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A HP/STNG x-over - A Klingon ship finds a destroyed Federation Science station with a Romulan Warbird in orbit. Their rescue mission takes a mysterious turn and soon they find themselves with a dangerous new enemy. HP/OFC. Set in the STNG universe.

Chapters 1Re-Edited August 2014

Chapter 1 – Lost

The Imperial Klingon warship the IKS Kaveth Nar dropped out of warp. The ship was an older Bird of Prey and was known as a good posting for young officers and crew. Her commander was a respected veteran of the Klingon Fleet, an experienced, blooded officer. He was also known to have a good eye for potential and was often sent both officers and enlisted men who were earmarked for further advancement. Indeed most welcomed their cruises with the crew of the IKS Kaveth Nar and many went on to very good postings in the fleet after their time onboard.

Commander D'Mek was in a good mood as he glanced around the bridge. His current crew were the usual mix of experienced veterans and unblooded youngsters but they were all performing their duties professionally. Rising from his command chair he was about to order his first officer K'Pell to take command when one of his newest officers called out from her position manning scanners.

"Sir I've detected residue from weapons fire in this area." The young Klingon officer turned to face her commanding officer.

D'Mek sat back down and brought his personal tactical display on line. "Scan for any ships in the vicinity?"

"Nothing sir but there is a large debris field and a number of what could be warp trails apparently headed toward the 5th planet in this system."

Even as he considered the situation D'Mek noted her initiative, always a good indicator of a sharp mind.

"Sir I am receiving a planetary distress signal, its federation, a colony on the fifth planet." Communications reported.

"On screen"

A grey haired human appeared on the screen. He was in some sort of command post, burning consoles were clearly visible.

"….to any ships in the area this is the federation science station on Tal Sigma five we are currently under attack…..Romulan ships…immediate assistance is required…."

The image faded and then disappeared.

D'Mek considered the situation before swivelling to face his junior deck officers, "Communications?"

"The signal stopped sir."

D'Mek frowned; this area of space was meant to be uninhabited. According to the computer Tal Sigma Five was not a habitable world as it lacked a breathable atmosphere. Why was the federation all the way out here and why was a science base being attacked by Romulan scum?

"K'Pell sound battle stations and lay in a course for Tal Sigma Five."

"Done," replied the helmsman.

"Helm set a course, maximum speed. Weapons engage the cloak and prepare weapons and shields."

D'Mek didn't check his orders were being carried out. He knew their orders would be obeyed to the letter.

The ship dropped back to tactical speed and crew watched as the weapons the science officers scanned both the planet and surrounding space.

Moros at tactical manipulated his console, "Commander there is one Romulan ship in orbit. They appear to be undertaking repairs. They have a significant amount of battle damage. Their shields are up but they are marginal at best."

D'Mek frowned cursing his luck. This wouldn't be much of a battle with a damaged enemy. He gestured to Korva at the science station.

"What of the planet?"

"I am registering only faint life signs commander but there are survivors."

Korva leant down to read her console. "The federation outpost is a collection of three enclosed buildings. Two are exposed to space but one appears to be somewhat intact. At least it's showing a breathable atmosphere. Any survivors would most likely be there."

D'Mek stroked his bearded chin as he considered his options. The Federation were currently allies of the empire and he was honour bound to give assistance. Attacking a Romulan ship could bring about war but duty and his personal honour only left one option.

"Lock weapons on the Romulan ship then hail them. K'Pell prepare a landing party to do a sweep for survivors."

On screen a Romulan officer appeared. In the background the bridge of his ship could be seen. It was clear that the War Bird was badly damaged.

"This is the Imperial War Bird Triberius. You are approaching a Romulan colony stand down and leave the system." The officer looked and sounded confident but Klingons had dealt with Romulans before.

"This is D'Mek of the IKS Kaveth Nar. You have attacked a Federation colony, you will immediately lower your shields and prepare to be boarded or we will open fire."

Moros spoke up sounding excited. "Commander they are powering their weapons and firing!"

"Shields up, helm attack pattern four," D'Mek ordered calmly.

"Commander they have fired two torpedos at the planet."

"Fire disruptors, target the Romulans and those torpedos" ordered D'Mek.

The War Birds minimal shields failed almost instantly. The Kaveth Nar's powerful disruptors cut through the Romulan ship until it reached the ships warp reactor igniting the anti-matter. Seconds later the Tiberius disintegrated in the anti-matter fuelled explosion. Turning to his personal display D'Mek confirmed that Moros had destroyed one of the torpedos but the other had struck the Federation colony. Snarling D'Mek opened a channel to the transporter room.

"What's the status of the landing party?"

K'Pell answered, "We are just about to beam down, what are your orders?"

D'Mek frowned it was probably a waste of time but it was his duty. "Conduct a search for survivors."

D'Mek was only half listening as K'Pell signed off, around him the crew went about their myriad duties. His instincts were telling him that something was wrong here. The Romulans reaction felt wrong but why? Perhaps K'Pell and the landing party would find some answers.


Federation Science Station Tal Sigma Five

K'Pell could smell the stench of burnt flesh as he turned a human female over with his foot. He didn't bother scanning her she was clearly dead. So far they had found only seven bodies all human.

"Sir" called a crewman. "I think you should see this."

K'Pell walked over to the crewman Valkris. She was standing near an internal door with her attention alternating between the small viewport and her scanner. The female looked disturbed by what her hand scanner was telling her. What would shock a veteran like Valkris?

"Report" K'Pell snarled out.

"Sir there appears to be two survivor's in the next internal space. I think but… I mean look at the bodies I can't get a reading there's some sort of interference field"

K'Pell looked through the viewport cursed and then turned to Valkris. There was movement visible.

"Get this door open. Use disruptors if you have to and get a medic down here".

Seeing the landing party begin work he nodded and activated his communicator. 'K'Pell to D'Mek we have found a sealed room and what appear to be two survivors. Both are human a man and a child. We also have about a dozen dead Romulans."

D'Mek responded immediately, "Record the scene K'Pell and gather what evidence you can. The Federation can sort this mess out."

K'Pell ordered the engineer on the landing party to try and download what information he could from the computer core. Perhaps the records would tell them what had happened here.