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This time, Chad had told me in advance that he wasn't ready for anything too serious between us yet, but he was open to… "other things." I translated that comment as "we're not hitting a home run tonight, but I'm thinking a triple would be appropriate."

"Okay, well obviously I have more experience than you do," Tawni began, "so it's up to me to make sure Chad can't keep his hands off you." I smiled and nodded at her, willing to accept the fact that, in this particular instance, she was right. "Last night, Sonny, I think you tested the waters pretty well. Although I can't give you all the credit, since you would have lost it to Chad had he not stopped."

"Ok? Your point?" I encouraged her. "I'm going to leave if you don't tell me soon. I'd rather show up at Chad's looking like a complete idiot that listen to an hour long lecture with no point." Tawni glared at me. She turned around and rummaged through her closet for something.

"Perfect!" she squealed. "This is perfect!" She turned and revealed the shirt to me. I was already wearing my high heeled, black boots and a short denim miniskirt and had to agree that the top would match perfectly. It was a sheer, turquoise colored blouse that with small decorative buttons on the bust and a tie in the back that made it more form fitting. It sure would be interesting to take off. It wasn't sexy; it was cute. I didn't need sexy; I just needed me. I put it on and groaned as Tawni tried to pull the tie in the back tighter.

"I'm helping you. So be quiet and sit there like a good girl," she replied, pointing to the chair in front of her mirror. She turned the chair so I faced her, and couldn't see my reflection. "Hmmm… Oh!" I winced as Tawni plucked my eyebrows, making my eyes water.

"We have to do this before makeup or your mascara will run," Tawni explained. I didn't say a word, mostly because I was scared that I would scream or run away. I felt the heat of the waver close to my head and the coolness of a metal headband when she was finished with my hair. She took the longest on makeup and I hadn't even seen what she'd done yet.

When she was done, I didn't dare look in the mirror. I marched straight out of our shared dressing room and out into the studio parking lot, where Chad waited for me. He was leaning against his car in his typical Mackenzie Falls uniform looking, if I do say so myself, pretty damn fine.

"Chad," I said to him as I approached. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

"Sonny." I smiled. So things still haven't changed… He reached back and opened his car door for me. I stepped in, not too gracefully, after all, the heels I was wearing were killer. Chad chuckled behind me and closed the door. Barely a second had gone by and he was stepping on the other side of the car. He began to drive and the car became dead silent. Not an awkward type of silent, but more of the "I just like being with you and have no idea what to say" type of silent.

"You look beautiful Sonny." If I could have seen my face at that moment, I'm sure I would have been bright, cherry red.

"Thanks Chad. You don't look to bad yourself." He laughed lightly, pulling into his driveway and putting his car in park. As he pulled the keys out, I was already stepping out of the car. "Someone anxious?"

"I'm not going to lie. Of course I am."

"Well, I suppose that makes two of us." He smiled at me. The way he smiled his cocky grin at me made me want to slap his face and fuck him ten ways 'til Sunday all at the same time. "Come on, Sonny." He took my hand and pulled me back into the exact same house I'd seen the other night. But as I observed where he was taking me, I was aware that we obviously weren't going to the same place as last time. Albeit, I will admit I wasn't paying much attention last time. I slowed down as we walked past the enormous rooms with doors barely ajar, admiring the furnishings, the art, and the actual of these rooms. It was unreal. You could fit my entire house in perhaps one of these rooms.

"Sonny, I think you'll like this house a whole lot more if you actually let me take you where we're going." I snapped back into reality, smiled, and sped right back up. He led me into a room, with much less grandeur than any of the other rooms I'd seen had. There was a wall-sized window with a beautiful, amazing view of the Hollywood lights and a single piece of artwork on each of the walls. A baby grand piano was in one corner and leaning against it was a guitar. In the center of the room, was a single couch. It looked out of place. The couch was old and ratty and noticeably small compared to the size of the room.

"This is my music room," Chad explained. "I come here to think mostly."

My fingers ran slowly over the smooth piano keys. "You play?"

"A little. That's something I promise you'll hear later." I smiled. I'd always loved the piano. He sat himself down on the couch, facing the window, and made a motion for me to join him. I walked slowly over and sat down. The cushion of the couch engulfed me. The thing was so old, the thing barely had life left in it. I sank down into it, falling right into Chad. "Part of the reason I kept this couch around."

"I bet you take all the girls here. You like the couch because it gives you a reason to be close. Am I right?"

"I've never taken another girl here. No girl has ever mattered to me this much. You see, this music room… it's my place. My parents don't even come in here. I don't let them. This is the place where I come to be alone, the place where I come when I need to think, set things right… I came here last night… to think about, well, us. I decided then that I made the biggest mistake of my life. I barely slept last night." I laughed.

"Well, you did look quite awful this morning. Everyone, and I can promise you this, noticed." Chad laughed.

"I've decided that I just don't give a damn what anybody else thinks anymore. Only you." I leaned over and placed my head against Chad's chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. We stayed like that for a moment, just the two of us, in complete silence.

"The view is amazing," I finally breathed.

"Yeah it is."

"And don't you dare use that corny pick up line and say that the 'amazing view' is me!" I said quickly.

"Aww… darn. Why not?"

"It's just so damn corny!" I said, leaning into him further. I could feel him laughing behind me, after all I was against his chest, and I laughed along too.

"You know what rhymes with corny?" He asked, a smirk evident on his face.

"Yes, Chad. Horny rhymes with corny."

"I was going to say thorny. Goes to show you what a dirty mind you have." I laughed.

"Of course, I'm the one with the dirty mind," I rolled my eyes and smiled at him.

"Can you tell me what's on your dirty mind?" He asked, a smirk evident on his face.

"How about I show you instead?"

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