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So here is a new fic I started during my Christmas break. Let me know what you think.

Sorta Fairytale

Chapter One – Once Upon A Time

Ashley Davies groaned as the alarm clock on the nightstand next to her bed started playing some obnoxious disposable pop singer that would be out of fashion in about ten minutes. She flung her hand out and shut off the alarm before snuggling back down under the covers with a satisfied grumble. She was about to go back to sleep to try and get back to the rather dirty dream she had been having when the sound of musical laughter hit her ears.

She pushed the covers back off her face and looked over to the doorway to her bedroom. There stood her wife of just over ten years, Spencer Carlin-Davies. Spencer had her arms crossed over her chest and an amused grin on her face as she leaned against the doorframe. The sunlight that spilled in through the large windows of their bedroom bathed Spencer in a golden light that was reflecting in her long blonde hair. Spencer was dressed for work in a pair of tailored black pants, a dark purple halter-neck top and black high heels, Ashley thought she looked beautiful.

"What's wrong Baby? Did that nasty alarm clock wake you up?" Spencer teased with a smirk on her full lips and a twinkle in her ocean blue eyes.

Ashley grinned and beckoned her wife closer with her finger. Spencer continued to smirk as she wandered over to her wife's side of the bed. She stood just out of her wife's reach earning her a pout and a groan. "Spencer, come back to bed! It's far too early to be up, come on I'll totally make it worth your while," Ashley said with a wink.

Spencer laughed and sat on the side of the bed. Ashley moved so that she could rest her head on Spencer's thigh. "Baby I'd love nothing more than to come back to bed with you and let you do whatever you want to my body but I have two kids down stairs who need to be gotten ready for school so I can't. Plus you have to get up and go to work my Love," Spencer murmured lovingly before she leaned over and kissed her wife adoringly on the lips.

Ashley pouted and sat up so she could pull her wife in for a deeper and more passionate kiss. "Hmmm now that's a good morning kiss," Ashley said as she rested her forehead against Spencer's.

"MmmHmm, I'll say. Now get that gorgeous ass of yours up so you're not late for work!" Spencer slipped out of Ashley's arms and headed out of the room. She heard her wife mutter, "tease," as she walked down the hall. Spencer shook her head and smiled, even after ten years of marriage, three years of dating and two kids her wife was still a horn dog. Ashley would always have he libido of a fifteen year old boy, a fact that Spencer kinda loved about her.

Spencer wandered into the kitchen just in time to stop her seven year old daughter from throwing a spoonful of cereal at her five year old brother. "Hannah Ashley Davies if you dare throw that cereal at your brother there will be hell to pay!" Spencer warned as she walked in. Oh God I sound just like my mother, someone shoot me now! Spencer thought to herself.

"Sorry Mommy," Hannah said ducking her head in shame so that her long blonde hair fell in a curtain around her face. Spencer smiled over at her daughter, who was a miniature version of herself and poured herself a cup of coffee.

"It's ok Baby Girl, just be nice to your brother ok?" Spencer took a seat at the table with her kids and beamed lovingly at them both. Hannah nodded and tucked into her cereal.

"Hey Lucas you ok little buddy?" Spencer asked as she affectionately ruffled her son's dark blonde hair that refused to sit neatly no matter what Spencer did to it.

Lucas grinned at her and nodded as he chewed on a much too big mouthful of cereal and milk. Spencer chuckled and took a drink from her cup. God she loved her family.

Ashley stood in the doorway to the kitchen just watching her wife and kids interact. Her family filled her with so much joy and love she felt like she could burst. She grinned to herself as she watched the three blue-eyed blondes eating their breakfast. Both children were biologically Spencer's. Ashley had refused point blank to biologically parent their children, explaining that why would she want children with her messed up genes when she could get kids just like her wife.

Spencer must have felt herself being watched because she raised her eyes and gave her wife a blinding smile. Ashley beamed back and walked into the kitchen, "Good morning my darlings, how are you guys this morning?"

"Momma!" Lucas squealed as he raced over to hug her. Lucas really was a Momma's boy at heart.

Ashley swept her son up in her arms and gave him a tight hug, "Morning little buddy! You almost ready for school?"

"Yeah Momma, just gotta go brush my teeth," Lucas said with a huge grin.

"Well go to it little buddy," Ashley said with a teasing smile. Lucas giggled and ran from the room to go finish getting ready.

"Good morning Princess," Ashley said as she planted a kiss on Hannah's forehead.

"Morning Momma," Hannah said with a smile before running off to get ready herself.

Spencer smiled fondly after her daughter, "We really need to teach those kids that running is not the only speed they can use."

Ashley laughed as she poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down beside her wife, "Yeah good luck with that one Babe."

