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"Flower delivery for Sonny Munroe."

"Just set them on the desk," I sighed, motioning my hand carelessly to the desk, where all lost and forgotten things remained. If any of us were smart enough, when we lost something that would be the first and last place we look. But we aren't that smart… are we? I pushed myself up from where I lazily sat and walked over to the flowers. God, they really were beautiful. The orange lilies looked perfect with the bright white daises and half-bloomed yellow roses. I sighed and deeply inhaled the lovely scent from one of the roses, letting it overwhelm and take over my senses. Then I saw the note with the oh-too-familiar writing scrawled across the top reading "Sonny." I opened it.

There were marks, scribbles from where he'd crossed out things he didn't like and wrote things he thought were better. Funny, I'd never seen Mr. Chad Dylan Cooper at a loss for words. Instead three simple words were the only legible things on the paper.

See you tonight.

-TV's Chad Dylan Cooper

I groaned and tossed the offending note aside. How could I let Chad cozen me into doing something so incredulously stupid? I stared at the flowers sitting on my desk. They seemed to be teasing me. The daisies, lilies, and half-opened roses representing something. Screaming, I realized what that something was. The three flowers were representations of me. I was opening my flower. To Chad, of all people. I grabbed handfuls of the beautiful, colored flowers by their stems and violently threw them across the room, screaming at myself as I did so.

A light giggle erupted from someone behind me, someone who obviously didn't want to interrupt my rampage, and I turned to see pain-in-the-ass Tawni Hart. She laughed at my angry face and the once beautiful flowers' petals strewn across the room.

"Please continue," She said, pointing to the phone in her hand. "This. Is. Completely and utterly. Priceless," she said, flipping her hair annoyingly. I grimaced evilly at her. I held my hand out in front of me and placed my other hand on my hip that I leaned to one side on.

"Give me the damn phone, Tawni," I said, curling my fingers into my stretched out hand.

"Or what? You'll get your little Chad to get it for you? Fight your own battles Munroe."

"I am. Give me the phone or I'll put my gum in your oh-so-pretty hair while you sleep. What's that flavor you despise oh so much? Cinnamon, I think…" I moved my finger to my chin as if I was thinking.

"No! Don't Sonny! Here's the phone," she threw the phone at me like it had suddenly grown a contagious mold and watched me as I replayed and deleted her offending video of me. "It's just a video," she said as she quickly grabbed her phone back. "Now, what's this deal you have with Chad? Everyone's talking about it and the growing tension between you two right now." She knew something was up. Everyone knew that something was going on.

"Tawni," I began, hoping that she would get the message, "it's complicated,"

"I can keep up," she said. "I'm not stupid." I laughed to myself in my head.

"Just get lost. There's no deal," I replied. She groaned and left the room, denied of the gossip she wanted to hear, slamming the door behind her. I reminisced through everything that had previously happened.

"Things must be pretty slow over there at Chuckle City for you to come over and visit a much busier set that has viewers to please." I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm and watched him as he rolled his sleeves up to reveal the muscular arms that drove me to the edge of my limits. "See something you like Sonny?"

"I see as much as you do."

"Trust me Sonny," he began, taking my shoulders in his hands, "when I say that I see a lot that I like."

"Only when you see your reflection in my eyes," I quickly retorted. I think I might have actually seen him crack a slim, little smile.

"No, your eyes don't shine enough for that." I pulled back from his strong grasp and smacked him on the arm. He grabbed his arm in mock hurt and looked back at me with an evil smile. "Well, Sonny, It seems to me that you just need to relax."

"Relax?" I glared at him. "Are you completely shitting me?" My face heated up on the moment of the argument. I was surely a bright tomato red by now.

"I can help you with that. I can unwind you." He placed his hands on my arms and pulled me close to him. I tried to pull back a little, to regain a little of the footing I had before, but he kept me from it. I could feel him, hard where I admittedly needed him most. "I'm sure you'd like that Munroe."

Okay, I admit it. I was stupid. I fell for his little trick. I agreed to let him "unwind" me, probably the stupidest thing I could have agreed to. I should have known that the second I looked in to his stupid shiny blue eyes that I was done for.

In a way, I was subconsciously glad that I had said yes. I needed something to help me forget about everything, but this was part of that everything I wanted to forget about. So, I suppose that didn't help my cause.

I smiled to myself for no reason and walked to the cafeteria, hoping for not another incident with Chad. I got myself some frozen yogurt and walked over to where Nico and Grady were already seated. She pulled out a chair and sat down, only to begin eating her yogurt in a way that was almost violent.

"Whoa, Sonny!" Nico exclaimed. "You okay? I mean, you are killing that yogurt."

"I. Am. Fine," I responded, still killing my food.

"Be careful. It might not be living, but that yogurt still has feelings," Grady said. I actually laughed.

"Haha Grady, you are so funny." We all laughed.

"Pooper's staring at you," Grady observed.

"Really?" God, I hope that I didn't sound too eager. I turned around to meet a pair of sparkling blue eyes, that didn't look away when I did. They continued to stare. Why was I so shy around him? "Damnit," I muttered under my breath. He was going to come over to our table. I knew that look.

"What's with you two?" Nico asked.

"Nothing!" I replied, a little too quickly. He gave me a strange look, but his eyes looked toward something else. Chad was pulling out a chair next to me. He stuck his finger into the yogurt in front of me and then licked it off.

"Thanks. That was good Munroe. You should try." I had the sinking feeling we weren't talking about yogurt anymore. "Can I talk to you?" he asked. Nico and Grady leaned in to hear what he was saying. "Alone?" he emphasized this time. Nico and Grady didn't move.

"Sure, Chad." I got up and pulled him up with me. "Let's go." I dragged him behind me as we walked into an abandoned hallway.

"The flowers?" he asked simply, pulling a yellow rose petal off my shirt. I blushed. "I take it you didn't like them?"

"I loved them," I replied. "I hated the fact they were from you."

"Ouch," he responded. "So we still on for tonight?" I replied with a shrug.

"I suppose so. See you then." Following my response, I walked away. I walked away from Chad Dylan Cooper.

That was what I should have done from the very beginning. But I didn't.

I walked back to my dressing room nervously. I desperately needed to change. I picked out some strappy black heels with form-fitting jeans and a strangely cut shirt that revealed almost too much. I looked at the clothes I had set out. Should I go with a skirt instead? Or a dress? What do you wear when you know you are going to hook up?

I put my shirt and jeans back and instead took out a strapless purple dress. It was short, not even reaching mid-thigh, and low, exposing so much it didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. I liked it that way.

I quickly changed into what I had decided upon and lay down on my couch. I sunk into it and pulled my hands under my head to cradle it.

Okay, I'll admit it. I was over the edge with either nervousness or excitement. I'd never done this before. Chad Dylan Cooper was going to take my virginity. I couldn't exactly place my finger on how I felt, only the fact that I felt it.


My eyes opened wearily. I must have fallen asleep. I almost fell off the couch as I leaned over to check the time. The blaring alarm read eight o' clock. Standing up quickly, my dress hitched up. I adjusted it and with my head held high, prepared for the journey to a room far far away.

A room I had only seen in my worst nightmares.

And the apex of my dreams.

The room that fueled my fantasies.

Chad's bedroom.

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