesshomaru. As of now, you go by what I say—"

'Bite him.'

His youkai commanded, and it was both such a familiar and foreign feeling that he could do nothing else but obey. He surged forward, sinking his teeth deep into the tender flesh of Sesshomaru's neck, mouth closing around the pale skin with another ferocious growl. He felt more than heard the daiyoukai's gasp, hardly noticing the demon lords hands move to grip the back of his head. A rush of hot blood flooded his mouth and Inuyasha hummed appreciatively, lapping it up and savoring the flavor. Kami but Sesshomaru tasted delicious. Sesshomaru's breath hitched and his head fell back against the tree bark, eyes squinting shut at the feel. There were too many sensations— he had gone so long without any attention from his mate at all and being marked so soon after their little episode in the field was certainly going to do him in. Unable to help himself his hips shifted, and he let out a wanton whine when the hanyou pulled away, tongue darting out to collect a few lingering droplets of blood.

Inuyasha hardly registered that Sesshomaru was panting when he pulled away, focusing instead on the fact that he'd just bitten his older brother, asserting himself over him— though the more astounding thing really was that Sesshomaru had let him. Once he got past that fact it was easier to notice the daiyoukai's slightly flushed face and half-lidded eyes, the parted lips and erratic breathing pattern. There was a long silence as Inuyasha collected his thoughts, releasing his brothers arms and pulling away, unable to help meeting Sesshomaru's eyes. The shock of amber was almost too much for him to handle, and after a moment he had to look away, turning and crossing his arms firmly over his chest. He let out a deep breath, eyelids shutting as he tried to calm himself. "…Come on." It took more effort than he wanted to admit to walk away. What on earth had gotten into him lately? It was almost as if he couldn't stay away from the Daiyoukai, and he couldn't for the life of him figure out why. He turned, beginning to walk back towards the camp where Kagome was waiting. Yes, Kagome. She was the one he was supposed to be with, right? It took a great deal of strength to ignore the lingering scent of blood coming from the demon lord— his arm was still bleeding, and combine that with the wound Inuyasha had just made cause the most enticing— er, disgusting aroma, that was it.

The sound of footsteps let him know that Sesshomaru was following, and so Inuyasha started moving faster, bounding across the field and towards the dimly lit fire he could see not too far off.

There was only one solution to this dilemma he seemed to be in. He was just going to have to avoid any and all contact with Sesshomaru.

"Inuyashaaaaaa!" Kagome whined, hitting two fists against her lap rather half-heartedly. "Where did you go? You know you shouldn't be wandering off by yourself when the new moon is so quickly approaching…" She trailed off, caught a bit off guard by the angry expression on his face. Her brows furrowed for a moment as the hanyou stomped past her, taking his place by the fire with his hands stuffed into his sleeves. She wasn't surprised to see Sesshomaru following, face as impassive as ever. Some of his long silver hair had been pulled over one shoulder, and he seemed to be looking at it almost thoughtfully, as he chose a seat far away from all of them. The miko scowled, chewing on her bottom lip angrily. Of course, it was always him, always Sesshomaru that put her hanyou in a foul mood. It was so obvious to her that they just weren't suited for each other. No, Inuyasha would be much happier as soon as he was out of his life. But if he got his memory back… Kagome pulled her knees up to her chest, placing her head on them as she went deep in thought. There had to be some way to stop him from remembering his relationship with Sesshomaru. If those were truly the only memories that he forgot, wasn't that like, a sort of sign? She nodded to herself, a determined expression falling into place. Yes, that's what she'd have to do. Now the only thing left was to get Miroku in on it…

Sesshomaru turned away from the fire, stroking the lock of hair he'd pulled forward to hide the bite marks Inuyasha had left plainly visible on the side of his neck. Honestly, did the hanyou even have any common sense? The miko would never stop shouting and whining and nagging if she saw it. At least, if she was even intelligent enough to make the connection. Then again, he doubted she was. The demon lord blinked slowly, straightening and placing his hands on his knees. He could sense the monk staring at him, but he didn't feel like indulging in the perverted man's need for petty gossip. Allowing his eyes to fall close the demon lord exhaled slowly through his nose, trying to calm himself down. It simply wasn't fair. Inuyasha shouldn't have been able to have that big of an effect on him. It was for this exact reason that he hadn't wanted to mate for love— it was far too easy to give all of yourself, but even easier to lose it all. Then again, these were fairly unusual consequences... Sesshomaru exhaled again, chastising himself for being so… emotional. Really, he was being no better than the miko. It was times like then that he would have truly appreciated Rin running up to him with a crown of flowers or something equally ridiculous.

Everything was calm for a moment, and Sesshomaru listened idly as the three conversed quietly. Well, Miroku and Kagome conversed, he was quite certain Inuyasha was just sitting there fuming. And yet, there was something… wrong with it all. Something was off.

Sesshomaru inhaled once, opening his eyes and looking around for what he was sure was coming. The scent was so familiar he had memorized it— it if only to know where he needed to stay away from. A faint blur in the distance began to grow closer, and his companions seemed to realize that something was wrong, too.

"What is it, Sesshomaru?" He heard the monk ask, and he stood, hands clenching at his sides.


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