Spencer chuckled as she leaned over to share a tender kiss with her wife. Spencer took Ashley's left hand in hers and gently stroked her fingers over her wife's wedding band. Ashley smiled down at their joined hands and sighed in contentment. Life had truly been good to her.

"Ok Beautiful I'm going to go finish getting ready so I can drive the kids to school. I love you Ash," Spencer murmured as she got up from her chair. She went to walk away only to be stopped when Ashley stood up and pulled her into her arms to kiss her hungrily.

Breaking apart to draw in some air, Ashley whispered breathlessly, "I love you too my Darling."

Spencer kissed her wife on her adorably crinkled nose and headed off to finish getting ready. Ashley sunk back into her seat to finish her coffee and to skim the paper (well the entertainment section anyway).

Ashley had finished the paper and was half way through her bagel when Spencer and the kids came back downstairs to head off into the world. Spencer had now added a black blazer to her outfit, had her bag slung over her shoulder and her Gucci sunglasses sitting on top of her head. Ashley put down her half eaten bagel and stood up to say good bye to her family for the day.

First she pulled Hannah into a warm hug, "have a wonderful day at school Princess and I'll see you tonight." Hannah grinned and kissed her on the cheek.

Next Ashley knelt down so that she could hug their son, "Ok Luke, be good and have a great day little man." Lucas gave her a high five and raced over to pick up his backpack.

Ashley got to her feet and pulled her wife into her arms, with Spencer in heels Ashley was able to rest her cheek against her wife's chest without having to lean down. She rested her ear over Spencer heart, loving the way her wife's heart rate sped up as she ran her hands over Spencer's back, "Ok Gorgeous good luck with that meeting with the studio today I'm sure you'll knock em dead, how can they resist your charm, I know I never have been able to."

Spencer was working as a feature film director and was much sort after. She had begun her career doing work at MTV and then moved onto to documentaries, music videos and short indie films. She had then directed a self-funded independent film about a lesbian couple and the prejudice they faced. That film had won countless awards and gotten Spencer noticed in Hollywood. Now four years later she pretty much had her pick of productions to work on.

Spencer was meeting with New Line Cinema to discuss her directing one of their new productions, a film adaptation of a book that had practically achieved cult status in its first week on sale. It was a huge deal and would mean a lot of money and prestige. This film was already predicted to generate some Oscar buzz.

"Thanks Baby, I'll give you a call and let you know how it all goes, if I get time I think we're going to be crazy busy today, after the meeting I'll be in the edit bay the rest of the afternoon. Oh and good luck with your meeting with Ethan and the execs today I know you'll be great," Spencer said with a huge smile.

Ashley was the president of her own record label, Raife Records (named in memory of her father who had died when she was 17) which she had started about six years earlier with the help of her father's former manager. The label had started off a little rocky but had soon found its feet and since then had built a reputation for making great music and for giving struggling young artists a chance.

That morning Ashley was meeting with Ethan Marks who used to work with her father and who had given her a start in the industry as a songwriter when she was eighteen. They were in discussions about setting up another office of the label in New York so that they could get some new talent from the other side of the country. It was a huge investment and a bit of a gamble, but most of the successes in her life had come from taking risks, her marriage to the most beautiful, wonderful woman included.

"Thank you Gorgeous, I'll see you tonight. Love you all," Ashley beamed as she looked at her family.

"Love you too, ok troops lets move out!" with a final smile at her wife Spencer ushered their kids out of the house. Ashley chuckled happily as she watched her wife and children leave for their day and then she happened to glance at the clock.

"Oh shit!" she muttered as she raced up the stairs to get ready before she ended up being late for her meeting, which so wouldn't be the first time.

After hauling some serious ass Ashley made it to work just in time to start the meeting, although she did notice half way into the meeting that she was wearing her shirt inside out. She just hoped nobody else noticed, so she undid an extra button. There, that'll distract them, she thought with a self-satisfied smirk.

The rest of the meeting flew by with several of the men and women present getting caught staring at Ashley's cleavage, much to their embarrassment and her amusement, Yeah that's right, I'm almost 31 and I still got it! Ashley though to herself smugly.

Once the meeting was over and Ashley was sitting comfortably in her large, stylish office she glanced over at one of the many photos sitting on her desk. It was a family photo that had been taken during their last Christmas at Spencer's parent's house. Spencer was sitting on the floor with Lucas on her lap and Hannah leaning against her while Ashley sat behind her on the couch with Spencer's head resting on her knee.

None of them had been aware that the photo was being taken, Spencer mother, Paula had snapped the photo and presented it to them a few days later. Ashley really did love her in-laws, now that Paula had decided she wasn't the devil sent to corrupt her daughter.

Smiling to herself Ashley picked up the phone to call her beautiful wife.